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  1. Hello KennyChidorie, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing an issue with another Resident within Second Life. I can assure you that we are not ignoring Abuse Reports, and we thoroughly investigate each one we come across in the order that they are received. If we are able to confirm that there is a violation of the Terms of Service occurring after reviewing the report, the account will be actioned appropriately. Due to our Privacy Policy, we cannot inform you of the outcome of any of our investigations. Here are some other handy dandy tips to help you with handling unpleasant interactions within Second Life: Consider using the Block/Mute feature. The Second Life viewer, as well as all Third Party Viewers, has the ability to block/mute other residents. This will not only prevent you from seeing what they are saying, both in public and private chat, but will also completely block their avatar so you will not see them at all. If you are a land owner, adding their account to the ban list of your land will also prevent them from accessing your personal space. If you feel that the person is following you from place-to-place, it may be that you are visiting your regular locations and the person knows this. If you are using a Third Party Viewer, you may wish to make sure that RLV is not enabled, as this can allow a person to track your location as well (the location for turning that off is different depending upon the viewer, and you will need to access that specific viewer's documentation for further assistance in this regard). As stated by a few people in this thread, we highly recommend that you do not engage with Residents that may be harassing or griefing you, or attempt to retaliate in ways that also violate the Terms of Service. If you continue to encounter what you believe to be violations of the Terms of Service, please feel free to file another Abuse Report so that we can be made aware of new incidents.
  2. Hey mariakhan9! In order to keep your personal information private we strongly encourage you to not put any real life information in your Display Name. This includes your Real Life name. I have gone ahead and changed your display name to keep that information private since it can be seen publicly. You only need to provide the information that was requested of you in the email or support ticket that you currently have open. It is not necessary for your account name or your display name to match any real life documents or forms of identification. If any further information is required it will be requested through email or support ticket. If you have any questions or concerns about this information request you may respond to your case and the agent working your case will be able to assist you further.
  3. Hey there SaharaQuebec! Are you trying to submit a support case as a Guest Case? Submitting a ticket as a Guest appears to limit the case type to just Account and the sub categories. If you log into your account at https://support.secondlife.com/ and then go to submit a support case, all of the Issue Types should be available.
  4. Hey there mini Udimo! I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing some issues with your account and your Process Credit Request. Since we cannot assist with these types of issues on the Forums, and we see that you currently have a case open about this issue (Case # 1326196), we strongly encourage you to refer to your current open case if you have any questions or concerns about your account.
  5. Hey there folks! I see things are starting to veer a bit off the rails here, so I wanted to drop in to remind everyone to please stay on topic. If you have an issue with another Resident, any back and forth bickering not related to the topic should be taken elsewhere (Such as PMs, in-world, the Thunderdome, etc). Or you may simply block and move on (which we always recommend). Otherwise we may have to do some pruning, and if necessary, lock the thread if things continue to get out of hand. Thanks!
  6. Hey there! If you are experiencing an issue with your account being on hold, please submit an Abuse Appeal case by visiting: https://support.secondlife.com/ However, if you already have an existing case that is open regarding your account, you will need to refer to that case for further assistance or if you have any questions or concerns as we cannot address such issues on the forums. Thanks!
  7. Hello Annabell Wandsworth, If you have any questions or concerns regarding action taken upon your account, you may file an appeal that will be reviewed accordingly by submitting a Support Case: https://support.secondlife.com/ When interacting with others on the forums it is best to adhere to the Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines to avoid any issues. We strongly encourage not engaging with those that you may have an issue with, and either block or take any disputes elsewhere aside from the forums as it is not appropriate for the Second Life Forums. Since also discussing any actions taken upon accounts is also not appropriate for the forums, I will be closing this thread.
  8. Hey there empressbess444! As others have stated, if you feel that your real life is at risk we strongly encourage you to contact your local authorities to ensure your real life safety. If you are being harassed, threatened, or having your real life information divulged in Second Life we ask that you please file an Abuse Report with all the relevant information so that we can investigate further. For more information on Abuse Reports, please read our Guide to Filing an Abuse Report in the Second Life Knowledge Base via this handy dandy link: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Filing-an-abuse-report/ta-p/700065 As for this thread, I'm going to go ahead and close it since there is not much else in terms of assisting you with this issue that the forums can provide.
  9. Hey folks! So first off, I would like to thank you all for your feedback regarding this. As we all know, Marketplace stuff can be pretty complex and a bit messy when it comes to categories and we're always open to feedback on how to make it a better experience for everyone, for both creators and buyers. To also clarify, my team does not suspend accounts for items that may have been flagged for being in an incorrect category. When we receive flags for a listing we review them for the reason they were flagged, such as incorrect categories, and go from there to decide if the item is unlisted with a suggested category provided. To add onto what Tommy mentioned before, if we unlist an item from a flag we receive it's not to abuse the merchant, but to enforce pre-existing Marketplace policies to try and create some order in the chaos that is the Marketplace. With that said, if the addition of some other categories would help alleviate the issue of items being flagged for not only merchants but for us as well (because hooo-boy reviewing pages and pages of flags can be tedious and very time consuming!) we definitely want to support that feedback. However, the addition of categories is not something my team handles, so I encourage you to please voice any feedback or suggestions for anything involving new categories or additions to the Marketplace in JIRA *or* in the Web User Group This thread has definitely opened up some interesting discussions on our end and I look forward to seeing where this discussion leads, and learning more about the topic in general.
  10. Hey folks! I just wanted to clear up a couple things regarding the topic in question. The core point of the post I made on a previous thread was to encourage people to find more appropriate avenues to discuss or debate politics, as they are topics that can get particularly heated and devolve into personal attacks, and the Second Life Forums are not the most appropriate place for such discussions. I admit my wording could have been a bit better, so I apologize for any confusion! While the Second Life Forums as a whole are intended for discussions regarding Second Life and our Resident's adventures/experiences within the platform, the General Discussion section is a bit loosie goosie as far as what we allow to be posted and discussed in that (well this) section. This means that you have a bit of wiggle room as to what we'll allow. So you may continue using the section as usual, we just ask that you follow the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines and be mindful of what you post. We try out best to not hinder any productive discussions and we certainly don't want anyone to feel super restricted on the forums, however we will step in if things start to get out of hand. Thank you all for your feedback!
  11. So just a friendly reminder, the Second Life forums are intended for discussions regarding Second Life. While we appreciate people wishing to discuss or debate politics, we ask that you please keep such discussions to PM or locate a group within Second Life where you can partake in such discussions, as the Forums are not an appropriate place for those topics. Thanks!
  12. Hey folks! We're currently experiencing an issue that is impacting some logins, but we're currently working on it. Please keep an eye on the status blog for updates: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have things back up and running soon!
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