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  1. I have a few road cars I use for mainland driving that I put together using the vehicle script animats made available after all of his work on these issues. I'm not going to say they're the best cars in SL but they handle mainland pretty well thanks to his script work. Anyone who wants copies is free to drop me an IM or a notecard, and I'll pass 'em your way.
  2. As always, top-notch visual artistry on display here.
  3. After a long time primarily using skins from Stray Dog, I wanted to try something a little different. I found one I liked from Session, giving my av a slightly more aged look that I'd wanted for a while but never could get quite right.
  4. Took this one while a friend and I were out on the Blake Sea, in the midst of our lengthy AFK/not AFK chat session.
  5. I haven't been all that active in SL for a while, so only a few tweaks as of late. Spending a bit of time casually socializing at beach regions.
  6. Hadn't had a lot of time to be on in the last month or two, so I figured it was time for a small update.
  7. Thanks so much - that's actually the "exit", so to speak. It's just a texture on a prim, scripted to teleport you back to the main section of the parcel. I added a bit of glow and a small amount of transparency to make it look a little more interesting.
  8. Wow, this is a really fantastic look. Nice job!
  9. Whenever I can, I like to have a quiet spot on my parcel that I can escape to, just to unwind. Hadn't really put one together since my last rebuild of everything, so I finally quit procrastinating and got it done.
  10. Haven't posted in a while...been buried in the world of scripting, learning the ins and outs of vehicles. My wardrobe hasn't expanded much lately. Not much else has changed though. Still racing, and still looking mostly the same.
  11. Finally got around to unpacking the updated version of the Daniel head that I'd picked up via redelivery a couple of weeks ago. Got it worked into my base outfit folder, sorted out the facial animation AO's, and decided it was time to switch skins. Went with another Stray Dog (Sven, Tone 04) like my previous two, because I didn't want to change TOO much.
  12. Had to give it a try myself. [16:11] YD Speed Camera: ##Donovan Michalski -Aura2-, Owned by Donovan Michalski 280.931458 KpH Fine L$250
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