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  1. My first house, in Green. It was just a half-cylinder with walls at each end. I couldn't figure out how to make the door work so I made the walls walk-through. I was so proud of it.
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Demorgan/239/149/51 Turns out that in my haste to put Tourist Information Centers on every Second Life Continent I ended up with two parcels on Route 7 in Corsica. This one is on the road, catty-cornered from a Pod Depot.
  3. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tethys/160/125/87 I bought more land in another sim to consolidate parcels to make them easier to manage. This parcel is an isolated one I had a lot of fun landscaping but never had time to perfect. I left objects in place to give prospective buyers an idea of what might work (and what doesn't work). I think I would skip the waterfalls if I did it again. Never did figure out how to make the zipline run uphill.... Road and pod route at top of slope. Pod route also runs through the rapids. i've also seen SLGI vehicles pass overhead. Land has steep slope down to the river with a view of the rapids and Enceledus sim across the way. The river rapids are not really navigatable, but downriver there is a place you can get a free innertube. Public Land Preserve parcels across the way. Some of my neighbors had political signs out but I permanently derendered them so don't know if they are still there.
  4. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gumtree/187/3/25 - This is an odd-shaped parcel. I can cut off the "tail" to make it only 512 for 1536 if you prefer. As stated, this is on a pod route, and Squall Beach (a Magellan crash site) is next door. Helfell Infohub and Fuerte de San Phillipe are one sim over, although I confess that many newbies do not seem to find their way out of the infohub. I had a tourist information office here, but I am moving it across the road so that I could offer water access.
  5. Rufferta

    So This is What the Lindens Were Building - My Thoughts

    I read the article, and watched the video, but it is not clear if these new parcels are zoned "Residential Only". I checked Auction Parcel #5 and there is no covenant. Does anyone know? I know that the "Linden suburbs" are "resident only" but places like Nautilus also seem to have commercial builds. Does anyone know if I could put up a "Tourist Information Office" up in the new area?
  6. Rufferta

    So This is What the Lindens Were Building - My Thoughts

    I like the new residential areas, but I'm glad to hear that you can put up your own house if you don't like what is already there. The roads are nice, and the fact that the residential area surrounds a quest area may draw more customers. I'll be interested to see how the auctions go.
  7. Rufferta

    request for better linden homes

    I've seen some nice 512's come up for auction - become a Premium member and if you buy a yearly membership with automatic renewals you will never have to check in again. You would have to pay for the 512, of course, but after that you would not have monthly tier payments and you could build exactly what you want!
  8. Rufferta

    Looking for Linden Bears

    Thank you, Nicci Pond and Prokofy Neva, for your replies. I guess I had better put that notecard in the "Ancient History" section along with things like "Last Names."
  9. Inspired by Ferd Frederix's "How to Find and Get Linden Bears in Second Life" on www.outworldz.com I followed his clues. I got Nichol Linden's prototype bear at the corner office in Linden Estate Services. I found the Lottie, Elle, and Concierge Linden Bears in the 1-World Village in Meiji West. I found the Scottie Bear by Lynx Linden in Pooley. I followed the clues from the white bear on the railing of Simon Linden's house in Denby and got a Simon Linden Bear (eventually). Having run out of Ferd's clues I kept looking. I found bears from Kelly, Kyle, Dakota, Alexa and Brooke Linden on the Marketplace. In Rizal I played a "Claw" game and got a stuffed Mole toy and a shoulder teddy, and then at Pyri I clicked on some of the game booths and got a Pyri Bear/Mermaid but after that I ran out of places to look. For example, one blog said that Harmony Linden had set out a bear on her parcel in Linden Village but I couldnt find the parcel. There don't seem to be very many Lindens inworld at all, in fact. I pulled up search and put in %Linden and profile after profile was completely blank - no profile picture, no picks, nada. I think it was one of the few full profiles that said "If you want my bear, look on the Marketplace." I guess they get tired of getting IM's saying "send me a bear". Anyone have any information about any Linden Bears that might be available without having to trespass or IM? I'm looking for information for a short notecard tour for my Tourist Information Office. The notecard will also include a short paragraph on "How to Identify a Linden Inworld". (My understanding is that they will be called _________Linden, their profile will say "Linden Lab Employee" and their chat text will be blue...any other clues?) Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  10. Rufferta

    Looking for destinatons

    I sent a notecard with some landmarks that can be used within Second Life. I was going to paste them here, but it didn't work! 1.Skiiing/snowboarding/ice skating - The area around Chalet Linden has some free snow sports. You can also visit Chamonix City. 2.motorbiking - see notecard 3.biking in forests: I'm not familiar with the area another forumite referenced, but - in Rizal, in a shop named "Bikes" you can get a free bike and helmet and bike across the bridge towards Perry through a small wooded area. There are many interesting sims around, including the community of Luskwood around Lusk, places to explore near Ahern welcome area, and further south there are many sims set up for vehicle testing. 4.kayaking,canoing - on Kenosaki in the Coastal Waterway you can get a free kayak. 5.cafes/restaurants - the Juice Bar in Brownlee is just one of many places 6.bike/skate parks - there is an iceskating rink in Neverland - one of many 7.car racing - look in the area south of Rizal to see the large vehicle testing area. Also, in Natoma, near the Ivory Tower of Primitives, there is a vehicle track. 8.state parks - I've mentioned the Virtual Land Preserve, but there are many beautiful parks and scenic areas in Second Life like the Second Life Botanical Park. 9.zip lining - - the zip line is only one of many wonderful options in Whimsy.
  11. Rufferta

