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  1. I spend most of SL time on my own, in my own little world. I enjoy my own company, it is peaceful and relaxing. Every now and again, with a new outfit or look, I will visit a few places to go fishing. Mostly the fish get thrown back in, but occasionally I catch a nice one and we share some time together. It doesn't happen that often (as fussy means less), but when it does it can be rather nice. Searching out freebies and cheapies with occasional big spends on extra nice things, but I've often found that full-price purchases often gather far more dust in my inventory than many of the really nice free things. Search Google for SL frees and events etc.. There's loads of blogs out there which collectively update almost constantly. Then unboxing in a peaceful sandbox (or home, if you're posh) and sifting through trying things out before dumping 90%+ of it, but left with some lovely items afterwards. Occasionally, if I find a nice setting or backdrop, I'll try taking a few photos for my profile feed. Perhaps then choosing ONE un-edited outside of SL picture to post in this forum's "How does your avatar look today" thread.
  2. A useful script if you'd like your alts to take money from the account with which you always buy your L$. It would save actually logging into an otherwise often unused account in order just to 'gift' money over, which is what I do. I got this 'gift card 'offer' today too. I just declined and blocked the user. I was in UBER at the time.
  3. I wish people weren't criticised for simply participating, it's hardly conducive to continued participation. People are not obliged to join the forum, nor to participate in it. So, for those that do they should be able to have their voice too. A higher post count is not a sign of subject knowledge, rather a sign of someone spending too much time on a forum. Old-timers on the forum boasting thousands of posts seem to take some form of ownership and take it upon themselves to act as self-appointed defenders of the forum with their own set of arbitrary rules which lesser posters are apparently supposed to magically abide by, unless they want to be ridiculed. If such a post genuinely broke forum rules then report it and let the moderators deal with it. Perhaps message the administration and suggest that the rules be adjusted so threads become auto-locked after some arbitrary period of time, which is acceptable to you, of course. Personally, I enjoy revisiting some past threads months later, especially ones in which I participated. In this case, barely negligible effort was required to do any catching-up with only one full page. People shake their heads at many things in life which have zero impact or effect on others. If that's the case, try learning to keep your negative opinion to yourself. Otherwise, you may start coming across as miserable and jaded.
  4. No problem. As my old teacher used to say "The quality of the answer depends on the quality of the question.”
  5. Another pet peeve .. Phil getting his teeth into a topic
  6. Another Firestorm one, although this may be alterable. If so I don't know how to do it .. When you buy something and it says "You paid whoever L$x", and you go to press the 'OK' button. .. then in the blink of an eye the item pops up to Accept or Discard. The discard button is right where the OK button was and you discard by mistake. Took quite a few times of mistakes, frustrations, notecards to vendors and re-deliveries learning to pause for a few seconds while ignoring 'You just paid ..' pop up. I got a quick grab of it, just now > It seems everyone else's pet peeves are always to do with other people. Other people are easy to ignore or move away from. They rarely bother me, people's names and fashion choices have zero impact on me, same as no AO or hairbase (huh?! .. lol). The one that I feel is hanging around on the landing point, which is why I bought a bumper. Move over butt-head!
  7. Firestorm .. two inventory windows open .. drag across items from one to another .. it goes anywhere near the top of the target windows and the thing ZOOM-scrolls into oblivion. Thanks for trying to help me when I don't want it. Again, Firestorm. Since a relatively recent update the 'Double-click on land' now walks you in a small arc before you begin your straight walk to the clicked point. Bumping into people, doorways, getting caught in arcoves and door frames. Potential future options (I've pre-selected my choices): Inventory auto-scroll: ☐ Double-click on land: Move to clicked point with animation: ☐
  8. When you have no idea what 'non-imposter avatars' are and assume everyone else is the same. I allow 12 of them into my SL world. They've never introduced themselves, as far as I know.
