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  1. Hi... I wanted to respond to this because its so odd for me... I have 2 avi accounts. My OLD avi account had TOKYO GIRL genital hair. And the complexity is not bad at all. I have no problems with it at all. For my second and newer avi account I bought the exact same genital hair from TOKYO GIRL. Because i was totally happy with it so why change anything? So I bought it and I will write the complexity here. Please know this is not a mistake... The complexity for the NEWER purchase of the TOKYO GIRL hair is 26,700 complexity. Crazy I know. So odd also. I did write to the designer not complaining at all because i do like the product. But, I was more asking if this complexity was 'normal', etc. She has not gotten back to me as of yet. Either way I cannot hav my avi wearing something that high in complexity. I mean thats higher in complexity than her hair on her head that comes with massive huds.
  2. i know this question is beyond basic... but i really need the help. I am using the LARA body. And i'm NOT using BOM. The genital hair I'm using now from TOKYO GIRL looks fantastic. But the TOKYO GIRL genital hair complexity is way too crazy high. Can anyone recommend genital hair that looks really nice and has complexity under 1,000? Please feel free to give the the LM or link on mp.
  3. I know this has probably been answered before. However it has not been made totally clear to me. Can I wear non-BOM clothing if I am using bom for skins? Will I be forced to wear system clothing? Or can I wear any type of clothing I wish?
  4. Thanks... I have a feeling I saw a couple typos which was making it even more confusing for me. I appreciate the clarity and the info.
  5. Can anyone tell me what male body works with the male GATCHA clothing? It looks like at times I see a note that says GERALD on the male GATCHA clothing. I'm just confused a little. Is GERALD a body for males?
  6. I found one rp school in SL that is based on Harry Potter. But, I was wondering if there were any other SL schools similar to Harry Potter in that they are magic schools? Can anyone refer me to any?
  7. Suggestions on where I can look for purchasing building backgrounds for taking pictures? I would like some with a kawaii or Asian look and feel.
  8. There is supposed to be a Second Life black Friday sales list somewhere to view. Can anyone tell me where this list is located? ty
  9. Is it 'difficult' to find skins compatible for LAQ heads and lara bodies?
  10. I think thats why i was asking about them. there is one head in particular i really love by laq. but i did notice they were cheaper so just wondered if there were additional things that needed to be bought to make it fully work, etc.
  11. I was looking at LAQ heads. And I actually like a few of them and was thinking of buying one. But... it seems that too many people talk about them. Can anyone tell me their experiences with LAQ heads and if there is anything painfully obvious I should be aware of before I buy?
  12. These are just a few suggestions which you may already know about. But... If you are using FIRESTORM have you tried chatting inworld on the FIRESTORM TECH group? If you don't get your questions answered the first time post a 2nd or 3rd time until they see the question. Also... again... if your using FIRESTORM and its not working for you... Have you tried using a different viewer like CATNIP or there is another one i can't remember the name of for sl. i know it would be better to find out what the actual issue is though on firestorm. Did the problem only start after the last FIRESTORM BOM update? It may be connected somehow. Lastly... u may can think about having someone with advanced knowledge on settings remote ur computer to see if there are any fixes.
  13. I wish to find long blank nails that i can color with my own omega colors. Are there any out there besides EMPIRE blank nails? I just wish to have other lengths, shapes if possible. thanks
  14. any recommendations where i can find witch or wicca type themed full body tattoos?
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