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About Me

Found 21 results

  1. Aloha. Noob builder question: I'm curious about the potential impacts of Apple's move away from OpenGL. Will the impacts be felt primarily behind the scenes at LL, or will changes also be necessary for residents and builders? I enjoy digital art and would like to take a stab at creating 3D content too. I use Linux, Mac, and Windows for SL as a resident, but use Mac exclusively as an artist. Most of my experience is with Photoshop, so before I try out tools like Blender, Avastar, Maya, or 3D Max I'm wondering if items created with these would be successful in a post-OpenGL world.
  2. I can see all internet content (like YouTube) now inworld. Unfortunately Twitch does not work on my Mac but on a PC. Any Ideas?
  3. I'm running Firestorm on a MacBook Pro 13'' 2017/4. Would a BlackMagic Radeon RX580 eGPU solve the fr issues on higher graphics settings?
  4. Trying to shift from using my work PC (not really allowed!) to my old MacBook Pro lappy for SL. Using Firestorm, the Phoenix version. Bought a Genus head and I'm very pleased but when I boot up the HUDS, they don't show correctly. If I attach them up high, only the bottom half shows. Down low, and only the top half shows. And I'm pretty sure I'm missing thing. And they are blurry./ Is it a matter of not using a peripheral monitor (which I am planning to buy)? Is it Firestorm? Genus? My own stupidity? thanks, forum, for whatever help you can offer.
  5. I know that most people here have Windows on their machine. However, I want to see what other OS you're running most of the time. I, for example, run mostly Linux: I have Kubuntu 19.04 and OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (and Windows 10) on multiboot, running OpenSUSE -- on KDE -- most of the time. The window design is called SteamPunk, and that nifty clock in the middle of the screen is called TimeKeeper. 😎
  6. Making a switch from running Firestorm on a Mac to a newly purchased PC. Which program files/folders should I move over to the new PC other than chat logs and user settings?
  7. Buying a new (mid 2018) 15” MacBook Pro. Considering the different configurations. Anyone have any experience running SL on the following graphics cards? Vega 20, Vega 16, or the 560x Pro? I know there has been talk about Apple not offering OpenGL support after Mojave, but what is everyone else’s experience so far?
  8. So, having issues getting voice to work in Firestorm, using a 2016 MacBook Pro - I have been Googling and YouTubing for days and I have tried many things, but still failing. Built-in mic and gaming headset both work in other apps, just not in SL. I have chat enabled, I get a white dot over the avi head, but nothing... silence. Everything on the FS side looks like it should be working, but FS just doesn't seem to notice my system audio inputs, default or otherwise. I am hoping somebody out there maybe has encountered this issue and knows exactly what to do to get it to work? TFYH
  9. It is my understanding that voice in Second Life depends on a module supplied through Linden Lab, which uses proprietary code from Vivox. All third party viewers depend on this code and use a module called "SLVoice", marked as an executable. I have not seen any clear statement of when this code was last updated. While Linux support is suspended, and a future "Alex Ivy" viewer for Linux depends on work from the TPV community, which I see is being done, this particular component appears to depend on Linux code that ceased maintenance four years ago. I refer to the gstreamer-0.10 module.
  10. Hi, does anyone know if radegast works for MAC? I see a download but don't know how to do it https://radegast.life/downloads/
  11. Hi there - I wonder if someone can help me. I have a macbook pro and recently it seems whenever i try and take photos (particularly landscape ones) using advanced lighting and shadows - as soon as i click snapshot and the window comes up it crashes as it tries to produce the pic for me to then click save to disc. So I never get to the save to disc point. Does anyone have any recommendations or a list of setting for photography that best suit the macbook and still enable shadows etc. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi I am on a MacBook Pro but also a MacBook Air (High Sierra) with the latest SL-viewer downloaded from http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/. My entire computer crashes (black screen and automatic reboot) on both computers repeatedly. I have tried a couple of destinations InWorld but always the same thing happens. Any ideas on what is going on and how this can be resolved? Best wishes Karen
  13. I currently use a Macbook Pro (a late 2016 model) with the latest OS and such. i sometimes play around in Second Life and I've noticed that either the graphics take a downturn wherever I go or my laptop gets a bit too warm. For those of you who play on Macbooks can you give me an idea of the best settings to have for my viewer? I use the Linden Labs viewer since the latest update happened and I wanted to try it out, and it makes my laptop less hot than the FireStorm viewer.
  14. For as long as I could remember using it, the SL viewer on my Mac has had extremely slow performance. A few months ago, it suddenly got much better—I think it was when the Mac version was released as 64-bit. Not sure. Framerate went up to at least 15 fps. That was a revelation. But the past few versions have been super-slow again (I wish I had kept track of exactly when the change happened). It's down around 3 fps now. Is there a setting I should tweak? A different version I should download? Thanks in advance. This is on a 2013 MacBook Pro with 16 GB RAM.
  15. Anybody got any tips for viewers for a 2017 MacBook Air? im a windows girl and firestorm was lovely but on my macbook it's not as good
  16. I'm running a brand new iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) running macOS Sierra 10.12.6, with a 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, and a Radeon Pro 575 4GB. The software usually crashes in crowded areas. Very annoying. Here's the crash log info: SLPlugin_2017-09-16-154626_imac-2.crash Process: SLPlugin [16132] Path: /Applications/Second Life Viewer.app/Contents/Resources/SLPlugin.app/Contents/MacOS/SLPlugin Identifier: SLPlugin Version: ??? Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process:
  17. Hey all, just wondered are there any new text clients available on Mac? I used to use SLiteChat, but that seems to be down now so wondered if there was anything current that would be similar. I really don't care for extra features, just looking for a way to still chat in-world without having to use a standard viewer that overheats my computer. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  18. I finally have given up on the latest version of Firestorm (64-5-0-1-52150). Aside from the fact that it crashes every time it quits, it is just full of those kind of annoying "features" that are not awful or clear enough to report as a bug, but make an application really awful to use. Top of the list: 1) Avatar freezes, requiring restart of AO, and force quitting animations. 2) Mesh is ripped to shreds in the oddest ways when transporting. Happens so often I just expect to restart mesh head and body. 3) Control of avatars is spotty, one of those things you know is br
  19. Has anyone experienced issues with Secondlife and Sierra? Right after upgrading to Sierra, my 1 gb graphics card went "kahblewy". I have an mid 2011 27" 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 iMac with 24 gb ram. I just assumed the card went bas so I decided to replace the broken 1 gig card with a new 2 gig graphics card. Unfortunately, now every time I open Secondlife I hear a 'SNAP' and my iMac shuts down. NO other program so far has caused this issue and I'm starting to wonder if Secondlife/Sierra compatibility issues weren't to blame all along? I'm so frustrated! Any input would be appreciate
  20. Join us as we celebrate the opening of the Ephesians Four ballroom for an evening of Christian Fellowship and enjoyment of beautiful music. Live from Holland, we are blessed to have our friend mac317 Pfeffer bring his amazing talent to secondlife as he plays live jazz fusion and a personal selection of pieces just for us.
  21. On my MacBook, I keep getting this error message that says: "Second Life Viewer cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the developer to make sure Second Life Viewer works with this version of Mac OS X. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and Mac OS X." These are my graphics on my MacBook: [ Intel GMA 950, GMA 950, Built-In, spdisplays_integrated_vram ] Is my device compatible? Please help!
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