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  1. Another thing I'm struggling with is finding pants like the above the cut off at the knee line because they obviously won't fit over the digitigrade leg unless I were to commission someone for a custom mesh (which at this point I'd consider depending on how much it'd be lol).
  2. Anyone know any clothes that could look similar to this? I'm using the athletic Regalia body, so most if not all Maitreya clothes work. I can find some arm silks that are pretty close, a top that's kinda close but not quite, and my biggest struggle so far is the sash around her waist and the pants. I figured I might be able to get away with some style of capris, but so far I haven't found any that have that have snug-fit pantlegs/cuffs like that. Any and all suggestions would be great! Side note that I obviously don't expect colors to be exact! As long as they're modifiable, I can easily tint/texture them to my liking.
  3. Oh man I feel this whole post in my soul, lol, except I've been on SL for years. I know what you mean about feeling out of place; all of my avatars are furries and I'm well aware of the weird stigma around them both in-world and irl. Nothing more awkward than trying to go somewhere and finding out it's a "no furries allowed" type area or just an area full of realistic looking humans where I stick out like a sore thumb and feel unwelcome because nobody says anything. Not to mention more often than not, a lot of residents try to drive a hard wedge between SL and RL which makes it so hard to make friends that are more than just SL-deep. There are only so many things to talk about in an rp sense and I like to discuss irl interests, video games, etc. If anything in my profile looks interesting to you feel free to message! I'm on kind of infrequently right now but I'd like to get more invested in SL again. I only really hop on nowadays to make a new avi and do texture work.
  4. I've been lurking in this thread for a while and I'm kind of baffled by the OP's way of thinking. Apparently their way of playing SL is right and everyone else who doesn't follow their rigid guidelines is "wrong", in their eyes. Like, riddle me this: I state in my profile I don't do rp here and whenever you're talking to me, you're talking to me and not a character, regardless of what avatar I'm presenting myself with. You're not going to get any different responses when I'm wearing a feral fox, dragon, or deer avatar than you would if I were wearing one of my plethora of furry avatars because I'm not playing any kind of character, I'm just using the avatar to represent me in this virtual space. So why is that "wrong"? I don't see what the big deal is that some people, using myself as an example, like to use SL to find people to hang out and chat with, and to possibly take the friendship outside of SL if we get along well enough-- say, exchange steam or battle.net IDs and play games together outside of the platform-- that has nothing to do with the example you used of a pervy user wanting to cyber, lol. And that's not to say I avoid people who soft rp, either. I don't demand people tell me all of their personal info. If it comes out naturally in convo, then great! If it doesn't, that's also fine! But at the end of the day, if they're not someone who is going to tolerate me talking about RL stuff every now and then (i.e "so this happened to me today [irl]" or "I just got this new game on steam and I've been having a blast, sorry I haven't been on much", etc) they're probably not someone who's going to get along with me. I don't really get the issue with having multiple ways of presenting yourself through different avatars either. Not everyone views them as either a clear-cut representation of themselves or a representation of a character. A LOT of my avatars are based off of characters I have that I draw, I just don't rp them. I use them as a visual representation of my space in the world-- they're "me" in a figurative sense but not literal. I kind of see them as just another art form, as I do texture work in my spare time and love the feeling of getting to represent myself via my own art. Kind of like how some artists might use their own artwork as a profile picture elsewhere. I don't see how that kind of thing is "nefarious". I'm legitimately curious where OP's beef with people who don't rp comes from.
  5. IMO Timber Wilds has the best quad animations I've seen, and I highly prefer other avatars with similar standards. The chibi noodle, the maneki neko, anything from Red Remora, the kyuubi, BRDMRT's spooky raptor and manticore are also top notch. Basically I like quality over quantity; as I said earlier I was pretty disappointed with the Dawn Kingdoms dragon and it has a LOT of animations. They're just all stiff and unnatural... I also found the Roarbeast wyvern to be really stiff too-- another avatar I bought and only wore once. 😕 I no longer trust reviews on quad avatars because of that, as both of those are rated pretty highly and a lot of reviewers praise the animations and such. It's so hard to find decent quad dragons...
  6. Hey, look, I could be rude too! Ever hear of Google? Or more accurately, ever heard of clicking the first link I posted? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Super-Noodle-Dragon-Complete-Avatar/18976135 That's not the same dragon. 🙄
  7. Aaaand this is exactly the reason I made this thread because I really don't know which to believe here. I believed the reviews stating animations are good on the Dawn Kingdoms dragon and got burned 5k, and I believed the animations were good on the Nuko and ended up getting more value from a 50L gacha recently. Gifs? Videos? Something I can use to actually compare the dragon?
  8. I've been eyeballing the Super Noodle Dragon for a while but I'm not sure how it compares to the i monster Eastern Dragon. The fact that the Super Noodle is more than half the cost makes me wonder if it's not going to be comparable animation-wise. The second dragon has an included video that gives some examples of features and certain things look a bit off to me, particularly the walk cycle, which I could normally overlook if the price wasn't as steep. Another dragon is the Dawn Kingdoms Dragon that I bought a year or so ago that I've only worn once and didn't end up liking because the animations just felt so clunky, the huds even moreso. Does anyone have the Super Noodle for comparison? Are the animations more stiff or more fluid than the i monster dragon? A video showcase or some gifs would help a lot with deciding which to get!
