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  2. Give Catznip viewer a go. Yes, really.
  3. I am a keen firestorm user however I lost some of my settings due to a laptop change. I currently have an Alienware with the Nvidia GTX 1060 I basically don't care about heat, I just want 30-40 FPS without lag Anybody have any tips, what should I check and uncheck thanks Bea
  4. Of course i could add script reset but the problem is boat has lights and i am afraid lights will go out in this case.
  5. It's extremely well hidden! Ok, its not. Its in the about section of my main Flickr
  6. hello, well people in the 50s didn't wear tops like you have on , I also am looking for a Monroe look, find most things are not made for mesh bodies so I am having a hard time I bought a hair from DOUX that is called Marilyn, it has her look ( a 50s look) bought skin and shape that give her facial look somewhat. Just need to add the dark lipstick and a mole. Since I am after the glamorous look of Monroe, I am just buying formals, until I find a one piece suit they wore back then. Even glamorous stars wore one piece suits. Wish more designers would make clothes for our mesh bodies that would fit into the time period of 50s and 60s too.
  7. You just need to have one rule of thumb, whether club is adult or not.... It's an SL club so eventually drama will start. This happens everywhere, sooner or later. If the club staff are on it and politely but firmly make it go away, or at least go private, it's a good one. If they are hissin' and scratchin' along with it, it's a bad one. For any SL venue at all, of any type, this test has never failed me.
  8. I wish belleza would just take the time out & fix these hands. 😰
  9. I too have had the head scratcher moments when seeing poorly shot, random Flickr pics getting hundreds of likes. I chalk it up to thousands of followers and posting to literally hundreds of groups. It annoys me when people post to groups that have nothing to do with the photo. For example posting a naked photo to a clothing creator’s group. Come on now!
  10. The day is coming, granted not here yet and may still be awhile, but it is coming when if you don't like the orientation of your parcel you can simply switch parcels. I really want a east/west orientation for my traditional and eventually will be spinning the wheel to get it. So hang on with what you've got and let the moles keep working on those homes so that time will come sooner rather than later.
  11. Hi! Im having such a hard time with splayed hands. I have the belleza jake body, with the daniel catwa head. I've been trying for days to fix the hands. I purchased the slink hands, but when i apply them to my body, & use the jake alpha hud to hide the jack hands, the slink hands look perfect, but the arms don't match. The skin on the arms are higher than the hands. Im so confused. Please help ....
  12. @Nova Convair @Profaitchikenz Haiku I am very sorry about this... But as it turned out there is still a very little problem. the fact is that my boat has an option to lift the nose. when i hit stop, everything is just perfect! the position is leveled. but if I press the stop at full speed with the nose raised, the position is aligned, of course, but when again i hit Start, the boat lifts its nose, as if it were before off and then slowly goes down... Oh, and by the way if speed was too fast it keeps moving after restart... Maybe I should put the same lines before vehicle start? Thank you in advance! Actually I already tried it but no success...
  13. Well, this is a sort of perennial problem with SL, isn't it? Those who are here primarily for the sex tend to overestimate its importance and prevalence (how many "Adult" sims are there? It's well under 20%, as I recall), while those who, like me (being a Vestal Virgin and all), are not probably underestimate it. I will say that, were your impression based only on the admittedly small sample of people I follow on Flickr (106 at the mo), you might well be led to think that the platform was mostly for sex, or wandering around in extremely skimpy clothing. There is no such thing as a "weird sex position." There are only "OMG-I'd-Break-Something-Or-Fall-Over-If-I-Tried-That" sex positions. My Flickr feed probably breaks down into four basic categories. 1) people whose pics are really good, and inspirational, 2) people who are friends (and this somewhat overlaps with the first category), 3) people who seem really nice, mostly because they fave my pics or leave sweet compliments, and 4) people I haven't got around to unfollowing yet. There is absolutely no nudity or sex on my feed, and only a few shots that feature lingerie, so I'm not sure why I get such a high prevalence of followers who simply post sex and nudity. Maybe it is, as you say, that they just sort of randomly follow anyone (although, as I've said, there are few in this category who do seem to take the time to look at my pics). And I'm continually bewildered by some of the pics that get, like, 160 faves. Flickr is weird. (But, again, sex positions are not.)
  14. On a whole, I think only the location of *some* houseboats might need the option. As Evangeline Ling said, though, it may not be wise to spend too much time on it (at least, not for now). From what I've seen, it looks like edge-cases, where a boat truly feels rotated awkwardly, maybe a Mole could be requested to remedy the situation, on a personal, case by case, basis? (Not mine, btw, it's fine). I think the Moles did a great job, landscaping-wise. Certainly so with homes, but it also holds true for boats: they're part of the scenery, part of an overall urban/marina design. Things might start to look weird, if ppl were to rotate things en masse. So maybe we should just leave well enough alone altogether.
  15. Woah!!! Thank you so very very much! It works perfectly!!! Amazing! Just WOW! THANKS!!!!!
  16. We’re going in circles. The OP asked how to decimate a MD model...in Blender. Several people gave her a solution. I offered an alternative and a reason why that could be better that simply decimating it. That is all.
  17. Very true about the classified tab. I don’t recall ever seeing anything in that tab in all the years I’ve been perving profiles. I’m always pleasantly surprised when someone’s picks tab has actual interesting locations listed.
  18. Telavi

    A few Roomates

    Still looking ^_^
  19. Such a cool shot, Sara! And you have very nice feet!
  20. Well, as I recall, one of the nicest NSFW pics that's crossed my feed is one of yours, featuring as guest star a battery-operated device. (Does that count as "sex"? Sure!) So, yes, your pics are definitely among the exceptions. (Now, of course, I have to try to find your NSFW Flickr feed.)
  21. While this is fine, I would hope that nothing gets implemented to prevent/fix this particular bug. It isn't / doesn't seem harmful, while it also has some niche utility to it (even beyond just unpackers).
  22. Oh I didn't mean to imply anything other than the system is flexible enough to allow for not only updating but also additions should LL decide to add more in the future. I've even said in another post previously that it doesn't make much sense to spend time making new homes for an existing theme while you all are still developing the new themes. Some have speculated that it's an emphatic no when anyone has suggested adding new styles to a theme. I just meant that while it's not likely to happen it's not out of the realm of possibility. And now I've heard that from both you and Patch.
  23. It would also be nice if it resolved the conflict between aspect ratio in Firestorm and the SL viewer. I don't like having my pretty pictures of me squished!!
  24. This is somewhere between a bug and an unintended feature. To summarize what you've already figured out above: HUDs are visible only to the owner, and don't even get sent to other users. Normally HUDs are locked on the screen like other elements of the UI, so it's fairly clear that no one else can see them. But rigged meshes are displayed on the avatar, because they follow along with the avatar skeleton, so if a HUD includes rigged mesh, you get content that looks like it's on your avatar, but that only you can see. This behavior was never intended, but since we don't have anything to prevent using rigged content as a HUD, it's possible to do. We're going to look into adding some warnings about this situation so people can tell when it happens.
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