  9. I don't remember paying L3,000 for it. I think I paid L$1,500. Like a muppet, the above image was of the previous version (v3.05). The first screen -Features- is pretty much essential, but I've never used the 3rd screen -Looks- at all. It is for saving sets of makeups and skin etc.. Then again, I never do with any save option for any head or body as I save different heads (or bodies) myself and label their folder accordingly, which I can then save within different outfits. Anyway, these are the 3 screens of the new/current HUD: >
  10. Besides grabbing the frees under the trees at The Arcade, Epiphany and FaMESHED I'll barely bother collecting any more guff this month, unless I actually see beforehand via some blog what it is I'll be getting. Plus, I can't be bothered to go to various venues on a daily basis just to discover it's yet something else for the trash. I still haven't opened stuff from SLB15 and there's a mountain of hunt, event and various other gifts and freebies accumulated since then to get through. Not easy staying on top of all the free stuff. Damn you, Maitreya!
  11. I tried the demo of that LAQ head which is currently on offer. I didn't like it. If it was free I'd never wear it, but that's just me. I have another LAQ head which I adore as it's one of the loveliest heads I own (along with Mayreal), so I have the skins and the LAQ HUD already. There was a recent update for the LAQ HUD (v3.06) but nothing within the AO section changed. The moods and expressions within the AO section goes almost totally unused by me as the face distortion on numerous options is terrible, even with the default shape. Such a shame as many of the LAQ heads are very, very lovely indeed. The 3 below (Lips1, Lips2, Smile1) are all I use. The AO just sits like that continuously, never changes. I've had to add other facial expressions via another HUD. I thought Catwa's AO was really good, the best I have seen.
  12. I agree with Moira's theory, above, that it sounds like something to do with the internet connection. Wired is always best, but if WiFi is your only option then at least make sure you're getting the strongest and best signal possible, with the least traffic. In other words, be sure to utilize the best wifi channel available from your home router's wifi. Neighbours may all be on the same channel, for all you know. I use an app on my Android phone called 'WiFi Analyzer'. It shows the optimum channel to use. Once you know, you then access your router's wifi settings and change to the optimal channel. The difference can be significant.
  13. All this talk of social interaction in social places being ignored got me thinking of something else I've done a few times to preempt an incoming 'hi'. 'Look At'. I have my 'Look At' sending turned off, but have it turned on so I can see the targets of others, unless they've turned off theirs too. Standing there, looking gorgeous, cross-hairs appear in the centre of my head with a name just above. I wish those names stacked as it becomes messy and unreadable when more than one person stares at you at once. Anyway, I quickly open up an IM for the person staring and monitor the .. is typing message. Then quickly say something before they do, such as 'no thanks'. It's all sport and it can be fun, sometimes resulting in a reasonable conversation afterwards as they don't know how you did it
  14. 'hello' or 'hi' .. followed by nothing. Boring. It happens numerous times every day. Those IMs almost always end up closed without a response from me, but not before zooming in and/or perhaps checking their profile first before closing, just in case. I do not delete chat logs, so sometimes they have a history of hellos over a number of months, with nothing else and no response in-between. The worse ones are where someone says something like "hello little lady", or something similar. Repeated exactly, months apart. Despite all this I never respond in open chat, unless by mistake. Shaming someone for simply trying (rather pathetically) to start a conversation is a bit harsh.
  15. Sintiklia - Angela LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sintiklia/119/78/22 It's one of their lucky letter board gifts, which are free and require no group join.
  16. I could not disagree with your blinkered knee-jerk reaction more. Just because you fail to see any positives or understand what might be in certain situations doesn't mean none exist. Think outside of your box a bit more.
  17. Thank you. There was a useful post or two in that 7 year old thread. Some information never gets old. I've been wearing the finished article for several days already, but some useful extra info for next time.
  18. I find the block function extremely inadequate. If I don't like someone I can remove them from my world, but I still remain in their world. Not good enough! I have an outfit I use for MMM which is basically just a 100% alpha. There have been occasions when I've worn it for some reason, often because someone is continually staring at me or I simply don't want them to look at me for extended periods as I find that creepy. But doing that does spoil my SL experience if it goes on too long, in which case I just leave and go somewhere else. We should be able to hide from others. Perhaps only those we have blocked as it could be misused, I suppose.
  19. I might be wrong, but if you are blocked I think you can still pay them (L$1) and send a message with the payment (not a notecard).
  20. Thanks, Tari, I've done it now but I can already imagine tinkering and adding. This will save me lots of attachment slots When I was editing the final positions it became very difficult and fiddly to select particular parts for editing as they were situated so closely together. Instead of using the mouse, is there a method of rotating through the linked items using the keyboard, or some other method of selection?
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