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  1. "Your inventory will—I’m afraid to say—probably explode. You know that 30-colour applier HUD you’ve got for XYZ thing? For BoM that will turn into 30 separate items. So a 30-shade lipstick HUD will become 30 individual lipstick tattoos. Get organising and filing that inventory now…" I hope creators do something like a hud to attach/dettach items (if possible), or life will be not so easy...
  2. I'm confused about bom. Last night I bought the new Akeruka bom beta head, it doesn't even have a final name, so if anyone is interested, take it now because it's L$1000 (I suppose 5K when released). I've asked many times in their chat about all other mesh heads (I have a Rachel and if they update her, why to buy another one?), but they insist to talk only about the new beta head and that "old heads will not be updated", but who knows what do they mean by that? Never? Not now but maybe in future? So can I conclude we "need" a single head to apply any visual with skins? Will all those Catwa heads be "outdated" when they release a bom-compatible head?
  3. And look how high is her armpit cut in the first model... GOD. "Once you see it you can't unsee", as the meme. I'm ruined
  4. Thank you, that's exactly what bothers me (I guess, LOL). The weird cut in her armpit. Depending on arm position, it makes a huge cut, very weird and ugly, I always do a "ughn" when that happens. I feel like her shoulders are a little slumped, or out of natural place, it's hard to explain. Maybe it's just my view. I totally agree with people saying "don't fix what is not broken", but in Lara's case, I suppose there are limitations enough to justify an update. I know I can use things like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sculpted-Belly-v20-boxed/2342190 for pregnancy rp, but I tried other bodies and if I'm not wrong, Belleza gives a very acceptable belly only with the slider (I tried the new TMP too, but don't remember the result). I guess wasn't for the clothes, most people would have shift to Belleza. Maybe mysterious Miss LeShell should be worried about it? About heads: someone said about the price, and that was the main reason I was asking 2K sounds as a good price comparing to the 5K for a Catwa or 4.5 for a LAQ (plus HUD if its the first head). My friend was looking for a oriental/Japanese head and there is beautiful one there, said her to take a look. Bad to know they are kind of out of business or just making money with a dead project. And as far as I've tried Genus, seems to be the best for customization: I could change many face features with little to no deformations - seems like a very flexible head and to my taste, the more realistic. Genus and some Catwa are the only ones who tempt me to spend with another head...
  5. I guess when money matters, "reality" is relative to the point of view of who is talking. Example: I (and thousands of SL users, so it's not a personal question) live in Brazil. Many others in the same situation are in all South/Central America, Mexico, etc. In my case, 1 dollar = a little more than 4 Brazilian Real (4 reais). "Ok, so you are spending more than what 80 dollars means to me." It gets worse if you consider purchasing power and much lower average wages. R$80 reais or pesos or whatever currency is a heavier impact than US$20 for someone living in the US or €15 in Europe. "This is not of the producer business. If you can't, don't buy", someone will think. Anyway, I doubt anyone back to the US wants to throw away $20 on something they will not fully enjoy because of poor customer service and lack of support from developers in general. Way better to spend on food And I can't understand how selling a product two times more expensive than competitors can be "competition". Sounds like commercial suicide to me.
  6. The body is SO beautiful, that I feel terribly tempted to buy. Then I remember that I can't put so much money (yes, poooooor) in a body having a good one (Lara) that costed me half the price, and not having Omega or even half the offer of clothes and developers working on it. Maybe in future... *sighing*
  7. I know I should maybe ask Maitreya owner, Onyx Leshelle (I guess its her name), but maybe someone here knows. I'm kind of new to SL (my 1st year anniversary is close), and I have been using Lara for something like 8 months -- before, Altamura in free and premium versions (Jenny, Giselle). During this time, Lara didn't have a single update. I mean, it's an amazing body and I easily recommend to anyone, but there are issues with her, especially with the sliders. Have you tried to make a simply acceptable pregnant Lara? Her tummy protrudes like if raising an alien. Her shoulders bothers me, no matter what I do to adjust. Her breasts are impossible to be over around 50; above it, they just will point forward, not like a natural big breast. I'm only sticking with her because almost literally all clothes fit, it's so good after some months suffering to have decent wardrobe for Altamura. I feel tempted to shift to Belleza or even that so beautiful new TMP body. The company may not be reliable, as people told, but the body is a delight to see. But it's a real pain for me to invest in another body having a decent one. Did Maitreya had important updates along the last years? And is she still getting updates, being improved? What can we expect for her? (To get a ride here, I would ask the same about Genesis' heads. I read about the split between designers and the coder, so is it a dead project?)
