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  1. That's why I prefer dark mode in everything. Discord, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook; everything is dark mode
  2. The OG post was made over an year ago, so chances of it being stay put are low. But they seem to have a Landmark given as well, so you can either go to the place, or directly IM the poster person and have a chat.
  3. You have pretty nice pictures on your flickr. But you should post pictures of decorating and landscaping as well. So people will take an interest to it.
  4. I agree with Rowan. Photography and Interior Design, both are creative work, so you should know this, that having a portfolio is really important. But if you don't find no work at this, you can always try creating premade skybox or ready to rezz skybox. That's what I do, and most other interior designers in SL. We spam it on Facebook spam groups until it gets sold. If you want to have a look at what premade skybox means, IM me inworld, and I'll gladly show you my latest project 🙂
  5. Second Life for me isn't a game as well, here I found a partner, and learn a lot of things about building and texturing which helps me inspire in RL too. So in a way, not all things, but some things of SL are connected to my RL, and I am glad to be here. 😆
  6. And she joined today... newcomers these days...feels like they join SL for lindens and not to explore...
  7. I logged into SL, to look at her profile, but after that I forgot, thank you for reminding me
  8. 1. Please stop screaming. 2. List out your skills, your experiences, your interests, and explain what kind of job you are looking for. 3. Look below your OG post, a lot people hiring, check if anything peeks your interest. 4. After checking them, you'll find how to contact them, and then message them. 5. Also by typing "Please Reply" as your post title, will hardly make anyone noticeable for you to give a job. 6. Thank you for understanding.
  9. Look for Blogger Classifieds page on facebook, they get update every day 2-3 times regarding which stores are looking for bloggers.
  10. Are you asking for an employment or giving someone the hope for it? Your post title says "Wanted CSR or Greeter" which means, you are asking for one. But your post says "Looking for employment as CSR/Greeter" which means, you are looking for that. I'm confused which one is it? o.o
  11. i like the legacy name :[ not a resident person =[[
  12. Giggles...whenever I see this picture, "Nobody Cares" runs through my brain
  13. They have posted various ways on how to contact them. So if you have questions, best you ask them in-world or on discord. They may or may not look at forum.
  14. Legacy name is username, it's like an address to help people find you when you apply for a job in SL. Legacy name values a lot more than a Display name. You can also define it as Legacy name being your original name, and Display name is your nickname. When you login to your SL, your viewer needs the username [legacy name], or if you are sitting through those chairs where you get gifts, they take your legacy name and not Display name first letter. For example: Your display name being Maria, but your sl name/legacy name/username is: SimplyJiwoon ; If you go to a store looking for the gifting chairs, they give you the letter "M", you cannot sit on that chair because your display name being "Maria", but if the chair gives the letter "S", you can sit on it and receive a gift. Another example you can take it from this post of yours, the forum shows only our legacy names and not display names. Your legacy name is "SimplyJiwoon" ; Alwin's legacy name is "Alwin Alcott" ; Eddy's legacy name is "Eddy Vortex" ; and mine is Karenx0 Resident [although, the "resident" part is kinda invisible].
  15. Even though you just want to earn a small amount of commission it's always better to put on some efforts to make it work in a more better way. For example, a magazine having the latest deeds and news about everything, but it is not attractive enough, because it has no catchy title or a front page. Just like yours, massage and all are ok, but doing it with RP, and even having a studio for your massage with nice decor will attract more patrons towards it.
  16. That's the thing, you can randomnly find any character from Google, and practice by that. Like I said, people might or might not be approachable at first. And as of avis, they are just characters, you can search for any person or character from Google. For example; try making a digi art of Ariana Grande's cuteness, or maybe an art of an anime/kawaii girl. That way you can create portfolio for both real life, and second life as well.
  17. It depends what kind of mesh head and body you have, also are they BOM [Bake on Mesh/System Layers]. And as for skins, you might wanna look at MUDSKIN [Asian skins], Pumec, Mila, The Skinnery, Not Found, Studio Exposure, INSOL, etc. But you'll also have to check with type of head it is, as in, if you are using Lelutka Mesh Head, you need to see, if it's a Evolution Line head, or Evolution X [EvoX]. A skin bought with the tag of Lel Evo will not fit your Lel EvoX head and vice versa. And so goes for the other popular heads like Genus and Catwa/Catwa HDPRO. You will also need to make sure if it's a BOM skin or applier [most are BOM nowadays].
  18. Why would someone want SL massage when they can get a massage in real life? Which will actually be helpful and relaxing as well. 😕😢
  19. If you are trying to build up a portfolio, I would suggest you to do it with your own avi or something randomnly. That way people can see your skills, and approach you if they like it. Just by saying : ^ This might or might not be a best possible way to make a patron approachable towards your commission work for digi art. You are a graphic designer, which means you should know, what's the value or how important a portfolio is in this creative career matter.
  20. @Rowan Amore Isn't posting 2 status with 24 hours considered to be as spam?
  21. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/120-land-forum/ This where you will find land. So, yes it doesn't fit in this forum.
  22. look below your OG post, every minute the forum gets updated regarding new jobs.
  23. Modeling might cost double, but bloggers, well you still need to update, even for a model. And as for a RL job, SL job is nothing compared to RL ones. SL job is for fun, RL job is to pay bills. I honestly want to tell people who interviews and asks "why do you want this job?" and I want to answer them by saying "To pay my bills and that I need money" 🤣🤣
  24. Rowan is absolutely right about the cost. My dad has friends who have model schools, and they cost a lot of money, I remember when I asked them for the prices and everything, it was 20k something for per course, which is I think either per 1 month or 3 months. Even though you need to stay updated of your avi to the latest if you become a model, but it's the same for bloggers as well. Both are kind of same in the terms of modeling if you ask me, the only difference is, that modeling school will cost you a lot of money, while blogging? You don't need to be in any kind of school to learn blogging. All you need is good photography skills, flickr/blog site; and that's all. You can start by clicking simple pictures of your avi to learn photography by using Firestorm/Black Dragon. I will agree with Rowan again, you really should think carefully about it. [Modeling = Costs Money | Blogging = Free Clothing Items as Fatpack] IMO, I will suggest you blogging.
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