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  1. Be warned that BoB isn't as "pretty" as the isle and it can be pretty barren if you want no-rules servers. x_x But it's got more content, arguably. I'm pretty sure I'd be able to run ark :0 I can run Red Dead 2 on a mix of ultra, high, and mid settings. Got an Asus here, I had an alienware a few years back before upgrading to my asus and I'll honestly never go back to alienware despite liking the aesthetics more, because I was able to get better hardware overall for about the same price. Like... My alienware was 1.5k, my asus was about the same but the nvidia card and cpu were like, 5x better. I wanna get a desktop some day, but laptops are better for my living situation atm. ^^ If you find some nice communities to go to def lemme know, I've been looking for a long while now. :0 All of the furry communities I've tried have such a heavy emphasis on nsfw content that I end up not feeling comfortable sticking around. The one place I did enjoy, the owner banned me from because I didn't want to be his steam/discord friend. >_> Long story.
  2. How long ago did you first try The Isle? It used to be pretty bustling years back when I first yoinked it (like, 2016? Or so?) but maps keep getting bigger and updates keep getting fewer and further between. There's a "recode" in progress rn where the devs are basically recreating the game from the ground up, there's a trailer for it called Hope out. A lot of the playerbase has dropped off because the game hasn't been updated in almost a year, but it'll probably spring back up once it's out! There are supposed to be, like.... 14 new dinosaurs added, or something? Along with flying reptiles + deinosuchus. I've never tried Ark, I'd like to sometime though. :0 Atm I just kind of pingpong between The Isle and Beasts of Bermuda to get my dino fix, probably gonna yoink Path of Titans on release day! You'll probs get better results if you search individual pokemon names vs "pokemon" itself, for example Umbreon brings up almost 200 results, Pikachu over that. ^^ Whoa that's a lot of games! I'm sure I have close to that number with steam and irl discs/cartridges combined though. Oh man another game with a good story and music is Okami if you haven't heard of that one. I'm doing a nuzlocke right now for the steam version, since I've played the original PS2 release every year since it first came out. I'll def do that! Sorry for such big messages, I tend to ramble about topics that interest me aha xwx
  3. Yeahhh what I typically do is just buy eyes fit for the specific head or shape, then texture them to fit whatever I need. xwx I dare not make my own eyes... Nor adjust em... I should probably learn how to do it sometime but eh LOL Aaa survival games, yessss. I used to play The Isle daily but now I'm just waiting for the recode. :'D Hopefully by feb. If not, Path of Titans is what I'm setting my sights on... As for a pokemon av, you could always search pokemon in the SL Marketplace and see what comes up-- careful not to buy any mod kits you don't have the base avatars needed for, though! Reading descriptions are mega important, I made such a bad mistake of buying mod kits and not the actual avatars when I was new to SL. Oh man beautiful is an understatement, it's soooo goooood. The announcer in Pyre is great too, I modded a dragon based off of him out of a snokra for my boyfriend a year or so back and uploaded a handful of sound gestures to match. I still need to try Bastion and Transistor sometime, as well as Hades. I've heard they're both good, but I do worry I won't like them as much as Pyre just because it's the supergiant game I've played first. ;w;
  4. Ohhhh gosh furry eyes are the bane of my existence. > > Typically eyes that fit in one head won't fit in another without a LOT of fiddling. There's also that annoyance of trying to get them in the right spot if you want them to move with your camera/mouse... So many times I think I'll get them right, only for them to move and pop 2 ft out of the skull. x_x I love minecraft! And anything building-related, really. I'm kind of guilty of just playing on a private realm with friends and only ever messing around in creative mode. ;w; Atm my big addictions are Planet Zoo, Red Dead 2, and Spyro Reignited. Love nintendo stuff too but unfortunately haven't been able to play many nintendo games due to not having the latest consoles. Pretty much everything after the original Wii I haven't been able to get. Edit: I'd totally recommend checking out Pyre on steam since you're a pc gamer. The art style is so pretty and I love all of the characters, but it seems like such a little known game. :0
