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  1. Oh ok, thats the first time ive heard of that, though i've not gotten the chance to do it myself yet and see. I almost bought a server last year, but the person disappeared in the middle of the transaction, so we didn't close, which is probably for the best anyway, considering how tumultuous life has been for me since then lol. I would inspect the assets you're using and hunt for things that cause lag, you may find its a handful of specific things causing the majority of issues, either because of texture abuse, way too many triangles in the main mesh, and even in the LOD's, or all of the
  2. Perhaps if you made rules about how many prims allowed on the ground you could get around the 30k prim issue? (is that really an issue?) Then dont allow renters to build above say 1,500m, then you can create something different up around 2500+ so people wont load things from either when entering those different zones. Or simply just limit the prims allowance to reflect what you think will perform best at ground level. Im not sure of your situation, but the 30k prims allowance comes with more server resources, it shouldn't really drag any extra, its more about what are people putting down,
  3. There is no "shortage", they're simply not adding NEW sims capacity... all the existing sims are fully functional, as are the ones they keep on the side for swapping. Going forward they only want to add new sims on the new infrastructure, which makes sense, since continuing to add hardware to the depreciating system is rather pointless. Moving the older sims to the new infrastructure should not be much trouble, and seamless to users as well, because they're priming the old servers with new code it seems. lol technical stuff can always have snafu's, though I suspect they'll work out mos
  4. Kyrah is right, its the variations we'd get. Indeed though, it would be amazing to have PBR in SL, and those variations made available to creators would be rather epic when you consider how that would transform new creations going forward, and of course they'd need some legacy shaders for whats available now, those using plain textures, those with advanced materials, and the auto-normal/specular settings. Could still maintain the 1024 size limit, but those shaders could have masks, detail maps, blend multiple textures, sub surface scattering, etcetera, etcetera. 😍
  5. Thats looking pretty fabulous, great progress! I wish I could finish something myself... 🥴 I keep starting different things and bouncing around, life distractions & work tend to pull me away, but I love 3d arts and have been consistently learning & tinkering at least. Its such a massive array of skill sets, and I cannot settle into just one area,. I have finally started some SL projects I think I'll complete this time though. If I could only keep myself from drifting around in all the complexities and what ifs, planning, iterating and such. Not sure I can do that anyway lol, "its
  6. Yeah, it will take lots of iterations and experiments, seems like one of the more difficult things to pull off, but you're making good progress. The translucent effect they used does look quite nice, im sure they tinkered for a long time to achieve it. On the Vulkan front, well im sure that will take a bunch of time, who knows though, they've already placed detection code in the viewers to ascertain whom among users already have a vulkan capable machine. Given that Vulkan was created by the same folks who created openGL (which SL is based on) there are a lot of useful ways to transition,
  7. Nice setup! I bet some geeks had loads of fun putting that together haha! Oh btw "bare-metal hypervisor" is a thing & quite popular in virtualization now, the reason they call it that is the main host OS is so tiny that it takes basically nothing from the other os's running virtualized concurrently, and that host os is installed at the hardware level, above everything else. I always thought it'd be cool to have one as a workstation to run multiple OS, because I love linux but require windows as my main OS. Windows basically remedied this though, at least in the win-10 pro version, you can
  8. Bare metal hypervisor? I want one for a personal pc someday. I've heard certain types of SL regions are clustered onto servers, where the main heavyweight type gets a box to themselves, however, thats how the cloud works too, if you want dedicated hardware per application, its there to turn on, even on amazons AWS. Linden likely has data servers, chat servers, cache servers, and all sorts of various things in their mix and connected together, only difference is they're responsible for all the hardware, since they've built and maintain their own stuff. With the "cloud" they dont have to plug t
  9. AFAICT they've been running their own personal "cloud" for SL, virtualization has been around a very long time, its "mostly" hardware agnostic other than the brute force it can bring to bare, the cloud is more a marketing term than some modern tech. I'd argue its the considerably wide availability/access to mega data centers, with dwindling prices (as big fish monopolize & compete), thats what the cloud brings. There is a lot of great software that leverages it though, I love it and for many years have used the cloud for webservers. Its not that sl is old really, especially not as bus
  10. Looking good so far, I've thought about this myself, i bought some crystals from Candle & Cauldron a while back that are nice, their salt lamps are sweet too. She seemed to use copies of the mesh shrunken inside to create more depth, having the outermost layers be a bit more transparent stepping inward to inner sections adding more opaqueness. Looking at your final resulting test there, perhaps make the black area inside more transparent, and your specular map conform to the texture of the normal, or at least not a solid gradient on the inner shines, then on the outer flat "carved &am
  11. Sweet thanks Whirly! Im glad it was fixed. Of course... my internet went down Wednesday, they were doing road work nearby and tore up our underground utilities, didnt get fully repaired until today. 😳 I know buddy, i've used it for many moons, but this time was different, I've never seen it go out for so long without notice. Of course I tried different viewers, and went to all the different sandboxes that were alive to test. If you see Whirly's timely JIRA above, the CDN went out for Aditi, and took most functionality with it, which makes sense given what effects we were getting. Dis
  12. That sucks lol, my avi is loading fine, but I noticed some others at the sandbox with that issue, Maybe lindens are experimenting with aditi grid setup, or its just some other tech fires they have to put out. As much as I like to iterate I prefer to do so on beta grid, just in recent time I've made hundreds of uploads, it would suck to pay 10L for all those unusable iterations on the main grid. 😅
  13. I looked and didnt see any announcements or warnings anywhere so I thought I'd make a post. Not sure if its just me, but I logged out and back in several times yesterday and today to check, so must be down at present. Everything works fine in the main grid, so its just Aditi as far as I can tell. Uploading any mesh results in a flat faceless wire-frame square, and any texture results in a solid grey image. 😳
  14. Those sim crossings are nice, well, all except hitting that dead region 😂 though thats not really any fault to consider lol. I dont think ive ever seen sim crossings so smooth, this will make races of all sorts a lot better potentially. Is it your graphics card glitching when the boat blinks in and out? ive never seen that before. i used to work on real yachts/boats many moons ago, mechanical stuff usually, so im quiet fond of boats. I have to say thats a sweet boat, great design, sounds, particle effects, mesh and all, only caveat is its interior is a bit too low to the water level
  15. I dont think so, I think its only for adding entirely new regions, they have plenty to shuffle around for current needs, as was stated previously, they simply dont want to add more new capacity of the older systems.
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