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  1. i know this topic is old buut well as far as i know does LL some research. for example: they look into your IM/local chat what you did to the given AR time. if they find a prove that you did it will they probably ban you. if they find suspectious stuff like hard or really close to the limit would you get a warning. however, linden labs does that only if a screenshot is provided in the AR. they wouldnt care if someone AR´s you now and says "oh that person did age play" without any proof. they will simply ignore the AR. i have a Kemono too. i wear the kemono since ... i guess ... 2 years now? and i am a dwarf bunny. with other words, a relatively small kemono. the only trouble i get with my avatar is, i go into an A sim, and ... if the owner/guards are paranoid about ageplay get i mostlikely IM´d and asked to leave/changing avatar or getting banned even tho i never did that stuff in my entire second life and planning not to do that. i was small since i created my account (and my account is 6 years old <.< yes, i had to enter my personal pass ID number years ago to verify my age, this might be one factor why i never got trouble with LL tho) but yes, many sim owners banning kemono´s but i heard not about it that LL takes action against peoples which using that avatar. cause ... IF linden labs would really take action against the kemono avatar or just any other avatar in SL would they remove the avatar from the marketplace and inworld stores and contacting the creator to not putting it back up again. or the creator gets even a punishment for it. the majority of peoples in SL are just stupid and prejudge peoples with small avatars. they see the small avatar and the only thing which makes click in their head is "omg that must be an age player! i have to AR him/ban him from the sim!!!!" theres a nice wiki entry http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Child_Avatar but well, peoples never read. most of those peoples which aiming blindly at small avatars and judging them as child and saying "he/she does age play" without even talking to that person or asking them never readed the ToS or this wiki entry anyways. they are just overly protective and scared that LL would take their sim/parcel down. my avatar got even once called "toy avatar" that must be a new term or something like that ... i dont know.
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