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  1. Any of the various teleport malfunctions and login failures and getting logged out when you are not ready to go yet. All the damn bots coming and going on my land. Seriously, what the hell?
  2. Last time I visited SLUniverse, a lot of members were bragging about how long it's been since they logged in to Second Life. It was just one of many topics that were active at the time. Most of it seemed very negative to me so I logged out and came here.
  3. Heh, I am. I didn't ask for permission to take and post their pictures so I didn't include any avatars in the snapshot.
  4. Every damn thing in an area is partially transparent when almost none of it should be.
  5. Probably just because it gets a reaction.
  6. My favorite moment was when I learned of the discontinuance of their video channel before I learned of its existence.
  7. Is it possible to up-vote the entire thread?
  8. He may be talking about those little game apps that show up in the start menu after an install and SOME updates. If so, yes, those are mildly annoying but they are hardly debilitating and they are now easy to remove. I had some H8 for them when they were hard to remove but got over it quickly.
  9. Somebody drowned their harem? Such waste is shameful! Seriously though, (said the failing comedian) I see a lot of avatars underwater just standing around. MOST ignore me when I visit them but a rare few have had people at the helm at the moment I visited. Dunno what they are up to. They would not say.
  10. I have been using Windows 10 for some years now and have never seen "desktop level advertisements". I feel like I am missing out on some H8 here. Where are my desktop level advertisements? Seriously though, I am gonna miss, well, did miss, Windows 7, sort of. Some really old hardware I was using did have vendor driver support for Windows 7 but not for Windows 10. To be fair, the vendor pulled driver support for Windows 8 because the hardware was 12 years old then and failing in ways people were constantly attributing to driver problems. So the vendor just gave up on the old stuff and focused on drivers for the fast-moving Windows 8 to Windows 10 infrastructure changes. Same thing happened with other hardware in that same computer when I went from Windows 2000 to Windows XP then again from Windows XP to Windows 7. ISA Ethernet and sound cards gave way to PCI replacements, Then the AGB video card gave way to a PCI Express replacement, which needed a motherboard change and that needed a CPU and RAM change. Etc., etc.... I considered using one of the many Linux distributions but the "support" there was saying "You have to use the right hardware, so piss off loser." Yeesh. I asked around and one of the, now former, Lindens told me that less than two tenths of one percent of Second Life login sessions were made from Linux Kernel operating systems and about half of those were ending abnormally. I TRIED IT ANYWAY. It worked. Second life worked fairly well on Slackware Linux when I tried, years ago. Sound worked. Heck, even Voice Chat was working for me but I was told that was because I cheated. I don't know what I cheated with though. I just installed and ran. My problem with that Linux setup was NOTHING ELSE worked. Well, nothing else that I wanted to do. Sure, there were "replacements" for most of it, but I didn't want to go that route. PERSONAL PREFERENCE at work there. Anyway, back to the Windows 7 thing. Yup. It's time for developers to move on. And that Steam statistic quoted earlier in this thread is weird in that it's including a bunch of Windows 7 installations that it did not include on the previous run. Don't just look at the summary, as the H8ter wants, look at the trends. I don't know what is going on there but it shows more Windows 7 systems being used to complete the survey than completed it the previous run. I wonder if some significant user base that was not participating began participating on this run? (This is VOLUNTARILY PROVIDED data. It is not automatic. It is not compulsory. One has to initiate the submission and manually complete it.) I rather suspect Linden Lab is still collecting data on what OS is hosting Viewers logging in to the Second Life service. I do not, however, expect Linden Lab to divulge that information. It is for them to use in deciding where to commit their manpower. Use what you want. Ignore the hate and vitriol here unless you are trying identify those people to filter them out of the potential pool of givers of good advice.
  11. Permission to affect an agent being stored with the script and not the agent is a SEVERE design flaw. This was just as monumentally stupid as originally having inventory permission and grid access level checking done by the viewer instead of the service software.
  12. I'd still be using Windows NT4.0 SP6a if Moe would let me.
  13. Infinite monkeys and all that, eh? When your inventory item names are so numerous that they contain every random set of 5 letters you can type …. hehe.
  14. Kardago, that is true, but doesn't cover all the situations when this happens.
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