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  1. I have been asked if I am a skunk in RL. I do not take the question seriously. I will usually respond with a description of some difficulty and my solution, being a skunk using a complex software on a computer. 🦨
  2. There certainly are some silly people in the real world, too. I wonder if they could be related? 🦨
  3. How about "My attempts to teleport are ##% successful. I am accustomed to and expect ##% success rate when teleporting." Maybe attach viewer logs and video clips of failed teleport attempts and all the requisite software and hardware information.
  4. I am not having teleport issues. I wonder if those that are having teleport issues should try bug reports or support cases?
  5. Wait a minute. That thing has marks on it that look like maybe fasteners. Is it hollow?
  6. I would imagine economics would weigh in heavily. How much are people going to pay to run SL Viewer?
  7. And ears perked up all over the world . . .
  8. I really want to say something like this (Oh dear! How did I not notice? SL is completely destroyed! How will I ever manage?). No I don't. It works. Clear cache - log in - teleport - play with camera - YouTube
  9. So.... what's the round-trip-time when you ping asset-cdn.glb.agni.lindenlab.com from your home on Ganymede? The assets have been on a distributed content delivery network(s) for a few years now.
  10. This sounds like a job for account specific customer support.
  11. One sets a URL on a Second Life hosted entity such as Parcel Media or Shared Media, also called Media on a Prim, that a Second Life Viewer then uses to play the streams locally. That local playback is entirely dependent upon the capabilities of the Second Life Viewer you are running. LL has provided, within their own viewer, the abilities of the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF), which does indeed play many types of media streams into a memory buffer that the Second Life Viewer then renders in a 2D window or on a surface in 3D space as described by where the URL is applied. Suggestion,
  12. Yes, good job. I don't want to sound like I am complaining about up-lift. I know it's a good thing. I only find the one problem and I suspect LL will be working to improve it and other things now.
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