  9. I've encountered stuff like this to the point where every time I consider exploring new places now, I think back on past experiences and decide "nah". Between the afk silent people and the jerkwads, it's legitimately hard to find decent folk sometimes to the point where I'd rather just go play another game-- and trust me, when that other game is Overwatch, where every other match is full of at least ONE person telling you or someone in the game they should never play again (or die) to put it nicely-- that's a problem. In fact at this point I prefer it when people are just mean straight up. The toxic groups I've met on SL seem to have this way about them where they try to get close to you at first and then show their true colors. Really puts me off going out with the intention to meet new people.
  10. Why does this reek of the same energy as people who say "Now I'm not x (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc) BUT--" 🤔 You're basically saying I have nothing against them but god forbid they show up in search. Would the same topic be brought up if the Second Life keyword search, for example, brought up a lot of pictures of avatars of a specific race or orientation instead of furries? (Hell you even blame Russians like they're some kind of infestation rather than people.) I feel like there's a bigger underlying problem here than the pure NSFW angle as you literally said in your second post that "it's just furries period". You realize one of the draws of SL is that you can be anything, right? It's only as "serious" as you make it. I'm pretty sure people would have the exact same opinions they do now even if you replaced all of the nsfw furries with nsfw humans because it boils down to the same thing-- uncanny pixels hip thrusting at each other. As for the actual keyword itself: I actively enjoy furry content of the tame variety, cute art and well crafted suits and the like, yet that keyword search brought up mostly human avatars for me and nothing "graphic" beyond toplessness and tasteful nudes, all of which were marked NSFW anyway. In fact, the only avatar I saw in the search with embiggened boobage was... Surprise surprise, a human. And this is all coming from me, a furry, who actively has a hard time finding a community I feel welcomed at because I try to veer away from the whole "SL = Sex" thing. While it can get overwhelming at times in-world, I don't have an actual PROBLEM with it just because it's not my thing. Seems the OP here is trying to use the sex and kink angle as a way to basically say furries being associated with SL is a bad thing and needs to be covered up, as if seeing pixel humans in place of them is going to make any difference to the demographic SL wouldn't interest anyway...
  11. The thing is it wouldn't difficult to do if someone just made a little stub tail that was short enough to serve as a base but long enough that the flexi tail would be able to connect at a point that wouldn't cause the weird shifting animation to occur. That's something that'd be doable as-is and not something that'd require something that drastic. It's just that no one has attempted it that I've been able to see.
  12. But the only options to attach something unrigged to the bento tail bones are "tail base" and "tail tip"? You HAVE to use the first tailbone if you want an unrigged item to move, hence the following issues. I just want a flexi tail to wag smoothly instead of being pivoted around with a script, but it really doesn't seem doable without some sort of "base" to connect it to.
  13. I've already said that I tried to make my own animations and it didn't help the issue. :s How would making a rigged tail base be less universal if you want to use it across different avatars? x_x I'm able to use the M.O.R Eastern Dragon tail, for example, on about 10 different bodies with no issue. How would a rigged tail base to cover up the flexi prim swivel be any different, besides being shorter, stubbier, and having the same general texturing at the tip to "blend" in with the flexi tail? Like, I know this could probably be done really easily but it seems like the only solutions are x100 more complicated than they need to be?
  14. No, you'd still need a mesh base to make it look... decent. I posted some gyazo gifs a couple posts above. As-is the tail shifts "through" the spine because the attachment point of the bento bone is too far from the body to reach normally, which means pushing the tail closer to the body to actually connect means the pivot point ends up being further up the tail base than it "should" be. Which is why a mesh base would remedy that. Also using the M.O.R bento tail animators (the most commonly used ones) means the tail completely detaches from the body upon using the turning animation, or changing to certain lower wag states because of the pivot point not being directly against the spine. Both of which a mesh base would hide. I've tried making my own test animation to see if it was just the particular animation set because I could easily just make some nice wags that'd suit what I want, but the problem is actually how the bento bones sit on the SL skeleton.
  15. Exactly!!! You got exactly what I was trying to convey. I like having a convenient clickable menu to smoothly move the attachment point around instead of using a tail script that just jiggles it randomly. Because with bento anims, you can actually choose speeds and such of the wag, or if you want it static, etc. with animations instead of heavy scripting. The attachment point isn't directly where the tail meets the spine with how the tail anim rigs are set up. They're jutting out so trying to actually have the tail attach at the spine makes it move strangely instead of pivoting at the base of the body, essentially. Thus... a bento mesh base would solve the issue there. It's doable but the thing is NO ONE has done it. It seems like such an easy way to be able to use old flexi tails instead of everything being "bento bento bento animesh animesh animesh". I love my bento tails because of the interesting shapes they can have that you can't do with flexi, but otherwise they're too stiff and immobile for my tastes. It's such a simple solution yet no one's thought to make a nice bento "tail cap" you can use flexies with. x_x
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