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  1. He wanted to dress up as his favorite tree-painting idol.
  2. I'm sure others have plenty of stories about me.
  3. From my observations, there seem to be 3 types of eyes in SL now: classic system eyes that can function as BoM or stand-alone with some mesh heads. eyes that come with your head & can toggle between BoM & applier mode third party mesh eyes, usually unrigged and may come with HUD to change color choices. Since you mentioned having Catwa HDpro, the eyes come attached to the head. If you're using BoM eyes, simply put on your system eyes of choice, go to the head HUD and click on BOM button under the eye tab to activate. If your eyes turn red, take off the alpha layer. If you want to use the eye applier from a third party, click on the BOM button in the head HUD to switch to applier mode. Then attach the eye applier and click to apply. If you're seeing a double-eyeball effect, put on the eye alpha layer. (I'm not sure if the older pre-HDPRO applier will work.) If you want to use third party mesh eyes, go back to the head HUD, and under the cogwheel tab click on the eye icon to hid the eyes. Then attach the mesh eyes and manually move into place if need be.
  4. *double checks* Is there somewhere else I should be?
  5. Halloween story time! 👻 The Ghost with Bloody Fingers A businessman checked into a hotel late one night. The room clerk told him there was no vacancy except for one room. Nobody wanted it because it's haunted. The businessman didn't care and doesn't believe in ghosts. He went up to the room, unpacked his things, and went to bed. As he was about to drift off to sleep, a ghost came out of the closet. Its fingers were bleeding and it was moaning, "Bloody fingers! Bloody fingers!", it cried. The man saw the ghost, grabbed his things and ran. The next night, a woman checked into the same haunted room. "I ain't afraid of no ghosts", she said. As soon as she went to bed, the ghost came out of the closet with bleeding fingers. "Bloody fingers! Bloody fingers!" She took one look at the ghost and ran. A week later another guest checked into the hotel and took the haunted room. After he unpacked, he took out his guitar and began to play. Soon the ghost appeared. Fingers still bleeding as before, moaning about "Bloody fingers! Bloody fingers!" The man paid no attention. He just kept on strumming his guitar. The ghost kept moaning. "Bloody fingers! Bloody fingers!" Finally, the guitarist looked up. "Cool it, man!" he said. "Get yourself a Band-Aid."
  6. What Lindal said. The winter holiday one was a particularly nasty attack by one person. I wouldn't worry about this one and personally don't mind its necro.
  7. Thanks and thank you for sharing your works with the grid! It was so much fun. New Orleans has been on my list of places to visit in RL and I hope to get the chance someday.
  8. Nice looking sim! Caught a streetcar ride. Mouselook mode makes it feel as if you're really sitting in the car looking out the windows.
  9. I'm an alt and still prefer the offical viewer over firestorm. Give it all you got!
  10. Oh wow. I was wondering where this thread went! I swear on my grandmother's grave it wasn't me who reported it.
  11. People who necro an old thread in order to proselytize and completely disrespect others' beliefs and cultural traditions. And got it locked as a result.
  12. psst, you might want to put censor bars on the background so you don't run afoul of the forum mods.
  13. I second Semller. Semller does some weekend sales, so keep an eye out for them.
  14. Two places I know of for bento AOs for guys... Vista: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vista Animations/135/129/24 Tuty: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ubunil/218/139/134/
  15. Baby Monkey: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/20058 Pure Poison: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/36288 Coco: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/32789 S@bbia: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/49599 G&D: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Langdale/126/84/26 And this freebie from Crazy Pastry Designs: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Crazy-Pastry-Designs-Elegant-Scroll-Slippers-gift/14163792
  16. Cheap Trick (if you're a fan of their music) Dirty Trick Schmeckt Lecter (Not sure if I should saddle an alt with this, ha.) Spiced Pumpkins
  17. English is my mother tongue and I too get a headache trying to decode the babbling baby talk and lisps. Using monosyllables and simple sentences would be more effective in portraying a child. Thinking of this song amuses me every time I hear kids old enough to be in primary school talking like they're stuck in infancy: "Hier die Frage aller Klassen: Darf und kann man Kinder hassen?"
  18. To answer the OP, if I were a RL public figure looking to expand my reach on social media and virtual reality, then including a RL picture in my profile would be one justification for it. As a private resident? No way Jose.
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