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  1. Offering my services for custom work in secondlife. You can find all the details in the formular bellow http://bit.ly/ACroftCommission You can see some of my work here https://bit.ly/2X9pJbR
  2. Can we have a blocklist to block events from showing up here? some of this are on there ever since i started the game 4 years ago ... and i really want to find some new ones but until i actually manage to find anything new iv already wasted more then an hour because the same events keep popping up. im not talking just about the small ones at the bottom but mainly the main ones the big ones with the big thumbnails. please allow is to just block some of them from showing up
  3. i cant even load firestorm website for some reason either
  4. So i had a very round number on my $L count 20100 and i looked in the history again just a few moments ago and i had a sale of an item that was 75$L my balance is 20171$L. there are no other Revenue Distributions other then me
  5. So i have a some mesh that iv made and i only have it saved in the game. and i want to download it because it dont have the files for it anymore to adjust it for a few new bodies. how do i save it ?
  6. So i am using firestorm and trying to save some mesh i made and don't have the files for anymore, but when i try to import the dae file into blender it's empty
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