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  2. Hello I am wondering if anyone knows if Omega makes applier system for classic avatars? I was searching their store but so far can't find one.
  3. Who else 'popped their cheek' during the lollipop song?
  4. ... and the same again like in the post before...
  5. Thanks, that's very clear. Now... what would I do in your situation? Hmm... First, I'd rule out the Experience-based solutions. They could be very cool, but they'll spook your customers: "What? You want ALL THOSE PERMISSIONS? What kind of scam are you running here?" I can see that the immediate sit-to-teleport thing would be very abrupt: "I just wanted to learn about the outfit, not get lost somewhere in the middle of the store." What I'm coming up with is an old, two-step approach, with two separate scripted objects. So the first script runs and offers information and etc and its dialog offering to teleport to the vendor location. When that option is chosen, the script temp-rezzes a separate object, perhaps somewhere near the dialog-responding avatar, and advises them to sit on that object to get to the vendor. That temp-rezzed object might be set "left click to sit" to make it a little easier. If nobody sits on it in a minute, it just vanishes by virtue of being temp-rezzed, no clean-up required. If they do sit on it, I think a sit target script like your second one might be best because the store destinations should all be within range. (One would instead use the "sit to ride the prim" approach if the destination might be, say, a bargain basement skybox or something.) So again, instead of combining the scripts, you'd be using two separate objects with two separate, relatively simple scripts. The trickiest part now is deciding how to most conveniently tell that temp-rezzed object where it should go for this particular mannequin's in-store vendor. That's not rocket science or anything, it's just the thing you'll be configuring on a regular basis so it would be good if it's not too cumbersome. One way could be for the mannequin to use a description field you can edit to describe the teleport destination, which the temp-rezzed object can learn using llGetObjectDetails(..., [OBJECT_DESC]) of its own llGetObjectDetails(..., [OBJECT_REZZER_KEY]), but there are innumerable other ways to do it. One other worth mentioning is to compress the destination coordinates into the single integer that's passed with llRezAtRoot.) Maybe somebody else will suggest a better overall approach. Or maybe I'm overlooking something about the application that makes this a bad idea. But if/when you want to follow this approach, let us know how we can best help.
  6. And I just got the next teleport failure directly with the first teleport after login @Bloodlines East including auto logout like before. Destination was @Tribalia, Jamaica XXX.
  7. Thanks for the optimism JessycaJayne, but I haven't managed to even get a place in Belli yet or find a way to become part of the community. The question for me is how much more energy to expend on trying. With every new thing popping up, there's just less need for another one and more competition for people's time. I'm not very good at any of that so it's probably best to just accept that the time when my idea might have been viable has already passed. But I do wish everyone well in their endeavours. You're all building something really wonderful here.
  8. Thank you Kira. Though due credit must be given to @Chic Aeon for all her work she donated to the cafe! Please stop on by!
  9. Thank you for the compliements. As large is the Bellisseria community is, it needs the various venues that residents are offering. If this is your dream, please keep it going, Bitsy. ❤️
  10. Today I could do 8 teleports until I was logged out. It happened @Chained Desires, House of V like last Friday I documented on page 1. Until I was logged out I can't type anything in open chat but I don't have to wait a long time until I was logged out. I did not try to teleport because I think it would not work - like the other times. The next login brought me back to @Bloodlines East where I logged in before I started the teleports.
  11. So, I put out a few notices late tonight in some of the groups. Cian and I were alone at the cafe as I worked to get the word out. Then suddenly, we had a crowd and an impromptu live blues DJ showed up. What a great night. Thank you all for showing up.
  12. I hope you will be able to join us! Feel free to bring your family along if you can!! ♥ Little Edi would love to play with all of the animals I'm sure
  13. Do you mean as a creator of individual items or as someone putting together a sim? I'm not sure there's an answer to this question if it's the former. The individual items I have difficulties with are things many people enjoy. Many effects in SL tend towards sounds or visuals repeating on a short loop. The longer the loop and the more variation the better for me, also lower volumes. Setting default volumes lower could be something creators could do, then owners can increase it if they want to rather than just going with it loud because that's the way it was made. I just keep sound off as a matter of course though, because SL sounds tend to give me a slow build up that's not really noticeable until it's too late. Some patterns have elements within them (like stripes, checks or spirals) which increase the rate of visual repeat even when the texture is moving slowly. A spiral-type pattern is harder for me than an irregular one. Spiral water ripples are where I run into it most often. But many will enjoy the hypnotic quality of the water ripple spiraling around and those patterns tend to work better for some builds. If it's on the level of a sim/region/parcel, then it's quantity as well as speed. How much of the screen is moving? Is there anywhere safe to put the camera and still be engaged with what's going on? Lights in a corner are easier to cope with than a flashing animated dance floor. Does it really need to be moving? If it's contributing to a club atmosphere, then it probably does, those are difficult to impossible places for us in RL anyway. If it's a sign in a store and the owner thinks it's a way of getting more attention, then there are safer ways of doing that. Have you looked inworld for any groups to ask in? Or maybe a disability awareness sim? I'd be interested to know how others with related issues negotiate SL and what gives them difficulty. This discussion has been really helpful for me. I've been working on things to make a sort of psychedelic hippy environment, so playing with the brain visually has been part of that. If they go public (though it's looking less and less likely that it will), then I'll build in ways to caution and inform those who are photo sensitive and also separate levels of intensity.
