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  1. SEVEN DEADLY SKINS... it states... You must have the place "7 Deadly s[K]ins - MAINSTORE 2019" in your picks to participate... Does this mean I have to add them as a group? Im unclear if I need to do more for the free skin called ANAISE.
  2. I can totally get a choker girl... np! TY!!
  3. Wow... free is always great... I will look there for sure... This is a kinda unrelated question... But, i heard there used to be free omega head appliers around inworld for different heads. Do you know if this is still going on inworld?
  4. Ty... I'm not looking for makeup... I prefer the natural look if i can find it. I will check out the skins though. I appreciate the help!
  5. I know i've seen FREE hairbases for CLASSIC female heads in the past. But, i can't seem to locate any now. Can anyone tell me if you have seen a pack of free ones inworld at any hair places?
  6. can anyone with first hand experience recommend FEMALE skins for CLASSIC heads and LARA bodies? I'd like a FATPACK... Im having a hard time finding skins for this combo. I've looked at mp and inworld about 10 kins stores... Any recommendations appreciated... Price does not matter. Ty.
  7. I wish to try to go camping... We have a tent so I would like to be able to rez the tent and a few camping things like fire, chairs, etc. Does anyone have locations that are nice you can recommend inword to go camping?
  8. Ty all for your help. I did have a friend helping me with trying to add script to the wings. But, he was unsure about how to do so. We did purchase some 'script' that didn't work. I will just look for some that already have a flexi script because that is the look im actually after.
  9. If I have WINGS that are static... Is it possible to add script to the wings for force them to move, bounce freely as my avi walks. I don't wish for the wings to do anything else except flow freely like many styles of hair do. Any suggestions of script I can buy, how to add it, etc.?
  10. If I just want the exact same account without creating a new one. Can I have a male avi on my normal female account? I'm asking because I don't wish to mess any of my settings up or loose any information I have saved.
  11. I want some nice elf ears. I do like a lot of earrings and things on the ears. I've looked on mp... And I think I found some nice ears that will work... Is there a specific store I should be seeking out that has fantastic elf ears or elf ear jewelry? I appreciate the help.
  12. Can anyone explain to me what an MFH prize is and how you get it? I did go to this event and saw the specific items a blogger was referring to. However I didn't see information about an MFH prize, what it is or how to find out about it. As a side note... I also didn't see info about an MFH prize around the front desk area. Here is one link talking about an MFH prize... https://fabfree.wordpress.com/2019/08/05/before-the-rain/
  13. thank you everyone for your insight. I started a second avi account and decided to use an avi classic body thinking I'd be better at figuring things out this time around. The only alpha I was using was for the feet so I could wear thigh high boots that did come with the outfit. The skirt and top did come with alpha layers but i decided not to use them when i saw all the issue of either the top or the bottom disappearing. Next time I'm in that account I will make a point of taking a picture and hopefully locating the outfit name. If I continue to have problems I guess i can buy a body. I was just not wishing to do that with the second account. I'll take some images, post them and wait to see what others think.
  14. Recently I decided I wanted to go back on have an extra classic avi body I can use. When I started sl I knew nothing about alpha layers or how to use them. Now I have an understanding of what they are, how to apply them and when to use them. But, this is what started happening... I would add an alpha layer for the feet. Then for some reason when I added separate skirt with no alpha layer and then a separate top with no alpha layer... The shoes and shoe alpha layer would disappear. IF... I tried adding the top first, then the skirt then the shoe alpha and the shoes to switch up the order... At times the skirt would disappear or the top would vanish. Basically... I could not get the entire outfit on no matter what I did because one of the pieces kept disappearing. If it makes a difference at all... The entire outfit was free. And the boots were thigh highs, skirt was mini and top was normal fitting tank top. I appreciate your advice. I'd like to get an entire outfit on her one day. smile
  15. thank you for the name dropping! My friend and I are looking to blow some linden on re-decorating out homes. ty!
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