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  1. Ahh thanks! I'm struggling to find it in the marketplace though, is there an mp link to the shop? Or is it in-world only? I can't log in right now to check ;w;
  2. So, uh... Just because more than one person has an opinion on something doesn't necessarily make it right, per se... Just gonna leave it at that, lol
  3. I mean... Using language like " I cannot imagine how a post would go over if someone posted that they were looking to just hang out with white people" was stated with the express intention to cause drama, is it not? Would those exact words be said on a post about someone looking for other trans people? Or someone looking for other furries? Or someone looking for other fans of x music genre? Or what about a latino person wanting to meet other latino people, because they'd like to meet others who share their culture because they might not be able to share those things with people outside of
  4. But isn't that what I'm also doing? Posting my opinions and thoughts on the situation? Interesting that it's somehow a problem to the extent of you quoting me openly just to jab at my opinion when I peek in and point out the hypocrisy in the room. 🤔 P.S. Missing the point entirely to state the obvious in a facetious way doesn't really help your case... It's making the issue into a race thing. Gender and sexual identity, age, and interests aren't races either but there's no harm in wanting to connect with people who share them with you. Why is it any different wanting to meet more people
  5. I was browsing the SL subreddit and saw this pic that someone posted, and I'm curious what the hair is as it matches a style my boyfriend has been looking for to a T! I'd link the actual reddit post but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do that, so I've just cropped part of the picture instead. I asked the op directly if they could let me know what the hair is, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask here since they haven't gotten back to me. ^^;
  6. I've poked my head into this thread a couple times while bored and browsing and I agree with the last few people. I myself have asked where to find other active furry hangout spots or areas that cater predominantly to my age group before, how is that any different from what op is asking? Or if someone came in asking for a hangout for trans folk? Or robot avatars? Or fans of a certain sport? They're just asking where to find more of a certain type of person that they might otherwise be struggling to connect with, not trying to exclude others. The "if it was a WHITE person" argument holds
  7. There are a lot of furry bodies that do this kind of thing already (JOMO springs to mind), but I personally really don't like it-- at least not if it's only one piece and doesn't have extras with the head/body separated. Want to wear a JOMO head with a regalia body? You can't because the head is seamless to the JOMO body and even trying to alpha it out around the neck doesn't work because of gaps. Seamlessly attached heads/bodies kills some of the creative essence of SL if it was a standard or a popular thing, in my opinion. Right now you can look into a crowd of people and see different
  8. I know the feeling, I can't stand the sound of lip smacking, chewing, or sloppy licking noises be it from people OR animals. It made me loathe having a dog back when my parents got one I wasn't thrilled with, and my cat right now has a habit of "sucking" audibly on her fur when she grooms-- I have to either put my earbuds in loudly or nudge her/make her stop/leave the room. Sometimes even the repetitive motion of seeing her grooming one spot for minutes on end drives me up a wall. 😢 I've always felt legitimately bad about it but it's something I can't really help, so I have to put distance be
  9. Whether you've simply tinted some pieces, linked accessories together to create something uniquely yours, taken bits and bobs from other avatars entirely, or gone the extra mile and made an entire custom texture, everyone has at least one avatar that's uniquely yours. Show off the avatars you've most heavily modified from its "original" intended look! (Note that this isn't some sort of contest-- nobody's is "better" or "worse" than anyone else's, this is just for fun and to give people a chance to show off their most unique outfits!) I'll kick things off with some of th
  10. I actually have a super low draw distance which is probably where my extra fps comes from! I use the lowest possible draw distance on my ultra quality saved preset. I boost the draw distance to a couple hundred (iirc) on my no shadows preset with the other settings otherwise intact. The only other things I run in the bg are chrome or discord usually, but even with chrome closed there's no difference in performance. My older laptop with the 1050ti actually used to be able to run entire games alongside SL-- there were a couple times I'd forget to close SL when running Overwatch and lost no
  11. Temps are fine, I'm able to run more intensive things on this laptop with no issue as well. The highest temps its ever hit have been spikes up to 85 when the casing has felt hot to the touch and prompted me to take a break haha. As for the GPU stats, yeah it's 6 GB-- however something still doesn't seem quite right. If it was just frames dropping that'd be fine, but I sit at an average fps rate of 80- With the highest fps I've hit being 120. Wouldn't I be getting lower fps if the GPU was struggling? Instead I'm getting occasional hitches with no obvious trigger. Sometimes pannin
  12. First of all my specs are as follows: Intel Core 17-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 32 GB RAM 64-bit OS, Windows 10 Pro Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660ti 1 TB SSD + 1 TB HDD Firestorm ran just fine on my older laptop with a GTX 1050ti and half as much storage space. This laptop I've ALWAYS had problems with-- the view just freezes/locks up at random when I'm running high-ultra with shadows on. No shadows seems to be smoother but... I mean... I want to be able to use shadows. 😒 I considered it could just be a Firestorm thing so I tried another viewer. I've heard good things about
  13. Oh alright, thanks everyone! I figured it was something totally innocuous like that but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something funky going on with my card, lol
  14. Wh- Anyone know what's going on here lol? My graphics card didn't change at all and there haven't been any updates to the driver either since I last logged in.
  15. A little of column A, a little of column B. All of my avatars are usually based on characters/ocs of mine that I've heftily modded into SL to run around as, but they're not "characters" in an rp sense. They're more just... How I'd like to present myself as at the time. A vessel for the actual me to hang out and chat in-world, that's outwardly showing off my creativity and art in the form of my characters. A bit like how wearing a Halloween costume or a cosplay doesn't fundamentally change you as a person; sure, you might have silly "in-character" moments if the situation calls for it but
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