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  1. English is hard but it's all I've got.
  2. Nah, it stabilizes and then goes back to normal. No need to relog.
  3. I seem to remember some issues with some drivers for that part accidentally defaulting to no-negotiation. Depending on what it is connected to via the LAN cable, you could end up with a half-duplex connection resulting in a lot of collisions. Might verify that it is auto-negotiating properly before getting out the wallet and screwdriver.
  4. Sometimes a reenactment of the Battle of Mobile Bay is required to get that snapshot. Sometimes it breaches and sinks but usually not. Even when it does, a relog is not needed, as the discarding resumes if I normalize that setting before I get a HEAP allocation fault. I would certainly prefer some middle ground but am stuck with LL’s LOWFER memory settings.
  5. Damn the torpedoes! Set Full Res Textures = TRUE!
  6. She is hilarious. I'll take two!
  7. Amazing, isn’t it? Now, would you care to share with the class why you typed second.com into your web browser?
  8. I followed the art and it led me to Luskwood on Second Life. There I found various woodland creatures preparing for a party. They were playing music and dancing and kicking griefer ass the moment I arrived. They seemed to be in control of the area and they welcomed me to join them. I think my first days in SL were better than what most experience.
  9. Whoa there. If Apple uses Arm cores in next generation iMac and Macbook, what does that do to SL and Apple computer users? “Think different” gets even more painful for them?
  10. Ardy Lay


    Maybe you could try what some “streakers” here tried. Wear a good protective face mask and nothing else. Onlookers were so amused that nobody wanted to stop or identify the streakers. Probably helps that they were pretty people and moving well. I use a couple of methods in SL. Clothing that covers the area is the obvious one. The other is the mesh body I chose has a hide option that renders a blank genital region. It also has the area masking features others have suggested in case the clothing chosen clips. In the clothing that covers department I have some bikini bottoms and panties made specifically for my mesh. I also have some prim skirts that include layers that make finding me inside frustrating and that can be combined with other methods. I’d rather be nude and since I am a fur often just use the blank genital region when going causal. Seems a shame Humans often are not extended the same courtesy but that’s life with a bare body, I suppose. Also, bikini season is a whole lot longer when you are covered with fur.
  11. All four of them should be fired for their various offences.
  12. That question probably wasn't for me, but I will answer anyway. I have used media on a prim for signs, an SVG clock face and an movie display with an SVG ATSC color bar pattern when there is no movie scheduled. Very few people have media enabled so they don't see them.
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