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  1. Please see LL blogged that regions may be restarted more often while the uplift is taking place.
  2. Regions showing as simXXX.agni are colo regions & have not been uplifted yet. Uplifted regions show the full URL that will contain amazon.com or secondlife.io. LL decided to remove the "lindenlab.com" part from the URL for colo regions in their viewer for some reason but uplifted region still show the full URL.
  3. For those like me who are too lazy to check Help -> About & are curious to know if they are on an uplifted region as they are TPing about, Fourmilab have a free halo attachment that will alert you when you are on an uplifted cloud region: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Fourmilab-Cloud-Halo/20555301 (Thanks to Inara again )
  4. Some good information from Inara about the uplift here: https://modemworld.me/2020/10/20/2020-sug-meeting-week-43-further-uplift-update/
  5. There's lots of media around that location, including some weird stuff hidden underwater. I didn't get any warnings from my antivirus (Avira) but a lot of the MOAP media there is not locked down so anyone can change the media URL & point it to a dodgy website.
  6. It's probably the selection outlines that are eating up the FPS. If you disable selection outlines, does that help?
  7. It could be your AV to be fair & it's not unusual for this to happen on only certain regions. The usual cause is either parcel media, or a media enabled object rezzed on the land or worn by an avatar on the land (if you have play media attached to avatars enabled) that either points to a known malicious URL or it could be a perfectly legit URL that the antivirus just happens to take a dislike to for some reason. If there is a particular region on which your AV always gives a warning, can you post the region name & I'll go & have a look. Can you also take a screenshot of the warning from the AV the next time it happens so we can see if it's slplugin or dullahan that's triggering the warning & if a URL is mentioned.
  8. I would imagine the server Lindens are extremely busy working on the cloud uplift. In case you were not aware, several regions on the main grid are now being uplifted into the cloud. Making changes to server code at the same time as uplifting regions into the cloud is likely to be a bad idea because too many things are being changed at the same time, which makes bug hunting much more difficult.
  9. This is a thing. It's a "feature" not a bug. It's something Vir added during a round of SSA fixes years ago but I'm too lazy to find the commit. If a system clothing layer in your COF can't be found or is missing from database or whatever, the viewer creates a new asset of the same type Called "New Shirt" or whatever the asset type it is & forces it to be worn. It's created in the Lost & Found folder of inventory & has a blank white texture.
  10. LL can do what they want in their viewer. LL can't break the "shared experience" rule.
  11. Very nice! Would you be willing to share the skin files with me? I love to give this skin a try.
  12. Are you using dual monitors? If so, it sounds like this bug: BUG-227725 - SL Viewer and third party viewers hang while launching - dual monitors
  13. It depends which Linden & what you want to contact them about. Some Lindens run public user groups - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:User_Groups If you wish to report a bug or a feature or improvement request, those should go on the JIRA & the correct team of Lindens will triage your report: https://jira.secondlife.com/secure/CreateIssue!default.jspa If it's a governance issue (reporting some form of abuse or TOS or Community Standards violation) then you need to file an abuse report: https://modemworld.me/2017/03/24/raising-abuse-reports-in-second-life/ If it's a support request of some kind or you need to report a region that's running poorly or needs a restart then you need to contact LL support: https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000131009-contact-support If it's something that you need to contact a specific Linden about then you can send any Linden an email, but unless a Linden specifically asks you to contact them via email, this probably isn't the correct thing to do. All Lindens have the email address firstname at Lindenlab.com.
  14. Seems to be fixed now. Brazos was restarted 20 mins ago. From the symptoms you describe, it sounds like Bravos had run out of allocated memory. This causes new prims rezzed via the build tool to have no physics & attempting to wear or rez scripted items from inventory will give the error "Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region" See BUG-772 - Simulator refusing to rez objects after 10 hour timeframe
  15. I'm pretty sure you should be fine on Catznip, as long as you are using the latest version.
  16. This post on Beq's blog explains what the purple outlines are: http://beqsother.blogspot.com/2017/10/blue-sky-thinking-physics-view-explained.html
  17. Can you post the link to get that app? I want to see what it's doing that causes this problem. Ta!
  18. Brilliant! Glad you found the problem! I was just writing you an essay when I saw this post haha. I had a look at the logs you sent me. Here is a comparison of the session with a clean cache & the session with a dirty cache. Brief notes - seeing as you already solved the problem. The time from launching the viewer till the login screen appears is disgustingly long for both sessions. The slow launch time wouldn't affect the login timing out though.This indicates something on your system slowing this down dramatically. Now we know what this is From the clean cache session where you managed to login, your FPS was horribly low for the power of your system. Most of the session you were below 5 FPS, average of 2FPS. The viewer was really struggling when it shouldn't have been. The time taken from the viewer sending the login request to receiving the reply is also really slow for both sessions - not really sure why this is - maybe some congestion at LL's end or your own network was under strain. There are other signs in your session that logged in that your network is struggling though. Possibly that app causes network issues too. The time taken to create inventory views from cache should be instant with a clean cache - it still took 10 secs on the clean cache session and a disgusting 61 secs with a dirty cache. Normally a super slow time here indicates a large flat inventory structure but in your case I suspect that app is holding things up. Your total login time, even with a clean cache is 56 secs & this is still rather slow. I don't know what this Wallpaper Engine app is doing but it needs to be burned in the fires of hell. If you want to send me updated logs from a login with a dirty cache now the problem is fixed, I can double check everything looks fine now.
  19. I've sent gifts to Lindens before & they have always been totally cool with it. Usually funny gifts like a mesh bottle of Xanax to the project manager when EEP was released Grumpity sent us all crowns for debugging BUG-139124 - The presence of certain Avatars stops local specular textures from "sticking". Yes really.
  20. As far as I can see, that debug setting doesn't seem to be connected to any code now in Firestorm. I poked the devs to look at this thread though. It's possible that setting is there for OpenSim use.
  21. Just ask Boxy for L$ to help pay your tier & promise to pay him back tomorrow & you'll be instantly connected with a Linden
  22. Just to clarify, you have the same problem with the LL viewer too? Also to clarify, LL support didn't de-flatten your inventory? Can you reproduce a failed login on Firestorm with a dirty cache. Then before relaunching the viewer, zip up the viewer logs folder & either upload the logs.zip to dropbox & give the link (you can PM it to me on the forum if you prefer) or you can email me the logs.zip at whirly.fizzle at phoenixviewer.com. This wiki page tells you where to find the logs folder: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/file_a_jira#how_to_give_us_your_logs I'll look at the timings for each login stage to see where the problem is.
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