  14. I don't see why you would need to give it up if it's something that makes you happy to do! You just need to put the word out there about it and I am sure people would love to come and hang out! ♥
  15. Haha if I can steal some interior design tips from you ladies (or anyone really) who happens to be great at it...I'm totally okay with being the pot of honey. Beth already mention bring a casserole. I'll have the wine, furniture, home blueprints ready and a few sleeping bags. We can make the day/night out of it? Haha
  16. Today
  17. Thank you Prudence and all involved for generously making this venue for all. This kind of community spirit in SL is awesome:)!
  18. What makes you think you deserve any explanation logical or not? Land owner gets to set the rules and why they do so is no business of yours. Your reference to the greater good is nothing of the sort what you meant was "I don't care that you pay for your land, I should be able to still use it waaah waaah its not fair I am going to squeal to mommy Linden"
  19. (This is more of a rant at this general sentiment than Selene's post specifically, so I've de-quoted her. I've heard people pull this sort of line countless times, and it's wrong each time.) You don't own 'your' house. Linden Lab does, they own everyone's house. We're not even tenants, as they have some form of residency rights protected in law; we're more like paying guests in a hotel. We are granted permission to use that room in the manner in which the hotel owner sees fit, subject to rules that can be changed at any time. Even something as simple as privacy is not something that you are entitled to, as the hotel cleaning staff all have a keycard to our room. These rules are not bespoke, they apply to each room and guest equally. As a fellow guest of the Linden Lab hotel, my opinion on how those rules should change is worth no less than yours. If those rules are changed then it won't just affect me and my hotel room, that change will affect your room too, and your permission or agreement is irrelevant because you do not own 'your' room. More importantly, you agreed to the current and any future regulations when you took up the room. Your only options would be to abide by the new rules, or vacate the room. If the latter, then there's always the luxury villas owned by the same hotel owner that have a more relaxed set of rules for a higher price?
  20. Ah well, I guess it comes down to graphic card then. Carry on with sailboats! Didn't mean to derail. I only have a big clunky party boat I cruise around on, or I'd post a fave. I'm watching it here, because I'll invest in one if I get me a houseboat
  21. Hi Qie - thank you for your detailed reply. As requested, I'll explain my application. I have just started a store in SL selling mainly ladies fashions. The store is on 3 levels and I probably have about 200 vendors. In the shop window I have some mannequins displaying some of the outfits. To save people time in walking around the store looking for the vendor for a particular featured outfit, I want to give them the option of teleporting to the vendor they are interested in. I have tried putting the teleporter script into the mannequin object itself which works fine but it is a bit abrupt in teleporting people when they clicked on the mannequin. So, I had the idea that when they clicked on the mannequin, a dialog box opens up, describing the outfit and its price and offering a button that will teleport them to the vendor if they clicked it - that way, the person has control over whether they want to be taken to the sales vendor or not. So I have the dialog script and the teleported script and thet is why I want to merge them together. Thanks
  22. This looks great. There really isn't much need for my hippy hangout place, is there? It's hard to give up a dream but there isn't any point in continuing. Well done on this and all of the other wonderful places in Belli. Have a fantastic time.
  23. I'm using Firestorm viewer. Just using region's default Windlight, ALM (i.e. Advanced Lighting Model) on, shadows on, all water reflections on. That's it.
  24. Stop right now! You're undermining my Who-ness.....
  25. Also available: 8192 sqm with 3625 prims CORNER of region also surrounded by forest and streams, flowers and trees. It's so pretty! Click here to teleport to Serenita. I created a short video to showcase the land: Video of Serenita Region Contact Cerina Zeplin or propertymanager resident for more information.
  26. Neither vendors/franchises nor gacha resale really work with promo events or definitely not with 1L1H. With gachas, you have to buy the items individually at a certain cost (and with no guarantee of which one you'll get). Sell them for less than the pull price at the machine and you'll lose money. With vendors/franchises, all you get are the vendors themselves and all the risk and expenditure of trying to sell from them. You pay for the land to rez them on and get 20%-45% of any sales. The rest goes to the creator. The vendors are scripted so you can't change the price. If the franchise has a promotion, it probably won't be suitable for your own event. It will be whatever the franchise decides to do. 1L1H requires you to have the right and ability to sell an unlimited number of copies of an item for 1 linden, essentially giving it away and hoping for volume sales or people making additional purchases. It's for things you make yourself. It won't work for either franchises or gachas. The things you can buy full perm typically have restrictions on how you can sell them. Selling "as is" is always forbidden, you have to add to it in some way - they're components for building and creation, not stand alone items. Some FP creators have a minimum price or restrictions on how their components can be used in promotions and gifts. Too many people giving away or selling similar items for next to nothing undermines the ability of others to sell. 1L1H only makes sense after you've built up a large selection of your own items. Start with that. Franchises may seem like a way to fill up a mall and generate more sales, but they're not. You still have to do all the promotion work, you're constrained in how you can do that, and many shoppers will be turned off when they see yet another franchise. You'll be better off joining with others, where everyone is promoting the area and hopefully bringing in customers who'll look around a bit.
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