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  1. THis is so fun. They LOOK like travel trailers but are quite large, on the order of 20 feet wide by 54 feet long and one is over 20 feet tall. Should be possible to use them. SL scale is kinda hard to describe but I'll assume you have all been in SL. 😉
  2. Okay, this is interesting. Some of these things I wrote up as bugs during the Viewer 2 closed beta: The parcel border lighting in yellow when selecting an object; The object in edit highlighting green, blue and yellow and strobing maniacally; Not being able to edit something of mine as far away as I am accustomed to, even when "limit select distance" is disabled; No longer able to edit move objects more than about 100 meters at a time. Edit axis arrows not being grabbable at times requiring me to move my point of view as if evading an invisible object in the way. Toolboxes not staying where I put them, seeming like small children vying for my attention.
  3. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227526 Issue with compiled experiences being lost when script is copied in-world.
  4. The only people that benefit from "defragging" an SSD are … uhm, wow. I don't know of any. I guess maybe people that like watching the defragmentation program run? ZERO benefit since there is no seek time to be saved. Saying it helps speed up prefetching is telling us you wasted even more performance by forcing prefetching enabled for your SSD hosted volume, overriding the knowledge and experience of many system-level programmers.
  5. I see false-attributions made to equipment we deploy at work. People think the black boxes work better than the brown ones. They are the same inside. I really like the white ones myself but they are also the same inside. We tried to get the vendor to make transparent housings but they have a real reason not to: Children poke stuff in the vent slots because they can see inside. It's the yellow #2 pencil thing all over again! (Referring to a product trial where other colors of paint were used, all else being equal, people claimed the yellow pencils worked better than the other colors.) Well, not quite, since the software on the SL servers is slightly different from one version to the next but we do that at work too, when the vendor provides updates we want. I still wonder why I see more broken black boxes than white or brown. Oh yeah, we have way more black ones than brown or white ones because they are more popular! So, false data skew is easy when people make such attributions. Personally, the only reason I ever cared what channels my regions were in was to match them up to the weekly deployment schedules but even that got old as a game so I won't miss the overt channel names. Do anything you can to get people to report bugs against code versions, I say. I can't say how many times I witnessed Oz release a little steam when all a reporter would say is "the latest".....
  6. "Several times a week" seems a bit excessive. Do any of the Second Life Viewer cohorts update "several times a week"?
  7. Ardy Lay

    copy error

    Detach translator? Sometimes people forget the things are there and some malfunction in awkward ways when you attach a second translator.
  8. " While I'm playing, a black box with white text blinks into existence and then closes itself before I can read it. This usually happens several times over the course of a couple weeks. " Is this a clue? What is this?
  9. Golly. This was years ago: https://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/viewer-release/commits/f9049d3acd3497ee837bcb53280acd6ebf36e102 Is it still in there? I haven't built a viewer for a long time.
  10. Might I suggest a strategic llListen(channel,"",llGetOwner(),""); be added as the second statement in state_entry?
  11. I can teleport around, without failures, fast enough to "hit the fence." I teleported 28 times in 11 or 12 minutes, at somewhat erratic intervals due to numerous stale landmarks. I might assume "the teleport issue" has been rectified.
  12. I was offered a slightly different form to fill:
  13. Yay. I finally had an idea that both is in demand and is feasible to implement. Don't mention that it's been, done, is creepy and most likely illegal in most jurisdictions including Second Life. 😉 Okay, I re-read his post and understand it now.
  14. There are a lot of bots running around SL looking at various things. It would not surprise me one bit to learn that at least one bot operator is divulging the locations of agents present in a region during a brief visit to a third party or to find a bot with these capabilities made available for rent or purchase.
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