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  1. Hi, what are you wanting to do? I could not figure out from the question you asked, so if you could give us some details, we might be able to point you in a direction
  2. That's incoming, which I think some of the bigger mmo's use it, I know when I played ff14 the original we had to have one to get into it. still got that bugger some place around here.
  3. I trust LL, I trust google, I'm not on the microsoft fanboi side much anymore, since their windows 11 wont run on hardware that's beyond their specs... so once windows 10 hits EOL in 2025, I will be guess switching to osx on this unit or *shudders* Linux.
  4. always becareful with such services, they claim end to end, unless YOU hold the keys for the encryption you never know.
  5. sometimes I get very confused by SL users in general when it comes to matters of security and matters of hardware. but ya'll choices, so keep using them as long as you can.
  6. well it's going this way for a reason the bad apples have ruined it for every one and security measures are having to become common place in today's world and it's not going to go away, sorry. this is now life.
  7. it is industry standard, lots of games even use 2fa/mfa now, many big business, I work for a fortune 50 company and we do nothing without it, we've had some hold overs, but they too even came around, because we require it. the internet is going this same way and the ones that are not wanting to comply and move forward will end being left behind, like playing games on old hardware, there becoems the point where they wont work on systems and get blocked, I'm sorry, but things move forward.
  8. we figure that cutting off avenues for even getting that far would of been built into it from the start.
  9. you will still get bottle necks depends on your gpu choices. you basically want something like a gtx 770 to a gtx 980 ti, anything more can be even a bottle neck.
  10. maybe it should of been placed under security for the jira too since it would be an issue security side.
  11. yeah that needs to be fixed @Tommy Linden @Monty Linden
  12. well this snuck through without a reply to the topics
  13. I think you have the wrong idea about SL.
  14. what would draw the crowds in legally LL does hold a license for, what would draw the crowds in the content creators do not hold a license for, do you see why it will not be come like you imagine? those licenses take lots of money and are within strict guidelines, people would 100% expect a ready player one type virtual world, it has everything they want, plus there's more to that equation too. SL is fine how it is, lots of us throw money at it, lots of of us do what we can to keep it going.
  15. They offer free streams, legally that means they are on the hook for the royalties not the users listening.
  16. The broadcaster is the one that pays the royalties, if they are trying to offload it onto the consumer or some one just streaming, I can let a few people know on my end (former real life dj and internet dj) and my people will be MORE than interested.
  17. as a former broadcaster, it's responciblity of the one doing the broadcast, not the one listening , LL has nothing to do with this, LL is not playing the music themselves nor are they broadcasting it, SOMA, is trying to pass the buck and collect money for their own greedy pockets, not the first time around in this industry for me, trust me, it's what they are trying to do.
  18. Soma needs to learn that the person streaming paying the royalties, not the listeners.
  19. because if she would have it would of been posted BY her and legit by her in places where it would of been public, OH like here on the forums! derp
  20. The creator ended up giving up on the viewer some time ago, GOOGLE was the one that removed it from the play store because the payment info and some other items the creator never did follow up with and fix that google needed, the VIEWER just because it stop being able to be had, did not become free, the creator never did change it to free, I believe the slide.me site that offers it is one of the places as well as googles play store. So no you can not have this for free, if you do get it for free, you risk what I mentioned above, the creator can come back at any time and take legal action against YOU. I'm not very sure what's not to understand, risk involved with legal fines and other related items? so simply put, leave it alone, you want a viewer for mobile, LL has one coming, so just wait.
  21. WRONG section and keyword spamming.
  22. we have a setup at work like this too, when I get back into work, I'll get some screen grabs of the config.
  23. You can not, also you risk the account if the creator ever decides to lawyer up and start filing suits on people stealing their copyrighted client. worth the risk still for you?
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