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  1. Thank you... your always helpful with getting me very specific information to help me out. I will check out those places. I'm very new to poses. I just need to get the shots of the items I'm writing about.
  2. Thank you for the specific info... I will check out your demo store tonight. I only need a few so i can take a couple shots of products. Don't need anything fancy. I've never used poses before so I'm hoping they will enable me to be maybe more the shots i need. smile. thanks again for the store names it helps me.
  3. I'm sorry but i really don't understand intent behind your answer... This is a forum for asking things. If you don't wish to help in a positive way that is up to the individual. If i however am asking something it means i've already searched an am having an issue locating something. Soooo... Again... I don't understand the 'intent' or stab at sarcasm because again no one is under any obligation to respond including you.
  4. Im very new to poses. Can anyone refer me to a few model female poses on mp? I'm new to blogging for sl... I need to take a few pics of my avi for my blog.
  5. You didn't say what kind of body you have in sl... I can say for a fact GLAM AFFAIR has skins for catwa heads compatible with LARA bodies. Also... Look on SCOOP IT for the JOANNA SKIN... They are giving one as a free gift now that is supposed to be compatible with catwa heads. https://www.scoop.it/topic/second-life-freebies-und-mehr
  6. We will see... I hope it is successful because I bought my bf one also with the promise I'd set it up for him. Wish me luck. fingers crossed
  7. uummmmm... ok... I'm going into the wardrobe system anyway. I really hope it helps me to see what I have.
  8. I'm just wondering are there free photo studios I could use that have a few different backdrops? or... Are free photo studios not a thing in sl? ty
  9. i had no idea you could color code folders on firestorm. I will do that myself! For inventory... I have folders made in a way where I can find things. I have ea folder for BODY, FASHION, FOOD, THINGS I DON'T USE OFTEN... Then I have several sub folders like in fashion I have HAIR, SHOES, FORMAL DRESSES, CASUAL DRESSES, COSTUMES. Then I have many more sub folders in those. That said my inventory is completely out of control because i have too much stuff and I keep buying more. So... I do have the (CTS) Wardrobe which I highly recommend if you have a lot of stuff.
  10. Thank you! I tried the other day checking out HANGARY but they didn't have exactly what I wanted. LOVE the fries!
  11. Does anyone know where I can find large milkshakes, smoothies, coffees that avi can hold beyond what marketplace has? I"m not seeing exactly what I want on mp.
  12. I did not check them... But, I will look now. ty
  13. Ty... I will check into the omega relays now on mp.
  14. Is it possible to get a skin that works for all 3 of these things? I would like a skin to work for my: - Catwa head - AK head - and Maitreya body It is matters... I need a light skin... I've looked all over. I do have a hard time with skins more than anyone else. Can anyone help me with this that knows of a skin that will work with all 3 I have listed? Thank you
  15. There is a shopping event now for CRYSTAL HEART ACADEMY... I was not wanting to know about the shopping event itself. What I would like to know is... Is there a 'magic' type school in sl that kinda has the vibe of the CRYSTAL HEART ACADEMY event? A school kinda like Harry Potter but in sl? If there is one can you give me the name or location please?
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