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52 Weeks of Color Revisited

Chic Aeon

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I can happily say that week 30 is an easy one!!!!   Woot.


MOST of us have a fair amount of this in our closet but remember that it it isn't "silver" or "cream" -- it is just plain WHITE.



Go forth. Do great things~~


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OK MAJOR issues with posting.  Happily I copied out the post I had made and will paste in here. 


You guys really rocked this week. Woot!

Our upcoming color takes us back into cool territory and dare I say on the cups of that "teal" thing (so you can see why that rebellion thing set in). 


Our color is a pale clear blue what I would call "powder blue" (not sure what decade that was popular in).  The good news is that is a color in a lot of fatpacks so if you have any of those (including free ones ^^) be sure and check those huds. 


Here is the swatch:



And here is my version for the upcoming week.



OK. The uploader is NOT WORKING (two tries) so I will come back later and fill in.  NOPE, it won't let me post while it is trying to upload.  HMMMM. 


WHEW!    That took a LONG time. 


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You guys have really been shining with white and blue!!!!   Lots of thumbs up and happy hearts and the like.  


Due to some unexpected and unforeseen events of this last week  I will ONLY be posting the color swatches of the week''s challenge here on the forums, no stylings.   Hopefully Berry will still be posting links via the community blog so you will see that (again hopefully) come through here on the forums.  So sorry about that, but the most important thing is what YOU do with the week's color LOL.


I will say that this next week is going to be a challenge for most of you.  I did have one (ONE) thing in my inventory that complied with the hue in the spotlight, but even it was part of a print. Still it was fun.  So in preparation -- in case you are bored since so many of you have been finishing early these last couple of weeks -- I wanted to give you a heads up.  It may be time to dig out your tintable items ^^ or peruse the Marketplace for some free full perm (likely older but hey) clothing that you could creatively texture in this color.


And now that I scared ya, I will bid you ado and wish you all a great weekend and beginning of the week.  Keep those outfits coming  ---- or take a break as needed; no point in stressing out over a color swatch.  

See you Tuesday.



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Well two of you guessed green and Doris was VERY close I think (at least my college boyfriend used to call this color by her designation LOL).  




Now asparagus -- according to Pantone anyway -- isn't the color of actual asparagus (one of the few vegetables I don't like because I had to eat so much of it as a child).  If you have played with color theory OR finger paints :D  you know that when you take YELLOW and add BLACK you get a kind of green.  And that is pretty much our color this week. 


Here is your swatch and BEST OF LUCK with it.  I feel an adventure coming on LOL.


PSST we have  more greens in the list so we are heading into that repetitive  territory again.  Chin up. Face that color foe and defeat it!!! 


 Personally I didn't have all that much trouble with the greens that were close to one another. Not sure why. Maybe I could just "see" the differences easier. 





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4 minutes ago, colleen Criss said:

Is any of this * ASPARAGUS ? Is camo a color or a print? lol

I think the camo likely has "celadon"  or another upcoming green LOL, but I can't say that any of them look like "asparagus".  Hence my idea about TINTING.   This was really one of the hardest colors for me.    Look back at that list of all the colors (or the one Eddy did with the similar hues close together) and see the various greens and then MAKE A NOTE to yourself for the future.   

Camo is a "print" although it is likely a color also --- going to check.   Google considers camo a PATTERN and Pantone doesn't appear to have a color called "camo".  We are really learning a lot on this one!!!!


I found the pants I used when looking for YELLOW and then marked the folder "save for asparagus" -- so when that color finally came it was there waiting for me. But SO not a part of my typical inventory :D.  

I have a feeling it might show up more in roleplay garb than in typical wearables.   

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 496 days.

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