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  1. Nobody but LL knows what mysteries lurk in the thousands of hidden experiences, and those creators who've not yet poked their heads out. Any creator caught sitting on the sidelines in the big Steam release is going to be quite surprised what they miss out on... Oh and I found out we will not have to use Steam to play Sansar, its merely a great option to include them in the verse. There will always be the independent viewer too, at least for the foreseeable future. I love steam though, im excited to see all those amazing creators that get the shaft most of the time have a real realm to operate in that more fully rewards them for their efforts. And piss off with those whiny twits that ruined the optional paid mods movement before it even got going... Well they can get their never ending freebies whilst the most excellent creators move on to greener more HQ an capable pastures, filled with players that actually appreciate good creativity, and want gladly to reward that, money is great, puts food on the table 'n sheet, and keeps people creating. To the other point about Linux and Mac raised in the thread earlier, they dont count in much except mostly institutional markets, and servers for linux of course, most especially as far as gamers go, they're nowhere near anything worth being all worked up about, especially for anything high-end. I think it was smart to leave them out for now, if not even for a long time to come.
  2. Yes I read that post, its one reason why I got back into Sansar, and why I got a premium account there now too, that and the huge land allotment. I guess everyone perceives things differently. It seems like a good deal to me, I can understand how a tighter gap between buying Sansar dollars and exchanging them for real dollars could be nicer, but im sure they've got a good formula and data their basing things off of, besides... it could be adjusted at any time, I seriously doubt they want to drive away all the creators. That said, take that small exchange difference and divide it over your 20 free sims (& each of your customers 20 GIANT FREE sims!), and the infrastructure that keeps it going, the developers, support staff, marketing, sales, community outreach, community organizing, executives, investors, bandwidth, licenses, etcetera. How little must they have to spread over all that? Shouldnt they make a profit too? Id say so, otherwise Sansar goes bye bye real quick. Over the years I've done my fair share of PR, marketing, sales, you name it, a mega ***** ton of it. I dont think LL is pulling anyone's chains here, this is a creator beta, they're speaking direct to creators, not players, and seem to be genuinely attempting to meet eye to eye at a good level playing field.
  3. Macrocosm Draegonne

    A question about using EEP for mainland parcel

    I made a pitch black windlight to test, and wow it sure deletes near everything around unless its a light or has a light on it. You could still add some clouds and tiny bit of light, but keep the moon and sun light output low or you'll light up the whole world around you. Here's a quick one min video I shot of the pitch black windlight in the EEP viewer. https://www.flickr.com/photos/macrocosm-sl/45745018731
  4. Is that the right number though? I thought anyone signed up before Dec 20 is going to have a different % for at least a year? You make some great points, im sure the lab must also be considering these things, they seem keen to make it work out and benefit creators, and keep the infrastructure going. Im sure with enough constructive input, and data to back it up, things will adjust accordingly to the best possible outcomes. Keep up your voice, and let it be heard, especially the more constructive and convincing you can bring it. Thats true, though I was speaking more to those who have 3 or many more SIM's, plus rentals, and some obviously have multiple accounts each having a lot spread around. It can be expensive, but of course its less than the profits if you're good, still, not all months are as good as others. I get the sense that if the exchange rate is bad it will be adjusted, they've already given everyone already signed up a year with a lower % in response to complaints right? Whats that number?
  5. Macrocosm Draegonne

    How does your Sansar avatar look today?

    Yes I hear you, and im not arguing with that, its simply that you cannot move and edit them yet in Sansar, thats the only difference. I never buy mesh thats not fitted for my various mesh bodies here in SL, but accessories normally are not much an issue because you can adjust them. How about make it a tileable texture, or even several of them for the shader, I thought at least one of the shader types allow that and with blending between them too, right? Then you could also add over a detail layer and/or decals to diversify it even further. I have to test this very soon, ive been so swamped with work and holidays ive not been able to bring in builds yet.
  6. He did make a great point about objects from those 3d stock websites. It would be a good idea to include some more fields when uploading objects, to denote in a legally binding way, when you are the sole creator with all the originators rights, vs things that are mixed with others stuff, or from purchased licenses. This would give people in MP the awareness of what they're getting, so long as its honest. Those caught in dishonesty could be punished, and removed. Im hoping the ratings system will punish those doing shoty jobs and pushing unaltered junk from bulk websites. So we can all avoid giving them too much reward, without that, they will just not bother after a while. Im going to add that over in Sansar forums, seems useful, and they may already have such ideas. The key is to be Legally Binding, people dont want legal trouble, and crooks avoid traps they know might easily catch them...
  7. I can understand your perspective, and you're free to do how you please, but I think its worth noting the increased transaction fee is to relieve creators from needing to pay for land and rentals as much, unless they're prolific with 21+ sims and networked into many others. The difference is actually vastly cheaper on creators in Sansar, at least for those whom build out a infrastructure here, and many do, and most especially it will be appreciated in those times of the year when there are luls in traffic and sales, there wont be those HUGE bills coming in every month for all your sims and land rentals. Land barons are the only ones intentionally excluded from Sansar it seems to me. LL is in a unique position to know these things, and test what may work better from an informed perspective. In SL I would say the land price is what held it back from becoming bigger than it may have, who knows for sure; but I would guess running through their data the choice was made very intentionally, for the benefit of creators, and thus greater abundance for everyone, including those that have to maintain and develop the whole giant system we all want to enjoy. Edit: you may want to seriously reconsider your plan, wont that just give people free reign to steal your creations and resell them?
  8. Macrocosm Draegonne

    How does your Sansar avatar look today?

