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52 Weeks of Color Revisited

Chic Aeon

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This week's color takes us back to neutrals -- brown in fact. Some of the guys might like that :D.


And the Pantone color is:  






I think mine turned out a darker than this, but in SOME world it is sepia. Anyway a grayish version of brown.  



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Get in your sunshine mood (I am so there) and grab some summery garments because this week is YELLOW.   So those items that were "too yellow" for BANANA or LEMON (I think we did lemon anyway) === now's the time.  


Here is what Pantone thinks yellow is; you may of course have differing ideas and that works too. 



And here is my sunny little number.  Not sure WHY I added the  b-o-a, but it was still cold out there last winter.  So much for timing.




This is week 25 by the way --- almost half-way there!   

Have fun.  (Tip: don't have "yellow"?  Get over to FaMESHed and pick up the gifts :D).   



yellow week 25.jpg

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1 hour ago, Marianne Little said:

I wonder when I have time to catch up. I have had a *****ty time in RL, my doctor started me on a new medicine. I got so hard side effects, it made my life miserable. My body is slowly starting to get used to the drug.

But you all do so well! ❤️

Sure you have time!  No hurry.  Work on current and catch up with the ones you missed. I was wondering about you!  Hope you get to feeling top notch soon!!!  And some folks are only doing the colors they like (and have most likely). 

NO RULES!!!!!   Well enjoying the process is a good one if there needs to be one!



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One of these days I am going to forget to post and you will have to poke me LOL. BUT I remembered tonight.  And for those of you that are counting -- this is the half-way point!!!  LOL.  Whew.


Our color for this week is INDIGO which Pantone suggests is lighter than what "I" would have imagined. I went with Pantone like a good girl.  I think of "indigo" as fresh 501 jeans color not this slightly muted lighter version.  You know the drill by now. Do you thing - have fun and don't get frustrated.   I actually found something lurking in my inventory that was the correct color this time. 


Here is your swatch:




And here is my photo for the week:



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This is my first time here doing this challenge, and I hope it's close to indigo, or would be called as one. So yeah, this is my picture for this week. Also Raye is my display name. Which I actually prefer to be called as instead of my username.


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5 hours ago, Chic Aeon said:

Welcome Rayne -- we just have fun here. If it is in the blue family (or even not) it's all good.  :D.   I see you had lots of fun with accessories!   Great. 

Well, it's blue, but looks close to indigo. And yes I did had fun with accessories, I took it one for my blogs, ;D but yeah, if you're not wearing accessories, it's like a garden without grass. 🤣

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A color we haven't seen for awhile this week. A thrill for sure. 



This -- according to Pantone -- is EMERALD GREEN.  

Now take note of this color and maybe review the all colors graphic (scroll back a few pages if you missed that when it came out) --- because it all fits into next week's BIG meltdown post LOL.  


This is week 27 and I know we are going into "summer mode" (maybe even if you are down below and it is really winter) -- so if you find yourself less enthusiastic than you would like, don't worry.  It's all good.   Take your shots or watch the colors come and go. Drop in when you can and watch when time and energy are less than bountiful.


Here is my styling for the week -- dusted off from the back of my closet.






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Glad to see Marianne back!


So this was the week that I hit the wall last winter and was going around mumbling "grrrrr" under my breath -- or maybe not so much under LOL.


We just finished "emerald" which was not at all what "I" think of as emerald and this week we have (had) TEAL which is pretty much what I think of when I see that coat of mine. It isn't QUITE teal to me but it is really really close to "emerald" and then there was yet another close green coming along.  


So I called this week 28 TEAL or Rebellion.   It was rebellion for me and I went over to a REALLY old sim that hasn't changed much in the last decade and had fun doing some post. Very colorful as was my ORANGE AND GOLD PRING OUTFIT --- very very far away from teal.


Months later when I was feeling more charitable towards TEAL I did an actual post. It is a tad bit more blue than emerald but they are really close when I look at them. 

Here is the rebellion photo.



It looks like I lost the original photos for TEAL when moving computer files. And I was so (unhappy) that I didn't even paste in a swatch for teal. 

Looked it up and here it is: 



Now tell me that doesn't look like "emerald". 


You can see the teal photo on my blog tomorrow. I will try to get it over here somehow once it is published. 


Have fun!   




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 223 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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