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  1. Is it 'difficult' to find skins compatible for LAQ heads and lara bodies?
  2. I think thats why i was asking about them. there is one head in particular i really love by laq. but i did notice they were cheaper so just wondered if there were additional things that needed to be bought to make it fully work, etc.
  3. I was looking at LAQ heads. And I actually like a few of them and was thinking of buying one. But... it seems that too many people talk about them. Can anyone tell me their experiences with LAQ heads and if there is anything painfully obvious I should be aware of before I buy?
  4. These are just a few suggestions which you may already know about. But... If you are using FIRESTORM have you tried chatting inworld on the FIRESTORM TECH group? If you don't get your questions answered the first time post a 2nd or 3rd time until they see the question. Also... again... if your using FIRESTORM and its not working for you... Have you tried using a different viewer like CATNIP or there is another one i can't remember the name of for sl. i know it would be better to find out what the actual issue is though on firestorm. Did the problem only start after the last FIRESTORM BOM update? It may be connected somehow. Lastly... u may can think about having someone with advanced knowledge on settings remote ur computer to see if there are any fixes.
  5. I wish to find long blank nails that i can color with my own omega colors. Are there any out there besides EMPIRE blank nails? I just wish to have other lengths, shapes if possible. thanks
  6. any recommendations where i can find witch or wicca type themed full body tattoos?
  7. I've done multiple demos from events and MP for CATWA male heads. Have not had a lot of luck. I will not buy without a demo available. Can anyone give me first hand experience on what WHITE DEMON eyes work with CATWA male heads?
  8. I am wanting to have a TEA PARTY at a fantasy location in October... I have picked an 'alice in wonderland' type location already that does already have chairs, a large table and 'tea party' things on the table. Its a beautiful location. However... I would like to ask... Does anyone have any other FANTASY locations they feel I should be looking at for a tea party that hopefully comes with a table and chairs?
  9. Thank you so much! Can you tell me... Is it possible to wear or not wear the earrings? I do not prefer the big circle ones it shows in the picture. Can you also tell me how many skin tints come with the ears. Again THANK YOU!
  10. I just bought the face tattoo in the picture last night. The store is ultra huge... But, i did search it with a friend and didn't see the 'exact' ears nor eyes in the image shown here. EARS.. It looks like the ears are elf... I like how they protrude so much and the earrings. EYES... I like how the eye color takes up the entire space in the eye. I've never found any eyes that fill up the entire eye space with the color green. If anyone knows where I can find the ears or eyes I would appreciate the help. Was trying to get the ears and eyes as close to the picture as possible because I think the end result is so nice. thank you
  11. SEVEN DEADLY SKINS... it states... You must have the place "7 Deadly s[K]ins - MAINSTORE 2019" in your picks to participate... Does this mean I have to add them as a group? Im unclear if I need to do more for the free skin called ANAISE.
  12. I can totally get a choker girl... np! TY!!
  13. Wow... free is always great... I will look there for sure... This is a kinda unrelated question... But, i heard there used to be free omega head appliers around inworld for different heads. Do you know if this is still going on inworld?
  14. Ty... I'm not looking for makeup... I prefer the natural look if i can find it. I will check out the skins though. I appreciate the help!
  15. I know i've seen FREE hairbases for CLASSIC female heads in the past. But, i can't seem to locate any now. Can anyone tell me if you have seen a pack of free ones inworld at any hair places?
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