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Found 17 results

  1. I have always felt the "Delete" or "Discard" button was too close to the "Save" or "Close" buttons. At times while possibly in a hurry I have hit that delete button instead of save or whatever else function I meant to do. I feel that "Delete" button needs to be as far away from the other buttons as possible. This may seem a bit frivolous to some, but how many times have YOU hit that delete button accidentally?....especially before you saved a note card for example? In posting the suggestion I am in hopes of comments, of course, and the attention from Linden Lab! Have a blessed day!
  2. Hi all! I'm reaching out after the recent acquistion of Casperdns by Linden Labs. While I think it's great, I also worry about upcoming changes. Does anyone have any recommendations for rental systems similar to Casperlet? Stuff they find reliable? I have over a 100+ rentals on sim and wish to keep things stable for my players. Thanks, Lucy
  3. Yes, another Premium Plus thread - why not? Now Premium Plus has been around for a little while, what changes/improvements would you like to see? Personally, I'd like to see: • Ability to "Show Place in Search" for free instead of L$30 per week • Ability to submit a ticket request to have 2x neighbouring parcels in Horizons / Nautilus City to be joined (to total 2048 sqm. instead of 2x 1024 sqm.) • A new adult continent/area inspired by Blake Sea regions with exclusive 2048 sqm. parcels, only purchasable by residents with Premium Plus. Access to vast sailing regions would be major benefit
  4. Heya~ I've been searching for good male hair stores for a while now. Besides Dura being a popular choice, does anyone recommend any others?
  5. Option to Delete Topic, I just posted a Topic here under the wrong Tab by mistake and I have no "Delete Topic" Option
  6. Hi everyone! Zack Haiku here, from Around The GRID Weekly. I'd like to know if anyone is interested in helping out launching S3 of our new show. I am planning on doing it bi-weekly this time (every 2 weeks, that is), and I could use your suggestions for: News: Anything on SL news you'd like to see mentioned? Event showcase: What have you found in an ongoing event that you liked? Send me your suggestions This Really Meshes Me Up! Anything that really grinds your gears on SL that you'd like to see sorted out? When you wish upon a Linden... What new things would you like to see on SL? Make your suggestions, maybe LL will listen to us Destination Guide: What new (or old) sims would you like to see showcased on our show? SLArt: Any creators, be it artists (song, photography, djs) or shops that you'd like to see included on our Art segment? We would also love to interview creators and SL personalities who would be interested in showing up on AtGW. Your suggestions are most welcome. And let me know if you'd like me to create a SL group and/or a discord channel for the show, so you can be in touch with us. Keep being awesome! Zack Haiku (Zack.Galbreus)
  7. So I LL comes out with different sets of last names every so often, but are they accepting suggestions for names? I have a few suggestions that if they came out with, I'd 100% be paying for 🥺
  8. I am bringing this to light (again) and are going to be putting an official suggestion onto the table once again as I am aware many have probably done before. The Alt-Code Table has a variety of symbols that are both stylish and attractive for creativity. Personally I would like to put daggers ( † Alt-0134) at the beginning and end of my name with normal font. I believe and suggest that Linden Labs bring the alt-code table into SL and add more availability for certain symbols. There isn't a lot but there isn't too little. PS: For special fonts, I believe there should be a floating translation bubble that breaks down the special font and makes it readable.
