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  1. Frankly, I get quite enough of politics in RL. SL Max Ignore FTW
  2. *I* want.... #1 .. a pony #2 ..a setting that toggles off special characters in Name-lines and force-displays name text in easily-readable characters #3 .. true love as long as a lot of sex is involved
  3. With all the varying interpretations of Non-binary floating around, it might be good to clarify which point on that spectrum with which you identify. Speaking generally, SL has a large BDSM contingent - but many on the scene are RL-older and the nuances may be a little different. I am also “older” so I know That of which I speak 🙂 Saturday nights, you might want to socialize at Club Tryst as it seems to be a hotspot for many evolving lifestyles and is a really fun club of itself. Also, if you have any more-specific requirements or interests for a Pet or the type of
  4. ...I had a similar odd dream-situation. The day after I had a serious food dream involving Taco Bell my Partner sent me roses and wine......... ..wait......feeling a little used here.....
  5. (A)..Great news (B)..I am breathing easier. I was half expecting a video of someone checking SLs prostate.......
  6. The Secret House is something I just tumbled to recently, but it looks very nice as a gathering spot. Saturday evenings, Club Tryst is quite the hangout and they run late. I think they have other events during the week but I am not sure of the schedule. Velvet Thorn is quite welcoming, but its primary focus in FemDom (not FinDom) within the BDSM community. They are charming folks (disclaimer: I take pics for their blog every Saturday evening, so I am biased) and worth a look. In principle all of SL *should* be LGBTQ+ friendly, but this is sometimes not the case. Its a big grid a
  7. It could not take me home fast enough 🙂 It was one of those nights... I made it though !
  8. I think that - if we were to be perfectly honest - that many of us have “SL Working Girl” avatars in our past 🙂 .....the even more honest might have stories about Clients whose available cash exceeded their ability to stay awake and enjoy what they paid for.... .....not that *I* have any stories like that 🙂
  9. This is usually how people overspend on SL... three glasses of wine and Stealthic’s new hair becomes irresistible to me....all of it.... So far as making money in SL (and I hope that was 100K LINDENS you were talking about), if you have insane skills with Blender or avatar component creation then you can sell things on the Marketplace. If you want to try the SL Service industry and can DJ or host; thats a very “variable” income until you get established. If you have great photo skills and edit well, you can get paid to do that as well. If you REALLY are determin
  10. I can only comment based on the results 🙂 I was looking for a play- partner to participate in a specific type of Scene, someone emotionally mature with interesting experiences and personality. Trying to sift people one-by-one in fetish clubs is a lengthy process and presents the problem of dealing with the ones who are just “not right” politely. Since I spend a good chunk of Linden$ on clothing and putting together a theme-build; I was willing to spend a little on taking the pain out of locating a playmate. For all the limitations and expense, I REALLY got a great value for my
  11. Actually, landing on top of the right person has started more than one relationship.....
  12. Homesick for the windy stretch of prairie where I grew up and missing my Grandfather (it’s his birthday) so....this song always puddles me
  13. Speaking for myself alone, I am VERY leery about looking for RL love within SL. I say that as someone who has been with the same SL Partner since 2005 (after we both changed avatars once because = stalker) My thought is this; SL is NOT the same thing to everyone. “Your world - your Imagination” was the mantra and many people took that seriously. Many, many people are here to “be what they’re not” and that can be off-putting to the phobic or just someone who is looking for a specific demographic. There are services devoted to RL matchmaking which would probably be more secure, mo
  14. AV Match. I used it and wound up locating a truly brilliant Submissive Girl. (I was screening for experienced BDSM partners and got really lucky) Be prepared to put some honesty and work into your profile and then so spend time looking through your ”hits”. Having a photo in your profile really does help your odds as many people auto-cull empty or no-photo profiles.
  15. I’m *guessing* this has to do with the amount of Staff LL has to throw at any given issue. Having just shed some jobs at the Lab, they are more than likely having to prioritize where they utilize their talent. However, if this is a big issue it will probably bubble up their priority list as more people bend their ears about it. If its a matter of developing a Tool to do the work, that would probably get tagged for completion more quickly than something involving an ongoing human oversight presence. I like your ideas ! ..and I’ll give you an uninformed answer A.K.
  16. Good luck with your search Eileen! Poly is one of those things many people will tell you they *want*, but no one really knows its for them until they’ve tried it. Subliminal jealousy or a lack of honest/open communication Has wiped out more than one P-group. IMO, Poly makes sense within SL for any number of reasons - but I’ve had to wrestle my own (unsuspected) jealousy demons, so I also know it takes work 🙂 Best wishes to you and (hopefully) yours!
  17. 欢迎来到第二人生! 祝您搜索成功
  18. OK, I’ve helped manage RP sims and my thought is pretty simple; “Questionable business or artistic decision”. RP sims generally have some kind of theme, some very exclusive to a historical era or Sci-if work of canon. Purists devoted to that era or canon will want to lock down avatar appearance to a set of criteria in the name of creating an Immersive Experience for those who share their devotions. Still, this is Second Life and the argument “why can’t I be a Furry Vampire in during a historically faithful French Revolution Roleplay?” is not new. But requiring mesh
  19. Chilling with way too many cats......
  20. You *obviously* have wild powers of attraction Ceka. Be gentle with the rest of the world; with great power comes great responsibility 🙂 Seriously; I know how you feel. My Partner and I started up building a circle of *friends* to go clubbing with and it almost seems to have grown into a girl-gang or a continual flashmob 🙂 People DO tend to leave you alone and let you dance with your friends when you arrive in a mob........ too much digital estrogen?
  21. Thank you so much! So did I 🙂 Cynically, I admit that “new me” was more marketable 😞
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