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  1. No official app for android yet, that's coming at some point, there was one on android, but google play changed their policy, the creator never did update for it, so it got removed.
  2. Both people will need to have money before it works too.
  3. exampe bigmoe.whitfield take the period out of it, so it would be bigmoe whitfield dont send it to me though, lol that's just an example.
  4. anything less than 32 and I question if the place I'm storing my information at, even thinks about security, it's a good thing, I can use a 64 max length password with sl.
  5. I remember when this was very common, sim to sim hand off would not complete and you would basically get stuck in limbo until it timed you out.
  6. Most of them have never used a forum before, sothey do not know forum eduquit
  7. Let's wait for the move to aws, LL already does not have the servers to host new regions.
  8. LL needs to poke Invision and see if they can addon that auto lock after a certain date feature. It's a very useful tool to stop people from dragging up old topics.
  9. I've been here since I was 28, I'm now 41. if that's what your asking.
  10. Just a friendly reminder, the lindens have said, if it's not within their own network operations, then there is not much they can do about it, it would not make sense to report on issues outside of their own scope.
  11. gonna have to turn the text white on that. it's not readable because i'm on the dark theme.
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