    Really struggling to fit in anywhere

    I really liked Nalytha's comments and I'm planning to use some of them myself, since I'm not really good at making friends, either. I'm not sure you will find friends on the forums. It is a great place to get and give information, but inworld I find that joining groups that share my same interests is better. Figure out what you want to do, then look for a group that shares that interest. One thing to be careful of, though, in the long history of Second Life many groups have formed and then become dormant. Click on the group and look for more detailed information - is anyone on the member list online? - are notices sent out regularly? If you are interested in building then Happy Hippos, Builder's Brewery, and Dreams Builders are good. Newcomers could benefit by joining NCI or Helping Haven. Gamers might like to join Mad Peas, etc.... Just going to concentrations of green dots is not always reliable. I always find piles of bodies at the Zindra Infohubs, but most of them are not looking for the same things I am. Hope this is a little help.
  12. Rufferta

    Landscaping Advice

    Nalytha wrote: I was wondering if anyone could give some landscaping advice for my home. More specifically, what I might do about the green space that is in front of my house and touching the water. My land extends into the water a little bit, so that is up for suggestions as well. I'm extremely bored and I hope this is the right subgroup to post in. Thanks in advance!  De gustibus...and all that. I think a lot depends on your personal taste. I had some RL software once, though, that created a little model of your house and then gave you little landscape items that you could move around -- sort of a paper dolls approach. You could use Linden plants to get an approximation of size and shape. In Second Life I look around to see what my neighbors have planted, based on my assumption (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) that it is easier for Linden computers to rezz multiple identical items than multiple different items. I also consider what my view from inside the parcel is, and what people see looking towards the property. I think horizontal yellow lines are passé, by the way...
  13. Rufferta

    Looking for destinatons

    TimeofSnow wrote: 1.Skiiing/snowboarding/ice skating - 2.motorbiking 3.biking in forests 4.kayaking,canoing 5.cafes/restaurants 6.bike/skate parks 7.car racing 8.state parks 9.zip lining if this is the wrong forum please move it thank you! ---------- I'm not in SL right now, but next time I'm there I will try to send you some links. Another way for you to find out would be to check the search function when you are in Second Life. If you don't get a lot of hits the first time try using another word, for example, if you were looking for railroads you might also try "rail roads" or "trains" or "RR". Also try http://secondlife.com/destinations - there is a sidebar that lists things by category. Off the top of my head, for vehicle racing there is a large area on Mainland near one of the public sandboxes, also a track near the Tower of Primitives. For snow sports there are a lot near the Linden Chalet in snowlands, but there is also a whole "winter city" just west of the snowlands, I think. You can get a free scooter at Sasstech, or a free bicycle or car at any of the Arcadia Allie freebie sites. Some of the islands in the Blake Sea area will give you free sailboats or kayaks (also at Linden docks near other sailable water). I'm not sure there are "state parks" as such, but if you visit Ross there is a poster that will give you a list of preserves. I've seen zip lines many places. I have on at Riverrun in Tethys, but I'm afraid there is a better one at Whimsy Kaboom. Have fun!
  14. Visit the Jungle Complete the quest in the White Islands. Catch a fairy in a jar or complete the mini-quests(2) at one of the premium subdivisions. Get a free sailboat and sail the Sea of Fables. Visit one of the Arcadia Alley freebie sites, get a free bicycle, and explore the roads on the Mainland. Take one of the Yavanna Podtours. Catch a ride on one of the SLGI vehicles. Go to a sandbox and see if you can build a house under 30 prims. Get a classic body and play with the sliders. Fly a plane. Ski. Ice skate. Get a free parachute and try jumping out at 3000 feet.
  15. Rufferta

    Curious about houses in SL

    Both prim and mesh houses have their advantages, and some builders use a combination of materials. I like prims because you can build on site and adapt the house to the shape, size, and terrain of the parcel, but mesh uses up less of your prim allotment. One of my favorite prim houses is the Porky Gorky Gecko I have in Cecropia, but I also have some mesh Chin Rey builds and some excellent houses by Barnesworth Anubis and others. Even though mesh usually uses less resources I would like to see everyone in Second Life learn to build with prims at least to the extent of being able to put foundations on their houses. I cringe when I'm travelling down a road in SL and pass a structure that is hovering a few feet off the surface. I'm trying to learn Blender, and hat's off to those who are skilled in its use.