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  1. This is interesting because it usually does not occur to me the face skin gatcha will include a body applier. I will for sure be writing to the seller and questioning this in the future. I've always curious about this. Because I have seen many gatcha skins I have liked a lot but been scared to buy because the 'brand' is not obvious. And u know... i want to avoid that dreaded 'wearing the collar' to cover the line on the neck thing. smile
  2. When i look at FACE SKIN APPLIERS that are GATCHA... I have wondered this since i started sl... how do i know what body appliers match the GATCHA FACE SKIN if it does not state on the post on MP anywhere?
  3. First I wish to ask if there is any free nice GENUS head skin out there. 2nd... Are there any cheaper type nice GENUS skins I can look for? GENUS is very new to me so i appreciate the help. Please note... Looking for more info than... 'look on MP.'
  4. is there a place i like simply get a list of businesses that took place in the 2020 skin fair?
  5. What is the lm?
  6. I just added this FREE AVI ROBERT today. Can anyone tell me if I can still add a static or any type of separate mesh head to the FREE AVI ROBERT body? Also, can anyone recommend a male static head from any of the larger stores like LAQ, CATWA, GENUS, etc.? I would like to stick under $1,000L for a nice static head if possible.
  7. I'm looking for freckles that I can tint that are not BOM or OMEGA for CATWA. there are so many on mp i'm getting confused.
  8. Ty everyone! I'm going to look at all suggested. Right now I have a bazaar home which i love but wanted a change. Its fun for me to look at homes I just didn't know where to look. thanks again.
  9. ty... i was wondering when that was. i'm so out of it if it does not have to do with clothing.
  10. I'm looking for suggestions for: 1. Mesh homes 2. Three bedrooms or more. 3. Well designed/ detailed 4. Not furnished. I don't wish to look on MP. I wish to look inworld only.
  11. Hi... I wanted to respond to this because its so odd for me... I have 2 avi accounts. My OLD avi account had TOKYO GIRL genital hair. And the complexity is not bad at all. I have no problems with it at all. For my second and newer avi account I bought the exact same genital hair from TOKYO GIRL. Because i was totally happy with it so why change anything? So I bought it and I will write the complexity here. Please know this is not a mistake... The complexity for the NEWER purchase of the TOKYO GIRL hair is 26,700 complexity. Crazy I know. So odd also. I did write to the designer not complaining at all because i do like the product. But, I was more asking if this complexity was 'normal', etc. She has not gotten back to me as of yet. Either way I cannot hav my avi wearing something that high in complexity. I mean thats higher in complexity than her hair on her head that comes with massive huds.
  12. i know this question is beyond basic... but i really need the help. I am using the LARA body. And i'm NOT using BOM. The genital hair I'm using now from TOKYO GIRL looks fantastic. But the TOKYO GIRL genital hair complexity is way too crazy high. Can anyone recommend genital hair that looks really nice and has complexity under 1,000? Please feel free to give the the LM or link on mp.
  13. I know this has probably been answered before. However it has not been made totally clear to me. Can I wear non-BOM clothing if I am using bom for skins? Will I be forced to wear system clothing? Or can I wear any type of clothing I wish?
  14. Thanks... I have a feeling I saw a couple typos which was making it even more confusing for me. I appreciate the clarity and the info.
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