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  1. If the user wants to get the hosting for that, it's not a cheap option.
  2. it was happening and my isp was having issues at the same time, so I suspect there was a flood of something happening on a pipe/backhaul some place that got several issues.
  3. make sure to keep the text white, otherwise, anything else on the black theme makes the text hard to read.
  4. I wish I could see the underlying workings of this whole setup you guys have running. 12 year I've been around and I've just learned as much as I can, wish I knew more.
  5. LL will not take appeals from 3rd party's aka friends, the person in question, if they are allowed to appeal in the first place, needs to open a support ticket through the sl website and take it from there.
  6. what do you expect? nobody in the whole industry has a full SLA uptime, things happen, things break, nobody can predict such things in advanced.
  7. LL is required by law, you are not going to be able to skirt the legal requirements enacted by the us government.
  8. " So that we may assist you, please submit a new ticket with the email address that you used to create the account. " You need to create the ticket just as it say's, it's going to be the only way of resolving the issue.
  9. I have said this before, but I work grave yards, 12 hours a night, I have no social life, so basically 12 years I've been in SL, active in SL, I'm going to remain in SL. it's my only social outlet. nothing tends to be open and nobody is really around this town when I'm up normally.
  10. Windows profiles are easily accessible if the drive is not bitlocked. if that drive gets stuck in another pc, it's very easy for say me to take a tool that gives me full ownership of the whole user/profiles, that lets me do what ever then. Best bet is to keep them in something like keepass that's encrypted and without, the keyfile, it does nobody no good as it's not crackable or able to be reverse engineered. plus the drive I have the key on is bitlocked in a container on a partition that does not show up without a piece of software I wrote lol.
  11. I'm going to guess whom ever put the cancelled note into the status on IO, they did not cancell the other one from running.?
  12. I keep each account with information for it, in keepass, which uses a very very good keyfile that's only in a certain place that is not where anyone but me would look, each account, is there saved. it's worth looking into.
  13. @Miller Thor that's hard to read, black text on black theme.
  14. LL's server side is closed source and not open to being able to be connected to from the outside, All we really have is opensim and that will not work with SL.
  15. in the 12 years I've been here, never heard of them. so guessing nothing of value was lost?
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