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  1. The ability to filter by commercial/non-commercial posts would probably be a good thing. I'm sure there's plenty of sl shoppers who don't wish to see all of the selfies and landscapes either.
  2. Flickr used to be a much better photography site before LL/SL insisted on using it for their own commercial marketing purposes, so hopefully they see some benefit from all of this now that users have somewhere else to drift to.
  3. It feels like an alpha version on launch day. But LL would probably do well to buy it out for a generous if relatively small sum and officially tie it in to profiles, replacing the older profile feeds as LL's implementation of those always seemed kind of sloppy and halfwitted at best. Maybe throw in the guy's blog site too at a glance, to better balance things out. Writing logs and picture logs both, for virtual ventures, and could properly make up for getting rid of the old interests tab which a few people seemed to complain about.
  4. I'm sure it'll have appeal to SL Flickr "exiles" who won't pay to post adult virtual cartoon content, not to mention the endless spamvertisements.
  5. Just for the record: With the part you bolded, I was referring to SL creators and business types as much as I was LL, if not more so.
  6. Fast food advertising is kind of the epitome of deception, so yeah, deceptive. Not necessarily the use of AI specifically that's the issue, the creators of said advertising can own their intent (not that they will, typically).
  7. in response to the "That would require multiple users in a Group to be able to contribute / maintain Items in a Marketplace store, maintain listings, etc." (I can't be bothered to multi-quote and what not sorry) but this arguably should have been done a decade ago following the purchase of xstreet. Though it still leads to usual drama issues that SL has and would necessarily need ample protections built in. This platform isn't an especially professional one to work in, and to think otherwise is just delusional, and creators/business people here maybe need to realize and learn to work with that too. (adding to this: at some point there are limitations which are reached, expectations need adjusting, and people still have to follow rules/regulations anywhere)
  8. Brigadeering or brigading was probably the more accurate term for it, rather than keyboard warrior. But most people are smart enough to figure out what they meant by it, even if they don't like it being pointed out.
  9. The wiki should be done away with, as it's obviously outdated and abandoned, good for historical reference and not much else. Linden Lab may as well have been a different company 15 years ago, besides that. Mirror the LSL info elsewhere, as needed. If LL were going to make any effort to edit and keep the wiki up to date, they'd have had a paid employee doing this somewhere along the way over the past decade. They haven't, in any relevant way. Kind of shows the importance of it.
  10. The future of business in SL is hullabaloo, and not all that different from its past.
  11. Really, and Japanese people aren't Koreans, even when you present them as such in your Second Life classes. I realize that it's illustrative of certain people's self-serving low effort gibberish, and routines like that have nothing to do with love either.
  12. Persona playing and identity politics have nothing to do with love, as that what the event's marketed as. It's problematic in first life too, where secular westerners tend to hijack everything to twist it around into something else entirely, kirtans included. It's not just an SL issue. People are going to give feedback on it, and it's not all going to be favorable or complementary.
  13. In plain human terms, forums can only function well where people may speak freely, and where participants are relatively healthy and not just out for attention seekings, manipulations and whine. That rules out approximately 98% of the internet these days, at least in the west - it's a lot of fakery and fluff and like attracts like. It's a lot of waste, yes. Second Life included.
  14. Tidying things up for an imagined mobile market, would be my assumption.
  15. dripping paranoias, bucketfuls of projections, and psychobabble word salad tossings, that's what this thread's about.
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