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  1. Yeah, since I found no photos on her Flickr, so I said that. Didn't really mean anything offensive.
  2. You need to post your previous work on your flickr. As for an interior designer the portfolio is the very base to a successful client.
  3. SL club owners or managers won't see how many followers you got in IMVU nor they would care. They will just see how old you're in SL.
  4. The link for the applications don't work.
  5. The form doesn't reload. Make sure you give an alternative link for the applications too.
  6. karenx0


    You said you wanted a crotchless diaper, so i said detach your pee pee. Lol.
  7. karenx0


    Just detach your pee pee when you wear an adult diaper.
  8. karenx0


    Wear a diaper then? 😐
  9. karenx0


    Slex in kitchen is really nasty!! I mean what if instead of whipped cream we get a c u m cream? πŸ˜·πŸ€”
  10. You need to mention your portfolio too, so people can see your previous work, and then come to you
  11. She's an amazing landscaper, I will send her this link so she can get you back ☺️
  12. Description needs more details or it seems vague. Or lazy too.
  13. I don't think this forum is meant for your advertisement, try a different forum maybe? @Alwin Alcott Should this be in here?
  14. If you are on Facebook, contact Maia Lyre, she's an amazing landscaper! Just drop her message saying I recommended her to you [My Name: Raye Mendez Darwinian] and she will get to you. Unfortunately I donot have her in-world name. ^^
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