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  1. "Several times a week" seems a bit excessive. Do any of the Second Life Viewer cohorts update "several times a week"?
  2. Ardy Lay

    copy error

    Detach translator? Sometimes people forget the things are there and some malfunction in awkward ways when you attach a second translator.
  3. " While I'm playing, a black box with white text blinks into existence and then closes itself before I can read it. This usually happens several times over the course of a couple weeks. " Is this a clue? What is this?
  4. Golly. This was years ago: https://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/viewer-release/commits/f9049d3acd3497ee837bcb53280acd6ebf36e102 Is it still in there? I haven't built a viewer for a long time.
  5. Might I suggest a strategic llListen(channel,"",llGetOwner(),""); be added as the second statement in state_entry?
  6. I can teleport around, without failures, fast enough to "hit the fence." I teleported 28 times in 11 or 12 minutes, at somewhat erratic intervals due to numerous stale landmarks. I might assume "the teleport issue" has been rectified.
  7. I was offered a slightly different form to fill:
  8. Yay. I finally had an idea that both is in demand and is feasible to implement. Don't mention that it's been, done, is creepy and most likely illegal in most jurisdictions including Second Life. 😉 Okay, I re-read his post and understand it now.
  9. There are a lot of bots running around SL looking at various things. It would not surprise me one bit to learn that at least one bot operator is divulging the locations of agents present in a region during a brief visit to a third party or to find a bot with these capabilities made available for rent or purchase.
  10. Heh, well, the fellow with the yacht got it stuck and IMed me in a bit of a snit about violating his rights as a vehicle owner so I rezzed a tiny sedan and got in and explored his yacht while it was stuck between my house and my picnic area. I got my tiny sedan stuck in the yacht's bath tub. He conceded that I had made my point and removed his yacht as he should have done in the first place. Prior to my logging in and reading his IM he was ranting about me in a forum. Those posts got removed.
  11. Please check again. The regions I own land in allow all not explicitly banned to pass 50 meters or greater over the height of terrain, not 40 meters or 30 meters. Is this not consistent in all regions of Second Life? I edit parcels to exclude paved roads and railroads on LDPW and Governor Linden owned land by at least 3 meters when establishing areas that do not allow all to pass. I do, however, have a private waterway that I made for my own use. It is usually navigable by anyone in a small vessel but I occasionally exercise my right as a land owner to restrict access when I do not want to be disturbed. My neighbor, not just anybody, is welcome to remind me when I forget to lift that restriction. The person that attacked me in a public forum for not allowing his yacht to traverse my property via my waterway that lays wholly on my property knows who he is and will not make that mistake again. I have no tolerance for vehicle rights activists so don't go there please. I won't drive my clown car in your bath if you don't attempt to shove your yacht up my tributary. I was simply stating that the scripted security devices should be cubes because this is Second Life, and it all begins with a cube. It was a joke, of sorts, which you don't seem to have picked up on. I agree that scripted security devices provide a function that parcel settings fail to provide: a polite notice and a grace timer upon entry. The devices I use have been designed to be part of the parcel's seasonal décor. They use a centralized database system with mirrors to determine if an agent is permitted on the parcel they guard, thus eliminating the need to maintain a database in each device. I have turned on "Sell Passes To:" to expel trolls while they are present, because that amuses my friends. I am aware of how this feature behaves. I have been successfully expelling ego-centric and belligerent people from personal and community owned land for a decade now. To clarify: the aforementioned database contains UUIDs of agents that are denied re-entry to the protected land.
  12. All that fancy stuff is cool but I still just dump an app-uri on them: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_URI_Name_Space default { touch_start(integer total_number) { //Instant message whoever touches me a SLURL to click on llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0), "Click here: secondlife:///app/teleport/Perry/64/208/28"); } }
  13. I have used "Sell passes to:" for comedic value. Otherwise I don't have a hard preference on my own land. The scripted "security orb" things seem weird to me. Cubes would make more sense to me as that is where it all starts in Second Life, but I realize people have their preferences. I use the Parcel access lists some; when somebody does something worthy of an abuse report. For the lesser infractions I just keep freezing them until they sublimate.
  14. Years ago I blocked a simulator host IP address in my router to make an offensive neighboring region invisible and impassible. I wonder if that still works?
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