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  1. Showing less is almost always more. Nothing is as quickly boring as only nudes around you. RL and SL. The package is as important as the content. Look at the trouble all perfume brands go through, to create their eye candy bottles to put their smells in.
  2. Land makes a big chunk of their income. Every discount comes straight out of their wallet. With more than 25,000 sims on the grid a relatively small discount like 10 USD a month would mean 250,000 USD a month less income. That would mean that they would have to lease out a huge amount of extra sims before earning that back. And that would still not bring owning a sim in reach of everyone who dreams about it every now and then.
  3. It is all a matter of take it or leave it in the end. If you are not satisfied you take your business elsewhere. That is the normal procedure everywhere. Supermarket A gets to expensive? I try supermarket B. The quality of the jeans at store C is not as good as in store D? I go to store D. Only thing is, where is elsewhere when it comes to SL? And another fact of life is: There is no such thing as a free lunch. LL has to pay the bills and make a profit. It is a business. Not a charity organization.
  4. I still remember 14 years ago, I was a noob only a few days old, there was a place that catapulted you into the sky and then you came down with a parachute. Only I forgot to get the parachute. That felt as a real sensation, I was totally worried that my avatar would splash in thousand peaces at landing. So yeah, parachute diving is an option too to enjoy SL.
  5. Pictures on the marketplace are ads. No professional advertiser will skip the enhancements of photos used in their ads. So full time merchants, who want to live RL (partly) from their SL income, will try to do the same. Most important are the demo's available or the possibility to check inworld for certain goods, like avatar parts (skins, clothing etc), furniture (especially the ones with animations) and houses. If there is no possibility to check those items upfront it is simple: no sale.
  6. I always keep an eye on the 60L$ weekend website, but hunts ..... basically wasting time. So I do that very seldom.
  7. For both then and than we only have one word in Dutch: dan. That makes it a bit complicated. But I do my best and Google is my friend when in doubt.
  8. SL can cause heat problems in laptops and in extremes can eat the video card over the years. I would consider a stand for the laptop with an extra fan underneath it.
  9. The simple fact that monarchs have private conversations with the PM on a regular basis gives them already more influence than every Joe or Joyce Avarage in the country.
  10. For me for the whole Internet goes: RL info is no problem as long as I keep it blurred enough, meaning: No RL pictures with people I know or my image on it. Not even stored in the cloud somewhere for own private use. An external HD at home will do just fine. Never: RL last names, birthdays, addresses , phone numbers, e-mail addresses with my name in it, private numbers like passports, bank accounts etc., name of the company you work for. Only vague indication where I live: Country okay, province okay, town not okay, because to small. If I would live in London or Paris, no
  11. Send me all your irrelevant money please. I don't mind taking care of it. If it is irrelevant, why are all royal families so keen on the Euro (and the pound sterling in case of the UK)? They even let their face to be pressed on the coins. So everybody knows where they really belong.
  12. I think it all depends on how far we get the covid-19 virus under control in the next couple of months. There are a lot of uncertainties yet: Will herd immunity kick in, how long will the current vaccines protect, how will the covid-19 virus mutate (for the better or the worse)? Depending on the answers we might have to formulate rules for a new normal.... or not. Best is IMHO to do what you can to protect yourself (and no, a non medical mask or a face shield is not as safe as 6 feet distancing), wash your hands over and over, and lets wait and see what comes up in the next six months or
  13. My niece 45, no medical history, so theoretically at low risk. She works in the funeral business so a lot of people around her, no possibility to work from home. Son 19 and daughter 17 work both as starting nurses in care centers. Husband works from home, no significant medical dossier either. So a low risk family to get severely ill. They manage to work and stay clean from the corona virus for more than a year. Careful people. And now all of a sudden: My niece in the hospital last week with breathing problems, got extra oxygen in medium care, husband is lying next to her also extra
  14. They certainly do good jobs. Our king as well. We are lucky 4 times in a row now. And the next generation will do fine too in the NL. She seems to be a smart girl. Our 3 first kings were disastrous though. Especially Willem II and Willem III. And that is the risk of monarchies, it is not about capacities, but to be born in the right cradle. No skills whatsoever required. Even the simplest of jobs need qualifications these days, but not the one of head of state in the UK and the other European kingdoms. That does not feel right IMHO.
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