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  1. Quinn Lysette

    Take your fee and shove it

    i think they charge that extra dollar cuz the transaction is in europe or s who knows but it seems it maybe over seas
  2. Quinn Lysette

    How does your Sansar avatar look today?

    i hope they never do that becuz females will go crazy elongating there avatars to non human standards an makin tiny waists with huge rumps n fat legs that ***** n lets face it in rl they dont look that way no 1 does
  3. Quinn Lysette

    Looking for a female partner! :3

    you want a man avi that has a real man inside that sounded so gay
  4. yes i know ....but she has to pay the bus ticket cuz im just way to poor
  5. Quinn Lysette

    The Five Love Languages

    in sl there is no love just gold diggers
  6. Quinn Lysette

    Summing Up Bloodlines

    the bloodlines is a group of losers that dont got nothin to do so they spent time trying to bite ppl and the ppl report them to the real life cops an hope they will be arrested an there computers taken away forever
  7. a real life pony or a cgi pony ?
  8. tell him about a great game called ok i forgot what its called but its a game with blocks and dirt and you dig to get stuff an monsters attack you and you get stuff and its a game and it very popular amonst the youngins ok i rembered its called minegrafts its suppos to be the coolest
  9. Quinn Lysette

    No permissions jump hug?

    intersting i never added you or talked to you on my other accounts even thos i was sometimes standing right next to you while being very far away as a diffrent person btw i sorta found out i have this hugging hud on 1 of my other accounts an i got it free
  10. Quinn Lysette

    Looking for a boyfriend

    sadly voice verification does NOT work any more see the vid you need proof from yr gynocologist now real proof
  11. Quinn Lysette

    Streaks Emanating from Avatars

    could be graphics card or ssd of you have 1 as main drive if you are usin a ssd dont listen to to much music on either on youtube or those radio things cuz i found out they kill ssd an m.2 ssd realy fast
  12. Quinn Lysette

    Secondlife Dating Questionnaire

    this is sad if a girl spend a ton on new avatars il know she is frivolous with money an not to be trusted meaning she is a golddigger out to spend my money so why bother upgrading a avatar thats just a dumb chat game i spend my money on important real life stuff not game stuff specialy not in sl that just wasting money
  13. Quinn Lysette

    No permissions jump hug?

    they arnt all females 97 percent of sl female avatars are controlled by dudes that in real life are probly serial killers or just gay
  14. Quinn Lysette

    No permissions jump hug?

    i heard thats ilegal and against the law