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  1. bigmoe Whitfield

    ping time

    remember too guys all the LL sim servers live in arizona now, I'm 2 hours outside the data center and my pings fluctuate too. so it's going to be the routes between you and your isp. you could have the best up and down ever, but that does no good when the routes getting there are congested and such.
  2. bigmoe Whitfield

    Homestead Purchase WITHOUT Full Region Ownership?

    right now, it requires physical hardware, LL opened that up and kept the prices LOW on them, guess what that means, running out of space quick on the physical hardware side, meaning new machines have to be orders and such and guess then whom get's to eat those prices along with what else is needed to power them and such, US. nope, well pass on this idea. maybe it might happen if and when they start pushing things to the cloud setup they have been working on. but dont count on it.
  3. as I said before, I'm not collecting your real information and only collecting, sale amount, what sim you rezzed it in (to apply a id number) and the avatar key (which is public information) so that's that.
  4. bigmoe Whitfield

    Password Strength and Security

    all I can say is good luck, I'm using a pass word manager that it's self uses a keyfile, which is not stored locally and almost all my passwords have untypable characters so.
  5. bigmoe Whitfield

    Appearing offline?

    You can never fully hide your online status, we had this argument once before and it was decided it would break to many items in SL and would reek havok on deliveries and redelivery systems.
  6. I'll use it, but only if it's using the google authenticator, that's as simple as that, that means people will need to keep their time synced and stay on either data or wifi to do that. but callum is more than correct, we've got people whom are still using SL with systems build during the SL hayday 2007, lots of people are using potatoes and they wont ever come up off of them, we end up with arguments when LL has to stop supporting a certain OS, lots of people whom use SL, dont have that much of a grip on what they need to do SL with and their is so much misinformation floating around, but the one thing I can tell you, The login services are legacy systems that were not built with 2fa in mind at all, LL will not revamp this as it's tied into way to many legacy back end systems, sorry but this is how your cookie crumbles.
  7. Wrong, if they are not using a time based sync and if thye were smart they would use the google authenticator. but you need to keep the phone least on wifi to sync, trust me, I've got 2 phones, one does my authj, the other is well my phone, if I leave the auth phone offline totally, it loses sync and none of the codes work and I would never use another authenticator besides googles
  8. I dont think they can, that''s the whole problem, they had a heck of a time when they changed the login system years ago.
  9. bigmoe Whitfield

    Golden Billboard Event Planner Hiring!!!!!!!!!!!

    make sure your dj's are legit and licensed.
  10. I've been looking at 2fa recently, A dual method would be better, sms or email, along with the 2fa token.
  11. bigmoe Whitfield

    What would you pay for it?

    if I have no prims to play with, because I like to put out a few things that have followed me for 11 years from living spot to living spot. without prims, nope.
  12. bigmoe Whitfield

    Freebie marketplace (not inworld)

    You have to have payment information on file to open a store on the market place. as for the fee's. mmm not sure about fee's, but you would not need an inworld store unless you wanted that.
  13. bigmoe Whitfield

    Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants and Mushrooms

    we call those bots.
  14. bigmoe Whitfield


    Cloud based sims? or super secret potatos. I like me some potatoes.
  15. bigmoe Whitfield

    Whose end?

    ouch 4gb of ram, check to see if shadows are on, if they are turn them off. you'll get a pretty good fps boost.