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  1. Yeah, what is an M4 head and what's wrong with it?
  2. I've heard Discord mentioned a couple of times but I've never used it myself. Do residents use discord to chat in SL instead of using chat inside SL itself? What's the story with Discord?
  3. Thank you, I'm a noob so I thought maybe I misunderstood. Thanks for straightening me out ^^
  4. I was in a moderate level public sandbox the other day editing my avatar's appearance. Is it okay to do this? Well apparently I wasn't alone because I suddenly found myself trapped in a cage and shot up into the sky with another player messaging me that I was a pervert (my avatar doesn't even have genitals), and how DARE I edit my appearance in a public sandbox...disgusting. Is this normal? Also, where are players supposed to edit their avatar's appearance if not in a public sandbox 🤔?
  5. I'm looking for friends too. I've only recently joined and could use some shopping help (my little avatar dude could do with some snazzy up), my favorite thing to do is explore too ^^.
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