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  1. Hello! Looking for Plastik - Deera Gatcha Rare - Heavenly or Posession
  2. This cute pink bunny hoodie turned to be my favourite mostly cause of my fav Korean drama ^_^ PEACE!
  3. Before the opera starts.. expecting the Phantom to pop up from somewhere.. ;d
  4. Hello! I recently started anew in SL and I've been looking for friends and/or siblings (brothers, sisters, twins). My favourite activities in SL are chatting, exploring, taking pics, shopping, gift hunting and some more and In RL I like listinening to music, watching J- and K-movies/dramas, reading, travelling and so on. I wish to meet people around my time zone (RLT +2; SLT +10) and my age (18-30 y.o.). Looking forward to hear from you!
  5. Drinking hot chocolate in this winter sunny day.
  6. Hi! I would love to be your friend. Please, I'M me in world.
  7. Please, write the name of the hair style or send me the link to it.
  8. I've been trying so many hairstyles lately that I can tell you right away thatthis hair is DOUX - Kitty Hairstyle
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