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Dark Theme for forums please. :)

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Oh god, that's fantastic. No more squinting at the screen in the evenings!

(I used f.lux for a long time and loved it, but it caused me several graphical issues when exiting Firestorm, as well as switching off Windows Aero and reverting to Windows Classic when I had certain programs open, so I uninstalled it.)

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The 'Invision Community' should allow multiple themes if I remember correctly, can we please have a dark theme too?  The white is blinding and painful sometimes lol like acid on my eyes, I found an ap

I just noticed this tonight:  

It could be so nice, it has biological as well as energy use implications.  ? Heres a five min mockup with Firefox source inspector and some css tweaks lol..  ::::::Feel the relief as clicking zo

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3 hours ago, anniepany said:

omgosh! it's so much easier on the eyes to read this!

Oh, sorry I can't read black on white without my glasses one (which currently being repaired) so I write in a colour I can see which happens to be purple; as white background really gives me bad headache so been using chrome thing temporarily till I read about it however I still find easier to write in purple.

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 What I find really interesting about the new dark theme business, isn't the "We certainly wont be doing that... Oh look we did it without telling you..." thing.

After the "never going to happen" announcement from Tommy, I'd pretty much stopped reading this thread, so I'd missed the stealth launch by nearly a week!

Somebody at LL HQ needs to work on their communication skills, not only with us, but with the web monkeys...

What I find interesting is that LAST night (UK time) apparently the web monkeys decided to PUNISH anyone who hadn't heard about the stealth-darkness by making the default grey on super-white default theme EVEN HARDER to read, by opting for a paler shade of grey in a skinnier font!

So thank you for the stealth release "never going to happen"  dark theme, but, why make the light theme even worse?


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On 12/11/2018 at 3:57 AM, Kristin Linden said:


We would need also grey theme. Light grey background for the text, and the text itself black.
In the default theme the white is too glaring white. The dark theme is too dark. Reading white text on stark black background is not ideal solution. It's meant for night owls.

/me waits full of hope... 😉 :)

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hey u guys i was just reading thru some stuff an scrolled all the way down an at the botheres this theme thing an you cllick it an it has a defualt an a dark theme its been there forever i think


uou all probly looked for it in the settings an thats why you never found it it was at the bottom of the page the whole time if it was a snake it have bit ya

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 629 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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