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  1. Thanks for the help guys, I'll give it a shot and see what happens
  2. Hey guys, I can't really find a straight answer to this, so here's what I want to do: I own a bunch of mainland on one avatar, I have a house and my store there, but I have another avatar that I want to transfer it all to so that that avatar can manage it, and have SL premium and whatnot. If I sell the land to my other avatar specifically, is my whole store and also my house going to be returned to my inventory? Or will it stay there unchanged? Basically, if I "sell" my mainland to my other avatar, will everything stay exactly the way it is on the parcel? or will everything disappear? haha
  3. Hey guys, I have a homestead region, and I don't know if maybe I did it while I was sleeping? haha but my region SEEMS to have set itself to access list only, by itself, randomly. I don't know where else to ask this, or if this is a thing that happens, or maybe I did something that caused it, but if anyone knows, I'd like to avoid this happening in the future, because I have renters who were probably wondering what was going on. (note: I do know how to make it public access again, I'm just really confused how it set itself access list only, apparently)
  4. Okay so I opened the video and the first thing I see is some redneck agenda pushing. Nah, that's your problem right there. I mean, it could be the flexis that you shouldn't be using but an unwillingness to change and accept new ideas is the cornerstone of republicans and yes, that is your problem.
  5. nevermind! I figured out what I was doing wrong all on my own lol
  6. Found someone to do the job. Can delete/close this topic as necessary.
  7. Hey all! I tried asking for this in Second Life and people just wanted to sell me their own adboards, but that's not what I want. I want a full perm script that does everything a regular adboard would, i.e. I can sell the adboards through my store, the customer can rez those adboards on their land and their visitors can load textures, notecards and landmarks into them for a weekly rental fee. A percentage of that fee would go to the land owner and a small percentage would also go to me. I am willing to pay a reasonable price in order for this type of script to be made (I'll even provide a small marketplace commission if simply paying for the job isn't enough), please contact me here or in SL.
  8. I had an experience very much like this back at the beginning of last year. My partner and I had decided to make a business out of customizing car paint jobs for people and building them custom. I helped her come up with the name and even fabricated for her a name for a racing team and a brandname energy drink to spice things up and spread our name around. On top of that, I did a heck of a lot of the work, nearly all of it actually, and that's not gloating. Well, eventually, as all relationships do, it came to an end. So what does she do? She keeps the work I did and the names I came up with and calls them her own. She only eventually removed my things from her store after I threatened to file reports, but then she goes and actually pays for a copyright on the business name. I know right? Totally crap. It wasn't all bad though, because I ended up creating and copyrighting a new store name and even made my own brandname energy drink with way better mesh and textures but that's beside the point... While LL won't really do much without proof of copyright, I've found the number one way to avoid this and learn from it is to never ever start a business partnership where everyone owns like half of everything, especially in a romantic relationship. The way to have the best outcome is to own the entirety of a business yourself, and then designate business partners below that title and rank, without giving them control over brandnames and products. I know that doesn't help much now but had I been wiser at the time, I would have copyrighted the name beforehand, but then I think the biggest problem is that people are just out to make a dollar or two, whatever it takes. It's true in the real world and it resonates in Second Life. Heck, just today I saw a new location in Second Life that is a complete ripoff of a particular successful business and it makes me wonder how that even happens without immediately flagging someone's radar. Best of luck to you though, and if you need help in advertising and picking your new business up, let me know, I might actually be able to help.
  9. It's salty, gotta be. I've seen enough salt in my days
  10. Okay, with that link you've included I have to admit this all does seem a little strange
  11. You seemed to miss the part in her post where she plainly stated that this abuse she's been receiving was possibly self inflicted. I don't really care about how buddy-buddy you are with her, I'm stating facts. There is a difference between suggesting things that may help in increasing security and the reduction of harassment and flat-out making statements that place blame on the person receiving the abuse.
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