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  1. spending 1000+usd on a phone and then talking about a 23 dollar app. yeah. 2+2=100 here.
  2. the simulator is showing online, but it can not be teleported into currently. @Tommy Linden maybe this might help, well see.
  3. Monitoring - We're happy to announce that we've reached an agreement with Rapyd Financial Network (https://www.rapyd.net/) for payout support for our Residents in Turkey. In order to request a payout, please submit a "Wire Request" under the issue type "Tilia Account" from our support portal and we will follow up with necessary next steps for your case. You may find that we need a few extra days to process your payments as we get this new flow ironed out. Jan 22, 12:31 PST
  4. nobody is going to follow apple into this rabbit hole, if they do, that's on them, openGL is needed for rendering on so many things and apple is not going to be able to force that, but it's cute people want to think apple controls everything, people need to come up for air.
  5. damage? if the video card is already having issues, it could finish it, but a good working card with tons of air flow with the proper drivers, it will just make the driver crash on any modern windows system, people threatening to hurt any ones system is full of themselves and trying to do the noob scare, there are people just like in real life that get off on being a bully, your friend found one.
  6. what does the egpu say it is in help>about on the sl viewer if you can get that far?
  7. I think the issue had to do with laundering and 3rd party exchanges, I do not forsee ever bitcoin being accepted again. forget where that was posted, but some one had an article on what was going on several years ago with this and I remember laundering and bitcoin being talked about.
  8. IRS clamped down on LL and made LL close the 3rd party exchanges. so take that up with the irs, but also if I was LL I would never accept them as a form of payment their rate is to violent for exchange and such, it does not have a good history.
  9. I'm going to wager the api the used from google has some hurdles when they changed domains since the api key was for one map setup and not another hosted on another domain. so, they could also be changing the map system, which would be cool, google is nice and all but I've seen a few open maps that blow googles away.
  10. so the creator is out money? yeah let's not go stealing peoples work.
  11. Naming and shaming is the one thing that would hurt SL more than anything else.
  12. 32m draw and no shadows and I rock around 60+ constant with all the other pretties even in crowds, so, I must be doing something right with a 980ftw.
  13. turn off shadows and you're fps will go up.
  14. I used hughes and viasat at my parents place 12,000ms pings where um, no. lol and that's low compared to some of hte reports I was reading
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