  5. Modding your own avatars def isn't easy and takes a ton of practice, but it's soooo worth it! I hand make my own textures; it's not too dissimilar to putting together sewing patterns, and once you get a feel for it, it's a really fun hobby. Pretty much all of my spending money is generated from my sales now, so I haven't had to put cash into SL in a long time. ^^ I wouldn't mind giving pointers and stuff for putting your own avs together sometime if you'd want! Like I said, I've been looking for some nice people to hang out with for a while now aha. What kind of gaming related stuff btw? :0
  6. Hey there! Nice profile pic, what a pretty snokra. ^^ I've been on SL for years and still find it awkward to explore around, aha. I never know where to go and can find it daunting to visit heavy-traffic areas, especially when they're all quiet and never speak in local. I mostly spend my time modding avatars when I'm on, I have a ton of em, including a few custom snokras! I've been poking around for people to talk to and places to hang out, so go ahead and drop a message if you'd like. :0
  7. Recently the place I used to rent (it was a skybox rental with over 1k prims, 500L a week) popped out of existence and now I'm looking for a new spot to call my own. I don't think I want another skybox rental, but I'm not too sure yet... I'd like a relatively low-lag but still pleasant to look at spot to plop a house down and carve out a little living. Any kind of like... Forest-y, mountainous, even snowy area would be neat. Something kind of rural? Or even a quaint little suburb-ish place. Moreover I'd also like to find a spot to openly hang out at with active people to interact with/talk to/meet and such. A community of sorts? But not like one of those "rp communities" with people playing characters and rping domestic lives and such. I don't want to interact with an rp character. Just... An organic community feel, I guess? Does anyone have any recommendations? I'd prefer a place that's furry-friendly at bare minimum as myself and my partners all use furry avs. To rule out places I've already been, I used to live at Joystick's a long time ago before their big renovation-- that place is way too laggy now to where I have to drop my quality off of ultra to explore, and it was never really that active when I DID live there. People were either quiet/kept to themselves, were afk, or kind of cliquey feeling... Being kind of introverted despite wanting to meet people, it's super discouraging walking up to a crowd and not even getting any kind of welcome/reason to engage with them. :s I'd def prefer weekly price ranges to be somewhere in the 500L range but I'm willing to check out both higher and lower prices depending on the prim count available and overall look/feel of the area. Hopefully there are some spots kind of like this I could check out... Sorry if it's too specific or anything. xwx
  8. The sim itself didn't go down. The owners just decided to sell it or something and nuke all of their rental services without giving people much of a notice. :I Makes me feel like I'm not allowed to buy the things I want now if I rent somewhere else because I run the risk of losing actual money if it pops out of existence like this...
  9. Hey there, so I've run into a problem... The place I've been renting from and living for well over a year abruptly decided to close their rental services (over the holidays nonetheless 😒) and I wasn't around to get the (insanely short) notice and take back my no-copy items before everything got nuked. I logged in and everything was gone. I checked my inventory, lost and found, etc. Did a search, nothing. I've lost: Plenty of no-copy stuff from PrimPossible/MeshPossible, a Truthball, and a Greedy Greedy table, along with other misc things. These items were anywhere from 600 to 1+k lindens. I'm like... over 25 items down I'd say. That's a lot of money. There's no redelivery option for them on the MP, did I seriously just lose everything...?
  10. Oh gosh I've been looking for this exact kind of thing with no luck. Even settling for only "furry inclusive" spaces and not strictly furry hangouts hasn't helped. Tried clubs and adult zones too, but... Everyone is either afk, seem really distant and cliquey, or specifically there to try to hit on people and nothing more. I just want a nice, neutral atmosphere type place (preferably not a shopping zone like Luskwood, tried there and people are usually afk too and the vendors are a bit unsightly). If you ever find such a place... Mind hitting me up and letting me know? :0 There's nothing I want more on SL right now than to become a regular at a friendly hangout spot.
  11. Trying to make one of my characters in SL but I've hit a roadblock at the horns. I'm a texture artist, so the colors/texture doesn't matter as long as it's modifiable! The jewelry and misc dangly pieces don't matter a ton either as I can easily make them myself. I'm just having a hard time finding 2 pronged antlers with the right thickness and curve to them. All of the antlers I've seen so far are generic looking pointy deer antlers.
