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  1. Twice now in the past hour or so y’all have been advised to stick with the theme of this thread and refrain from engaging in extensive discussions, flaming and other general behavior that is not welcome on the forums. Unfortunately it seems that despite these reminders, many of you continue to engage in this behavior, which has resulted in several posts being hidden. We have been quite lenient with allowing this thread to stay open in the past when discussions started to veer off into violating the forum posting guidelines because we recognize that this thread can be a fun outlet for folks. We’d hate to shut down such a long lasting thread like this one, however, if y’all cannot behave appropriately & adhere to these reminders - in addition to our Community Guidelines - we will have to close this thread. Consider this the final warning on this matter.
  2. Alrighty I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread for a couple of reasons. One being that it is apparent that this thread does not appear to have been created with a genuine interest for a discussion, and the other that it has quickly devolved into bickering between Residents. I would like to remind everyone to review the Community Guidelines and Posting & Participation Guidelines before making a post or thread on the Second Life forums.
  3. Hey there belindacarson, If you ever feel that you need to file a complaint against Moderators on the Second Life forums, you can submit a support ticket (you may file it under an Abuse Appeal to make things super easy), and from there my team will take a closer look to see if there is anything we need to address. Since this is not a topic that is remotely appropriate for the forums I’m going to go ahead and close this. Thanks!
  4. Hey there! I’m going to go ahead and lock this thread since this is veering off into issues that are not appropriate for the forums, and simply cannot be handled here. Before I do, I wanted to drop in a quick response to address things a bit further. We take reports of ageplay or any behavior or content that sexualizes minors very seriously. These reports are thoroughly investigated based on what is provided to us in an Abuse Report, and if we find any evidence during our investigations that confirms that an individual is clearly violating the Terms of Service regarding ageplay we will take the appropriate action - which when it comes to these types of severe violations it is termination of the account(s). Due to our Privacy Policy, we are unable to disclose the outcome of our investigations, which Residents are informed of in the confirmation email that is sent each time someone files an Abuse Report. Just because someone perceives that nothing was done in response to their Abuse Report does not mean we are ignoring their report, as it may simply be because we found no evidence of any violations based off of the information given or from our investigation, or we may have taken other actions (such as warnings or temporary suspensions) depending on the nature of the violation. If you believe that you are encountering others in Second Life that are violating the Terms of Service, or personally observe someone that may be engaging in behaviors that are a violation of the TOS, we ask that you please file an Abuse Report. When filing an abuse report please remember to provide as much relevant information as possible. For more information on how to properly file Abuse Reports you can check out this handy dandy Knowledge Base Page:
  5. Hey folks, I've removed a few posts and wanted to give everyone a friendly reminder to please ensure to keep your posts appropriate and in-line with the Community Standards & Community Participation Guidelines. Thanks!
  6. Since this thread isn't actually advertising open positions for in-world employment, and is more so an advertisement to get individuals to participate in a game, I'm going to close this thread. Please remember to review the Forum Participating Guidelines, Community Participation Guidelines, in addition to the individual Posting & Participation Guidelines that are provided in each section to better help guide Residents what what is appropriate to post in those sections. Thanks!
  7. Hey there SirArthurDoyle75, First of all I would like to say that I'm sorry to hear that you and your friends are experiencing issues with other Residents within Second Life. The best advice we can give to you in this situation is to block these individuals & do not engage with them, and file Abuse Reports if the harassment persists so we can take a look. We encourage your friend to do the same if they have not done so already. As many others have stated previously in this thread, the presence of an Abuse Report or multiple Abuse Reports, does not mean that it will result in immediate action from us. We only take action on accounts after conducting an investigation to see if a violation of the Terms of Service or Community Standards has occurred. If evidence is found that a violation has taken place, we will take the appropriate action - which in many cases takes the form of warnings or temporary suspensions to give Residents the opportunity to correct their behavior. If you are not engaging in any activities that violate the Terms of Service or Community Standards then you will not be issued any disciplinary action. For more information on how to handle in-world harassment & filing Abuse Reports, please refer to our KB pages on these topics: I hope this clears up any confusion and alleviates any concerns you may have had!
  8. Hey folks, Since I just had to come in and clean up a few posts that were off topic/veering off into interpersonal bickering, I'd like to remind everyone to please make their best effort to stay on topic. More importantly, if you have an issue with another Resident on the forums - please do not air out your grievances with that individual on the forums - including making jabs at each other in an effort to get a rise out of the other person. All that accomplishes is derailing the thread further and further off it's original topic, and impedes on the ability of other users trying to read & engage with the thread. Please either keep it to PMs, drop it entirely, or use that handy dandy ignore button. Thanks!
  9. Hey there THORGNAF, If you have any questions or concerns about billing for your land please contact us by submitting a support case: https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ For more information on contacting Support you can refer to our Knowledgebase page:
  10. Y'all know I'm always somewhere....lurkin'...
  11. Unfortunately that's not in my wheelhouse as I'm not involved in the dev side of things, but you're more than welcome to file a feature request through JIRA. If you have never filed a feature request, we have a handy dandy Knowledgebase page that will walk you through the process:
  12. Hey folks! I see there's a bit of confusion about the deny_bots flag and how it's available. This is an Estate Level access flag. You can find more information about this in our blog where it was announced: Please keep in mind that if you only own 1 Private Region, that is considered an Estate on it's own - and you will be able to set any estate level flags as appropriate. You can also check out our Scripted Agent Estate Access FAQ for more detailed information on how it works: https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000169561-scripted-agent-estate-access-faq I hope this clears things up for y'all!
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