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  1. I actually helped her, yes. I always act on my first instincts, helping is my first. Took her to my skybox and helped her with BOM and everything. First she chose Catwa, but then I took her to Lelutka, and by seeing her so excited, it was like a baby girl jumping up and down in front of a candy store hehe. But yea, she's a quick learner, and follows everything. I am just glad that I found her, she's an amazing woman of herself as well. ♥ @LovelyLuxii I hope you have an amazing time in SL, don't hesitate to ask anything, if it's in my knowledge, I will gladly answer you, if it's not, I will fi
  2. Is it a new club? And can an avi who's been here for 1 year 4 months, but know of most of things, is a Dj, can apply here?
  3. Ay mi dios! Where is @SarahKale ???? Did she not see this post? 😮 *faints dramatically*
  4. I am pretty sure, the post has mentioned that she's looking for a "humanoid shape".
  5. I have IM'd you as well. Don't worry I will help you any way I can, just don't pay. I will be your friend forever.
  6. What's wrong with SL 🤨🤨
  7. I will help you out, just don't pay. I don't need the Lindens. I would be happy to help you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
  8. Well, the club I used to host before, they don't have anything like that about for clothing. And yes, I am not convincing her for that, that of course her choice to make, not mine or others. I am just asking in a genuine matter. Anyways your name seems familiar, have you perhaps went to Racers Island 2 days ago?
  9. I am guessing you need to contact them yourself, since you are the one looking for job, not them. If I were you, I would have just IM'd them without even sending or commenting a message here
  10. Look below your thread, or above your thread a lot of people are hiring, just go through their posts and see how you can apply. If they have an in-world location attached, you can visit them, or if they have a google form for applying you can click and apply it. Rest Q&A you can IM them inworld; but it would probably best if you sent a notecard to them, and drop them a message about it as well. As most people's IMs get capped, sending a message just gets lost somewhere and they wouldn't know about it as well. I wish you the very best of luck to your new job, and SL experiences. Have a
  11. Explain it to him/her about it. Your sentence seems pretty vague. Try explaining about what is Mermaid Retreat, How are you going to pay them, is it in tips, or a daily wage like thing. Where is it located, attaching a landmark would be great, so they can see it. Explain them how they can apply into it; is it via a notecard? Or is it by google forms. Trust me, people will be interested in it more if you explain them in a detail way of the club that is hiring, and not just sayin "Mermaid Retreat is Hiring". Be professional, and look how it starts to grow sweetie.
  12. I have been a host for 1 year, and I never had to show off my skin/body. I mean I do show it but that's on my choice. Most clubs won't ask you to show off your skin, it just your choice of what you want to wear. They will just want you to do you job as a host.
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