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  1. I generally prefer male singing voices. I've long thought that male voices have a lot more tones and sounds to them, whereas female voices are usually much the same as each other. Of course there are exceptions, but I'm just talking generally.
  2. F.I.C. means Feted Inner Core - an imagined bunch of users who LL shows preference to. The only person with the imagination is Prokofy Neva, and s/he's pushed it for donkeys years. I'm not sure if this is part of the imagination, but it's sometimes said that they can buy land from LL cheaper than we 'ordinary' users. And it's true that some users do buy land from LL cheaper than most, but it's not because they are in a fictitious Feted Inner Core. It simply because they buy in quantity, which anyone can do. Put up the money to buy a fair number of sims, and you can get a quantity discount
  3. I'm now thinking that the group role idea might work. Not as intended, which was an immediate prevention of rezzing prims, but it might still be useful to my friend. I'm gonna get stuck into it :) Thank you @Qie Niangao for coming up with it.
  4. Thank you @Lucia Nightfire and @Qie Niangao for following it on. The group role idea looked promising, but it does seem to take time before it kicks in, so it's not really what my friend WAS looking for. I say 'was', because what she wants can't be done. Thank you everyone for the ideas and comments.
  5. Thank you @SodaGnome. You might get kicked out if you go too far over the limit and leave the prims rezzed. Proceed with caution, or stick to not proceeding at all Qie came up with a good idea in my Scripting thread. Have a group role that isn't allowed to rez things, and auto-change a tenant's role to that while their rezzed LI is above their allocation. I can, or should be able to, do the scripting, but it would be so much easier to buy an existing product.
  6. lol. Yes, but only while the RL restrictions are on, and that's inworld, not here
  7. LMAO! @Scylla Rhiadra I was going to give you the kiss of life, but was prevented by an unknown force. It confused me and I forgot to thank you for fainting over me. So, Thank you very much, lovely Scylla
  8. Very interesting idea, Qie (still my #1 poster ). I'll give that idea some thought. Well done on coming up with it. @Qie Niangao Bots: I forgot to mention that I'm on with resurrecting my most recent bots system. I wrote several in my time. A friend wants some bots - character, not traffic. But it's been quite a while, and my latest system it was written 2 computers ago. Programming environments change over time and previous source code (solutions) won't always load into, and run from, the latest environment. So far I've managed to get hold of Visual Studio 2008 which should have helped
  9. LOL. People have been doing that? lol. I've never popped in as another av, and I only pop in out of some need, like today. But I've been in SL every day while the covid thing is restricting us. And thank you for welcome back, @Love Zhaoying.
  10. Thank you folks. That's what I was expecting, because I can't think of a way of doing it with LSL - not actually preventing rezzing. I had to ask though
  11. Thank you for that, @Wulfie Reanimator. It does help.
  12. Thank you @Lucia Nightfire It seems it's not really possible. What my friend would like to do is place a 'limiter' in a tenant's accommodation to prevent them rezzing more than the allotment, but only after they've transgressed twice. It seems that it's not going to be possible they way she imagines (i.e. actually prevent rezzing), but your first suggestion might work, as she only wants to do it with repeated transgressors, so a system would not need to travel. Thank you for your reply. It's appreciated.
  13. Does anyone know of a product that will prevent a tenant from rezzing more prims than the accommodation allows? It's preventing the rezzing rather than dealing with exceeding the allowance. It's not a parcel problem because there are a number of tenants on the same parcel, some having different prim allowances than others. Someone told me that a product exists. If anyone knows a product that might do it, I'd appreciate knowing about it. Thank you.
  14. Is there a way to prevent a tenant rezzing more prims than the accommodation's limit? In the case that I'm looking at, the tenant is one of many tenants on the same parcel, and the accommodations have varying prim limits, so it's not just an overall parcel control. I'm actually wanting to find an existing product or, failing that, an LSL method that would work. I can write the script but I haven't figured out a way that would do it. Thank you for reading this.
  15. Coincidentally, while I'm spending time in SL during the covid restrictions it crossed my mind to open a store selling Retro furniture and put all my old furniture up for sale again. It would all be classed as retro these days - almost steampunk lol
  16. It could be that, @Anna Novabut all the others come up, including you. I'll try @Selene Gregoireagain - and there she is
  17. That's an interesting list you linked to, @Liffento Eldritch. Thank you.
  18. @LittleMe Jewell Some of you are irresistable, Lil @Cindy Evanier I'm sorry it's boring here for you, Cindy but you know what can happen when I get into in a thread - so I'm not gonna get into them @Selene Gregoire - huh. wonder why I wasn't offered your name to highlight. Anyway, that was nice thankyou and then I saw the bottom line grrr,,,,
  19. Ty, @Maitimo and... Hi Cindy. You can put your nail sharpener away. I'm not gonna be a forumite again
  20. When I left SL a year or two ago, LL was talking about doing multiple levels of Premium membership. Did anything happen with that? I've looked in my account page and I see only one level - just the normal Premium membership, although the cost has risen significantly. Note: If you remember me, I'm only back in SL to fill some hours while the coronavirus restrictions are in place, although a reason has cropped up whereby I would continue to stay if they were lifted right now. But I'm not coming back to the forum except to ask the occasional question like this one - so there's no nee
  21. Ty, @oOJoselinOo I don't know what she's done but, unfortunately, I don't use the Linux viewer so I can rummage around in it to find out. I've explained that the viewer she's using is years out of date, and given her the details of where to the Firestorm one, so it's up to her now. It's interesting to know that there is a setting somewhere in some viewer that can turn off moving the avatar with the cursor keys. I'm now wondering if she get move the avatar with the w.a.s.d keys (are they the ones?). I didn't think of suggesting that to her. I will the next time I see her.
  22. Thank you very much, KjartanEno. I appreciate the reply.
  23. hmmm almost 3 years have gone by since then. It does look like it's going to have to be one of the others. Ty, Solar.
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