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  2. The moles are not resting as they expand the carefully designed neighbourhoods of the new Linden Homes. From this vantage point you can see new islands waiting to have the moles get to work on them. One day, not that long ago all this was sea. Visit this island lighthouse (protected land)
  3. Me too shopping and taking pictures are way up there. Way up! Pop culture, yeah but going right back. I'm a Spotify junkie.
  4. It’s come a long way from the initial version at least. ; )
  5. BelindaN


    I found this place after about three weeks and can't live without it. I wouldn't be the avi I am without the support and advice of the inmates here. Welcome
  6. I logged in and went to see this and OMG it IS ugly - but maybe they is hiding from the police (I think it was a police car parked in the lot next door). Now I'm being judgy, blast and darn it. Are security orbs allowed? Yup they got one of them as well.
  7. I didn't join SL to meet people, certainly not for anything romantic. Yet here I am 10 years later with some amazing friends, some of whom I have met in RL and even gone on holiday with and of course there's my partner who I just met by pure chance 10 years ago too. I am not exactly sure what your post is looking for in responses to be honest. It's definitely not match.com or tinder or whatever and I think people coming here for that will be disappointed.
  8. Pssst, take off your shoe base. I've also been exploring on horseback, and seen MANY people on the bikes mentioned here. πŸ˜ƒ
  9. Hello, On the past, SL was used a lot for architect preview, it is a reality, and really we don't care the dae file is on SL platform, because there is no problem with TOS, the dae file is not the model. Now, there is Sansar, of course, I need add CAD preview uses more and more real time render engine, or half real time engine.
  10. I took Syd to work today. He hasn't stopped complaining that he's ready for his first tea break
  11. I've had the Genus head for a while, Baby Face was included when I purchased the regular one. It's taken me a while to warm to it, I was wearing Lelutka for ages instead. But I just found a beautiful albino looking skin from Raonhausen at the Equal10 event and I've finally made a look with the Baby Face head that feels like me. The hair is Halo from Tableau Vivant.
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  13. The position is still available. Contact me in world via IM and notecard or my messaging me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/mrmitchellindigo
  14. Second life is many things to many people, for me it is a chance to be things I cannot be in RL, either because of a lack of resources, faulty genetics, or plain fear of putting myself out there. As for friendships, sure I make them, but I am always thinking, if they are attracted to my SL self, my RL self is going to bore the crap out of them.
  15. A 4 m plywood wall can't be in theme. I just refuse to think so. Maybe some got p*ssed when LL pulled the banlines, and are doing this to say: "Get away! Stay on the other side! Punks!" "So LL think banlines are ugly? We will show them ugly".
  16. If you check creator of this house, thats not Mole or Linden, so I guess, thats one of the parcels where the mailbox (house rezzer) became broken and didn't rez any LL house, so the owner did rez their own, house they bough somewhere. It means you can't get same for free. And thats question if its allowed there - its apprently not how LL intended the parcels to be used - as empty parcels for owners to rez their own homes. And I'm not sure if its not off topic in this thread.
  17. I think you might need to throw runes and consult the tarot on this one. I have been trying to get an update for 8 months on a newer version of Alchemy and all I get is "coming soon". I think they may have given up on the viewer so I went back to firestorm as there are too many issues with the current Alchemy for me to use it fully or effectively
  18. I didn't only build a porch in the front. I reduced the walls in the houseboat. I am blushing, not in a good way, when I compare before and after. What was I thinking? Now, it is an open line of view from one end to the other. The bedroom don't have a door, it is in its own alcove, the bath has a door with glass. I may change the door to an more modern one. The furniture is cut down too. Same sofa, a smaller table and the chair is back in my inventory.
  19. When I hear this term, I am reminded of a woman I once met. I had met this guy, and we started a relationship. He told me he wanted me to meet his SL sister, so went to the sim where she was. She and I were having a very nice conversation about her RL grandkids. Well at some point he told her in an IM that I was his new girlfriend. She suddenly transformed from sweet grandmother to angry teenaged ex girlfriend. Apparently sister wasn't the way she saw her relationship with him. She went from appearing to be one of the most mature people in SL, to one of the least in an instant.
  20. Exploring the ridge and mountain area inland near my home at Fox Chase, Bellisseria. Bliss 🐎 enjoyed the exercise.
  21. I will sneak over! Thank you, thank you! I can never get enough book props.
  22. Oh so now I know what neighbour made me give up the first home that was offered to me with the nice sea view!
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