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  1. nope, we are both state side. and she says she's in the process once she finds herself a fax machine locally. also, since I am bold enough to state it, if it was me, I would say so, so this "friend" with quotes is not representative of myself. I do not hide behind the name or the avatar. something learned today you have
  2. she did, I did too. this was in the early days of SL.
  3. She's a bit paranoid, she says she signed up years ago and might not of put her real name on it because of her ex husband stalking her online, she's not sure what the lab will do. but I'll direct her to them right now with a ticket. once I explain how she has to do that lol. Thanks KT!
  4. Where is that on the website? or is submitting it through fax the only method anymore? this should be changeable on their site too. but I'll pass along the answer to the person that asked me or I'll have them reply here. why am I a relay -.- lol
  5. I did SL on a 1.5mbit down/ 768 up connection for many upon many years, with other people using that connection. so 4 people, using the same connection, youtube, facebook, ect and SL running. it did okay. was not the fastest, but did work.
  6. You guys would find it easier to get dj's in if you had a dedicated streaming host. which are cheap and easy for you to get.
  7. bigmoe Whitfield


    I'm trying I really really am. I want to help, but can not read minds either.
  8. bigmoe Whitfield


    This person has been replied to multiple times, in multiple threads. I'm starting to wonder...
  9. Nobody knows this question. Nobody knows WHAT computer your are using... and typing in all caps will also get you ignored.
  10. The FUD, there is so much going around even in world over this, people are adding new info each day it seems, when LL has one thread with everything they stated. I've heard to have more than 5000 items in your inventory you need to purchase some kind of LL gift card. I think a big time meeting/press release needs to hit every resident in SL.
  11. if us non humans can come over (I'm cute, walk on 2 legs and speak english and have a fluffy tail :3 ) and check the place out, we can help draw the crowds in.
  12. well LL is gonna have to follow the law of the land and those laws say they must collect what they must collect and do what they must do and if that means you must do just this, than that is what you are going to do. They can not play favorites with this, as it's required now by law.
  13. I'm not even kidding, we've got 3 places we do support for, we have more red tape than anything else with these 3 medical centers. because of the hippa requirements. looking at my book here, they require certain medical documents to be faxed by a physical fax machine because of the fact it's a secure transport method. lol in this day and age these machines should not exist, but the medical industry keeps them alive and going.
  14. most documents that are medical have to be faxed, because the hippa and what ever that other one is require it. stupid, but fax is secure.
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