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  1. Like others have said I really like my Slink Physique, but would enjoy experimenting with a Legacy. I haven't dared invest in one because of all the reports of extra stuff necessary to buy, and the lack of clothing options.
  2. TOTALLY AGREE! It's been disappointing to see so many AOs and "physics" that turn an otherwise nice avatar into a bouncy 90s hip hop video. This baby don't got back, and don't want it either :-)
  3. WOW: "The average age in SL is well over 40 years old." I had no idea. Maybe this is because SL is a creative outlet rather than an adrenaline rush. We're drawing and painting rather than shooting each other.
  4. Thanks for the kind words Skell, edited post. Cheez, I thought Linden Realms was supposed to be fun, not a moneymaker. Oh well.
  5. Wow Axel, I just experienced this about an hour ago. I got hungry while playing Linden Realms, so sat my avatar near The Workshop in SL and got some lunch in RL. When I came back I had received this weird message: "[13:00] (avatar name): idiot people talk me now and send videos about you alt ...you in this alt and others avis ,you not repext a game,,,allpeople here see you and talk me ...i send videos now for lindens realm and people too ...you are a cheter wait for crystals sitting here ..it is a fraude ...liten idiot everyone who has not been banned from lindens off for more time this game ... now i reporter you ... and the honest ones can't play because of the cheaters, it's a bad avi everyone says ... i will report todso oa avis who do not respect the owner, who pays you to close this game once and for all .... you do not know how to respect the game, being always standing on the rocks ... I send videos and report ... I am helping to do this job, me and more friends from realm linden ,,, ty and bye bye, you haven’t changed and it’s hard to be honest… ty will name videos and it’s a shame this game will be closed ...all reporter you now ... bye bue idiot" I have so many questions about what that jibberish means, and why that avatar (and others?) would be taking videos of me. I think my avatar is cute, but taking videos without consent is something a stalker does. I just replied "I wish you happiness," then changed location and reported the person for harassment. Has anyone else experienced this stalker behavior or is that avatar targeting me personally? What on earth would anyone do with videos of an avatar running through Linden Realms? Is that some kind of hentai fetish?
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