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  1. so its a new year almost 2020 so i desided to start fresh and make a fresh brand new sl account but im havin trouble thinkin up a name any ideas on a new name i want something cool and modern or not so modern and it has to be gender nutral cuz in real life my real name is for both male and female so something like that
  2. hi i am a homeless guy in sl cuz i ran outa money in rl and also in sl can i sleep in the back of the house ?
  3. i was just on a hub when a bew member 1 day old sent me a gift some kinda gift card aka maybe a virus or something worse ?? they are giving away giftcards or something watch out it s a virus or i dont know seems way suspicious to me i didnt accpt i blocked and reported
  4. for a female avatar its 5.5 and lower nothing over that for a guy its 5.5 to 5.8 nothin over or yr not real
  5. hey u guys i was just reading thru some stuff an scrolled all the way down an at the botheres this theme thing an you cllick it an it has a defualt an a dark theme its been there forever i think uou all probly looked for it in the settings an thats why you never found it it was at the bottom of the page the whole time if it was a snake it have bit ya
  6. i got another 1 the line at the local cable office when you go to ask if they can forgive you 1 month cuz u had to pay rent u owed and yr now broke
  7. did i already answer this i forget but just make whatever avatar you want its always ok
  8. i got on by loggin in to a place in my favs and didnt have to do all that work you did
  9. anybody else gettin a wierd messge when trying to get on sl ?? i was tryin to log in at my homespot an it wont work but other places doo ??
  10. agregame quiero ver ese cuerpo mas cerkas ok vemos ke pasa esto en sl
  11. i like halloween alot its the time i get to go trick o treatin n get freee candy every year on oct 1 i start trainin so im ready i can change outfits in sexonds n be ready to go back to the same house n get more candy cuz to be honest that the only food i get all day that day cuz i run outa money 3 weeks be4 the end of the month and i love free candy i also crash the partys n get/steal whatever they got food drinks thats why i always carry my back pack with me i get home at around 2am an hangout in sl dressed up while i eat candy
  12. i got a question where is that haunted tour an how do you get to it? i tried lookin for it an i got lost
  13. a great feature is nobody can take lindens out so that will put a stop to all those girls workin as hookers in sl and also charging lindens for webcam shows on skype and also a great thing would be to make avatars that have a set hieght an cant be streched out to giant sized bigfoots by girls that dont know what they are doing female avatars 4'4 to 5'5 male avatars 4'8 to 5'9 nothing taller then that
  14. i think they charge that extra dollar cuz the transaction is in europe or s who knows but it seems it maybe over seas
  15. intersting i never added you or talked to you on my other accounts even thos i was sometimes standing right next to you while being very far away as a diffrent person btw i sorta found out i have this hugging hud on 1 of my other accounts an i got it free
  16. could be graphics card or ssd of you have 1 as main drive if you are usin a ssd dont listen to to much music on either on youtube or those radio things cuz i found out they kill ssd an m.2 ssd realy fast
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