  8. To be honest I don't like too much Katena bimbos and things like that, but I see no reason for a rant. Some people like big butts (good, now I'll mentally sing that "I like big BUTTS, and I can not lie... ♪" all day) barely dressed. Others like skinny girls dressed as polar bears. How does it affect my experience? Not the slightest. And yeah, sure. All the kogal fetishism is so classy. Oriental avatars dressed with skirts shorter than my salary, her underbutts exposed, and skimpy sailor shirts. Very classy. "I will never hold western SL creators who make nothing but "*****wear" " -- butthurt (is it a bad word? Sorry if yes, I'm not sure) in the most pure essence.
  9. Worst part is: creators doesn't seem to give a damn about it... After all, they are selling like those nice and heavy bodies like hot cakes...
  10. I was checking bodies and heads, and reading reviews of brands like Genus and the new TMP. They are beautiful for sure, but some users are complaining about complexity (aka abnormal complexity). Searching further, I ended up here https://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2018/12/maitreya-belleza-and-slink-sl-skin-bad-optimization.html Long post made short, the author says the leading body makers did a **** job, so Belleza, Maitreya and Slink are products of bad design practices . A crowded sim with poorly optimized bodies (mounted by hair, clothes and jewelry equally bad optimized) and voilà: lag even with good machines. "I find more and more reasons every time to absolutely hate them. Those three are the worst ones anyway -- Belleza being at the top, followed by Maitreya and then SLINK", says NiranV, developer of Black Dragon viewer. "Maitreya starts with 80,000-100,000 — only the base body. Belleza was something like 200,000+ last time I checked. Modern games use roughly 20-40k for an entire character. A few games use more, obviously, but 20-40k is standard today. So with 100-200k you can imagine how much more straining avatars are. And they are just bodies — [not counting] clothes, no hair, nothing." But is this really "bad design" or a one way road? Can better bodies, MUCH better than Lara or Jake (enough to justify a new expense) be made reducing complexity? And obviously, the idea of the author - "boycott" - seems ludicrous.
  11. I admit I didn't read all pages, but... Are people judging others because of wishlists? What's wrong with the world? 😅 I have one ranging from a few bucks to 5K, but I use it more as "bookmark". I don't shove it in strangers' faces - its there, quiet in a corner of my Pics. And honestly I don't believe anyone will buy stuff for me, but who knows?, if he/she wants, they don't need to ask me (or send things I will never use). I can't see HOW this is in any possible way "begging". [Besides... Can a good soul send me gifts, plox? I'm a poor citizen from the third world with 3 little childs, God bless you 🤣 ...or I report you]
  12. Never used. Like Arielle said, I feel it breaks the immersion. When online I want to be Angel, not the real me, my real voice would ruin it. And my English is horrible anyway...
  13. [Sorry for the intrusion, I'm not Catwa user.] I tried many Catwa demos deciding if I should invest hard earned money on it. Looking from outside, they look "different", more natural than others like LAQ with those fat duck lips 🙄. The only comparable (or superior) in my view is Genus. The variety is amazing, and it's a shame when I want a skin and it was made only for Catwa; with luck, maybe for LAQ and Lelutka. Even not having a Catwa head, I recommended and guided some friends to buy one. And despite thinking 5K heads - 5.5K if Genus 😐 - are kind of expensive ("creator set the price none of your business", I know), I was itching to buy one. Until Akeruka put ALL STORE in promo, 500L. Got Rachel, that I was eyeing for a time. I still think Catwa looks more "real-world" and maybe I eventually buy one, but the urge to spend is gone. I would love to see them doing promo prices. But since it's the more popular brand, they don't care about it. (Oh God, a 500L promo, and I would buy half the store... :D)
  14. Just to add my bit: Unless she or anyone else in the same situation has the Lindens to buy Maitreya (if yes, go ahead, don't think twice), I'd strongly recommend keeping an eye on the Altamura store. Free bodies are a good start - I learned a lot from free Jenny until I finally move to Lara. And they do some crazy promos like 60 to 90% off sometimes - that's how I bought Giselle and Eva (still wearing Giselle's head, so gorgeous that I feel a little sad to think in pay L$5000 on a Catwa or LAQ head) . If the preference is for a more curvy avi, then 1L version of EBody is nice to start, too. For sure at some point the user will seek for more, like tattoos and skins, that will be the time to invest some money.
  15. I'm in shock that I missed it... And worst part is that I'm in AK group already
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