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  1. Don't have kids or have one living with you. They'll wreck your living room and the rest of the house.
  2. Same here. My 'brother' probably has some moldy sculpties lurking somewhere in his inventory.
  3. New group gift from Lelutka; 6 Christmas trees. Get them inworld (store) or in group notices.
  4. Heck if I could remember. XD Unless if your biped has been telling my brother to put some meat on his bones, I doubt it.
  5. I have only three letters: I K R. (haha) I wonder if it's a form of self-projection on their part.
  6. (cross-posted to the 52 weeks of color thread)
  7. Yay, an easy color I can do! \o/
  8. I just got myself another mesh body. Now I'm really broke. Broker than broke. 😂
  9. BRUH... Just saw notice of Signature sale! ============================= Today is the last chance to get your favourite body discounted ! All Signature items, heads and bodies are at 50% OFF We wish you the best, and as always thank you for your support! END 29 NOV AT 12 AM SLT TAXI : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Signature Body/152/151/541
  10. I noticed the nails are in a splayed fingers position. That's what I usually see when I tp into a busy sim and see half-rezzed body parts flying around. The upper torsos are stuck in a t-pose with fingers apart until the avatars finished rezzing. I'm guessing it may be lag that is delaying the nails' reaction time to your hands. You can try teleporting to an empty sim to rule out lag issues.
  11. Even with simplified articles and no grammatical gender to contend with we native English speakers still manage to fail at our own language.
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