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  1. Sandra8675

    basic advice how to change to mesh body...

    I was wondering about that. I will try to deal with it. The learning curve struggle is real.
  2. Sandra8675

    basic advice how to change to mesh body...

    Ok... I will check into Lindex... I was wondering about that. I'll check out the comparison rate.
  3. Sandra8675

    is there any such thing as a FREE apartment?

    In sl I was discussing Chinati, Heterocera with a friend... There are many things I still do not know. But, can you explain in a way a newbie would understand how I can find the Chinati, Hererocera area? How would I get there?
  4. Sandra8675

    basic advice how to change to mesh body...

    You stated something specific I am interested in. I do work a lot. So, is there a specific site that is trustworthy that I can pay rl money to in order to have a mesh avatar designed? It would be worth it for me to save the time. I appreciate all of your advise.
  5. Sandra8675


    I will do this... I'm having a little bit of a problem doing screenshots on sl. I actually have a problem running any other program when I'm running sl regardless of how small the other program is. But, I will attempt to do this because I'm very curious what is going on with the feet.
  6. Sandra8675


    I am beyond a doubt wearing classic feet. And I actually wrote down the only feet that ever work for me. The only feet that have ever worked for me are the SHAWNA SHOES/ SHAWNA ALPHA SHOES. These end up looking kind of like 'heels', they cover my classic avatar feet and they fit. I spent hours the other day trying on nothing but shoes. None of the shoes seem to work except the SHAWNA SHOES which are from a classic avatar.
  7. Thank you... you are right. I'm using the official second life viewer. I download sl from a link from facebook. I will be using firestorm soon but not until I get my new computer.
  8. Right now I have a classic body... I am interested in changing only the classic body to a mesh body. I've talked about this is little in the past. But, can anyone recommend an FREE mesh body (with the hands and feet already attached) that is easy/ basic that a newbie can figure out with little assistance? 1. Are there any very basic youtube videos on basic steps how to change from a CLASSIC body to a MESH body? 2. Are there certain MESH bodies that are easier to find clothing for? 3. Are there certain MESH bodies that have more choices of clothing? 4. Are there certain MESH bodies that are more straight forward to add to avatar for a newbie with the least amount of 'extra' things to worry about? 5. Are there questions I should be asking or things I should be worried about that I'm not bringing up here?
  9. I did read the information on blocking... I guess I was hoping the person would not be able to see me anymore. Because he was following and grabbing me even though I told him to stop. I did block his IM and text immediately. But, it seems like he will still be able to see me?
  10. Thanks for the links... I'm reading what Jeremy says about blocking now. I was told in the sl newbie destination that the process of blocking people may change according to what viewer I'm on. I'm trying to figure this out before continuing doing anything on sl further.
  11. I need some help with blocking... 1. I have tried right clicking on persons name from a conversation. And that has not worked. 2. I have tried looking at persons profile and searched all options and gears for a BLOCK button, tab or feature and that has not worked. 3. I have tried going to the newbie destination several times and talked to several people but we could not figure out why I'm not seeing a BLOCK button. The only thing I have been able to figure out is to block the persons IM and text. But, from what I understand this won't totally block him? Is this true? I'm not sure what viewer I'm on... I'm using windows 7, 64 bit... How can I tell what viewer I'm on?
  12. Sandra8675


    I do not have a mesh body. I've tried to only choose body parts, etc that are from a classic body. I do still have a classic body. Yesterday an attachment got added on my avatar I could not get rid of. So, I created an entire new avatar. Still with classic body. The shoes and feet were fine yesterday. But, now... no. I have gone to the newbie destination so many times. But, my shoes still are not fixed. I will screenshot a picture of the feet. I will send a couple examples of shoe issues and see if we can start from there.
  13. Sandra8675

    How can I make my avatar DANCE?

    thank you for sharing this info. Many people have suggested I use firestorm because its 'better.' But, I did not know it was more options for advanced users. I will wait as you suggest. Same reason I won't change to a mesh body right now,. Its just too much right now when I'm trying to get used to the basics.
  14. Sandra8675


    I am using a classic mesh body 'Jenny." So you need a foot shaper along with the alpha shoe? Maybe thats where I went wrong. I was not using both. I will try it.
  15. Sandra8675

    suddenly for unclear reasons avatar walk has changed

    Thank you so much... I will keep this info... Good stuff... I was frustrated because I knew there was a change. So, I started with Jenny again and re-created her. Now her walk and everything seems to be working fine again. So much to learn. Its all very interesting. But, it did surprise me when her walk changed for no apparent reason. It makes sense the way you explained it. thanks again as always.