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  1. Hey there! I've gone ahead and edited/hid some posts here due to naming and shaming concerns. While we continue looking into ways to better improve on the issue at hand, in the meantime if you come across any items on the Marketplace that you feel are in violation of our Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, or Marketplace Guidelines, please flag those items and we will review further.
  2. Hey folks, remember when I said to keep any bickering off the forums or to use the ignore button? I strongly encourage those who are engaging in that behavior to do so. Please be courteous to those trying to have a constructive conversation on the topic of this thread by not falling into arguments that do not add to the discussion, or any other issues you may have with another user personally.
  3. Alrighty, now that I've gone ahead and cleared out some not so pleasant posts from this thread I wanted to drop a quick note here. As many of you have seen me say several times before, delving into back and forth bickering, personal attacks, flaming, etc is not welcome on the forums. If you have an issue with another user on the forums you either have the option of taking it elsewhere, or using that handy dandy Ignore feature. Comments targeted towards individuals that can be construed as harassment or personal attacks, especially ones that contain racist, sexist, and other inappropriate remarks will not be tolerated here. Especially in a thread such as this about unfortunate current events in the world. You don't have to agree with each other, and you don't even have to like each other, but you do need to remain respectful and civil to others that use this forum. Thank you to those who are continuing to use this thread for it's intended purpose of discussing these this sensitive topic, and for showing support for those in need in a time where we need to be kind to our fellow hoomans on this weird little ball of dirt in space.
  4. Hey folks! I am just as surprised as you are that there are some terms that our filter is allowing to be used as keywords. Please know that we do not condone the use of racist/derogatory terms. Myself and others are currently investigating why certain words are making it through the filter, and will work towards a resolution to disallow the use of any others that we deem as derogatory. Thanks again for bringing this up!
  5. Hey y'all! The issue should now be resolved, so you may go back to enjoying less eyeball blinding pages, if that is your preference. If things are still weird you may want to try clearing your cache/cookies and trying again.
  6. Hey folks! Looks like the issue with Dark Mode has been resolved, so you can all go back to enjoying the darkkneessss. If things are still funky fresh, I would recommend clearing your cache/cookies and trying again.
  7. We're currently aware of the issue and hope to return the veil of darkness to the forums soon to put your eyeballs at ease! (and mine) Time to bust out the sunglasses!
  8. I'm doing to go ahead and close this thread, but before I do... Enjoy one of my favorite gifs that have made me laugh lately!
  9. Well this veered way off track, so I'm going to go ahead and lay this thread to rest.
  10. Hey there LittleBittieOne! Since this thread seems to be a continuation of an already existing and active thread, I'm going to go ahead and close this one. If you'd like to carry on this discussion you're more than welcome to do so on that thread 🙂 Thanks!
  11. Hey folks! We do apologize for the Walls o Spam that y'all have been subjected to lately, but please know that we are very much aware and are/have been taking steps to handle the situation further. Unfortunately there will be times where someone may slip under the gaze of Sauron, but we work hard to make sure things are cleaned up nicely so that everyone can resume their regularly scheduled forum shenanigans. Thanks again to everyone who filed forum reports! Please be aware that in-world ARs are not necessary for issues occurring on the forums, as there is a handy dandy report button here. And as always:
  12. Hey there Tauriel Littlepaws! I see that you currently have a thread open discussing House Boats: Due to that I'm going to go ahead and close this thread, but please feel free to use your other one to discuss this topic further 🙂
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