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  1. I only step out for doctor appointments and do my grocery shopping afterwards within the area. The outing happens once or every other month. I don't venture out any more than I have to, so I might as well stock up on provisions while I'm out there.
  2. Please don’t give the Lab ideas. Please. The hordes are already beating down the doors for the chance to snap up WhosYour Daddy.
  3. I'm out of coffee and have to drag myself out to the store for a new supply. The problem is, it's too peoplely out there.
  4. This Sunday is Mothers Day. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms and grandmas.
  5. Yeah, that "too far left" comment on a centrist newspaper. I can't even. This forum could really use a "green shirt guy" reaction emoji.
  6. Marushin has some free stuff to decorate your kitchen with. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kakumachi/66/55/29 A dish soap set (limited time offer until May 9): Soy sauce and other seasoning condiments: A bowl of oranges:
  7. Judging from the offerings shopping events have for men, a bunch of us are going to end up being sneakers, sweatpants, and tank top twins or even triplets for that matter. haha
  8. Drop down menu under where it says Disk (or Inventory or Profile if you picked one of the publishing options): You can also set your own pixel size in the custom option:
  9. I've had some of them show up on my houseboat for a second or two before poofing away. I don't know who they are or what they want, but they sure ain't getting my parcel.
  10. How in Satan's slime sandwich did this thread get hijacked by a single baloney purveyor?
  11. 30K items in my inventory and still have nothing to wear. (also seen in the color challenge thread)
  12. ^This. Especially this blue bar thingy that hangs for an eternity before taking you to the main home page.
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