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  1. well, i can't open tiktok anyway, thanks to our government they banned chinese apps >.> unless i use vpn to open it
  2. Her account is only 2 days old. No one's gonna hire her as she's really new. Sweetie, ion wanna sound no bummer, but your account needs to be at least 30 days old to get a job in SL. I have searched your account and it says "2 Days". No matter what the job is, dancing, hosting, djing or anything else, you need me 30 days older. That's just, so you get used to the Second Life's ins and outs a little before you settle out down.
  3. IM me in-world I will drop you off some details. And we're only looking for Live Mix DJs, not voice entertainers.
  4. It's always good to mention about what skills you have or what kind of job you are looking for. That way finders know that you have a specific position and would like a job within that being offered.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a Live Mix DJ for a special event that will be held on July 10th or July 11th. Drop me a message for further details on it. My inworld: Karenx0 Thank you ❤️
  6. As BookishMelinoe has said, that Maitreya has more clothing than others, which is correct, but if you are looking for affordable, Belleza Freya is cheaper than Maitreya and Legacy as well. Whereas Maitreya I guess is around 2700Ls while Freya is only for 2500 L. Right now, I have the latest body that is the Kupra body, and for a fact, A lot of stores are making clothes for Kupra as well, but Kupra is 3999 Ls. It also depends on you how you want to make your avi look like. If you want to have something skinny or not too thick, Maitreya is your choice; but if you want to have a thicker body or e
  7. The TMP Mesh body is kinda free, it's only 1L you'll find it in the Legacy Mesh Body Store. You can get a head for free from the Genus mainstore, they still have the strong head as a gift. And for skins, you might get a head skin tone from "The Skinnery"
  8. This post should be under the Land forum not here.
  9. Thank you for the tip ☺️ I really appreciate that 😃 it's edited now 🙂
  10. Although the topic says much of it what we're looking for, but I am going to explain in a more detailed way as well. Hello, my name is Raye; I'm the Web Manager of Racers Island. Racers Island is the oldest and largest racing sim in the grid and we're looking forward to re-construct it by giving it a hot and upgraded new look. What are we seeking? We're seeking for a mesh builder who is either experienced or familiar with the builds in Second Life. Even though it'd take a lot of time and amount, being this a really huge project; we also seek if you are willing to
  11. Be nice to people. Calm your zen.
  12. Good luck with that, but maybe trying being nice to people if they are being nice as well.
  13. Where were you Sarah? :[ I missed you soooo much 😢
  14. Hola! es posible que desee buscar en el foro español https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/276-foro-en-español/ Mi española está un poco rota, lo siento ;'D De nada querida ^^
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