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  1. bigmoe Whitfield

    problemma hacking accounts

    I think a few big content creators would want it, since they have so much tied up in sl.
  2. bigmoe Whitfield


    well this is pushing in the right direction for me to maybe become premium in 11 years. ohh patch :3
  3. Shadows is a huge effect on hardware. so it's very relevant. they physical drag the hardware down enough with taking huge amounts of resources.
  4. Shadows and high draw distance are frame rate killers. 11 years I've been in SL, with all kinds of hardware.
  5. bigmoe Whitfield

    cloud based??

    Let's not do blockchain anything.
  6. I have no idea what you are trying to convey here.
  7. bigmoe Whitfield

    How long have you been a Resident of Second Life?

    11 years, but my forum DOB is wrong. 3/10/2007 is my rezday
  8. bigmoe Whitfield

    Threadripper & Radeon Pro Duo

    SL has never done well with ati/amd graphics cards, SL is more centered around nvidia chipsets. sure somebody does have a solution for you on this..
  9. bigmoe Whitfield


    if and when I have more time to do such I will be thinking about it. right now my job is a bit nuts, so my days off. like today, I'm all in me mode and me mode is just helping like I am and doing updates to my sox av's. and just having fun. factory life sucks lol.
  10. bigmoe Whitfield


    ^ This
  11. bigmoe Whitfield


    I've always been a people person, I'm kind to all, even those that mm push the limits. reason before yelling, calm before the storm. I've applied to the lab so many times to try and help them with customer services or heck! a customer moral agent! but sadly even back when philip still had the reigns he could not even help me
  12. bigmoe Whitfield


    April and the team are great, i'm just side seat mmm giving infos, just things I find and things I know about. so dont mind me, I'm not official source on what is going on at the backend.
  13. bigmoe Whitfield


    Seems this is still current https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/3k96q33t2hn0