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  1. Does having the object selected elevate the applied textures in 'importance'?
  2. Oh! Don't make me do math! 😉 /me picks up a 1024 pixel * 1024 pixel * 4 channel * 8 bit JPEG2000 image file and sees it takes 128 kilobytes of filesystem storage, pulls the cord and gets covered with 4 megabytes (power of 2) of expanded data, after discarding the metadata which includes the UUID of the uploader, date-time stamp, and average color. "That was weird."
  3. @Abnor Mole I appear to be allowed to set access restrictions at my Linden Home parcel located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alotta Woods/172/96/58
  4. He probably posted "Hey y'all! Watch this!" on another forum and linked to this thread. Or maybe he just likes to walk into the flames.
  5. Bouncing Buxom Bunny Babe for the win! Thanks for the very useful information.
  6. AGREED. This is marketing foul-play.
  7. Death-predictors all wanna be the one to say "I told you so!" "People", apparently, are not a good source of information.
  8. No. Their land. They can ban you for no reason at all. Attempting to fight back, however, can violate Second Life terms of service. Being on the receiving end of such an action feels bad, I know. But try to shrug it off and move on.
  9. Yeah, somebody set build for everyone and disabled auto-return. The house on the parcel is not decorated. 2 objects not owned by parcel owner have been placed. I suppose you have seen the 512m cube fanfold things.
  10. Anyone whose parcel is encroached upon my an object, even slightly, should be able to return it. It's a setting in the region console: > get allow_return_encroaching_object allow_return_encroaching_object = FALSE Bummer. It's turned off.
  11. Oh, absolutely! But, looks like she already has a date.
  12. That's absolutely hilarious. Tell us another.
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