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  1. Hey folks, Just a friendly reminder for everyone to keep their cool. Issues like these are understandably frustrating, but please do not take those frustrations out on your fellow forum users. If we can't discuss this topic in a civil and constructive manner, we will likely have to lock the thread. In the meantime, have a super chill big kitten.
  2. Well this thread went off the rails real quick 😐 So I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread. Please remember that attacking each other on the forums is never a good idea and is just not cool.
  3. I'm going to go ahead and close this thread since there's already some on this topic, but as others have pointed out things are a little funky right now. Our engineers are hard at work trying to resolve the issue. Please keep an eye out on the blog status for updates! https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/1gqtx7gw6j89
  4. So I see things are starting to veer off into the badlands here and I just wanted to remind everyone to: You don't have to like each other or even agree with one another, but we ask that you please refrain from making personal jabs as they are not constructive to the discussions at hand.
  5. Hey folks! My team is currently aware of this issue and we are actively investigating to see what's going on here. Hopefully we'll be able to provide some relief for those experiencing these strange visitors. If you are encountering strange bots popping into your homes we ask that you please report them by filing an Abuse Report. If you happen to have a list of names of other bots that have visited, please feel free to include that information in your reports as that will be very helpful while we dig around We also ask that you do not place items in your Linden Homes that violate the Linden Home Covenant. While we understand that having unwanted visitors constantly popping in is frustrating and a bit creepy, resorting to measures that are not in compliance with the Linden Home Covenants may only complicate things more. Otherwise you may use any other tools or methods available to you that fall within those parameters. Thanks to everyone who has submitted ARs on this issue already, as they have been very helpful so far. Now pardon me while I go back to the mystery at hand!
  6. Welp, since the OP of this thread has indicated they would like this locked I'm going to go ahead and do so. (@Nika Talaj If you'd like it reopened just shoot me a message & let me know!)
  7. Hello GracieLeeba, If you feel you are encountering this type of activity in-world, or other Terms of Service violations, we strongly encourage you to file an Abuse Report with as much detailed information regarding the issue as possible. They will be thoroughly investigated and if there is evidence found that confirms that violations of the Terms of Service have occurred, they will be actioned appropriately. Due to our Privacy Policy we cannot disclose the outcome of our investigations, but please note that we take such reports very seriously. Since this is something that we cannot assist with or discuss further on the forums, I will be closing this thread.
  8. Hey folks! We are currently aware of some recent incidents involving "pickpocket" objects and have been working to handle these as they come up. As mentioned previously, it is always best practice to not accept objects from other Residents that you do not know, especially if they have sketchy looking account names, are offering "gift cards" from various popular merchants, and are 1 day old. This is generally a sign that the account was created for not so generous means. If you do happen to accept one of these objects, there is a notification that pops up that requests debit permissions and that it will take L$ from your account. We strongly recommend you click "No" if you are unsure of the source of the object. Clicking "Yes" with a pickpocket object will give it permission to pull L$ from your account and will eventually drain it completely. Which just makes everyone sad. Please be sure to report these incidents by filing an Abuse Report to ensure that we can shut down any offending accounts to prevent more people from falling victim to these objects. If you or someone you know have had their L$ taken from these objects, we ask that you (or they..them?... wurdz r hurd) submit a Support Case so that we can look into recovering your L$ if possible. Stay safe!
  9. Hey folks! If you're encountering what you believe may be in violation of the Linden Home Covenant, please feel free to file an Abuse Report and we'll take a look. Especially if it appears to be a situation where they may be putting back content that was removed. This will give my team a better idea of what's going on and notify us that it is a repeat issue. Thanks!
  10. I'm going to lock this thread for a couple reasons. Firstly, we already have various threads on this topic (some of which have been helpfully linked in this thread, thanks awesome folks!). So in order to keep things clean and orderly on the forums, I will be closing this so that you may refer to any existing topics for further information and discussions. The other reason why I am closing this thread is due to the off topic bickering between users. This has been something that has been stressed many times before, but I will say it again: Please keep all personal disputes off of the forums. Such disputes are not appropriate for a public forum, and often distract and take away from any productive discussions that may be had.
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