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  1. Not my first pic but almost as old from when i still used red hair
  2. Give these a try https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Belice-Gift-Woman-Shoes-Two-Colors-kokoia-for-maitreya-belleza-slink-tmp-and-eve/11591355 they might work well on classic i originally got them for an alt ages back before i realised the required TMP Ouch feet had to be bought separately they weren't included with the body. ROC have a good range of TMP stuff i'd recommend demoing first as i found shoes made by TMP weren't fitting right on the new TMP Classic freebie
  3. Since it shows you bought it at "The Shops" region go back to the store i do remember they have redelivery terminal 99% certain you need media enabled to access it
  4. @Nika Talaj The bookcase is Consignment and there's a version available for this weekends L$50 Manly Weekend, had it rezzed in my Vic for a while i'm sure it's 16 Li so wouldn't recommend if you want low Li
  5. If the region had been named "Friends Meeting" would that be equally offensive and inappropriate to Quakers
  6. Since it's free inworld you could try the Dream head there are a few skins free also for Stay at home club https://www.thestayathomeclubsl.com/appearance depending on the skin/shape you use you don't have to look as harsh as the model
  7. you might want to take a look at this if you want the opportunity for post(s) from your personal blog featured on the official blogs
  8. I was wondering if there was any link to the RL Rendlesham forest what with the conspiracy regions up in the original SSP area (there's a conspiracy what was seen wasn't of alien/UFO origin but the light from a lighthouse) could it be the location for a "Bellissarea 51”
  9. The new free body is almost as bad as the shopping experience you need media enabled to access BoM and the skins, i can't see any of the customisation's for the in house TMP clothes in the HUD (i think someone else said they came up) and not all the old in house TMP stuff that was given away free works with the new body. plus the mesh appears broken below the left knee nice obvious circular gap around the calf. i can tolerate it for the particular alt but i would not ditch my Maitreya for it
  10. It's not going to be much help but one of my alts has Genus + the new free TMP classic and uses a very old skin that works very well with both, tone 01 in the old TMP used to be the closest match but i found with the right neck size in the Classic HUD it's a near perfect fit with Genus though there is a neck fix in a variety of shades in the HUD that as far as i can fathom can't be removed once applied. The Genus HUD has a neck fix too for different bodies you just need to add the neck fix and pick the tone closest to the skin you are using. if you are looking to try a new skin there's several free for https://www.thestayathomeclubsl.com/appearance of those available the one i liked least on Genus was from Stargazer because of the eye makeup on it you can't really use something to cover it with out being left with a weird looking black halo
  11. It's bad enough people like that are sending such unsolicited messages worse that rather than remove you from a mailing list you were put on with out your consent they expect you to stop receiving all offline messages to not receive theirs
  12. There's a pink version available for FLF this week at Consignment
  13. The info on Mesh body addicts may well be very out of date it doesn't look like the version that used to be available on the marketplace in the last year judging by the comments on there it appears to have been around as early as 2015 but never really gained any traction from creators. I do know in the last year Reign and Equal have added products for Alice to the range of bodies they rig for fairly sure i've seen Alice included at Ingenue, If you search for Signature Alice on the marketplace you'll find a surprising amount of clothing for it. this time last year on 96 item view i can only recall one page worth of stuff coming up there's now nearly 2400 items
  14. Since i've been around before mesh came on the scene i went with the look first and sourced a head that looked most like how i looked. if i was new and not attached to any look i'd spent a long time crafting i would pick the head i most liked the look of and create a look around that
  15. There should be something in profile maybe I've already seen the fee isn't putting people off from changing their names and one of my friends has taken the plunge on an entirely new name had they not told me who they used to be I'd be wondering who they used to be
  16. Don't know if these are any good first two Bleich - Blank Canvas, third Reign - Stormiez (has colour change HUD)
  17. Muddy Puddles Countdown Conundrum Rain Cloud Icecream Float Lemon Pancake Vauxhall Nova Enchanting Enchantment Cheesy Crisp Astra Voxel
  18. I know lots of people are moaning about the price tag but i don't think it's too outrageous it's enough to dissuade people from treating it like a display name That said being UK based on the name change page i see i'd have to pay an extra 8.00 USD in VAT Change Your Account Name Changing your account name, whether to a previous name or a new name, is subject to the following fee: Membership level Name change fee Premium USD 39.99 + 8.00 VAT Basic Name change is not available
  19. Try Reign and Bleich i've had Vans style trainers from there. The ones i've had from Bleich (not hi-tops) are closer in style
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