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  1. If you are having login issues on Radegast, see https://radegast.life/2021/10/08/windows-7-cant-connect-solution/ This login issue is affecting other viewers based off libopenmetaverse too - see this bug report BUG-231303 - Scripted agents can no longer log in
  2. There's nothing sinister to worry about. The login issue affected any viewer that did not include this commit: https://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/viewer/commits/56b02aee2eff313c45adbbf6f2d93493cb6cced2
  3. Yeah this will affect any viewer that doesn't have this commit in their release: https://vcs.firestormviewer.org/phoenix-firestorm/changeset/ca4e15c9303870ec79ba5fb6c2d7eb345abb58f9 (the cert stuff)
  4. Are you using Firestorm? If so, it's related to this problem: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/x5kf74r6ttpj LL didn't push the fix on Aditi yet. For now, you should be able to login to Aditi on the LL viewer.
  5. The Soma FM music streams will still play via MOAP/shared media and via the viewer internal web browser.
  6. Firestorm bug report: FIRE-31206 - Certain music streams unplayable in the viewer So it appears SomaFM are blocking their streams on viewers using Fmod Studio as the audio decoder. Viewers still using the older Fmodex should still play the Soma streams.
  7. I'm afraid I don't. There are a couple of bug reports on the JIRA reporting this now. BUG-231204 - Certain music streams unplayable in the viewer BUG-231205 - Lost connectivity with SomaFM
  8. https://somafm.com/contact/tos.html It's possible that DJ Boards and the Firestorm viewer's feature for showing the currently playing track may break this section of their TOS.
  9. If you wish to raise the texture area limit, the debug setting is RenderAutoMuteSurfaceAreaLimit
  10. Related: http://beqsother.blogspot.com/2019/02/compression-depression-tales-of.html
  11. It's not just you. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/f3vwhxtngth9
  12. It's a known bug: BUG-229460 - Accepted offline friendship requests revert after relog Note that group invites sent while you are offline will also fail - related bug.
  13. Oh sorry, I forgot to explain that bit It's a JPEG2000 image. The texture will be saved with the extension *.j2c. Rename the extension to *.jp2. The texture can then be opened in software that supports JPEG2000, for example Irfanview with the JPEG2000 plugin. You can then convert to your chosen image format.
  14. You can download the texture directly from the CDN. Does this help? http://asset-cdn.glb.agni.lindenlab.com/?texture_id=UUID
  15. This is a known "bug": BUG-216400 - DOF settings ignored on hi-rez snapshots This bug is closed as a duplicate but the original bug report isn't public. LL have imported the bug though.
  16. Can you give me the location where you took that gif so I can test on Firestorm? Thanks!
  17. There is only one bug filed to date about Windows 11 BUG-231041 - [Windows 11] Memory creep running with Windows Insider Beta version, when Viewer is minimized
  18. Can we get it cloned onto Agni please?
  19. I just tested on the LL Viewer Second Life Release (64bit) Setting the debug ImagePipelineUseHTTP to FALSE allows you to still fetch textures over UDP. Just for fun, I went to Lagland region (specifically set up for texture fetch tests) & tested clean cache fetching all textures over UDP & then relogging with clean cache & ImagePipelineUseHTTP set to TRUE to fetch over HTTP. Times taken to fetch all textures on the region: UDP: 23 minutes! HTTP with HttpPipelining disabled: 2 mins 37 seconds. HTTP with HttpPipelining enabled: 1 min 15 secs On my system, fetching textures over UDP is so freaking slow. It's also nice to see how much faster HTTP texture fetch is when pipelining is enabled too. Note: Setting ImagePipelineUseHTTP to FALSE also disables HTTP Pipelining & setting ImagePipelineUseHTTP to TRUE again & relogging does not automatically enable Pipelining. Make sure to set HttpPipelining to TRUE when testing fetching over HTTP Edit to add: Location: UK ISP: TalkTalk (possibly more *****e than Virgin!) Download speed at time of test: 41 Mbps Upload speed at time of test: 10 Mbps
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