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  1. I am only hiring people who have experience with each of the positions. If you are new to any of this and you do not have a understanding of this you will not be hired.I will test and request to see past works and such. So please avoid wasting my time and your time if you are not experienced in such things. Questions are welcomed if something in the following post is unclear. Positions: Script/Hud Design Scripter - replace uuids of diffuse/normals/specular in the hud script and create a hud for the product ( you will have to create the hud based on the amount of textures i give you
  2. im to lazy to do that like 95% of the time and i just copy the product folder into my marketplace
  3. i don't really do demos myself for my stuff but if someone asks for one sure i wip up a demo fast and send them. and i encourage anyone that buys my stuff to report any clipping issues and such so i can fix them as i am a one man team and i cant test for every single bug
  4. i don't do changes on things unless they are actualy bugs that cannot be fixed in world if i can fix it in world i show them how and assist them otherwise i am not bothering opening the project file. most of my customers just changed their review after recieving assistance. plus i put in all of my listings the fact that if they find any issues or bugs to report them so i can fix them as i am a one person doing rigging/texturing/modeling/listing/ad covers/etc. so most of my customers are pretty happy with what they get i don't do touched up photos i just do in world screenshot so no one can say
  5. i just trew everything in one store marketplace searches and tagging properly gets the sales it really does not matter if everything is in on store or not if you tag properly everything so that it shows up in search
  6. iv stopped bothering with satelite stores for like over 3 years now, if a sim messages me saying they want a satelite store from me i just tell them i will but i am not willing to pay unless they can guarantee me certain amount of sales each week. same goes with events that are every month i do not bother with them since most of them are just scams to grab money off creators by some people who mainly have no idea what they are doing and just think they are smart and can make a quick buck
  7. during summer people go out more and spend money irl rather than in the colder seasons when they stay in more and do not go out as much so they have more money to spend on such things as video games.
  8. or you can refer them to me where i give 1 on 1 lessons for pay on any subject you are interested in. Also Lindal blender benders has some fees in certain things
  9. iv moved land and iv done it myself. post invalid
  10. plase read the post carefully before
  11. I want you to find building, and decoration for me to buy and rez and then for you to arrange them to make me a new store to move into. I will buy everything you need and you will also get paid 6000$L I will require to see other things you have decorated you can submit a notecard in world to Alexacroft Resident in world with photos of other things you have decorated. I am looking for a darker style and easy on the eyes. So a 360 from my current store payment after everything is done i do not do downpayments or front payments. If you need proof i have money let me know and
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