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  1. Second Life Server: No roll for Second Life Server, as we had to roll back our RC last Friday. Second Life RC: All RC channels will be getting the same new build. (Release notes link TBD for version 2021-03-25.557505) This release contains internal fixes. Wednesday 2021-03-31 07:00-10:30 PDT No roll for Second Life RC Regions, we found a last minute bug that halted release. On Region Restarts: All regions should have less than 10 days uptime this week, so no rolling restarts should be necessary.
  2. Second Life Server: No Roll Second Life RC: Version 556847 will be deployed to all RCs Release Notes can be found at https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/simulator/2021-03-11.556847.html Wednesday 2021-03-17 07:00-10:30 PDT On Region Restarts: All regions should have been restarted within the last 10 days, so we don't anticipate any rolling restarts other than the RC version change this week.
  3. We do have a small number of regions still running 556138, this is intentional for testing purposes. All changes in 556138 are included in 556225.
  4. Second Life Server: No Roll Second Life RC: Version 2021-02-17.556138 will be deployed to RC Oranges (a group of simulators smaller than what used to be called RC BlueSteel) to test a different method of getting performance improvements as we continue to monitor Apples after some issues with data collection prevented us from being able to move forward confidently to all RCs. Version 2021-02-17.556138 (or a rebuilt version of it, final build number TBD) will be deployed to all RCs. This version is a hybrid of what was on the
  5. Second Life Server: No Roll Second Life RC: Version 2021-02-05.555747 to each of two channels called Apples and Oranges. This version has been quietly on Agni for the last week on a single host in a couple of different configurations; it has been successful enough we're now moving two of the configurations to more hosts to gather additional data as to whether changes we made to optimize performance are broadly successful. Patch notes: Release Notes Internal fixes aimed at optimizing performance Scheduled Wednesday 2021-02
  6. Second Life Server: No Roll Second Life RC: Version 2021-02-01.555570 Patch notes: Release Notes Internal fixes Resolved Issues BUG-228783 llSitOnLink() is not generating Notifications nor logs in Events in the viewer. BUG-8265 CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON and CONTROL_LBUTTON not working when llTakeControls called in the experience_permissions event Also known as BUG-230131 SL-14802 Some notifications can be very spammy We added additional logging from the simulator to the viewer for experience permissi
  7. Second Life Server: No Roll Second Life RC: Version 2021-01-19.555189 Patch notes: Release Notes Internal fixes Resolved Issues BUG-228783 llSitOnLink() is not generating Notifications nor logs in Events in the viewer. New Features BUG-230026 Extended error return for llHTTPRequest Documentation on the new extended error return data can be found here Scheduled Wednesday 2021-01-27 07:00-10:30 PST On Region Restarts: With our RC release on Wednesday everything should be restarted more recently than 2 weeks until next week.
  8. Second Life Server No roll this week Second Life RCs: 2021-01-08.554811 Patch notes: Release Notes Miscellaneous EEP Fixes Logging changes for Routed to Wrong Region error Resolved Issues SL-14635 Additional simulator logging for "Routed to wrong region" error BUG-229079 [EEP] Denisity multiplier does not allow full range of settings to be saved/loaded BUG-226259 [EEP] Please add missing components to llSetAgentEnvironment(). Scheduled Wednesday 2021-01-13 07:00-10:30 PST On Region Restarts: We don't anticipate a need for rolli
  9. Literally nothing, it's the exact same build, we're just unable to re-roll the same version number due to technical constraints (one more problem we're aiming to fix soon!)
  10. We intentionally didn't roll a fraction of the Magnum and Second Life Server hosts last Friday to minimize the disruption to the grid. Everything that we didn't roll on Friday should be updated today. And that should conclude the rolls for this week, but we do have a few more end of year changes we're working on, so watch this forum and the grid status blog for information on any additional rolls.
  11. Update @ 2020-12-11 11:45 PST : added plans for Friday rolls. We're continuing our daily rolls this week as we get closer to the finish line of having uplifted simulators ready for an all-uplifted future. Monday: Morning: Second Life Server (Main Channel) will restart between 6:00 AM and 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/simulator/2020-12-01.553168.html Tuesday: Morning: Second Life RC channels will restart in the morning, 6 AM - 9:30 AM Pacific Standard Time. https://releasenotes.secondlife.com/simulator/2020-12
  12. Hello Residents! As mentioned in several places this week is going to be particularly packed with rolls. We anticipate having rolls approximately every 12 hours on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. What follows is our best guess of what the week will look like, but please note that all times are subject to change or cancellation if our tests find issues, and if we do have issues we can't resolve quickly, we may need to roll back to the current release version 2020-11-19.552571. We know how disruptive all these rolls will be to all of you this week and apologize in advance. We're worki
  13. Next week we're making a one-time effort that might be somewhat unpredictable. This is a complex, multi-step process to make simulators cloud-aware and then cloud-first for various kinds of in-world objects. This will not be the New Normal. Remaining in the intermediate states would result in degraded performance for Residents. We want to avoid that so we are compressing our schedule as much as possible.
  14. There are not any regions left in the datacenter that are suitable for long or medium term projects. If you are encountering issues on uplifted regions, please file a bug report for each issue you are encountering at jira.secondlife.com
  15. Just to clarify yes, you all are correct that by about 24 hours after this post (and hopefully a lot sooner!) we will have all regions on the main grid in the cloud, except for a couple of regions we're keeping around to help work around issues like BUG-229623 which reproduce in the cloud, but not in the colo.
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