  12. I do! It's just called Peri's Mod Shop at the moment because I'm lazy with names, aha. Be careful if you purchase anything though, it's all modkits for specific bodies that will only work with said bodies, some being less newbie friendly than the others. ^^ Just saw your sona btw, very cute! I think I might know some parts that'd fit it if you'd wanna drop me an IM in-world sometime. For heads, I'd suggest maybe taking a look at any of the PAWS heads or maybe the Foxen head, though I'm not sure if they have tongue controls (can't remember right now, I think the foxen head does though for sure) and see what you think of em. Yesss I can't play it without the original OST honestly, it's so good. I gave Reignited's music a try and wound up really disappointed, it's either usually too soft or just... Weird sounding? If you havent heard them yet, listen to the Reignited version of Magma Cone or Molten Crater... Both are really bad. x-x Magma Cone just makes me super uncomfortable when the "vocals" come in and Molten Crater has a weird... aquaria towers overlay that's 100% out of sync with the rest of the tempo. Drives me nuts LOL I did!! It's still kinda unfinished though, I made it before I knew how to texture stuff so the outside looks like a total mess. The inside is as close as I could get without custom textures though! I ended up hitting the limit of prims I could link onto a single structure though so certain things are more unfinished than I'd like (like Steven's bathroom) ;w;
  13. Yeah, there's definitely a learning curve to furry stuff until you learn what all the parts do, keywords for items, etc. Every furry avatar you unbox is bound to be different unless it's a mod for an existing head/body. I wouldn't mind helping you with some stuff if you'd like! Creating is my passion on here and it's what keeps dragging me back to SL. Oof I get you on the stalking thing, I've dealt with it before too on a different, SL-like site. The only people privy to IRL details like where exactly I live and my address and whatnot are two people I trust with my life lol. I'm pretty shy with showing my face and voicing til I work up my confidence around people though. ^^; Ahhh I love Ripto's Rage! It's the very first game I ever played and it has such a big place in my heart, it's hands-down my favorite Spyro game (though I do prefer the original one to Reignited's, I miss the old voice acting and other silly things like the classic Colossus monk chant, the double jump glitch etc)!! Though I do have to say, Reignited's version of Spyro 1 made me fall in love with it all over again. 1 was my least favorite of the originals with how empty it felt, probably because I played it after 2, but Reignited is so gorgeous and the movement feels so nice to control that I've replayed the first game three different times already. ;w; (and aaa someone else who knows Steven Universe! Peri's my fav by far! Also I saw what you said about renting a place and plopping furniture down. You could always snag some freebie stuff off of the marketplace and try rezzing and moving it around in a Sandbox til you get the hang of it. If we meet in-world, maybe I could show you the hand-built replica of Steven's house I made with standard prims a while back!)
  14. Hey there, welcome to SL! I'm not much into human avatars, but I love making furries and texturing all of the fun mesh bodies they have to offer. ^^ I've been looking for more friends to hang out with as well, it's so hard to find good furry-friendly hangout spots that aren't heavily NSFW themed (it's something I try to avoid too when I can help it, aha). You could drop me an IM if you'd wanna talk or hang out at all! We're the same age and the rest of my friends are in the same general age range as well. I'm not shy about giving rl details/interests (to an extent ofc) and make sure I let people know they're talking to me directly and not a character I'm rping, even though that can be offputting to some users. I'm an avid gamer of all consoles and I'm not really biased toward any, though I do prefer pc gaming so I can play with friends more easily! Current favorite games include Overwatch, Spyro Reignited, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Anyway, feel free to look me up in world if you want! I have plenty more info in my profile and picks. 😄
  15. Ahh man I have a few, some more petty than others. Gesture spam. I don't mind gestures for the most part, but the really loud ones with high pitched voices that are usually accompanied by 5 giant lines of "fancy" symbols in the chat... Ugh. Especially when they get used multiple times in a single minute. People who either don't read my profile and picks before talking to me or conveniently only read what they want to see. I can't tell you the amount of times I've had overly muscled male avatars trying to flirt when I clearly state that I'm taken (and not into men anyway). It's worse when they disguise it as casual conversation first and then totally ditch once I catch on and turn the advances down. The total lack of clothes for my preferred bodies. I wear nonhuman meshes most of the time (snokra and thicc fox are favs) and there's such an abysmal selection for them. The clothes for them that I do like are made by the same creator, so all of my outfits look the exact same no matter which mesh I choose to wear, it's such a bummer. Places that don't state that they have a dress code in their info. Being shy and wanting to avoid conflict as it is, having those awkward run-ins where you get yelled at for being nonhuman when it's not stated in the description makes me not want to go out at all. Similarly, places that actually cater to my preferred style/interests are usually full of sexual nonsense, and the M or G rated areas are empty. It makes it so hard to socialize... And worse yet, when you go somewhere that's well populated and everyone's just afk-dancing so there's no one to speak to. When there are active people, they act super cliquey and standoffish. Buying an item only to have to open 2+ boxes before you can use it. I don't mind a single box, but I've run into creators that decide to put every single variation/color in separate boxes aside from the initial unpack. Avatars with unnaturally giant and detailed muscles or boobs bigger than their heads. Not as egregious as everything else, but creepy overly vein-y muscles or boobs that look like they're about to pop gross me out. AOs that have idles that wander 20ft from where your avatar actually is. It's such a shame when the animations themselves actually look really nice, because they're so overly fidgety and awkward to use in public due to running through crowds of people. Edit: I forgot the worst one. Getting chased out of a sim or made to change shapes because people mistake my avatar for a child. Apparently using my actual height (5ft) and not having giant breasts means I'm a child in the eyes of everyone else on SL.
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