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  1. I am wondering why child avatars act like children when asking for support or help in a group chat? I've seen some really obnoxious behavior in various group chats and the excuse is always "but I'm a kiddddd" This is really the only thing that bothers me about child avatars. If you are having a RL issue with a product or item then I really think you should present as an adult in those situations. I think being a part of Beyou kind of gave me my first look at child avatars. I really don't mind and if they are around I will engage in treating them like the age they represent. I've never come across any child avatar that had sketchy behavior or was doing anything out of the ordinary. It is fun sometimes to engage with them in RP, in a fun way. I've never seen a child avatar that demanded this though.
  2. I haven't read the whole thread and don't even remember if I posted in it however... I have spent the last five days without internet due to a tornado. I had to use both my IPad and phone and after about 2 hours I was so fed up with it I was about to tear my hair out. I had already had some mobile games loaded but honestly it was so hard to navigate them I gave up. NO WAY would I use the Mobile app on a phone. Possibly on my IPad but I would only use it if for some reason I couldn't get online. Using it as my only source for SL is out of the question. Good luck SL cause I think this will be a big fail especially taking the A rated stuff off of it.
  3. It's nice you had a good experience. I've only seen one person in-world from the forum and he was as unpleasant in avatar as he is on the forum.
  4. Oh? Where are all these child avatars in Opensim. People over there hate them more than they hate them here. Maybe there are a lot of teen looking avatars but I haven't seen any child ones. Are they hiding on a grid I don't know about? I don't know why you want to advocate for Opensim. There are very few people there and 3/4 are people that got banned from SL. They are bitter and mean. Most things are copybotted and don't work. Sure the land is cheap but so is sitting in your living room watching paint dry which is basically what you'll be doing because there is no one there.
  5. OH ok I'm lying. I really haven't seen hardly any naked people in M rated land. Maybe you go to a lot more places than I do but you said shopping and I go to all the shopping events and haven't seen it. Sure the occasional avatar that doesn't rez. Yes, I have seen the barely dressed huge avatars that have their boobs and butts moving back and forth. Where I take offense is that you don't think these things should be seen at a shopping event. Why the heck not? Are you the moral shopping police? What we could do away with are those animesh babies and pets which only contribute to lag. It's quite possible that It's just not bothersome to me and I don't notice it or I look and go "eh" and move on. This IS Second Life after all. If you've been here 20 years you should know this. If child avatars have a problem with running into nudity then they should stay on G rated land and change into an adult avatar on M rated land. That way if they run into it then they can simply AR it.
  6. The only nude beach I"ve been to was SDI and that one women can wearing bathing suits but men must be naked. I didn't go so much for the nude avatars or even adult stuff. I just found that people will actually IM and talk to you at those places and really not sexual IM's either which you'd expect. They are just more outgoing.
  7. Thanks! I have a new outing for me and my bestie to go to. We love stuff like that. Well, I do. I usually have to kinda talk her into it but eventually she'll go. LOL Do we need to dress like that too? Don't want to feel out of place. I'm sure I have something in my inventory for that. Most likely a freebie from Scandelize.
  8. It's pretty darn easy if you see that to aim your camera away from it if it gives you so much bother. Another option is click the tag and choose "derender". You can also click "see friends only" There are many options available to instantly not see it. Take some personal responsibility if it bothers you that much. The rules say it's allowed and SL isn't going to change it because a few child avatars don't want to see nakie avatars.
  9. Thank you! I had to go back and read the chat was going so fast. Honestly, I do the same. I've seen some odd things in SL while out. Mind you not naked but a "what were you thinking" odd. I just laugh and go about my business. If things like this bother people so much, and I really hate to say this, BUT maybe this isn't the environment for you. This is not directed at you @Ayashe Ninetails You are roleplaying a child. You are NOT a child. You know that SL is made up of things the community creates. Not everyone has the same morals and judgments as you do. AGAIN, you are NOT a child!!!!
  10. Then I must be shopping when all the nakie avatars are sleeping because not ONE time have I seen a naked avatar while shopping in the six years I've been here. However, you and @brodiac90seem to see quite a few. This confuses me. Would you like LL to specify what outfits are not near nude? Maybe they should just dictate what each avatar should wear. THAT will go over well. They gave guidelines. Because @brodiac90sees a avatar as provocatively sexual in a skimpy bathing suit does not mean it's against any rule.
  11. The alternative is staring you in the face. It's that little X on the right hand top of your screen. Also, the company is located in California. That's probably why it's not FORBIDDEN here.
  12. IN all that is holy can someone tell me where all these naked avatars are!!!! I'm begging you.
  13. So you basically can't follow any rules that are bothersome? I sure bet you'd read that "You ARE Banned" email though huh?
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