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  1. That was probably it, Dan. I did it again and this time it certainly was that box unchecked. A few days ago I manually downloaded and installed - Viewer UI and launched. The updater immediately went to work DOWNGRADING to - LMR 5, I think it was. Thanks for the tip!
  2. My point is this: This search method was quite useful in years past. It is very useless now, and I wonder if this uselessness is related to the uselessness of search tools in Second Life Viewer. I too would like to have access to the database search UI that was removed from Second Life Viewer but I won't use a third party viewer to get it.
  3. Owner name shows up on those pages, when they are generated. I do not know if Sage Mellow owns land or if they have a group that owns land. I also am not SURE that LL's search still uses those pages.
  4. I live in the old original mainland regions. Terraforming limit is +/- 40 meters from pre-defined terrain. One neighbor that had 4096 and a lifetime account felt put-out by some thing or some one and decided to be an ass about it. He raised the edges of his parcel to make an ugly jagged rectangular precipice, lowered the center, and stuffed it with "megaprim" textured with two of the SL terrain mask UUIDs so that they and everything seen beyond them flickered madly. It stayed like this for SEVEN YEARS despite numerous ARs from the others in the region. No idea what prompted the change but
  5. Oh! That is where the store I was browsing yesterday is... was?
  6. Maybe it's recurring expenses are higher but they got all new equipment with no capital expenditure. I know the majority of the hosts in the datacenter were in the 10 to 12 year old range. Then there is all the supporting LAN equipment, firewalls, routers, pasta racks of old cables, etc. Don't have to fuss with any of that now. No more filters to clean, storage devices to replace, failed hardware to troubleshoot and repair.... AWS takes all the "fun stuff" out of the equation, I suppose.
  7. Us short-legged creatures would LOVE smaller steps. Normalizing the volume discount curve would be nice too. Where I am currently at on the tiers, I would have to go from paying for one whole region to paying for two whole regions to claim that sliver of abandoned land next to one of my existing parcels, since my current holdings add up to one whole region plus the 10% group bonus.
  8. The development team you allude to was a bit of a mixed bag, but, I don't recall them doing any credential theft. It was usually little hidden "features" such as making it so any user could copy any texture they can see with a simple click of an eye-dropper tool, bypassing the "is it in my inventory and is this usage allowed" checks. There were some "content backup" features and an automated build tool that when used together gave any user the ability to quickly copy any build, no mater who created or owned it or what the original's permissions were. Oh, they also created many social-di
  9. What hooliganism is putting that file there or changing it to be a nuisance?
  10. As I watch the proffered video and still images all I can think of is how much money we spent on those fancy flying weapon platforms and this is the best imagery they can return to us? I feel like I have been financially abused. Those images look like what I would see if I was behind a frosted plastic sheet and somebody on the other side was dragging a finger around on it. I can buy a frosted shower curtain for $2.
  11. Some CGN implementations scatter a user's flows across the ports of multiple IP addresses. This is evil and breaks many things but I have seen it as the default implementation in some CGN appliances I will not name here. A better implementation is divide the port range of an address by 2^n then assign 2^(16-n) ports of the address to each of n subscribers. The number n can be adjusted to accommodate various usage models. This way all flows from a single user are all using a single IP address on the Internet, and as seen by the services they access. We have ranges of n from 4 to 16
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