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  1. Oh gosh I've been looking for this exact kind of thing with no luck. Even settling for only "furry inclusive" spaces and not strictly furry hangouts hasn't helped. Tried clubs and adult zones too, but... Everyone is either afk, seem really distant and cliquey, or specifically there to try to hit on people and nothing more. I just want a nice, neutral atmosphere type place (preferably not a shopping zone like Luskwood, tried there and people are usually afk too and the vendors are a bit unsightly). If you ever find such a place... Mind hitting me up and letting me know? :0 There's nothing I want more on SL right now than to become a regular at a friendly hangout spot.
  2. Trying to make one of my characters in SL but I've hit a roadblock at the horns. I'm a texture artist, so the colors/texture doesn't matter as long as it's modifiable! The jewelry and misc dangly pieces don't matter a ton either as I can easily make them myself. I'm just having a hard time finding 2 pronged antlers with the right thickness and curve to them. All of the antlers I've seen so far are generic looking pointy deer antlers.
  3. I do! It's just called Peri's Mod Shop at the moment because I'm lazy with names, aha. Be careful if you purchase anything though, it's all modkits for specific bodies that will only work with said bodies, some being less newbie friendly than the others. ^^ Just saw your sona btw, very cute! I think I might know some parts that'd fit it if you'd wanna drop me an IM in-world sometime. For heads, I'd suggest maybe taking a look at any of the PAWS heads or maybe the Foxen head, though I'm not sure if they have tongue controls (can't remember right now, I think the foxen head does though for sure) and see what you think of em. Yesss I can't play it without the original OST honestly, it's so good. I gave Reignited's music a try and wound up really disappointed, it's either usually too soft or just... Weird sounding? If you havent heard them yet, listen to the Reignited version of Magma Cone or Molten Crater... Both are really bad. x-x Magma Cone just makes me super uncomfortable when the "vocals" come in and Molten Crater has a weird... aquaria towers overlay that's 100% out of sync with the rest of the tempo. Drives me nuts LOL I did!! It's still kinda unfinished though, I made it before I knew how to texture stuff so the outside looks like a total mess. The inside is as close as I could get without custom textures though! I ended up hitting the limit of prims I could link onto a single structure though so certain things are more unfinished than I'd like (like Steven's bathroom) ;w;
  4. Yeah, there's definitely a learning curve to furry stuff until you learn what all the parts do, keywords for items, etc. Every furry avatar you unbox is bound to be different unless it's a mod for an existing head/body. I wouldn't mind helping you with some stuff if you'd like! Creating is my passion on here and it's what keeps dragging me back to SL. Oof I get you on the stalking thing, I've dealt with it before too on a different, SL-like site. The only people privy to IRL details like where exactly I live and my address and whatnot are two people I trust with my life lol. I'm pretty shy with showing my face and voicing til I work up my confidence around people though. ^^; Ahhh I love Ripto's Rage! It's the very first game I ever played and it has such a big place in my heart, it's hands-down my favorite Spyro game (though I do prefer the original one to Reignited's, I miss the old voice acting and other silly things like the classic Colossus monk chant, the double jump glitch etc)!! Though I do have to say, Reignited's version of Spyro 1 made me fall in love with it all over again. 1 was my least favorite of the originals with how empty it felt, probably because I played it after 2, but Reignited is so gorgeous and the movement feels so nice to control that I've replayed the first game three different times already. ;w; (and aaa someone else who knows Steven Universe! Peri's my fav by far! Also I saw what you said about renting a place and plopping furniture down. You could always snag some freebie stuff off of the marketplace and try rezzing and moving it around in a Sandbox til you get the hang of it. If we meet in-world, maybe I could show you the hand-built replica of Steven's house I made with standard prims a while back!)
