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  1. Claireschen... I am not interested in chat at this time with 'the shops.' This issue is closed for me. 'I did get the free legacy class body.. For me there are no more updates to give on this subject.'
  2. If you wish to leave any comments on the actual utube video please feel free. It would help out I feel to get the conversation going on the utube platform.
  3. ty again... I posted above I did get the free classic legacy body. I am aware of the external server. 'The shops' does have a group chat. However I've stated before their group does not allow 'chat' to happen. That function is turned off. If assistance is needed 'chat' is not possible. This is a brand stance to have this function off. I assume people can write a NC if they have the motivation. I did get the free legacy class body.. For me there are no more updates to give on this subject and therefore will not be commenting further.
  4. Soooo... When I first started trying to learn CTS wardrobe there was a lot of trial and error. There are people that do seem to use it and like it. But on utube I still don't find what I call 'a lot' of CTS wardrobe videos to watch. In back of my mind for some time now I've been wanting to make my own little series on using cts wardrobe with my own little twist and suggestions, etc. Its still a work in process. Check it out... https://bit.ly/3gIdrAt
  5. I think... If I'm not mistaken the OP is asking about a well rounded wardrobe? It really does depend on what your using it for, etc... But, I know for myself I need at the very least... - beach clothing... shorts, swimsuit - casual skirt like a denim skirt that will go with any top. - several casual tops - long hair and pony tail - fatpack of heels and boots - fatpack of some type of stockings
  6. update ... I did end up getting the legacy body. I have gotten it before in the past. The shops at times has issues like the one I just posted about. It was not possible to purchase the free body for several days. And 'the shops' makes it where u can't say anything on their group chat. I guess someone did finally notice with the company and the issue was fixed. I did end up getting the body.
  7. ty... but i was only interested in the legacy free body for an alt. Not interested in the others. I'm very aware about other bodies prices. Only thing about legacy free one is it comes with a nice alpha for the body. still not perfect but good enough.
  8. Hi . .. Any recommendations for a long rectangle dinning table that has plates, flowers, etc? I'm very new to buy furniture... But... I would like all the fancy stuff on the table or a hud that gives the option? I'd like it to kinda look like 'NUTMEG' type style. Seems NUTMEG has higher land impact. Open to suggestion.
  9. ty ... i will write to the firestorm inworld group. and i'll see what they say.
  10. update... I went to 'the shops ' again today. There were about 3 people there. I talked to all of them. No one standing around was able to get the free classic body. I've written to an inside person with Legacy and hopefully they will get back to me on if this body is still in fact free. Otherwise its EBODY for free bodies.
  11. Nick.. I don't see u. And I'm not seeing ur inworld name... NICK0678. I'm at 'the shops.'
  12. Hi Nick... No... it was not messages about 'the shop.' I'm already a member. And the messages, etc were about free items that had nothing to do with 'the shops.' And i was getting 100s of items sent to inventory which i did not accept.
  13. Ty... Because I did try to send them a message in chat. But 'the shops' always has their chat closed. I will try the NC thing.
  14. Hi Nick... Maybe if ur going to be inworld u can come with me? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Cuz I don't grab bodies all the time.
  15. I went to 'the skins' Legacy location yesterday to look at bodies. I started getting all these IMs... Like around 30 IMs from this person wanting me to join something... I don't really know. And I did NOT ACCEPT anything the person was trying to send me. I did write to the person before BLOCKING them and said that I wanted them to stop writing me and to stop sending me stuff. Again ... I did not accept anything from this person. But... I did write to them which may be the problem. And I did block them. But... I did not matter that I blocked the offender. I get 100s of spam sent to my inventory. It was awful. And I could not use EDIT to find out who exactly the offender was. So... I did block everyone in RECENT. I don't know what else to do. Because... I'm still getting things sent to my inventory. Can anyone tell me what I may be able to do or who I can write to to tell them whats going on?
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