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  1. Linden Realms has not really been uplifted at all that I know about - but they did add a duplicate LR region to Aditi , for testing purposes, which is in the Cloud. You cannot move your Aditi lindens to the main grid or cash them in, so it's just a test. At least I have not heard LR regions actually being moved - How would I know from looking at the region Info in Help/About? The region name would be the same. There is one added LR estate, LR47 etc now, that you can sometimes get sent to thru the portal. I wonder if that is in the cloud?
  2. That's rather generous tipping ! But if your budget can afford it, great. Make one request and you would tip me $1000L. I would not get the no spam bonus, because our club owner and manager requires the hostess and DJ to mention the club venue tip box once an hour. Sometimes I forget though, but that hurts the club owner, since newbies usually have no idea where the club venue tip jar is - It's not obvious. Tipping the club also sends you a gift, that varies each week. I have never had a hostess that NEVER asks the patrons to tip the DJ if you like their music. I feel embarrassed wh
  3. When I checked in Aditi only the Linden Realm portal was live, and just one LR estate was loaded. It's just a test to compare LR in the cloud vs the present LR and look for new bugs not already in the main LR. Region crossings were faster, there was no lag at all, and I didn't keep losing the HUD like in the existing LR servers. But then I was the only one in the entire LR estate, so I would expect no lag. The loading of the LR HUD was also fast when I entered the village from the portal. Unlike the existing LR, where the HUD either never loads, or can take minutes to load. The workar
  4. You won't find anyone will those "skills" today. Commercial broadcast licenses are only for a broadcast station owner (not internet stations). DJ's have never needed a technical FCC radio license, and today most don't know the difference between an electron and a ripe banana. DJ hardware is obsolete - most commercial stations and DJ's use computers for all music and programming. CD's are about as useful today as a 1960's dial telephone with copper wires. Digital software is now the standard. Anyone using analog or early digital standalone hardware is just too old to upgrade. But photo
  5. Actually it has changed. I was using Firestorm 6.3.2 version, and they still use "Simulator Channel" in the drop-down, which is why I do not see the simulator version. Mine lists nothing in that field. Finally a reason to install the latest Firestorm version, w/ all the EEP bloat I never use. On second thought, I have no intentions of upgrading to the latest FS version or the EEP Beta - from the 140 comments on 6.3.9 alone, it has more bugs and stability problems than 6.3.2. If I want HD snapshots I can use another 3rd party viewer.
  6. I still don't see what you do - Is this a new addition to the latest Firestorm? https://i.gyazo.com/52b97f443fc6e26d8c5a8f589522aae3.png No build number listed anywhere.
  7. I don't see simulator version in the top menu, and I have both options checked. To see the simulator I need go to Help/About Firestorm and look under Second Life Server 2020-08-17T21:59:51.547110
  8. Yes there is - see this blog, all you need to know to adjust your camera positions: Improved SL Camera 2016 version <=LINK You should also be using Firestorm, and use their Backup/Restore feature, so you don't lose your settings if you re-install.
  9. I suspect Visibility was turned off, and the OP did not actually walk on the parcel they were standing. Another technical question though - How do you make your tags completely invisible to others? (on the same parcel of course.) Viewers have options for viewing name tags of others in General Preferences - but nothing about hiding your own from others. You can still see the account name on Radar/People, and the letters are visible characters. Is there a script you can wear that completely hides your tags from others?
  10. "R - Floor: Come closer. You must be no more than 5 meters from the crystal to touch it." So much for crystal detectors - This has been standard in the LR for the last 2 years. You can't stand in one spot and pick off crystals that are not next to you. Teleports are ONLY allowed between 3 locations in the LR. Try to TP elsewhere and you will still end up at one of the 3 designated allowed TP points. Two are recovery safe areas, and the other is the Village. A speed enhancer does not let you collect crystals any faster - in fact you lose control. They might save you a few M
  11. Grossly False! How do you "cheat" when collecting crystals? You haven't been there for years, if ever, based on your silly comments.
  12. I have run across people who seem to think that "all green crystals belong to them", despite they are just standing in a safe zone and watching other players collect green crystals with their cam. I am not sure where this entitled attitude comes from, but there is nothing in the LR rules that say everyone must only take one green crystal, or you are a meanie that harm others. This is a game, not a charity. Finding the green crystals is a combination of skill and luck. I have never used any "speed hud" and have always found my first green crystal in the first hour of play. Sometimes
  13. Yep, you have the best account that has NO privileges of the inferior Premium account. Your status could be on hold for years. LL responds to issues that increase their revenue within hours. Unless you start making more noise, you might be at the bottom of a long que of "things to do someday". Have you checked the Linden Home page to see if you are eligible for one? You have 4096 sqm of tier available, meaning you are not a Basic member, but I suspect they didn't program that for Charter members either. On second thought, you might find out you have NONE of the Premium member per
  14. Well it's been around for about 4 weeks already. If LL knows nothing of this, they should now If they restricted the age to 16 and 17, and they stayed in General regions, it would be legal according to the TOS. Why would anyone spend a few thousand USD on a project that was illegal and would be shut down by LL in seconds if it was not approved?
  15. Judging by the latest youtube videos of the lodge, it looks like the SL moles gave them a copy of the empty Campwich lodge in Bellisseria. Maybe the part-time moles have picked another landscaping project on the side. The joined regions are all General rated, and not accessible by SL members. Restricting access in and out of a region is trivial in SL. It's up to the parents to prevent an underage (<16) child from getting an actual SL account. And I agree, LL must be fully aware of this project, and are making extra income from the land fees and special restrictions. My only concern
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