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  1. Hey folks! We are currently aware of some recent incidents involving "pickpocket" objects and have been working to handle these as they come up. As mentioned previously, it is always best practice to not accept objects from other Residents that you do not know, especially if they have sketchy looking account names, are offering "gift cards" from various popular merchants, and are 1 day old. This is generally a sign that the account was created for not so generous means. If you do happen to accept one of these objects, there is a notification that pops up that requests debit permissions and that it will take L$ from your account. We strongly recommend you click "No" if you are unsure of the source of the object. Clicking "Yes" with a pickpocket object will give it permission to pull L$ from your account and will eventually drain it completely. Which just makes everyone sad. Please be sure to report these incidents by filing an Abuse Report to ensure that we can shut down any offending accounts to prevent more people from falling victim to these objects. If you or someone you know have had their L$ taken from these objects, we ask that you (or they..them?... wurdz r hurd) submit a Support Case so that we can look into recovering your L$ if possible. Stay safe!
  2. Hey folks! If you're encountering what you believe may be in violation of the Linden Home Covenant, please feel free to file an Abuse Report and we'll take a look. Especially if it appears to be a situation where they may be putting back content that was removed. This will give my team a better idea of what's going on and notify us that it is a repeat issue. Thanks!
  3. I'm going to lock this thread for a couple reasons. Firstly, we already have various threads on this topic (some of which have been helpfully linked in this thread, thanks awesome folks!). So in order to keep things clean and orderly on the forums, I will be closing this so that you may refer to any existing topics for further information and discussions. The other reason why I am closing this thread is due to the off topic bickering between users. This has been something that has been stressed many times before, but I will say it again: Please keep all personal disputes off of the forums. Such disputes are not appropriate for a public forum, and often distract and take away from any productive discussions that may be had.
  4. While you can certainly file an Abuse Report on selling of L$, Abuse Reports are for issues on our service. Of course if you are encountering someone advertising the buying/selling of L$ in-world, we definitely encourage for Abuse Reports to be filed. However, if this activity is going on a 3rd party website outside of Second Life (such as Ebay) an Abuse Report may not be the best way to report this. Which is why a Support case was recommended in this particular case so that we can escalate that information to the appropriate team to handle further. I hope that clears up a little bit of the confusion!
  5. Hello! If you happen to come across third party websites that are offering to buy/sell L$, such as Ebay listings, you may of course report the content on the website themselves. Probably the best way to report this sort of thing to Linden Lab is to submit a Support case with further information and links to the individual listings. From there we can escalate to the appropriate people as necessary. Also, don't buy L$ outside the LindeX folks! You're gonna have a bad time.
  6. Hello there! While we appreciate that you would like to bring possible violations of our Terms of Service to our attention, we ask that you please do so by filing an Abuse Report. The Governance Team will be able to investigate further once an Abuse Report has been received. When completing your Abuse Report, please provide as much detail as you can and include a screen shot if possible. In situations where it is not immediately clear who the abuser is, select "Governor Linden" as the abuser, and clarify why you did so in the Details section. For more information on Abuse Reports, please read our Guide to Filing an Abuse Report in the Second Life Knowledge Base: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Filing-an-abuse-report/ta-p/700065
  7. Hey folks! I see things veered off the tracks for a bit here, so I wanted to drop in and remind everyone to please remain on topic when engaging on the forums. Please take any personal grievances to private channels or drop them entirely, as the forums are not the appropriate place to air that sort of thing out. However many of you have hopped back on topic so huzzah! Carry on! 4
  8. Hello KennyChidorie, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing an issue with another Resident within Second Life. I can assure you that we are not ignoring Abuse Reports, and we thoroughly investigate each one we come across in the order that they are received. If we are able to confirm that there is a violation of the Terms of Service occurring after reviewing the report, the account will be actioned appropriately. Due to our Privacy Policy, we cannot inform you of the outcome of any of our investigations. Here are some other handy dandy tips to help you with handling unpleasant interactions within Second Life: Consider using the Block/Mute feature. The Second Life viewer, as well as all Third Party Viewers, has the ability to block/mute other residents. This will not only prevent you from seeing what they are saying, both in public and private chat, but will also completely block their avatar so you will not see them at all. If you are a land owner, adding their account to the ban list of your land will also prevent them from accessing your personal space. If you feel that the person is following you from place-to-place, it may be that you are visiting your regular locations and the person knows this. If you are using a Third Party Viewer, you may wish to make sure that RLV is not enabled, as this can allow a person to track your location as well (the location for turning that off is different depending upon the viewer, and you will need to access that specific viewer's documentation for further assistance in this regard). As stated by a few people in this thread, we highly recommend that you do not engage with Residents that may be harassing or griefing you, or attempt to retaliate in ways that also violate the Terms of Service. If you continue to encounter what you believe to be violations of the Terms of Service, please feel free to file another Abuse Report so that we can be made aware of new incidents.
  9. Hey mariakhan9! In order to keep your personal information private we strongly encourage you to not put any real life information in your Display Name. This includes your Real Life name. I have gone ahead and changed your display name to keep that information private since it can be seen publicly. You only need to provide the information that was requested of you in the email or support ticket that you currently have open. It is not necessary for your account name or your display name to match any real life documents or forms of identification. If any further information is required it will be requested through email or support ticket. If you have any questions or concerns about this information request you may respond to your case and the agent working your case will be able to assist you further.
  10. Hey there SaharaQuebec! Are you trying to submit a support case as a Guest Case? Submitting a ticket as a Guest appears to limit the case type to just Account and the sub categories. If you log into your account at https://support.secondlife.com/ and then go to submit a support case, all of the Issue Types should be available.
  11. Hey there mini Udimo! I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing some issues with your account and your Process Credit Request. Since we cannot assist with these types of issues on the Forums, and we see that you currently have a case open about this issue (Case # 1326196), we strongly encourage you to refer to your current open case if you have any questions or concerns about your account.
  12. Hey there folks! I see things are starting to veer a bit off the rails here, so I wanted to drop in to remind everyone to please stay on topic. If you have an issue with another Resident, any back and forth bickering not related to the topic should be taken elsewhere (Such as PMs, in-world, the Thunderdome, etc). Or you may simply block and move on (which we always recommend). Otherwise we may have to do some pruning, and if necessary, lock the thread if things continue to get out of hand. Thanks!
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