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  1. What I see is, if your inventory floater was closed when you logged out, it is closed when you log in. If it was open when you logged out, it is then open when you logged in. Just checked, since I never paid attention to that before Clearly the inventory is suspicious. My theory is that LL has hidden SL avatar spies in my inventory (that eat clock cycles), so they can watch me at home. I always close my inventory before doing something that could be violating their TOS.
  2. In the RL business world of greed and politics, there will never be any categories for the poor or small business. The present obnoxious royalty laws were passed by Congress over the years with millions of dollars of lobbyists paying their congressmen to vote for their one-sided feed-the-rich legislation. There were no recording laws at all on the books before the early 1970's. The FM stations started to play albums with good music fidelity, and the cassette tape recorder was the latest must have fad for the guys, to feed their car cassette players. This resulted in copying of FM broadcas
  3. That could explain why closing the inventory window while the caches are reloading, vastly improved the fps. With my friends 200K flat inventory, you could barely move and the frame rate was 1 fps if the inventory window was open. Close the window during cache reloading, and fps would move up to 20 fps. Once inventory was fully loaded, fps would move to the normal 40 fps she got at her home region.
  4. Now what if SL Clubs were called Business Establishments that stream Internet music during their off hours? Business establishment service: This category is for services which stream into retail business establishments (e.g. bars, restaurants, retail stores, etc.), as described in 37 CFR 384 and 78 Fed. Reg. 66,276 (Nov. 5 2013) Business Establishment Services: Annual minimum fee: $20,000. Monthly liability: 13% of annual Gross Proceeds. So lets tell all the club owners that play any copyrighted music in their club, they must pay an annual fee of $20,000 USD, due by
  5. The cost of a non-profit license is nearly the same as commercial. It is still $1000 USD/channel plus a performance fee added for every song beyond 159,140 ATH. Performance is # of listeners / song, so if 20 listeners heard any part of one song, that is a performance of 20 for that song alone. If 100 songs were played to 20 people the performances would be 2000, even if each person heard only 10 seconds of the song. Rate: $1000.00 for each station/channel’s first 159,140 aggregate tuning hours (“ATH’) each month. (NOTE: This payment is 100% recouped using the annual minimum fee.) Any
  6. Out of the 20,687 Folders under Main Inventory, 19,000 are all flat first level folders. I take it 19K first level is too flat This is a friends inventory, I been working on sorting into subfolders for 2 years now, and might finish in another year. Originally she only had Outfits subfolders (which were made automatically with about 600 outfits), the rest were all flat Main folders. I have reduced her log in time from 2 minutes to 45 seconds, so that is progress. I really don't see much improvement in performance though as long as the Inventory window is closed. Maybe because my g
  7. That is what LL effectively did in the Linden public regions of Bellisseria. To play at one of the Linden venues, mainly the fairgrounds, you need to be added to the land group just for your set, then you were ejected from the group again. But LL still says they have no liability for the music, all fees and legalities are the responsibility of the DJ or entertainer if you play at one of their venues. Of course if they actually checked for all the proper licensing, which means multi country licenses, then there would be no DJ musical events on their land. Live singers would have to play all
  8. I suppose LL could negotiate with the ASCAP's of the world, there would be about 20 of them to cover the largest countries, and pay the internet broadcast fees to the various countries of the world like Sound Exchange and PPL and PPS in the UK, etc. They all have high fees for streaming online music. Basically as Youtube Music, Spotify, Apple, etc have done. That would be an extremely expensive amount of licensing and fees, certainly in the millions of dollars, the same as youTube. The legal fees would be enormous too, as communication lawyers are expensive to contract. But LL is not a
  9. You cannot make streaming legal by getting an ASCAP license. That ONLY covers the original songwriters royalties that happen to be a member of ASCAP, and NOT the recordings made by the record companies, OR the fees for internet streaming. Please Read what I posted earlier. Why suggest something that would accomplish nothing? IF LL could pay for the Sound Exchange fees for DJ's in the US, for every DJ stream and every club stream, and comply with the monthly reporting of all songs and artists played, and calculate the listening hours for each club based on the number of listeners to the
  10. ASCAP is one of several licensing organizations for the ORIGINAL WRITERS/ARTISTS ONLY. It is for songwriters, and does not apply to anyone recording the music. And ASCAP is NOT what you need to broadcast on the Internet. There are also BMI, SESAC and other organizations that represent the original songwriters. An ASCAP license would be rather useless alone. To comply with every original songwriter's copyrights and rights to a royalty you would need licenses for societies all over the world. Plus many artists are not members of any societies, set up to protect their copyrights. Dead artists
  11. And where do you read that it does apply to SL DJ's? The CRB new rules and fees are clearly for USA based internet broadcasters that have a large public listening audience. Also many "non-profits" pay their CEO's and staff, and gain non-profit status through tax loopholes and phony deductions. Show me where the laws specifically single out private SL DJ's, or for that matter private residents with a home stream in SL. Now I need to hire a door bouncer to check the country status of SL visitors to my club. We won't allow any Dutch nationals in, because they will try to turn all us la
  12. Not at the clubs that feature sploders as their main attraction, and the patrons are sploder and contest players that usually don't have the music stream on. They just hop from venue to venue when the contest/sploder starts, and leave when it is over - they have a group to announce the best venues to play their freebie $L games. They do not contribute to the venue or the DJ's. I will never play to these jerks. And contests are easily scammed by clans and friends. IMO they all need to be banned. The same club where the vampire clan scammed the $4000L best-dressed contest, also had th
  13. As I predicted, the CRB (Copyright Royalty Board) which all US broadcasters must pay a fee to broadcast, has just released their fee schedules for the next 5 years, retroactive to Jan 1, 2021. Basic minimum fee is now $1000 USD/year, doubled from prior $500 USD. Other fees on a per song basis also increased. How many SL DJ's are going to pay $1000 USD upfront, to the CRB, before the July deadline? IF you DO NOT broadcast 24/7 on the internet, and have NO web page or other indication of activity, and your stream is private - the answer is NONE. And as Sid points out, this does not cover al
  14. you failed to mention who they are suing: Pro Music Rights, LLC (Pro Music Rights) announced today that it has filed 10 separate copyright infringement actions against music streaming services, arising out of the unauthorized public performance of its members’ copyrighted musical works. Lodged with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, the bundle of lawsuits names Apple, Google, YouTube, Amazon, SoundCloud, Pandora, Deezer, 7digital, iHeartradio and Rhapsody as defendants. I don't see Second Life or Joe's Bar & Grill on the list. I wonder why? This
  15. ANNOUNCEMENT: REAL LIFE IS NOT SECOND LIFE, AND SECOND LIFE IS NOT REAL LIFE ! This was all covered in the earlier thread referenced here, but some never learn. Remember, none of the self righteous posters in this thread actually DJ in SL, or understand the broadcast industry, or the struggling artists. It's the blind leading the blind. BTW if I were to obtain a Sound Exchange license to DJ in SL, it would cost me about $1600 USD/year if the new Sound Exchange fees increase retroactively when announced on June 14. I would need about 400,000 Lindens/year from tips to just
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