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  1. oh I'm guilty of using such services myself back in the day before SL, but with SL, I respect it and it's content creators, I've been here 14 years and these creators deserve better than to be ripped off.
  2. right now. hot fuzz, needed something funny and contained pegg and frost.
  3. "trusted source" that would be a source where you paid for it at. otherwise there are no other sources legally.
  4. you had to of had a piece of software installed that was talking through the firewall windows has built into it and that piece of software freely accepted the connection. Just an fyi too, ip address are not private information, every website you visit logs them, also a vpn, depending on which vpn, you could end up having a bit of a rough time with SL as it's not recommended for usage with the service.
  5. as of now according to OZ linden, in a interview for lab gab, aws costs them more, they are not going to drop anything.
  6. voice only works on one viewer, so you'll have to close one of those and restart the other to get it working.
  7. I see where it's at, but can not change it, it's on the process credit invoice for the pdf. I even just readded my payment info hoping it would clear and it did not. guess that means a ticket and id and what ever else they want.
  8. best to just the forum normally, instead of trying to be fancy, fancy hurts the eyes.
  9. So years ago I made an account, not understanding how SL works, I thought our real names were displayed with said name we choose, so I entered a false name onto that account, I've been feeling guilty for 8+ years on the issue and since we are unable to change our own information like we could on most all other sites, I've been wondering how do I go about this and being able to change that information over to the real name I have so it's legit. a ticket? since I'm not calling anyone, I sleep when they are awake, yay night shifts.. and I'm not premium, so no chats. I'm willing to s
  10. the newest firestorm has CEF embedded, which is chromium frame work, which is how almost all videos now play with html5, t hey will need to be on the latest viewer to watch videos in sl. so make sure they are on the up and up with their viewer
  11. Just to remind him again... Companies pay to put themselves on the BBB. https://www.bbb.org/mw/public/application/standard/ I bet he's got half the forum on ignore by now too. since no responses.
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