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  1. I have looked at the 'sweet thing' fawn legs and I like them. but... im kinda wanting to wear my normal clothes. and... i don't feel like i can do that with the sweet thing fawn leg set... so i feel i was looking for more like 'fawn' legs that go from thigh to feet... I'm also open to hoof type shoes if u have any recommendations.
  2. Have u tried 'bolson'? Seems like they have something like that in a similar style.
  3. I have to say again that... By the time I post on secondlife.com I'm looking for more specific info based on peoples first hand experiences with 'Lelutka lashes' specifically in this case. The 'just look on mp' will not help me out.
  4. I appreciate the info... However... For anyone familiar with Lelutka heads such as myself... Its very clear that its extremely difficult to find Lelutka lashes that are not natural looking. If you want thicker more false lash looking well designed lashes... Those are harder to find. I'm not interested in searching all over mp because I already have. I've also looked inworld and have bought many lashes for Lelutka.
  5. These lashes are for sure for a Lelutka head... It seems to be a big secret where these are from... Anyone know where I can get these? Appreciate any help.
  6. I have never bought doux hair before... I realize im the only person on sl that can say this. but... question - is there a way to know which hair is the newest? ty
  7. can anyone tell me there with handheld fire thing came from? cuz i want to buy it. ty...
  8. Thank you for stating that about Lusthouse... It has gone through so many poor changes lately is extremely unfortunate. Even on their best days lately there are few people there, talking much less engaging in anything. Its sad. Was thinking the other day I wish they would just make it the same design that it was before because that is what worked.
  9. This is a problem I have never had before in the past. And I do use MP often times... The picture shows the window I'm getting. And I have cleared the cache and logged in and out several times and this window keeps coming up.
  10. i looked there and didn't have a lot of luck. but... i will go look again.. ty
  11. I have several from michan but they are in my opinion more 'natural' where as i want more 'dramatic.' I will look again at pout but.. i was not too turned on by those particular ones. Hopefully people will keep commenting so I can get my hands on some I like. smile
  12. I am still on the lookout for extreme, thick and dramatic lashes for Lelutka evo heads... If anyone know where i can find any please let me know. I have already looked on mp, inworld at many of the larger makeup stores and i constantly look at the creator flicker page for lelutka with no luck.
  13. I think its important to take into consideration also that bloggers in sl do not get 'paid'... They only get a fatpack most of the time in return for meeting deadlines, taking pics that everyone approves of and pushing the product on social media. The creators who create items are talented. However... The bloggers are needed to help the creators get known, be see on social media, etc. One does not work without the other. One is not more important than the other.
  14. I could not understand the utuber clearly... It seems they are called 'punkless'... or... 'punklist' I looked on mp and inworld under both names and cannot seem to locate a lash store under either name. Please give me the actual LM if u got it. ty
  15. Can you tell me how u went about removing the animations that came with the akeyo hud u have? I have a feeling I will buy it then won't be able to figure out how to remove the animations that are already on it.
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