  5. Hey there, welcome to SL! I'm not much into human avatars, but I love making furries and texturing all of the fun mesh bodies they have to offer. ^^ I've been looking for more friends to hang out with as well, it's so hard to find good furry-friendly hangout spots that aren't heavily NSFW themed (it's something I try to avoid too when I can help it, aha). You could drop me an IM if you'd wanna talk or hang out at all! We're the same age and the rest of my friends are in the same general age range as well. I'm not shy about giving rl details/interests (to an extent ofc) and make sure I let people know they're talking to me directly and not a character I'm rping, even though that can be offputting to some users. I'm an avid gamer of all consoles and I'm not really biased toward any, though I do prefer pc gaming so I can play with friends more easily! Current favorite games include Overwatch, Spyro Reignited, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Anyway, feel free to look me up in world if you want! I have plenty more info in my profile and picks. 😄
  6. Ahh man I have a few, some more petty than others. Gesture spam. I don't mind gestures for the most part, but the really loud ones with high pitched voices that are usually accompanied by 5 giant lines of "fancy" symbols in the chat... Ugh. Especially when they get used multiple times in a single minute. People who either don't read my profile and picks before talking to me or conveniently only read what they want to see. I can't tell you the amount of times I've had overly muscled male avatars trying to flirt when I clearly state that I'm taken (and not into men anyway). It's worse when they disguise it as casual conversation first and then totally ditch once I catch on and turn the advances down. The total lack of clothes for my preferred bodies. I wear nonhuman meshes most of the time (snokra and thicc fox are favs) and there's such an abysmal selection for them. The clothes for them that I do like are made by the same creator, so all of my outfits look the exact same no matter which mesh I choose to wear, it's such a bummer. Places that don't state that they have a dress code in their info. Being shy and wanting to avoid conflict as it is, having those awkward run-ins where you get yelled at for being nonhuman when it's not stated in the description makes me not want to go out at all. Similarly, places that actually cater to my preferred style/interests are usually full of sexual nonsense, and the M or G rated areas are empty. It makes it so hard to socialize... And worse yet, when you go somewhere that's well populated and everyone's just afk-dancing so there's no one to speak to. When there are active people, they act super cliquey and standoffish. Buying an item only to have to open 2+ boxes before you can use it. I don't mind a single box, but I've run into creators that decide to put every single variation/color in separate boxes aside from the initial unpack. Avatars with unnaturally giant and detailed muscles or boobs bigger than their heads. Not as egregious as everything else, but creepy overly vein-y muscles or boobs that look like they're about to pop gross me out. AOs that have idles that wander 20ft from where your avatar actually is. It's such a shame when the animations themselves actually look really nice, because they're so overly fidgety and awkward to use in public due to running through crowds of people. Edit: I forgot the worst one. Getting chased out of a sim or made to change shapes because people mistake my avatar for a child. Apparently using my actual height (5ft) and not having giant breasts means I'm a child in the eyes of everyone else on SL.
  7. Yeah unfortunately, my program doesn't have something like that as far as I know. I do know though that there shouldn't be any stray pixels like what's showing up on SL because the only thing on the canvas is what I directly drew, if that makes sense. I don't know if it has to do with how fine the lines are... if I erase everything and just draw a big fat smudge, there aren't any artifacts on SL. If I draw a fine line, suddenly there are clusters like what's shown in the image there.
  8. Alpha channel? I've been up for 18 hours so I'm a little out of it. There aren't any stray pixels causing it if that's what you're asking. Even scrapping it altogether and drawing a single white line on a transparent background gives me a jagged dark pixel line around it when I go to preview it. Also forgot to state I'm using paint tool sai and not any form of photoshop or gimp, so if there's actually a way to check alpha stuff further in those... I likely can't do the same on my program. The weird thing is, I've made plenty of semi transparent things before and haven't had this jagged outline issue.
  9. I'm aware of what alpha masking does; I stated it helps get rid of the outlines via masking, but makes it sharp for those reasons. Alpha blending is what's giving those outlines no matter what I do. I've tried colors/shading (even though I want it relatively flat for style reasons to make my avatar) and not much changes. :s
  10. Currently trying to edit some cheek fur to slap onto one of my avatars. I make a texture and.... What am I doing wrong?? The actual file looks like this. Tried both png and tng. Alpha masking helps kind of get rid of it, but makes it super jagged when I want it to look soft. Not sure what else to do at this point.
  11. Oof man and here I thought it was only me having problems, glad I looked here. :s Earlier it told me there was an issue with either my clock or firewall (where I've been able to log in perfectly fine before), and now it won't even progress past "logging in".
  12. It's alright! Sometimes I forget that furries, while one of the more common non-human avatars, seem to be greatly outnumbered on the forums. So should I move it back to avatar accessories? That's where I've been listing all of my mods since I first opened shop. I just hope it doesn't get mysteriously flagged again if I do.
  13. Ahh, well I just went and changed my listings to that category. I wish there were more clear cut definitions for the categories, though, as I make furry mods and avatar accessories seems to be the main place to find them (Avatar Accessories -> Furry Accessories). Hopefully moving them to the other category doesn't exclude them from people looking for those...
  14. I'm so confused. What should a modkit for an avatar (appliers and eye textures boxed together) fall under, category-wise? I've been listening them as simply Avatar Accessories since I first opened my shop, but today one of my items got flagged and deactivated for "Incorrect Listing Category". Why...? Did someone flag it for no reason and get it taken down? What do I even do about this, do I just put it back up? The message said something along the lines of "item as not was described" and the listing was deactivated. The last thing I want to do is somehow get in trouble if it keeps getting flagged if I put it back up again. I don't see how it's not as advertised, as I specifically list that it's an avatar mod, have a bunch of pics up with midday lighting on high quality so people can see what they're getting, and a warning that the hair shown in the listing doesn't come with the mod. Help? I want to relist it because I'm quite happy with how the product came out, but I'm worried it'll get flagged again for some reason or another. : / I have multiple recolors of the same modkit still available which I could link if anyone wants to see what I could have done wrong. Edit: After looking at my orders, the item has only been ordered by one person so far several days ago and they left a 5 star review on the item. Did someone flag it for no reason without even purchasing it? I don't really see why someone would do that.
  15. Slapped together a little something for halloween last night while I couldn't sleep. Pleasantly surprised with how it came out!
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