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  1. They have live chat, you have to be premium to use it. Testing product is called demos, some creators do not do it, but most of them do. 10% is easy to live with, 30% I would choke on.
  2. While you can put it on a prim in SL, it will not work as you intent, you can load the page fine on the media prim, but once logging in the drm kicks in and the prim never moves from the login page for the other people. No way of forcing it to work either.
  3. Good thing we the people have choices. Buying a viewer rofl. Good luck.
  4. my firefox container does not show any facebook trackers currently.
  5. Assets are on AWS and the CDN's. other services are being moved, but they are not saying what or when. all they have given us is the asset server lives on amazons cloud now.
  6. will you pay attention to the dates on these topic. 2011...
  7. the one thing I can say is they did announce years back everything was being moved to Arizona, so they only have the one data center, some of their services now live in aws and they use a cdn now too, so somethings are spread out.
  8. jay cat and frogg 100% known them for years and can say, they are super talented and super good at what they do.
  9. From what I've seen around the web with them, it does not seem that way.
  10. you need to chill on this, The processor on the backend of the card could easily of blocked the vanilla mastercards from being used in SL because of fraud at some point, so blaming people or others on the reason why, is one that you could have to call the card issuer on the back side of the card and see if they have a physical block on it. The visa prepaid card issuer might not of had any problems and have not had a need to block SL from their list of approved places. Visa and mastercard and the banks and institutions behind them are all different companies.
  11. well there's nothing that can be done about "unscheduled maintenance" things break, it's a part of life.
  12. Understanding that sl is unoptimized and will run horrid if cranked up to the max, even if they claim to have this Uber system, they have to learn first hand and with help how to optimize their system for sl.
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