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  1. Whatever happened to Sansar?

    vr is not good what we need is holodecks like on star trek with tons of x rated stuff and real sex without the stds
  2. i tried goin to the sl site to check if friends were on an i get a failed or a error or or error whats happening ?
  3. How would Second Life run on this kind of laptop?

    core i7 are outdated and slow an over priced what you need is a new ryzen 5 laptop with a gtx 1060 thats much cheaper faster an stronger
  4. Lines that annoy you most

    most annoyin lines is the ban lines or the only groupe members can enter line make me so mad
  5. Upgraded Graphics Crashing

    did you turn off all the spying crap microsoft has in windows 10 and check the power settings? cuz in 10 microsoft has it by default on power saver you need to go in an set it up to high performance then check the privacy settings cuz in the latest update microsft added tons of more spying crap alot in difrent sections to
  6. the huds are all broken !!!

    i got an update to this im havin trouble gettin 1 hud redelivered :*( i think the person who sells it doesnt get on sl anymore
  7. Would you inform the partner?

    i have encountered those kinds of profiles it turns out both profiles belong to the same person its just a trick and most of the time they r both males so basicly just losers out to trick ppl
  8. Is everyone in SL pansexual?

    i am super hetero by the way i looked up pansexual and it turns out they are into frying pans OMG
  9. Sansar Copy Right Infrengement

    ya but im bored i dont have cable anymore
  10. Sansar Copy Right Infrengement

    if u scroll down on the second life website u can see lindenlabs owns sl and sansar
  11. the huds are all broken !!!

    thanks Alyona i a makin that backup folder thanks
  12. ok so i was wandering around sl when i was tped by a security orb who also kicked me offline and broke all my huds after gettin back on all the huds are dead removing an puttin back on dont work any more now i know where it happend i plan to sue the idiot thta broke my huds n get sum revenge but first how do i go about fixing the huds ??
  13. ya so i was messing with the mesh shoes an i accdently made 1 sorta lopsided how would that be fixed any video on youtube for that ???
  14. why some vampirs attack and do not happens nothing

    i have had some wierdo vampires and werewolfs attack me in a safe hub in second life i recommend you report them and send them a messge to the vampire tell them u will put a steak thru them and to the wolfs tell them u will nuture/spay them an they will back off
  15. Crossgender numbers

    i did the math and its more like 200 percent out of 10 people that join are guys that join using a female avatar not cuz they choose it but cuz they dont know wtf they are doin an when they get in sl they think an say ya now i can go befrend lesbians unbeknownst to them the lesbians are in fact male dudes that already know how to fool people and or already gay in reall life they just wanna live out a fantasy in sl cuz they can fool guys just to be evil