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  1. bro you don't exist in sl lol anyway if you want a pro feel free to add my discord acroft#0456 here is my thread with pricing and such https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dXgiSkhnUKOgPWNmJAn6QkQ-62DVeDSdBeqj2H9NB9s/edit#responses
  2. Shirt, Skirt, Bra (shirt & Bra overlayered Mesh) - one of the latest works finished on 03/18/2021
  3. Commission Status: OPEN Contact via Discord ONLY: acroft#0456 PAYMENT IN FULL WHEN WORK IS DONE Pricing Rush fees 25.ooo$L - Sameday delivery Fee 1o.ooo$L - 4 days delivery Fee Standard delivery 1week - 2months 5ooo/hour mesh modeling +3ooo Commercial licensing(commercial licensing only applies to mesh i make. if you come for rigging or fitting this does not apply to you} Rigging any body 6.ooo$L Fitting any body 2.ooo$K Work iv done
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