    Excellent point, thats the same situation with all our various mesh bodies here in SL, things fitted are only for that one mesh base. Once we get some more sliders and skins and who knows tweaks or replacements to the defaults there will be a ton of variety and it will feel much better. For what its worth the female avi is nice, good natural curves and shape and pretty face, skin and sliders will make a huge impact. The male needs mesh help tho... lol
  9. Macrocosm Draegonne

    How does your Sansar avatar look today?

    Those base avatars have been the same for eons, they're the fill-in for creator-beta. From what I have gathered new default avatars are in the works, and this is likely why the older ones have not been fixed in all the ways many of us want, except the most glaring of issues of course, there have been fixes on them, but not totally updated yet even once. Its a touch more difficult to know whats going on Sansar side beyond what they're allowed to share and we can guess. They must watch for competition and not give too much away too soon, to keep them guessing until its oooh and awe time. So, id say the Lab is enforcing working on the underlying system, maybe avatar is back burner, or more likely its secret. Edit: I have no idea, or care to understand, all the gender bs, Cis? means nothing to me... I see humans, that are as many varieties as the stars in the universe, each one a unique expression of creation. Labels are crafted to shove people in controllable manageable boxes, i tend to avoid them unless they're fun or useful. I see all this gender stuff as bored professors cooking up popycock to keep their jobs interesting, grasped on to by those whom like divisiveness and divided masses.
  10. Macrocosm Draegonne

    Moving sidewalk

    Ive seen escalators rip someones dress right off, and nearly kill them, it was quite frightening, had the dress not ripped at just the right moment it would have been bye bye. "smart"-phone user wondering mindlessly... Edit: great project you did and neat way to go about it, thanks for sharing! ❤️
  11. Macrocosm Draegonne

    Why is there so much high-poly mesh in SL?

    One of the nice things about being the first and/or biggest most successful of a thing (if you play your cards correctly), Is that no matter what competition may do it only pushes you higher, because you're ahead of them in the game and they cant really ever catch up, they're treading ground you've already thought through and designed way past, ex. Sansar which will rock it out when its full blown. Besides... competition is excellent for market development, and most especially for consumers. Years back the community decided they did not want new tech, they did not want c#, or unity, or any such thing. That is when Sansar started IMO, and its not as though SL people want less, its just that they want it in a different way, opensource based, community built, open development, quite different from Sansar, but both are awesome to me. I dont doubt SL can and will improve, seems the weather has changed around here, and things are in high gear. To your other point about the ease of one guy building out things, well whats the difference now from any other time in history? More is more, doesnt matter if less people can accomplish more than prior, because larger more experienced groups can do far more than that, always. They have all those tools too, and can afford the nextgen stuff those tiny teams cant touch until many years go by, if ever.
  12. Macrocosm Draegonne

    Why is there so much high-poly mesh in SL?

    Very nice! No wonder its so slick and smooth.❤️ wowza https://www.umbra3d.com/ ouch, so many draw calls here, its why I thought some proper use of texture atlases may help in some specific cases.
  13. Macrocosm Draegonne

    Why is there so much high-poly mesh in SL?

    That makes sense, and I like the SL idea too. One thing to note though, there were a ton of objects all over that scene that can be picked up and interacted with, and many moving things too.
  14. Macrocosm Draegonne

    Why is there so much high-poly mesh in SL?

    Yeah I cant load harvest at all 24gb! wow thats way overkill! My internet is too slow, however, that said, even with crappy net, I do not have to wait long for experiences to load, and I always have 100fps which ive capped it at. Plus, my PC is 6 years old, not exactly a beast of a machine by today's standards. I would have to say LOD must be in play, otherwise my system would just crap itself with all the millions and millions of prims in any given direction looking around a scene, there is also EXCELLENT occlusion built in too. You can see in my short one min video here with the Diagnostics enabled (upper left corner) how many prims are around, and not bothering performance one bit, FPS is just above & left of the prims # its called Rate # I see in that article many things but no mention of LOD, other than the sentiment its mysterious in some areas due to still being in beta. And I have to laugh at the concurrency guessing, there is NO way to know how many people are in Sansar, unless your on LL staff, those numbers are not published anywhere. Only numbers available are on who is in a publicly accessible experience, and none of the people in Edit mode, which is most still at this point.
  15. Macrocosm Draegonne

    Why is there so much high-poly mesh in SL?

    How has Sansar solved this? I recently realized we do not have to upload LOD there, so its automatic, and absolutely imperceptible in game too everything looks perfect no matter how far away.