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  1. Here are a few shots of the interior of "Bears All The Way Down" in Cozy. Many items are from the gacha resale markets; although I bought the blue-canopy sleeping area at the recent Fantasy Faire. The big bear on the front porch was a table-top Half-Deer item I enlarged. I loved decorating this home. The fact that separate walls could be re-colored was a great help and I loved the big upstairs area. Putting in a partition to make room for a downstairs bathroom was not a good idea - the bathroom ended up too long and narrow. In future I would put a bathroom in an add-on. Kitchen not shown because I hadn't realized all the photos had not turned out before I removed all the furniture. You will have to take my word for it that it was fabulous. I will be abandoning parcel tonight.
  2. Not for those afraid of heights. . Ukanipo http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ukanipo/130/237/56 - Almost straight up and down. There is a very smalll part of the parcel that touches the river, but there is a 32m parcel 'group-access only' spot right next to it that can mess up a direct teleport, so I put the landing point on a platform half way up. Great view! There are a few small abandoned parcels nearby that you might be able to talk the Lindens into selling you if you want a full 1024 parcel. Right below Mahalu volcano. The map makes it look as if you could sail down the river, but there is a small waterfall you would have to go around.
  3. Was that named 'gggggggggg'? I believe this may be a clone of my place in Comfy - was curious why you abandoned it. Are there any absolutely unique Log Home regions? I don't have a problem with cloned regions, because I believe that which house we choose, and how we decorate and landscape, will make each place unique. I visited the place in Hardly There because I wanted to see what could be done on a similar plot. Visiting the different Log Home regions gives me lots of good ideas.
  4. Do houses reflect personality? Does an alt's character affect their choice of housing? My main alt 'lives' in a castle in Upaniko, the dreaded Mainland, and plans to stay there as long as she can afford tier. Because I had excess tier, she was also able to cycle through a Bellisserean traditional, Victorian, camper, and Lodge Home. I was not totally comfortable with any of them, because I miss being able to terraform and annoy my neighbors, but I love the community and the environment. RuffertasAlt got a wonderful houseboat in Echo Cove and plans to stay there as long as she can afford it. Since she has become more involved in Bellisseria, and belongs to different groups than the other alts, I believe she has a slightly different character. Some thoughts - in RL I am a dollmaker, and there are times when the doll/person I start to create turns into something different. I have heard other dollmakers say that "the doll talked to me and told me what it wanted to become." I have heard writers complain that their characters took over their story and sent it in a different direction. In Good Omens* a hell-dog is sent to Lucifer's son and becomes an ordinary dog, because that is what Lucifer's son wanted it to be. In Second Life we often judge on appearances - Body, animations, Profile, age, etc... and on the Display Name of the other avatar. I am going to react differently to a one-day old wearing an off-the-rack body whose name is 'Jane2000056' than I would to an alt wearing an advanced body who has a last name**. I have several alts, most of them started out as tier-alts or crash-test dummies, but as they were treated differently by others, depending on their avatars/clothing/Profiles each became somewhat different in my mind. Perhaps they are all different aspects of my personality? I find find "I" am treated differently depending on which alt I am inhabiting. In my opinion the more noob I look the less respect I get. Wearing anything non-Caucasian seems to attract more pervs than usual. I think that a Dinkie avatar seems to be perceived as more approachable. *Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett - I couldn't find the exact quote, but I recommend both the book and the Amazon movie. **Which is why I want a last name.
  5. One of my current pet peeves (I have a lot of them, like a crazy cat lady has cats) is going to an event and finding it full of avatars with complexities beyond 100,000. I have my preferences set relatively low (old computer) so if someone has a complexity over 60,000 they are just jelly people. Why get all dressed up if not everyone can see you and (perhaps) increase lag for everyone)?. It would seem that common courtesy would dictate that people wear low impact avatars when going out ....("Naah, who would see my beautifulness.") Ran into an avatar yesterday at one of my favorite regions - I don't know if it was an SL glitch, or whether she had gone beyond jelly person into invisibility. Anyway, I tried to use a vendor and instead of the expected response got "Pay ____________". I knew that wasn't the creator's name, but I couldn't see anyone, so I used 'show transparent' and set my preferences to what I call "computer crash" until I could see her. I IM'd her that I couldn't see her because of her complexity (103,000+) and perhaps she shouldn't stand in front of the vendor. No response, for many minutes. Later I got a long tirade from her, calling me the 'b' word and telling me I should mind my own business. That made me feel not so bad that I had AR'd her, thinking that perhaps she had become invisible on purpose to get money from the vendor. She was right, but really I was trying to be helpful. Really.
  6. I gave up my Traditional and started playing GOH with the lodge homes. After several days of getting and abandoning places that just didn't inspire me, I used my last pick and tried for a Victorian. I couldn't believe my luck. I did derender the hedges, but otherwise it is perfect. I hope that whoever abandoned this has been able to get a wonderful Lodge Home as a replacement.
  7. I saw this house around the first of the month. Was it an April Fool's joke, or someone who just likes outdoor living?
  8. I decided to try to decorate a traditional home. It's harder than it looks. Most items were from my inventory, or from garage sales. In the kitchen I splurged on a D-Lab refrigerator, but the kitchen cabinets are just textured prims - when I found one of the prims had stuck out into the living room I textured one side and pretended it was a painting. The lean-to greenhouse and freebie gazebo were textured to match the house siding. I got nostalgic and used some Julia Hathor furniture in the bedroom. Trying to decorate made me appreciate what others have done, and hope to do as well myself some day.
  9. Ran into a patch of rough weather in Petticoat - tornado, fog, snow, rain....It drove me batty.
  10. You got me -- it wasn't until I got to "alien abductions" that I did a double-take and realized what day it was. Whew!
  11. I'd been collecting landmarks for interesting places for years before I realized I should rename them to avoid duplication and confusion - now I (try to) start with the region name, some description, then the 'official' landmark' name. Same goes for naming things as you build - keeps you from having an inventory full of "Object"s. I'm glad the jungle regions are back. I have fond memories of doing the first quests. I don't need a lot of high-definition scenary to be happy - sometimes you have to use your imagination* - and the Pioneer Moles had wonderful creativity, imagination, and great senses of humor** *why I still play Minecraft sometimes **not that the current Moles aren't creative, imaginative, and funny***, but they have more pixels to play with. ***which reminds me about the original topic - I swear I saw a region on the map last week named "We Are All Doomed", but now I can't find it.
  12. Awesome! I think you should get another Premium avatar and leave this place as a permanent fixture of Bellisseria.
  13. I confess I am scared - as one of the 'older, immune-compromised' population at greater risk, I feel very vulnerable. More, though, I am frustrated at being house-bound and reflecting on all the things I can't do - I actually wasn't doing many of them before, but now I can't, and it seems worse somehow that all those opportunities were wasted. If I am spared I will do all I can to try to reach my full potential - I promise...(Although I suspect I will slide back into my old inertia...) Looking for good quotes about death I found: "I feel monotony and death to be almost the same." Charlotte Brontë Although, perhaps, Woody Allen's "I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." is more appropriate. I found reading Daniel Defoe's Diary of a Plague Year to be somewhat cheering in a macabre way. Likewise Connie Willis' Domesday Book. I am lucky, we have enough toilet paper for at least a month, I have SL, and the newest Animal Crossing. I find comfort in reading the comments on the forums, and knowing I'm not alone.
  14. "Feted Inner Corps" - (Or "Fetid Inner Corps") - a conspiracy theory that there is a secret group of Second Life Insiders who get special privileges for some reason. If there is such a group, none of them has ever admitted it.
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