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  1. bigmoe Whitfield

    The game keeps logging me out

    FIRST couple of things we are going to need to know PC specs Internet specs.
  2. bigmoe Whitfield

    How to make a script programmatically

    Rebooting might be possible if the script knows to look for what the sim state is doing, moving to another prim is not going to be possible that script will get a new uuid and will be restarted on the server side.
  3. bigmoe Whitfield

    What would be worse? pt 2

    I';ve been here 12 years and active all thsoe years. I hope they would have a grandfather clause if not, I'm out, simple. after thousands and thousands of dollars spent with them. nope.
  4. Figuring out how to teleport because of a griefer orbited me, I did not have a clue until I got knocked out of ambat, learned how to use the map and search and the rest is pure history. I'm an old SL fart now *shakes cane at you youngin's*
  5. bigmoe Whitfield

    how to create server land

    It's not possible with the second life server software to self host.
  6. bigmoe Whitfield

    15 Years - 15 Plans - Let's Review

    What we need is Snapzilla integration since it's made for SecondLife.
  7. and? thats a GPU, this whole discussion EVERYBODY is telling you, SECOND LIFE IS CPU BASED, the gpu only does a little, it's the PROCESSOR of the computer doing mostly everything else.
  8. bigmoe Whitfield

    Stopping necro-posting

    if we go about locking them in mass, it';s going to cause more hiccups to our already derpy database.
  9. bigmoe Whitfield

    Stopping necro-posting

    as a forum administrator of an xenforo forum, currently, we have people bumping old topic's what we have found, that people doing this are causing issues with our database, most posts they bump are coming from our state in 2002, we've had several conversions since then and it's havok when it happens, so we have a rule, you bump it, you lock it and you get a warning, repeated happenings get you a time out, so that's how we handle it, I've not seen a plugin for xenforo yet that auto locks a post after a certain time or point, so knowing LL runs off of IPS, THEY might have a plugin that LL can install, I'm not sure on it though.
  10. bigmoe Whitfield

    32 bit or 64 bit

    the 64bit builds will not work on a 32bit build though, so watch out for that. just an added comment to what Coffee said.
  11. bigmoe Whitfield

    32 bit or 64 bit

    32 bit is limited to how much ram it can use, the 64 bit is not limited. so uninstall the 32 bit and install the 64 bit if you have enough system ram
  12. bigmoe Whitfield

    Group Tag Animator Removal - Thoughts?

    I've been to a few places where people are just not understanding and think LL is lying, I should stay out of voice sims lol.
  13. bigmoe Whitfield

    Dawn of the SL Dead

    Gonna have to opt out on this idea, I am not giving up my 12 year old account just because of your idea.
  14. bigmoe Whitfield

    Too many static avatar bot's in SL

    well my bots are not static and greet people and use ao's or sit on their chairs. I am also not a linden, so my bots are not linden accounts.
  15. bigmoe Whitfield

    Do LL works in progress affect your SL budget?

    I've just finished a huge project with converting sets of skins for the omega applier system, I had no idea BOM was a thing, UGH. this is going to require more on my part to do.