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  1. como eu recupero uma conta que roubaram ?

    Hello Ceia! If you have not done so already we recommend that you try resetting your password by following these steps: Visit the Second Life Website: - Click the Login button on the homepage. - Click Forgot your login information? - Enter your Second Life first name and last name. Then enter the words you will see on the screen to verify that you are a real person, and hit the Send Instructions button. You may also contact us by submitting a Support Case if you have any questions or need further assistance:
  2. easy way to apply a script to the whole linkset?

    Hey folks! Just a quick reminder, please try and remain on topic and keep it civil when posting on the forums. If you have issues with another Resident we ask that you either take it to PMs (or any other appropriate channels) or drop the matter entirely, as it will only contribute to derailing the thread from the intended topic. Otherwise I'll have to break out my secret weapon... Carry on!
  3. Can't put in billing info on the SL site.

    Hey there paperfairy! If you continue to experience issues adding your payment method and you've exhausted all of the general troubleshooting tips, and reviewed our list of accepted payment methods detailed in the Billing FAQ page ( ) you may contact support by either submitting a case ( or by calling one of our Billing Support numbers: US/Canada (toll free): 800-294-1067 Long distance (not toll free): 703-286-6277 Our Billing team is available from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST, Monday through Friday. We'll be more than happy to look into this further with you.
  4. Change Two Words in Sentance

    Hey folks! Just a reminder to please keep things appropriate for this section. I've gone ahead and removed a few posts. Carry on!
  5. Just Bought Lindens and never got them

    Hello kaybaybe, If you made this purchase as a Limit Buy the funds will be sent to your USD balance on your account if you cancel it, and not back to your payment method. You can use your USD balance to purchase your L$ as a Market Buy. You can cancel your Limit Buy by visiting > Linden Exchange > Manage > LindeX Order History For more information about Best Rate and Instant Buys, visit our Knowledge Base here: If you need any further assistance you can contact us by using one of the Support numbers Lindal provided or by submitting a case:
  6. Basic/Free Account reactivation problem

    Hey there DarkRaven Clawtooth! I've edited your original post since case replies/correspondences are private communications intended for you and the agents responding to the case, and these cases can contain sensitive details that may pose a security risk for your account/case. I have checked out the case that you mentioned, and it appears that the case you are referencing was an old case from 2017 when you originally contacted regarding this issue. This is why that case is closed and unavailable for a reply. I do see that you created two new cases earlier this week to reply to your original case and received a reply (Case # 213798). That case was closed since there was unfortunately no further action our Agents could do to assist you with this issue. We encourage you to review the response you were given, and if you have any questions or need assistance with anything else you are more than welcome to submit another case.
  7. CDS System abusing me

    Hello there! As stated previously before, Land Owners and are free to block/ban individuals from their regions/groups as they see fit. Unfortunately, sometimes Residents do not agree with the reasons why they have been blocked/banned. Such issues are Resident vs Resident disputes that we do not get involved in. We encourage Residents to try and resolve such disputes themselves (within reason of course) or move on. However, if you feel that other Residents are continuously going out of their way to harass you we encourage you to use the block feature and to file an Abuse Report if it persists. For more information on Abuse Reports, please read our Guide to Filing an Abuse Report in the Second Life Knowledge Base:
  8. How to report when unable to log in?

    Hey there LylaBug! I've edited your post to remove the screenshots as they contain the names of other Residents. If you are unable to log back into the region where the griefing is occurring, you can submit a report from a region that you are able to enter. You can also choose a different region to log into by typing it into the viewer. Just be sure to include the name of the region where the incident is happening so that we know where to look In-world Abuse issues are not handled through Support Cases, so if you submit one through a case you will be redirected to file an Abuse Report. For more information on Abuse Reports, please read our Guide to Filing an Abuse Report in the Second Life Knowledge Base:
  9. Hey folks, Just as a reminder, please keep any and all personal spats/back and forth off-topic bickering off the Forums as this is not the appropriate place for such discussions. We recommend you keep it to PMs, other private means of communication, or just drop the matter entirely. Since this thread has been recreated in another section I'll be going ahead and closing this one. As stated by Jagix in the other thread, this issue has since been resolved. If you guys notice anything else being hinky, please feel free to report it so that it can be addressed Thanks!
  10. Why no confirmation on "report post"

    Hello folks! I've gone ahead and moved this thread on over to Forum Feedback, but I also wanted to gather some information on this issue. When reporting from a web browser a window should pop up that contains a field to enter in additional details and a "Submit Report" button that finalizes the report. This should also still be the case when reporting through a mobile device. If you guys are seeing otherwise, please feel free to provide any additional information and we can try and see why that might be. Thanks!
  11. help

    Hey there Jade2555! If you've cancelled your account and would like to un-cancel/reactivate it, you can contact us by submitting a Support Case at this handy dandy link: We'll be able to assist you further with reactivating your account there
  12. Rant .. 6 days and still not paid

    Hey there rasterscan, It looks like we sent you an email regarding your Process Credit Request. Please check your inbox (as well as your spam/trash folder) for this email and follow the instructions that are listed. If you're unable to locate the email or do not have access to your current email on file, please submit a Support Case so that we may assist you further. You can submit a case by following this handy dandy link:
  13. Hello EjeFief If you have not already, please submit a case by visiting: Be sure to provide the name of the item and the Order ID if possible so that we can look into it further.
  14. marketplace glitch

    Hey folks! It looks like someone spilled some leftover Thanksgiving gravy, and there was a Billing Outage/Hiccup on 11/24/2017. This outage has resulted in some issues involving Marketplace Transactions not processing correctly. We are aware of the issue and are currently investigating further so that it may be resolved as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!