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  1. If you want to make actual L$ from the shop premium allows you up to 1024sqm of mainland tier free you only pay for the cost of the land
  2. Dasher's give you a speed boost. if you were using a game where you had to collect coins, crystals or some other object and competing with another person to get to the object the dasher would allow you to get to it a bit quicker than the other person. Otherwise there doesn't seem to be much else it's useful for
  3. I've never known a laptop to not have pg up or pg dn. If you have a separate number pad toggle num lock the pg dn (page down) key is on the number three. If not look on the top row of keys or far right vertical line of keys for pg dn in my experience this is the most common places for it. I have had a dasher in the past and in my experience you move around as normal with arrow keys or wasd then give a tap of page down when needed
  4. I don't entirely think it's the new theme. The house in the pic looks like a Victorian it's tagged as Millbank so part of the Halloween goings on there, that and the pic before it on Flickr are references to Harry Potter. Also Nika's pic is tagged as Millbank The house teaser in the OP's pic if it's not another American theme i reckon judging by the rendering it could be a first half 20th century British house it's not uncommon for homes of this time to be partially or fully covered in render. Won't be Art Deco as the windows and door are wrong for the potential theme
  5. I remember the uproar going on, on the grid because of Ursula/Zindra most people didn't want adult content restricted or to verify. I had to when a friend restricted his mainland to adult just prior to the Ursula release. You didn't need to specifically age verify you could have payment used or on file to access the new adult regions. I remember one notecard i had on age verification claimed buying something on xStreelsl/Marketplace with PayPal counted in reality it didn't
  6. You can have a platform at any height between ground height and 4096m on mainland however to be a good neighbour you might want to consider a minimum height of 1000m. I had one neighbour pull me up on my then sub 1000m platform whilst understanding of why it was sub 1000m i did move it to over 1000m
  7. You could pay the $40 odd plus one month premium to change your account name. you'll probably have to take the "Resident" last name if none on the list work with your inworld display name
  8. I'm guessing you mean the new TMP Classic if you look for items that include TMP as a rig they should work well using the alpha section of the HUD as needed, the body is said to compatible with 90% of pre-existing TMP content of which a decent amount still exists
  9. If have a spare moment send your m-alt over to Logo and join their group they are offering a free head (L$1 refunded) for men it's up in their anniversary event area. LM given at ground level or you can use mini map to right click > cam on someone to cam in to event to get the head. There's a free women's head too
  10. In case not it's https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Anna-Erotica-Personal-Sandbox-Platform-3-Prim/8295875
  11. Gave my m-alt an airing to help try out furniture
  12. If @Soaping is using the new free TMP Classic it is BoM compatible. There is an option to activate it in the section of the HUD that needs media enabled to communicate with their server. The free Genus is BoM compatible too, the head/body will go red if BoM is turned on but full head and/or body alphas are still worn
  13. British/English here too don't hang out in the London city regions often and don't live too far from RL London from that bit to the east part immortalised in song
  14. If you are looking for a free mesh body look up Lucybody http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coral Reef/23/40/2003 it's available through a midnight mania board, don't worry about the board not reaching it's target it will give everyone that clicks the body at midnight SLT. Clothing & footwear wise it's compatible with Maitreya (clothes/boots)/Slink (shoes) with more extensive alpha cuts in it's HUD it's about L$200 if you want the add-on to make it BoM. you won't have any trouble finding free and very cheap clothes and shoes that fit it
  15. I get the feeling this was meant as a response for another topic but wound up as it's own thread, it's not actually that helpful. As i have found trying to kit out a bloke with some nice clobber there isn't a huge amount of L$10 or less stuff on the marketplace compared to the women's clothing section and very little that i like/isn't really dated/works with a more mature appearance. it shrinks further if you search by specific body rigs for less mainstream bodies like the new L$1 TMP classic or the cheap Alantori body that's compatible with Adin body rigged items. If you just sort by L$0 item
  16. The demo's coming up after checking the no demo box from my observations aren't linked to a full version. you can report them as "Demo not linked to full version" under spam and disallowed listing practices
  17. What's wrong with AMD? In the 12 and a half years or so i've been in SL i've only ever use ATI/AMD it's worked well enough for me to still be here, once upon a time Nvidia might have edged ATI/AMD for openGL but i'm sure that's not the case anymore
  18. Worth giving the third party viewer page a browse http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory there are a few viewers that work on iOS and Android if you need to message your pals and say you wont be on SL proper until you get your computer fixed
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