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  1. Clues - it is not too far from a scandalous snow sculpture "Frosty the SnowPimp".....and an Infohub.
  2. Julia Hathor is gone. I used to love wandering through her regions looking at her different designs and cute creatures. Her landscaping was very calming, but some of her decorating was rather flamboyant. I miss Yadni Monde's wonderful freebie store. I believe Yadni moved on to another virtual reality. One of the freebies in the store was a collection of "Under 40-prim houses" and I recently unboxed the "Chelsea Flat" from it - perhaps it should be in an architectural museum somewhere. As for flexi hair & clothing, what else can you wear when you are dancing on the ceiling?
  3. I was intrigued by a unique building that seemed to have a large rotating snowball on top. Empty bottles indicate that festivity has been taking place, as is also indicated by the descriptions on the ice couches. Where am I? (Brent Linden and a group called Blue Snow!, December 2008).
  4. This is from ::Static. It is in a gacha that gives you a voucher. Mine does have an AO, but I have a problem reading the small print.
  5. Speed demon doesn't know how to slow down...Wendigaunt on cycle from Freebie Dungeon. Unttan 179/253/15 (underwater because steering is a problem at the speed we're going).
  6. This is Lewis Forest, in Lewis, on a Continent that I call Sharp. A lovely collection of 'Mad Tea Party' objects set the scene.
  7. I know how to cheat, but I much prefer to find the hunt object by reading the hint and looking around at the store and what is there.
  8. Yes, the 'Add' feature gave me the hud/texture and the chat that said "Please click BUY NOW....". I hardly ever wear boxes anymore :). Bottom line, I think, is that product labelling and unboxing needs to be more consistent. When a merchant gives you a 'box' it is really helpful if it is labelled "Add to unpack" or "click to add to inventory" or even "boxed". It is confusing when the box itself includes animations and special effects (sometimes the box is better than the product, and I have saved some special boxes to use as decor...). End of rant.
  9. Thank you for the explanation. I still get confused about permissions. What I meant by "made it inert" was that what I got when I clicked on the box symbol in inventory was a folder and a Caspervend script. I tried clicking on it again and got the message "Please click BUY NOW to claim your ___________" but clicking doesn't do anything. I'm assuming that somehow I messed it up when I clicked it the first time. My account shows that I paid for the item, but I am not going to ask for a refund or complain because it was not the merchant's fault. Alwin wrote: " i wouldn't say it's stupi
  10. Admittedly, it isn't hard... Why do I feel stupid? I paid for a gacha at Fantasy Faire and, in my haste, tried to open it. It turned out to be a voucher, and apparently opening it made it inert. I checked the seller's display at their inworld store, and sure enough, in tiny letters it says "This Gacha uses vouchers! M/C/NT After Opening" - Ummmmmmmm - I don't really know what 'M/C/NT' * means and I suspect I'm not alone. Even if I had read the fine print I still would have been at a loss. I also realized that I had bought an item from the same seller some time ago and made the s
  11. Here's the sign. I should add that any private club or organization has the right to exclude whomever they want; however, they should not be listed under "Newcomer Friendly".
  12. According to the Destination Guide, this place is "Newcomer Friendly" - but, I have to add, according to the sign, only for one gender.* Anyway, it is in Corsica. Where am I? ----------- *I am inclined to dislike places that are 'gender exclusive'. One amusement park I visited recently had a sign "No adult male unaccompanied by a child"...what? So if I identify as male and want to visit I have to borrow a Zooby baby? Besides, in SL we can be whatever we want to be, so who knows what evil lurks inside this innocent kitty facade?
  13. This is Hyles Swamp Infohub - Hyles 33/27/21 -
  14. I have a number of boats, but if I'm away from a rezz zone I put on the 'wearable' rowboat I got in a gacha at What Next - currently 50 Lindens. Also, I don't have good reflexes, but with the rowboat so far I've avoided some of the disasters I've had with faster boats (went up a tree once in a kayak, for example).
  15. I have three small parcels, and each has its own advantage. On Mainland I have one on sailable water that I am planning on giving up as soon as I find a place to put everything, and another slightly larger one inland I'm moving to. The third spot is in Bellisseria - I'm not terribly social, but having the Belli parcel gives me the most feeling of living in a community.
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