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  1. Casual Summer afternoon chilling out.
  2. going for a casual urban fae vibe today
  3. Very Pretty head scarf and outfit. I'm envious ,Terrific photo shot :-). May I ask where to find that ? Cheers.
  4. Okay this is some fascinating data. I'm curious is the Rebirth mesh bodies too new to the market or just not represented ? If I've missed viewing them in the data my honest apologies. Still, thank you for collecting all the data Original Poster, cheers.
  5. Quite an enjoyable melody No Matter How Long It Takes, I Will Wait For You | A LIGHT IN THE DARK by Beto Fortis - YouTube if this doesn't display properly then I messed up Sorry folks.
  6. Neve/ cold logic has a few nice pieces as well that might be worth a look they generally do rigged clothes for Maitreya, and Maitreya petite, Legacy and legacy perky, and slink hourglass. Cheers and good luck. 🙂
  7. How is it nobody hasn't mentioned Darth Vader ? That man got stuff done. Did not tolerate fools or failure. Truly a legendary baddie.
  8. Happy Canada day may everyone celebrating have a happy and safe day. Party well and enjoy the day. Cheers folks.
  9. I will be over the moon when LeL updates the River head. Love the versatility and options the head offers. As to the popularity of the head I couldn't say. I do like the options EvoX has available so Fab stuff all around.
  10. I use it for listing as offline. Since I spend alot of time scripting or working on 3D models. and need to focus on what I'm doing. While working. the last thing I need nor want is Rando's IMing with spam about some rando event or product advert or phising link crud. while it doesn't remove all of that. It cuts alot of it way down. with settings set to friends can see me online. if they im and get a busy or auto response they know I'll get back to them when I surface for air and a break from work. 🙂
  11. I could be wrong but I thought the old SLuniverse forums now defunct used to have a thread on that ? Anyways good question asked OP.
  12. Just to clarify with Snow Rabbit. Last summer a new bento BoM head with materials was released. AW something for the head. It's a very nice update. The newer head also fits pretty well with Maitreya's mesh body.
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