  9. I am looking for suggestions as to what environment would be best to get a 30 days of night style of mood. Basically the barely dusk lighting of the artic circle during the winter. If anyone has used this sort of environment and knows of one that looks good, I know I could go through the list but right now that isn't feasible. Thanks in advance for any help. Alyce
  10. Good evening everyone! I'd like to reach out to the forums for some ideas / help. Mostly ideas or what you do for the next thing I write. I've been on SL for many years now and through out my time I have become a big collector in clothes, bodies, heads, ect. However; I also have owned many plots of land in my time vary in themes and locations. I've been trying to organize my inventory for a long time and it appears to get worse and worse! With owning so many different items, it's becoming hard to figure out how I want to organize stuff. What I have tried: Organize by Brand: I have given this a shot and to my shock, there is a lot of brands I buy from! Sadly, there is some brands I have only ever purchased once from. So it feel pointless to make a folder just for one brand's items. On top of this, some brands make decor and clothes! Or a mix of everything else to offer in SL, which drives me nuts having decor and clothes in the same folder. Organize by Types: Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Ect. Ahh yes, I have tried! The clothing is the easier part of this, but when it comes to decor, a whole mess of questions come in for me. Do I organize by themes, or just through it all into the same things such a "Beds" even though some beds might be dark and spooky while others are kawaii, bright and pink! ***** it all: I tried this as well, but the overwhelming need to de-clutter and organize distracts me to the core! So ... what are your ideas?
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anybody had some stores to share with me? I've been looking for really cute stores that sell clothing for the maitreya body that are like e-girl & kawaii. I normally shop at spoiled and moon elixir so anything similar to that would be nice ♥
  12. Hi Everyone :) I have been trying to think of room ideas all day for my family home and when asking my children what rooms they would like to see in our home I got the : Idk, whatever makes you happy and of course their bedrooms. So now I wish to ask the community, below is a google forum of a few ideas I had but if you have any other ideas I would love to hear them. Thank you all for your help. :) https://goo.gl/forms/GxywLTKNu6Ss19Xh1
  13. Hello every one! I've been on SL for a long time and I'm still desperately trying to replicate the flesh behind the screen. Unlike most of the males I've seen on SL, I have no desire for a ripped rock hard stomach packed with abs, I'd prefer my wholesome, well fed, average body that I have RL. Currently, I am sporting the Belleza Jake body with a Catwa Dino head. I tried using the V-Tech Mod for the Matriya body, aka a Female body with a male chest, so that I could have a regular stomach and arms, but it just wasn't looking right and the complete abandonment of the Belleza Jake would leave me with a lot of clothes that will no longer fit. If anyone has skin suggestions to help hide those abs, or maybe even shapes, please shout me out! I don't know what body this is, or if it even is a body in SL, but this would be my desired end result for how i want my body on SL to look.
  14. What does the Lab look for in feature requests that would more likely make them accepted? Does vote/watch count really matter or does it really come down to the content within? I feel like that specific content automatically gets swept away that they don't have resources for. For example, what would make the Lab more willing to accept something such as UX/UI improvements to help with user experience, productivity and knowledge of tools?
  15. If lindens gave us an option to pay double the premium price and get twice the value, wouldn't that be a nice twist for people. Just imagine having twice the groups, twice the allotted property, twice the amount of weekly lindens placed in your linden account. for me I'd be more than happy to pay twice that I am paying now per year, how about you?
  16. Hi, I recently returned and want my look updated to fit the current standard in game. I found a head that I love called Quinn by Logo and I think it looks really nice with my shape. I also found a Slink body I like, but the problem is the preset Slink skins are too dark for my look. I am looking to keep my look close to what it was before, so looking for something very pale. Well, what I ask is can anyone can recommend a store creator that makes skin appliers for both those products? Omega appliers are fine as well. Also, I have decided I will need to update the look of my lingerie as well. I loved my old pair, but they're so old, that they existed way before the mesh bodies did. If I post a picture of my old look I had, will someone be able to recommend a lingerie set that would match it or at least look similar to it? Thank you. I went to a few of the designer stores that Logo claims has skins for it, but most of the stuff I found there was for Catwa or LeLutka. Did not find anything for Logo.
  17. Suggestion: would be nice if Linden Labs create a double premium setup. I am currently a premium user, but would be nice to have 1024 instead of 512, more prims to use etc. would be nice if there was a double premium account option, where we could pay twice the amount per month, quarter, or year and get twice the options that the premium users get now. Any opinions on this?
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