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  1. I was told many many years back, it's going to be very hard to enforce the TOS unless a linden staff member is present to hear it to take the action upon it. otherwise it's hearsay and the other person just wants drama.
  2. a $1 demo means I can send it to my alt to see if it works well on her. since I do not keep funds on her, everything she gets is a gift. so yes let them charge 1$L I'm fine with it.
  3. you only have 4gb system ram, this is not going to work very well for you at all. since windows 10 it's self is using quite a bit of that and if you have other things running too. erf. the flashing you are seeing is because the apu/gpu is having issues allocating resources, since I'm going to be that texture memory is shared too with the 4gb of system ram. I have no real solution because I'm not sure what to do with the specs because of how low they are. hopefully one of the others can come in and give some kind of real idea to help.
  4. You do not have the room to download all of second life's inventory, the last figure that was publish was 300+ PETABYTES. you do not have enough room on your pc/laptop
  5. How will this work with the mesh bodies out now that I'm working on? That's my confusing part to me.
  6. Sounds like ya'll are either upgrading line cards or hauling more fiber into your gear or are you replacing switches? what I wouldnt give for a 24/48 port gbit switch right now.
  7. I make appliers uses current uuid's from our assets right now for the skins, how will this affect those of us heavily invested in the body and applier markets? anything I need to change or do here or can I continue on as normal?
  8. changing the uuid is bad and hopefully will never happen. the system must know whom you was before. even if we can not.
  9. Here guys and gals. https://modemworld.me/2019/05/02/lumiya-client-availability/ explains why it's off the google play store. this is not just a lumiya problem.
  10. My cable modem stays the same, UNLESS I change my mac address on the router, and very simple because I run dd-wrt on my router. that instantly changes my ip to another fresh out of the pool. I can do this anytime I want, simple with a mac change.
  11. we really need to get a fix for that then. I know there are some openstandards that can be implemented. time to do that I think then, this is one of the things I had wanted to put up in a new hangout area for those of us that like to watch streamers. but, meh, figures. something cool always wants to never work.
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