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What Does Your Avatar Look Like Now?


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Matti has told me to post my own pics, so here I am. 

I couldn't let all the fabulous freebies for girls go to waste so I stuck a male skin on a female body & head (Lucybody and Dream Ciara) and I look a little different now. And yet also somehow... familiar. I think Matti and I are twinsies, at least for today.


The outfit is part of a free set from 28LA here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malkine/146/46/1702

Funny how a six-pack and a bit of scruff on the chin stops all the unwanted IMs; I hung around in London City for a whole hour looking like this without a single "Hi, how r u?"


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   Couldn't find my smiley thing, but apparently Gimp now has a brush of the Gimp logo, so I went with that instead ... 

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