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  1. Nice to meet you as well I would love to meet up in world sometime!
  2. If you are a Daddy Dom or a little please say hello. I am trying to make more friends within the community (Sometimes I feel like we are a minority lol..) I am curious as to how many others within the forums are in the lifestyle as well.. Happy Thursday everyone
  3. Hi Guys I just wanted to share the final product from my photo shoot
  4. So many stories like this around SL. I haven't been in something serious for a year now. With good reason. The best advice I can give is to do YOU. Take time to heal and get over it. Don't rush yourself just ride out the storm. Meet new people make new friends and never let someone become priority over them again. If I didn't have my very close friends here I would have little reason to come online so I totally get what you are going through. Friends are very important here as lovers come and go so quickly. A good friendship can last forever <3.
  5. Waiting for my photoshoot this morning
  6. Personally, I think it's best to join groups you are interested in, meet people and go from there. Someone may find their way into your SL when you least expect it. ? Good luck!
  7. Practice dancing for work at my place
  8. Me this morning at the beach. IT'S FRIDAY!! So why not lounge and live it up
  9. Here's my AV Now Tweaked the shape a bit and I don't go so blonde
  10. I absolutely love this reply. I feel the same way about SL relationships. It's very hard to find someone who isn't all about the sex in a SL relationship in my own personal experience. I am so glad you enjoy your own company. I enjoy mine as well lol ...
  11. Me over a year ago when I came back. I looked like I could use a few pounds on my bones LOL
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