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  1. Maybe I missed something.... What exactly is okay with the owner to publish from Maui?
  2. I"m very open to suggestion here... I need some christmas lights for the outside of my home... String lights or icicles. Any suggestions for inworld stores or for specific christmas light you like that work for u? ty
  3. Sandra8675


    Thank u for the suggestions. Brows are a new one for me.
  4. ok... Its hard for me to say without having access to the avi to troubleshoot. But... I have looked at the picture. First.... I would look at ur avi and double check u did not switch ur body to bom by accident... Then... I would for sure jump on the lara body official inworld chat and show the picture. Make sure ur speaking to a customer service rep on the chat which usually shows in bold in chat. Their opinion on whats going on is always helpful. Something I noticed is u stated u were not using bom yet. but... u also didn't state what exact skin ur using. I think in this day
  5. I'm ready and its the right time of year to search for a log cabin. I've never gotten one before. What are some log cabins you love and where do u find them inworld? Please do not be shy about giving me the lm. I'm actually wishing for a log cabin that is: - at least 3 bedrooms - has good/ great textures - is a 'larger' home verses a 'smaller' home. - unfurnished
  6. Sandra8675


    I am in the market for natural colored or tintable brows. I tend to like brows that show/ have little hairs to make them look more real. I don't care about price. But, I do wish to be able to shape them and would like a choice a store that has different shapes even though i know i can shape them with the slider.
  7. Hi... my bf and i just got the 'vista hand holding ao'... we did not buy the entire $1500L ao pack. we only got the hand holding ao from the huge vista pack. but its not offering up a window for me to accept the hand hold. and its not offering up any blue or pink ball for me to sit and or accept the hand hold. anyone have first hand experience with this? we are trying to figure out what is wrong or what to do.
  8. event blogging... I'm so very out of the loop with any of this stuff... I would like to find out how i can contact events to see if they are interested in me making a video on the event. I really have no idea how. I have heard others talk about 'blogger rooms' where u can have access to certain items from the event that can help you make a video on it. This is something I'd be very interested in because I've become so interested in blogging events. Can anyone give me specific first hand advise on how to go about contacting the correct people or other resources I should be look
  9. Where can i get free mesh zombie or black eyes besides MP?
  10. Please feel free to give me the company name and or lm. ty
  11. black dragon from what i heard from several people who do use it is that the graphics are beautifully detailed. many people use it for pictures. but... i have been told by many that its difficult to move around inworld. And because black dragon needs more of your 'graphic card' or depends on your graphic card more than other platforms. the end result is that your computer can 'crash' more than say other viewers out there who depend 'less' on the graphic card. but many have told me the customer service/ support is fantastic.
  12. It is supposed to have more features for inventory specifically geared towards those who like shopping a lot. Otherwise it is extremely similar to firestorm function wise from the research I've done. People who use cts wardrobe seem to very much like catznip. And it made by the same people who made the rlv relay system. But, the look and fell is extremely close to firestorm. More than that I do not know.... because it still gets a little confusing for me. Like i tend to 'prefer' rlv collars by 'peanut 9". what exact rlv system the catznip people came up with i do not know.
  13. hi everyone... i hope someone can help me. is this the official link for catznip please? https://get.catznip.com/downloads and if anyone knows any other nice viewers that are not firestorm. please let me know. ty
  14. catwa unrigged on lelutka? there is still so much i don't know. i have a few catwa heads with many eyes. i will check out the unrigged situation in my inventory. ty
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