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  2. Yeah, but what was it that needed fixing? Posting to the Server Thread?
  3. Yes, but they all still have the green text above the houses...... past experience should lead us to believe that they are not yet ready for release....makes me think that there will not be a release today.... However as Beth has suggested as soon as we think we have it figured out a certain someone changes things up......
  4. My avatar and clothing certainly don't represent my own "real" world - just saying... Emma
  5. Look at all the new Region names suddenly Edgar has green letters Wait a minute the new region names just disappeared. What did I see, Edgar I'm standing in. Edgar San Alejandro Gangway Walrus Beach Beluga Sound Porthole
  6. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage Bay/79/120/42 https://collarseum.blogspot.com/ Open Mic Night every Wednesday from 4-6 PM SLT Prizes handed out at the end to the top 3 performers.
  7. RENTED! Be sure to check out my other great lands through my profile!
  8. Speak for yourself. I for one would be happier if all those casinos with these so-called "skill game" machines were not only access restricted, but entirely shut down. That these machines even count as "skill games" and not as gambling, is beyond me.
  9. Zactly. I have two Catwa heads myself. Just pointing out, like you, that they're not the only good head makers in town.
  10. what do you see from your dashboard https://secondlife.com/my/?lang=en-US Log in there and go to Account - L$ Transaction History and you will be able to see if the merchant has refunded yet It's always possible they replied to you via offline email and hasn't yet logged in to do it. How long have you been waiting?
  11. I re-read my post and realised it came across more negative than I intended; so I just want to add that Catwa heads are exceptional, and top-of-the-line. The fact that they share that top spot with several other brands shouldn't diminish the quality of said product.
  12. I just saw 2 traditionals fly by 4:30 SLT - you all are pretty good with guessing region releases.. and ideas on which region ''may'' be released today? 😏
  13. Thats why I picked the Red Lion as a pub name. (because of my red hair, not yours πŸ˜‹)
  14. I'm with AyelaNewLife on this: there's nothing about Catwa heads per se that makes them stand out miles above the rest. They do have a lot of models to choose from, though. I was thinking of getting a Genus head too, but found the HUD rather daunting. In that sense, Catwa just released a new 4.0 HUD (for the new 4.0 heads), which is very powerful, and easy to understand. And there's a great deal available for Catwa, but the same goes for all the other major brands.
  15. Today
  16. Good morning, all! Has anyone heard news about a release today? This is truly driving some of us NUTS! lol Oh, my...I haven't logged into this area before, so I'm a newbie...I should have done this when I joined sl over 12 years ago! LOL Have a great day, everyone! πŸ˜‰
  17. Hi again. I'm creator of Purrrfect and Horrifically delicious stores. I selled full perm templates for a lot of years and i'm self educated in mesh. I can teach you basic blender work and creating clothes from nothing. I suspect my methods are not so mainstreem but they are all about the comfort and reducing time of work. I'm not so great in a free sculpting because i'm all about game indistry not art industry (different type of 3d) and all about game industry specifics. I'll not make extremely losg teaching because it's rediculous to create 50 lessons from 5-10. I use some programs you'll have to get somewhere like marvelous designer and retopology progrmas. But this is really when i'm lazy. I dont' think there is need to increase the miracle effect in 3d work, so i show it simple and if you want more story into lessons i can so it. But if you choose just go there and start from scratch i'm fine with it. But please don't think it'll not be effort from your side because after me you'll have to fight with what you've learned by yourself.I can provide some help afterworld like fixing and showing you your mistakes. Maybe it would be nice to have homework to be able to see mistakes right after lesson. I can only accept straight paypal payouts, and we'll speak about price in private. There is only one thing, i have bad english accent so probably you'll want to choose lessons with text not voice.I can include text in video. Contact me by mail or skype: alfirin.dancer@gmail.com (i check mail every morning but by skype you can reach me all day)
  18. Hi, I'm looking for (unrigged, mod) Chloe Price style hair (see below). Avi cant take rigged stuff, so hair needs to be mod, so I can adjust size and such. So, if anyone knows of a good store for such hair, I'd love to hear about it. 0hanks.
