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  2. Who else saw the trailer for this and was left feeling completely let down? When I heard Camron was coming on board for this one I had higher hopes. The T2 teaser trailer did more in 30-seconds then this trailer did in 2-3 minutes.
  3. See that is what I mean, no one is perfect. We are gonna judge someone, even if we don't notice it. Like if someone is acting weird, or sketchy. We are gonna make assumptions on how they act.
  4. When I hear of people only having a few LI left, it makes me wince. I get nervous when I only have 40 or 50 left available. It's tempting to add so much decor to use everything up, especially with the yard or the houseboat decks in addition to the interior. I found decorating in the new LH's much more difficult than in the old homes. It's wise I think, to have some available for unexpected needs.
  5. It's hard to avoid. People are hardwired to notice differences, so it's only a small step to make value judgments about them. It's probably one of those survival instinct things that were useful in our hunter-gatherer days. The trick is to recognize when you are falling into the trap of making a harmful stereotype. Some people don't seem to try very much, or they've had life experiences that harden their opinions. I know I struggle not to make unkind generalizations about people, not always successfully.
  6. In very generic terms, not mentioning any specific creator, I agree, especially when the item in questions has a high land impact and to keep it specific to the Linden Homes forums, we are all watching our prims/LI closely since it's limited.
  7. A little relaxation time at Rosewood Horse Farm... and there were cats!
  8. If something is going to give an item for you to wear, and it is going to use LI as part of its process, I think that the creator should include that in the description on the MP, and in an info NC with the product. I know I've bought furnishings before that have rezzed items as part of a scene, and they've included info about how much LI to be sure to have available to use that feature. I like getting that kind of 'heads up' so I know what to expect when using the product.
  9. I am trying to figure out why I have so much lag on a parcel where the Parcel land impact is less than 30% of the Parcel land capacity. I own multiple parcels in the region so the Parcel land impact is less than 2% of the overall region. I basically assume prim count is not the issue but for some objects when I check 'More Info' under the 'Object' tab the Display weights seem disproportionately large. As example I have a simple non-scripted 2 prim object with the following weights: Download = 0.1 / Physics = 0.2 / Server = 1.0 / Display = 3128 Does that Display weight of 3128 seem excessive? The object is just a framed painting. Before I start deleting all items like this I would just like to ask how much I should be concerned about Display weight contributing to server lag and what could be considered a reasonable Display weight. When I search this subject the only discussion I can find is where it concerns avatar attachments and not objects within a Sim. If Display weight is a significant measure of Parcel performance shouldn't there be a summation of it under 'About land' just as with the total prim count? Any help on understanding this would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. was wondering about that ... knew it wasn't my glasses πŸ˜›
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  12. You and others might. I don't. Not when I get stereotyped by others on a daily basis.
  13. But don't we stereotype people, anyway? Just wondering?
  14. Thanks to everybody. I will download audacity and follow the steps ▢️⬆️
  15. I wonder if they've changed up the times between being abandoned and becoming available again so that people don't take advantage of abandoning a house and having a friend notified and poised to swoop it up immediately. It seems that having more random times for becoming available tries to keep it more equitable for all the refreshers.
  16. There's a discussion I was reading in one of posts in the section of the forums yesterday, that the houseboats may be slightly off-kilter by fractions of a percent, so some of the homes may be also, which may aggravate getting add-ons easily lined up perfectly.
  17. Hi Lindal, Yes, a few of them. As I mentioned, I can see hangul just fine in Firestorm, Google Hangouts and other apps. I type hangul in one, then switch apps to SL Viewer and get boxes, to another application, hangul works just fine. In OSX Pages I generally use Apple SD Gothic Neo just fine. The default MacOS font (Lucida Grande) has Korean built in and should be working just fine. For the record, it doesn't matter how I enter hangul into chat, it shows up as boxes, whether I use the keyboard/interface switcher, cut and paste from a website, text file, or word processor. As I've researched this, it seems that many fonts on MacOS seem to not be single-language sets. I'm starting to think that the default font for the SL Viewer, like the ones I've mentioned above, does not have hangul built in. When a font has no representative for a requested character... it prints a box. Another though... I know people who have their Macs set to use Korean as the default language. They have no problem with SL Viewer. Perhaps viewer might be relying on that setting and will not recognize character sets outside of that language? In other words, this is a View bug. I only kinda know what I'm talking about 😁 FWIW... hangul = ν•œκΈ€ Seem to work great in Chrome πŸ˜› Jaenie ... um 미영 😁
  18. But if someone already bought the body, would it not be pointless and expensive to just add another one to the fray? I have both the Isis and Lara body, and I honestly don't mind having clothes for both. That and if you already have the body, that fits the clothes. Would you not be wasting money, to buy another body, that is literally a hit or miss to wear said clothes? From what I heard, it only works with curvy shapes. So essentially, everyone who wanted to have a smaller body. You might as well kiss that goodbye with the deformers.
  19. i just want a new home sigh..
  20. How can I make my marketplace brochure pictures more clear?
  21. To deal with the papparazzi. So tiresome.... ^.^ lol
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