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  1. Second Life was mostly running on 10 to 12 year old hardware that was over-due for replacement, by some business standards. Don't forget that.
  2. Network diagram of Second Life: It's all "in the cloud."
  3. I have not much to add to other than to say "I like fixed schedules posted in ONE place, not strewn around the place so that when a deviation does become necessary, most of the intended audience is looking at here-say because they found it in a copy that didn't get updated." Also, I want to mangle the quoted sentence thusly: You are, rather right in there, being a bit of confusion.
  4. We should go back to turning it off and then back on again every Wednesday.
  5. I think we were told that all of Agni is now "in the cloud" when we were shown photographs of the emptied data center space that LL/SL was occupying. I suppose this does indeed render the detector obsolete as it seems to only react when transitioning from data center to cloud and from cloud to data center. As far as I know, which server update channel a region is in can be changed by LL very easily and that they do change them when testing a target problem fix on a region that has been exhibiting the target problem. In many cases, telling people you are testing elicits bogus percept
  6. Ignore children with delusions of entitlement and follow the money. 😉
  7. About 3 hours after I logged and had been standing among a group that knew me, one of them said "I don't see Ardy's tail." That's really embarrassing for a furry. But, having been in SL for 13 years the only thing about it that surprised me was something wasn't said sooner. If I was out shopping among mostly human avatars NOBODY would have said anything, except maybe for the rare "Is that a skunk?" "Yes, dear. That's a skunk. They are native to these lands and have been here as long as anybody" or something like that. I don't think anybody has ever reacted vocally to seeing my feet, tho
  8. Looking at the reviews I get the impression that an M1 equipped Mac compares in rendering performance with a Windows computer with a GTX 1050Ti or GTX 1650. This does indeed put it miles ahead of the computers using the Intel CPU's on-chip graphics, and thus, makes the MacBook (and PCs) with Intel graphics only look sad running Second Life Viewer. The M1 also does this while consuming much less energy and thus needs less space for cooling apparatus. I am kind of the opposite of an Apple fan but this new development is very interesting.
  9. Which is more lucrative, cryptocurrency mining or providing rendered streaming service for SL users?
  10. I blame the court that decided distributing a derivative work is not a copyright violation for some of the paranoia among artists.
  11. Bet'cha Governance is buried with "He won't stop touching me!" and encroachment reports. Things I have needed Support for: Governance forgot to enable physics on a mainland simulator after dealing with replicating garbage Autonomous vehicles were crashing a mainland simulator because of some newly introduced simulator bug Script time for idle scripts has crept up over time and is causing a mainland simulator to be unusable A required service or capability is unavailable after maintenance resulting in non-enterable regions or other debilitating issues And yes, t
  12. Renter of Estate parcel: "I cannot get to my house. Is there some problem? Is SL wholly or partially unavailable??" Owner of Estate: "I do not know. Linden Lab isn't sharing information with me and there is nothing on either the grid status page or the server blog." Linden Lab: _working hard in the background performing scheduled or unscheduled maintenance _ --- Renter of Estate parcel: "May we use the church at community center for a full hour, for a wedding tomorrow beginning <some time>?" Owner of Estate: "Yes you may. I have added you to the schedule. Be
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