  19. I might be completely off, and this would apply only if the avatar you're using is Bento. Not everyone remembers that there are additional spine joints, just overlapping back and forth between mTorso and mChest. Also, Avastar has a targetless IK enabled on all joints. So what I'm thinking is that, perhaps, editing the curves is affecting the rotation on mSpine 1 or 2 through the targetless IK modifier. I've never seen that happen myself too. There are two possible solutions at this point: trying to remove any keyframe on all the mSpine joints if there are any, or disable targetless IK that runs through the mSpine joints (all of them) in case they don't have any associated keyframe.
  20. As some others already mentioned, you should post a picture of your avatar ... and I am quite sure, you will get a lot of tips on how to improve it ... or maybe give you a feedback like β€žhey, your avi is awesome ... why you want to change it?β€œ
  21. i loss full day with this issues and now im too tired for can see of my work, im so dizzy after much reply to LL and i see doubled.
  22. Disclaimer: I'm a CSR for Catwa (also a regular on this forum in every respect, so I'm not one of those store representatives who only posts to shill on behalf of the brand I work for. I try to help out whenever there is a Catwa question here, but - as my post count will attest! - I post a lot in general, too) but I'm not here to "sell you" on that brand. I'll just give you the basic facts. This assumes - since you were considering the cost - that you're looking for a female Bento head. Catwa also has non-Bento heads, which start at L$900, but the full Bento heads cost L$5,000. Catwa currently has 27 female Bento mesh heads to choose from, everything from little pixie faces to wide-eyed Jessica Rabbit to angular Angelina Jolie styles. All Catwa Bento heads have two layers (upper and lower) which allows for a lot of customisation and layering of appliers. Each head comes with 24 full face expressions and 16 full-face motion capture AOs (the latter are currently being updated from 30 seconds in length to 60 seconds, as all of the heads are moving from v3.2 to v4.0, at a rate of roughly two per day, in release order). Demos are - of course - free (they each feature a small strip of 'missing pixels' to discourage copybotting) and I strongly suggest that you try them before making any decision. Default skins in the female HUD are by The Skinnery, and (new to the 4.0 releases) by DeeTaleZ. Inworld purchases give you 5% store credit (note that Marketplace purchases do not). Any purchases made both inworld and on Marketplace can be redelivered in the store if necessary. (When a Catwa head is updated we ask that you go to the store to redeliver (there are a lot of scammers around, giving out "Bento head updates" so - for your security - Catwa doesn't send automatic updates. All updates are free and it's easy to move your entire look from an old Catwa head to an updated or new one using the gift Bento presets HUD.) 24/7 support in the Catwa Head Friends group, and there is also a Discord server being set up. We have 5 CSRs (myself included) and we cover almost all timezones. If no CSR is present then the group is incredibly helpful and will often know the fix for many issues, having seen us guide people step-by-step many times. There are numerous free gifts in the store, including (but not limited to) - additional save slots HUDs with multiple pages of saves for all layers - including special ones for eyeshadow and blush so that eye makeup covering both those areas can be saved in a single HUD (also includes a lot of free makeup) Bento presets save HUD, which will save the appliers, tints, and specific layers on your head (I use mine for saved outfits; save the entire facial look for one outfit on its own HUD in the outfit folder) HD lip add-on (just released) unrigged Omega mesh eyes additional lashes HUD numerous Bento animations, including five sets of 12 (60 total) animated lip 'moods' (Please note: you will only be able to get the free gifts if you are wearing a Catwa Bento head when you click the gift bag in the store.) Those are the facts, off the top of my head. That said, your purchase should ultimately be your choice. If you decide that you prefer Genus, or Lelutka, Akeruka, or LAQ etc over Catwa then I'm certainly not going to try and change your mind. I hope you find a head that you're happy with. If/when you do, please share some pics in the How Does Your Avatar Look Today thread. We'd love to see you in there
  23. Not sure what is going on with your email address, but i can guaranty that you won't be the only one to experience these kind of troubles.
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