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  1. @Meredith8888 @Matty Luminos great job with the heads they don't look too shabby. only discovered them today, the alt using the body has the very basic head that was available at the inworld store think I might be generous enough to spend L$29 getting it something a bit better to try out.
  2. Your profile shows you have payment info (used) which means you could buy the L$100k right now (if trading limits allow) at best buy rate it'll set you back $373.24
  3. Sahara has 3 BoM Bento heads on the marketplace for L$29 each https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/186418 i've not seen them before though me and an alt have versions of the Maitreya compatible body which for reasons i don't know is longer available
  4. As others have said they are Torley regions there used to be a third region that wasn't open to public access it's flickering in and out of view on the world map. Tried to send an alt to the region on the left named Torley it no longer exists. If you've never been there it was a wacky region like stepping in to a weird dream. The one on the right was called Here, wasn't really anything going on there
  5. Having seen Patch's hint I think they're going to be some sort of Tahoe mkll or log cabins there are plenty of them around in the caravan areas
  6. You only need payment info, i assume this is to provide RL accountability if you sell stuff you may not have permission to sell, it's also a measure to try and dissuade the creation of stores selling copybot/scam items
  7. There is a darker grey in the exterior colour options I don't recall a lighter version, never seen it on another house. it looks really nice I'd probably use it instead of the lavender if it was available.
  8. He's also a talented musician too had an album out (maybe more since) a few years back probably the most well known track is a cover of a Leadbelly song
  9. I don't know if it still possible but LL used to offer custom last names primarily for RL corporations they weren't intended for individuals and cost $500 to set up and $500 a year to maintain While the winning list is a little disappointing i do hope all other submissions get used as last names i'm sure there'd be something more to your taste if they did
  10. This may not be an accurate reflection of today's rental prices but to rent 1024sqm mature/moderate mainland sets me back L$1100/mo under L$300/wk. Most if not all non Linden Homes mainland has no covenant so there's nothing preventing you having a club. If you don't want to rent you will have the cost of your preferred premium plan to pay plus one off land cost. i have seen land prices for 1024sqm places that have been available near to my rental average out at L$1/sqm. private sales in more desirable areas will cost considerably more
  11. Those two regions look more impressive on the map than they do in the flesh. Zoomed out to fit everything in the shot they lose a lot of detail
  12. If on the off chance region names do happen to be a clue I had another thought the next theme could be British style brick built homes there are at least 5 regions sharing the name of places local to me plus some other UK places
  13. A little surprised no one has studied the map and come up with any ideas yet. Based on my own scrolling's and region names I'm going to hazard a guess the next theme will be fishermens cottages since there's a lot of regions with fish and fishing related names
  14. If the budget is L$75 total for everything it may not be overly helpful i would suggest joining the "Saturday Sale" group and getting the notecard of this weeks list of stores from group notices have a scroll through there are a bunch of stores offering eBody rigs that regularly take part in this weekly event you may find something in the stores
  15. Well done to the winners, a little disappointed my suggestions didn't make the cut as I'm sure other non winners will be. However there's a mix of good names and erm not so good names that have been chosen
  16. If i do post pics outside of SL it's to my Blogger like @Mahala Roviana i upload all the pics i may wish to post straight from my computer. There's no requirement to host pics via an external source.
  17. In the skin tab there's an advanced section click that and there's extra options for skin shine, colour fine tuning and 3 intensities of wet skin
  18. Did you ever add your alts to your friends list or send them a calling card? if so have a look there and see what names look like they may be alts you created
  19. Have you checked your transaction history? The only possibilities for money being taken from you and you not having to accept debit permissions or not getting the "You paid xyz L$xxx" dialogue is you have land that is set to show in search or you are a member of at least one group that has accounting/liabilities enabled for all members or a particular roll you have within a group and you were charged liabilities. Your transaction history will show this
  20. If no dentist will treat you try searching for your nearest dental hospital/school. many many years ago i went to the one in Whitechaple when an infection caused really bad swelling and no dentist anywhere could or would do anything
  21. I have my fair share of alts but i could never ditch this account i've invested way too much time and L$ in to 'me' over the past 12 years. I don't have an overly large inventory only around 41 - 42k but i do have some irreplaceable items tucked away in there made by a dear friend that has since deleted their account that i'd hate to lose
  22. I've had times of fatigue and can't be a**ed when i've hopped around different locations i'll start decorating decide i don't like the location get somewhere else with the feeling i can't face spending the day decorating. i did create a rezzer to take the stress out multiple potential moves before settling. Now my decorating regime is to swap things out or add things when i buy stuff or get tired.
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