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  1. Only this weekend! I am looking for a co-rent on a full sim, moderate rated. Would be awesome to share a grandfathered, as we plan for a long-term rent. Contact me inworld. Thanks!
  2. I think the outcome of the survey is pretty predictible, and also accurate. There are not many bussiness models in SL. Those remainings are those who can't move to Sansar (rentals, Gor-related, everything that implies scripting in LSL, also sculpties builders, game makers, etc) On the other side, the mesh builders probably voted out of SL. Better envirnonment promised by Sansar would be an increase on such bussiness. The software used for 3d modelling is the same. A higher budget for advertising Sansar over SL will also be noticeable
  3. Everything you said can be done in mouselook.
  4. Privacy question, could also be a recommendation. I've been thinking alot about privacy, and I came up with this thought, that imo should be implemented both SL and Sansar: camera should stick to the avatar, not move freely around. Still, you should be able to move the camera when in build/edit mode. And when in build/edit mode, you shouldn't be able to see other avatars.
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