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  1. I am the owner of Acroft Marketplace & Acroft Mainstore i do all my own products meshing, rigging, texturing, animations and custom armatures. I mostly work with commissions with other stores which keeps me pretty busy and i do not have to do what is needed for the store and marketplace reason for this post. I am searching for a manager. Responsabilities: Decorating the main store. Informing me of events that might be benefiicial. Innovative promotions & Ideas Advertising Searching for new commissions for me ( finder fee applies to this ) Posting new products on Facebook page Benefits: Working with a professional Game Developer who worked with a AAA Company. 2000$L/month paid on the 1 of each month Getting some of your ideas turned into in world mesh and recieving % of each sale Events i participate in will win you bonus $L Free clothes once in a while Requirement: Experience in managing stores & advertisement Flickr, Facebook, other social media following is a bonus Fluent in English speaking, writing, reading Being around a few hours a day Has Discord voice chat Those interested in this possition Contact me on discord: acroft#0456 - most likely to reply to InSecondLife @ Alexacroft Resident - messages get capped
  2. Hey, i give lessons 1 on 1 at 4500$L/h If you are interested contact me on discord acroft#0456
  3. I'v attached a few things iv made in the past.This are all made from scratch with photos of what the clients presented me with. You can find more work in my store @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/160031 (note: sort by newest) If you wish to contract me you may contact me in the following locations: SecondLife (InWorld): Alexacroft Resident Discord: acroft#0456 Fill work template: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/1/d/1dXgiSkhnUKOgPWNmJAn6QkQ-62DVeDSdBeqj2H9NB9s/edit#responses
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