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  1. Oh my, Ive not been on this forum in a long time. You all look lovely! 🙂
  2. Fab, thanks! I was looking for status updates to get an idea if its a bigger issue than myself, but it would only show reports from Feb.
  3. Hey everyone. Within the past week, esp these past couple of days ive been experiencing some issues when I teleport (FS user). Almost every time I try to TP somewhere, I crash/disconnect. Then when I log back in, anything that ive changed in terms of re-coloring (ie on my shoes), reverts back to original. Someone please help, I'm going crazy since I can barely do anything on SL and its beyond frustrating. Thanks in advance!
  4. Its been hell of a long time since I've been on the forums with RL being super busy, so figured I would post a photo I took yesterday after coming back from a holiday!
  5. Hey everyone! The Grand Opening of the lounge, Aquarius will be happening tomorrow! THEME: 4TH OF JULY Come join us at the lounge as as we kick off the party with 10K worth of prizes to give away and a live DJ! FROM NOON - 2PM SLT!! (4TH) Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sensual Spirit/13/14/22 Ill be around the whole time so come say hi, I know y'all will love it!
  6. Hey everyone, a quick question. If you needed a model for a store that would undergo 4 dress changes and a pair of shoes (both would have color changes), how much would be a reasonable pay for the model (Model needed for photography purposes). Thanks!
  7. Love the hair a lot! Where did you get it from?
  8. Oh? I haven't heard about this! But also, I can show you the world!~
  9. Think I'm finally getting a hand at hair and fur strokes!
  10. Im about to buy mine. Im super picky so I only own 1 static mesh head and the group ones from Genesis. I was going to buy the Genesis Molly (I think?) head and thats when I found out they aren't omega compatible with skins which is a massive turn off for me. The Genus group chat is quite active and people respond quickly so thats awesome if there is an issue. I know a girl mentioned that with one animations made some part of the face, but because its in beta stage, like you said, it should be fixed once it officially releases. The first time I saw the head, was with the water droplets across the face which I love! Super unique and I'm really looking forward to seeing what Genus produces in the future.
  11. Was trying to post a response yesterday but the website was down because of too many connections lmao. What I wanted to say was that I'm definitely getting this head! Anyone that knows me, knows that I've always stuck behind my static head from Catwa because had yet to find one that compared. I love the structure and sharpness of this head and whats even better is that the skin will be omega compatible (FINALLY!). But yeah, buying this head asap before the early access sale is over!
  12. Blogging for my first event, super stoked.
  13. Thank goodness I'm no longer in the UK so its not +8 for me anymore so I should be able to make it!
  14. Chilling with a good friend of mine at a diner! (Isn't he such a hottie? lol) <3
  15. A non- edited photo for once and I think it looks alright! This isn't my usual style of outfit, but I'm enjoying the change
  16. I have a Macbook pro thats still running on El Captain and was having the SAME issue and what helped me was to reduce my draw distances and resolution. I actually asked in the forums for help like yourself and what Orwar has mentioned is pretty similar to what people have told me (and it worked). Personally, I did both at the same time so I can't say which one of over the other helped lol. I wouldnt say Coverflow crash is the issue in this case and things like local lights dont have a massive effect at least for myself.
  17. Apple Fall has a lot of awesome homes. Their MP doesn't have much, but check them out in world! An example from Apple Fall thats only 345 prims https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Apple-Fall-Hardwick-Manor/7507037
  18. In love with this bodysuit because it has a sheer and opaque option! Made it fourm friendly by shading out my nipples lol
  19. Not sure if you've bought the Ayashi hair, but Runaway hair have something similar. Called bunny or something like that, its in world tho!
  20. I still wear a static mesh head Catwa Dyana! So you aren't the only one, I love my head and until I find something better, I aint changing anytime soon lol
  21. A close up shot of an outfit I took a photo of today https://flic.kr/p/26MuiCN <~ for the whole outfit
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