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  1. Is this like... in the wrong section or something, lol? Surprised there hasn't been any kind of possible answer yet to this weird problem.
  2. Nothing but Ultra quality, some nice antialiasing and depth of field on. Cropped out my HUDs and such since I don't use the SL screenshot feature and instead use lightshot to printscreen. ^^ Got a new laptop with higher specs than my last and found out it can run SL at a smooth 60 with DoF on and decided to take a couple shots. I don't usually post pictures of my avatars but here are.
  3. Hey there, so this problem cropped up today for some reason. There's a disconnect between what myself and my boyfriend see when we're sitting on furniture together. We tried it on multiple different pieces of furniture and some poses would just... be like this. I stood up and sat back down, same issue. Switched to a working pose and back, same issue on the same pose but fine on a new one. Reset avatar animations, same issue. Does anyone know what's up or how this could be fixed? It's obviously not an issue with the furniture or poses as they've been used totally fine prior to today + we tried multiple unrelated items. We're both running the latest version of Firestorm on Windows 10 if that helps at all. Neither of us are wearing any kind of attachment that could be causing the problem.
  4. There are multiple other threads here with people asking for or about clothing. I really don't see the issue here...?
  5. I tried wanted already and the thread was pretty much dead on arrival so I tried here. What's the point of the fashion section if you're not supposed to talk about a fashion accessory/clothes...?
  6. Jeez still nothing? I'm kind of shocked this kind of clothing isn't more common.
  7. I've been hunting around for a suitable waist sash for a while now with no success. The ones I have found are unrigged or a sculpty and don't sit well with a ton of clipping. Anyone know where to find a good waist sash similar to this (that's modifiable!!!) that sits well on a maitreya-type build? I'm technically using the athletic regalia body, but most maitreya clothes fit it pretty well. The flappy bit behind doesn't really matter, I can easily make one with a flexi if I really need to. Any sashes I've found are either really thin and skin-tight so they don't sit above pants, or they're too high up on the body instead of sitting on the hips. There are plenty of "wrap" style jackets but they're not quite what I need. xwx I'm surprised there aren't more like these.
  8. Which is exactly why I struggle so much to shop because no-mod is no good to me. I'm not sure why this is such a trend with human bodies because 99% of mesh clothes for furry bodies are mod. :s Either way, even if something is only mod for tinting, I can still make my own textures for them by experimenting around until I figure out the UV myself in my preferred art program and then hand paint my own texture. Either way, if anyone knows of something kind of similar or knows what "style" it'd be considered, I'm all ears.
  9. Aw man, that's the top but I'm so sad it's no-mod. Trying to find other similar styles now that I could modify by chance... Thanks for finding it though!
  10. Or the style name/shirt type, at least? I'm after them for the sleeves mostly, I've found similar sleeves but they don't have the subtle downward curve at the shoulder or they lack the puffiness closer down at the wrist.
  11. Another thing I'm struggling with is finding pants like the above the cut off at the knee line because they obviously won't fit over the digitigrade leg unless I were to commission someone for a custom mesh (which at this point I'd consider depending on how much it'd be lol).
  12. Anyone know any clothes that could look similar to this? I'm using the athletic Regalia body, so most if not all Maitreya clothes work. I can find some arm silks that are pretty close, a top that's kinda close but not quite, and my biggest struggle so far is the sash around her waist and the pants. I figured I might be able to get away with some style of capris, but so far I haven't found any that have that have snug-fit pantlegs/cuffs like that. Any and all suggestions would be great! Side note that I obviously don't expect colors to be exact! As long as they're modifiable, I can easily tint/texture them to my liking.
  13. Oh man I feel this whole post in my soul, lol, except I've been on SL for years. I know what you mean about feeling out of place; all of my avatars are furries and I'm well aware of the weird stigma around them both in-world and irl. Nothing more awkward than trying to go somewhere and finding out it's a "no furries allowed" type area or just an area full of realistic looking humans where I stick out like a sore thumb and feel unwelcome because nobody says anything. Not to mention more often than not, a lot of residents try to drive a hard wedge between SL and RL which makes it so hard to make friends that are more than just SL-deep. There are only so many things to talk about in an rp sense and I like to discuss irl interests, video games, etc. If anything in my profile looks interesting to you feel free to message! I'm on kind of infrequently right now but I'd like to get more invested in SL again. I only really hop on nowadays to make a new avi and do texture work.
  14. I've been lurking in this thread for a while and I'm kind of baffled by the OP's way of thinking. Apparently their way of playing SL is right and everyone else who doesn't follow their rigid guidelines is "wrong", in their eyes. Like, riddle me this: I state in my profile I don't do rp here and whenever you're talking to me, you're talking to me and not a character, regardless of what avatar I'm presenting myself with. You're not going to get any different responses when I'm wearing a feral fox, dragon, or deer avatar than you would if I were wearing one of my plethora of furry avatars because I'm not playing any kind of character, I'm just using the avatar to represent me in this virtual space. So why is that "wrong"? I don't see what the big deal is that some people, using myself as an example, like to use SL to find people to hang out and chat with, and to possibly take the friendship outside of SL if we get along well enough-- say, exchange steam or battle.net IDs and play games together outside of the platform-- that has nothing to do with the example you used of a pervy user wanting to cyber, lol. And that's not to say I avoid people who soft rp, either. I don't demand people tell me all of their personal info. If it comes out naturally in convo, then great! If it doesn't, that's also fine! But at the end of the day, if they're not someone who is going to tolerate me talking about RL stuff every now and then (i.e "so this happened to me today [irl]" or "I just got this new game on steam and I've been having a blast, sorry I haven't been on much", etc) they're probably not someone who's going to get along with me. I don't really get the issue with having multiple ways of presenting yourself through different avatars either. Not everyone views them as either a clear-cut representation of themselves or a representation of a character. A LOT of my avatars are based off of characters I have that I draw, I just don't rp them. I use them as a visual representation of my space in the world-- they're "me" in a figurative sense but not literal. I kind of see them as just another art form, as I do texture work in my spare time and love the feeling of getting to represent myself via my own art. Kind of like how some artists might use their own artwork as a profile picture elsewhere. I don't see how that kind of thing is "nefarious". I'm legitimately curious where OP's beef with people who don't rp comes from.
  15. IMO Timber Wilds has the best quad animations I've seen, and I highly prefer other avatars with similar standards. The chibi noodle, the maneki neko, anything from Red Remora, the kyuubi, BRDMRT's spooky raptor and manticore are also top notch. Basically I like quality over quantity; as I said earlier I was pretty disappointed with the Dawn Kingdoms dragon and it has a LOT of animations. They're just all stiff and unnatural... I also found the Roarbeast wyvern to be really stiff too-- another avatar I bought and only wore once. 😕 I no longer trust reviews on quad avatars because of that, as both of those are rated pretty highly and a lot of reviewers praise the animations and such. It's so hard to find decent quad dragons...
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