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  1. all I use is defender backed up with malwarebytes premium. because defender is good at stopping the once gotten infection, not blocking it with real time protection that looks at the web browser. so malwarebytes \o/ and I even have the browser extension in firefox.
  2. 3 years before I joined and wow. looks like even 3 years before, things were more personal.
  3. There is no virus in the real firestorm download, you will get a false positive, if you are using norton or mcafee you should not be, there are many alternatives that are free and do a better job then the bloatware people pay for.
  4. I live in one, well let me put it this way, they have these that are run by a certain church and dont like non church members in them.
  5. I know e2v was a thing that could be self hosted, I am using casper right now, but really need to have a setup that uses a database with mysql, but I'm lacking in the area of how to build any of this myself. so question is, what's out there that's turnkey?
  6. Forum name and SL name are on in the same. There is no possible way of adding them with the username.
  7. I've been here 12 years, I stopped letting this get to me, because unless you own the land you are building it on, you kinda have to just go with what the others are doing in the sandbox, you will always get people looking about, even interacting with it. if he did not want it bothered, easier to set it at 3500m or so, typically keeps people out. so one can work in peace.
  8. There is a bit of client side lag, you will never fully get rid of it.
  9. Always some one dooming and glooming, been that way even since I joined in 2007. The sky it falls when LL has to make a change.
  10. Also the BBB companies have to join themselves,. So thinking the BBB is the end all for consumer reports is silly.
  11. what you have listed sounds fun, but it's going to get expensive, you are going to require multiple sims and unless some one has a ton of grandfathered regions sitting around idle, I would not expect this to happen. 4 sims atleast, at 229.00 usd = 916.00 usd. if they are grandfathered sims, they will cost a little less, I do not know the fee on those though. But good luck.
  12. you decided to post in black text, those of us that are using the dark theme the forum here has, have a bit of a time reading what you have posted.
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