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  1. Quinn Lysette

    RP.... I don't get it

    ya cuz she wasnt using a hud for it an she dint know it could happen without a hud but the werewolf did it she didnt even kno she was but i saw her heavin an doin that wierd stuff an i looked inside her avatar an saw the werewolf egg
  2. Quinn Lysette

    RP.... I don't get it

    its a chat - game where you just chat but th e bonus is almost real cgi adult situations where you cn even get pregnant on purpose or by accdnt i found that out cuz 1 of my gf/wives got preg by a werewolf an she dont even have a hud for it oh an if you meet any sl vampires just ignore them and leave they seem to be insane with the whole vampire thing an nag you alot
  3. Quinn Lysette

    Maybe I need help

    hey you can be a sugar mum
  4. Quinn Lysette

    When you realise you are an idiot

    il be honest thats all u need in sl cuz in sl the avatars dont sweat
  5. Quinn Lysette

    Avatars and Race

    was talkin bout the hair
  6. Quinn Lysette

    Avatars and Race

    did i already answer this i forget but just make whatever avatar you want its always ok
  7. Quinn Lysette

    Where can i find a master?

    i am a master of all known and unknown martial arts and kung fu types for all over send me a messge in sl
  8. Quinn Lysette


    i got on by loggin in to a place in my favs and didnt have to do all that work you did
  9. Quinn Lysette


    anybody else gettin a wierd messge when trying to get on sl ?? i was tryin to log in at my homespot an it wont work but other places doo ??
  10. Quinn Lysette

    no se activa mi avatar

    agregame quiero ver ese cuerpo mas cerkas ok vemos ke pasa esto en sl
  11. Quinn Lysette

    Halloween - Bored with it already 😫

    i like halloween alot its the time i get to go trick o treatin n get freee candy every year on oct 1 i start trainin so im ready i can change outfits in sexonds n be ready to go back to the same house n get more candy cuz to be honest that the only food i get all day that day cuz i run outa money 3 weeks be4 the end of the month and i love free candy i also crash the partys n get/steal whatever they got food drinks thats why i always carry my back pack with me i get home at around 2am an hangout in sl dressed up while i eat candy
  12. Quinn Lysette

    Is it better to be a girl or a guy in SL :)

    i think its realy better to be a android or just some kinda robot cuz robots by default dont have emotions unless u put in a chip like they did on star trek
  13. Quinn Lysette

    2018 Halloween Haunted Tour Fail (WAY too Glytchy)

    i got a question where is that haunted tour an how do you get to it? i tried lookin for it an i got lost
  14. Quinn Lysette

    Looking For Someone Special

    the chances of u bein a dude are over 99.8 percent its scarey whats even more scary is yr almost senior citezen age maybe if u were a more yougish age like 20 or so then maybe and of corse u got to be a real female
  15. ya i need a youngish girl to hangout with please have proof that u were born female cuz i dont get along with lyers an wierdos and be in the texas central time zone so that we can be in sl at the same time and also i need yr phone number to keep in touch with u not to staik you i swear its so we can be better friends