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  1. merpunk


    Not sure what's confusing about my answer. If someone wants to keep their name, they can delete their inventory, avatar, etc. and pretend they're starting from scratch.
  2. I've read the FAQ above, but still find it confusing. Thanks anyway. Not returning the fees sucks, I guess I'll just wait and see if my order is ever filled.
  3. I'm sure I've seen Pokemon avatars and decor, they just use other names. I'll try to remember to message you when I next see them. It could help if you join a Pokemon fan group, they'll probably know where you can find them!
  4. merpunk


    The most you could do is to just delete all your data and consider it a fresh start, as far as I know.
  5. If we can cancel a best rate order, do we get the transaction fee back? (I know it's a small amount for many people but I don't have a lot so it's still cash to me.) I placed an order using the suggested best rate buy, 250 l for 1 $. It said the estimate was 3 days, however, I discovered later how to see the open orders and there's lots more open ones for 249 and 248 so I'm starting to lose hope that I'll get my linden at all. Can I trust the estimate? Can I just change the rate on my order? This whole process is confusing, I wish things would be clearer for people who don't have a l
  6. Still not sure what you mean. That doesn't mean it is (or isn't) an avatar. Some non-avatar objects in gachas can be worth more than gacha avatars if they're rarer or more sought after.
  7. That's a bummer, I guess the commons are not avatars then oh well. Thanks!
  8. I saw that... that's why I'm asking if it means the 16 commons are avatars or just decorations.
  9. Thanks, I didn't know they had an in-world store! I'll go there and see.
  10. Will do, though I'd rather avoid getting scam replies... I was hoping someone familiar with this gacha would be able to chime in. I'll see what different merchants say. The prices seem pretty standard for gachas and based on rarity so unfortunately it doesn't help much
  11. I have no idea who the creator is, unfortunately! I know they're a gacha but I don't know the original creator's username
  12. It says the rare ones are, but I don't know if the common ones are supposed to be avatars or just decorative items (it mentions they're rezzable)
  13. I'm trying to figure out if these commons in this gacha are avatars or not: (Random examples from the marketplace) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BaiasticeThe-SNOOB-Collection-Dexter/8612135 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BaiasticeThe-SNOOB-Collection-Berry/7533629 Etc. Thanks!
  14. I'm looking for "playful polliwog" avatars! I've tried searching the marketplace but I'm only finding rares, plus it's hard to search for since the spelling varies by seller. Does anyone know if they're been resold in world somewhere? Or if the gacha still exists? They're magic-looking frog avatars from a gacha. I'm especially interested in #14.
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