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  1. Which mesh body is the most easy to find the greatest amount of clothing for? Thank you
  2. I'm looking for the most easy complete MALE mesh body to get started. It's preferred to not have separate hands and feet. And i'd prefer not too many skins. There has been an issue with skin and getting the skin to match the separate BENTO head to the rest of the body.
  3. Sandra8675

    Mens 'urban' fashion...

    Ethan... With all due respect you have replied to a few fashion posts I have but have not given specific helpful info about specific stores. The reason I posted is because I was seeking help. If you can help great. If you can't, don't know or think my question is ignorant then simply don't reply instead of questioning my sanity asking. To be clear I have looked and was not finding a whole lot. If you found 22202 matches that is great, I did not find that many.
  4. Sandra8675

    looking for free MESH clothing

    I actually searched for the answer for this on google, searched and used the 'search' feature on sl... Are there places beyond MP, free dove and free galaxy where I can locate some free pieces of clothing for a mesh body? I did get a few pieces from MP that are nice and one dress from free dove that is great. Also bought some pieces from mp that are good. But, I'm on the lookout for more.
  5. Sandra8675

    Mens 'urban' fashion...

    Been having some issue locating 'urban' type trendy fashion for men. Found a few pieces on MP. Are there any specific stores?
  6. Sandra8675

    big selection of strappy heels and high heel boots?

    I have been looking and have not found a good selection on MP or inworld stores I've seen. Thats why I was reaching out here. If you know of some specific places I've love to hear what they are. ty
  7. Hi Everyone.. 1. I'd like to find a decent selection of strappy heels where I can try on a lot of shoes. Shoes are the main thing I have problems with working out in sl. 2. And I'm also interested in a decent selection of thigh high boots. If anyone has any suggestions it would be great for me to have a list I can refer to.
  8. I have seen some female avatars that have 'natural' looking breasts... Meaning they hang a little lower and tend to have a 'natural' shape that rl ones do when not wearing a bra. Right now I'm trying a Maitreya mesh body. However, the breast shape is not the 'natural' shape which I prefer. I don't know if the natural looking breasts come with a different mesh body brand or if women are buying breasts separate? Open to suggestion on this. Thank you.
  9. I've used a free demo dress only one time before. And had to delete it because it had a large banner above the avatars head with the creator name and website that would not go away. Is it ok to usually delete this banner? Can anyone advise me on how the banner can be deleted on demo clothes or furniture?
  10. Sandra8675

    collar... interested...

    thanks... I was leaning toward having my own and setting it myself.
  11. Sandra8675

    collar... interested...

    I've become interested in wearing a collar. And I have gotten advise from some friends who have experience in wearing and using collars. Can anyone tell me the main reasons people would choose to wear a collar over simply having sex without the collar? Is there a link anyone can refer me to?
  12. curious... is there any type of dating/ match up service for sl?
  13. There is a specific dance AO at a few destinations I really like. Is it possible somehow to find out where that AO came from so I can purchase it?
  14. I'm looking for flirty/ foreplay AO movements if possible... I'm wondering if anyone can recommend an AO that rubs up against another person in a suggestive way, running figure tips up and down the body on top of the clothes, kisses or bites neck/ body (over clothes)... If you have suggestions can you send me a brand, location or link.... anything that would help me locate it. I appreciate the help.
  15. Sandra8675

    basic advice how to change to mesh body...

    I was wondering about that. I will try to deal with it. The learning curve struggle is real.