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  1. Just to add my bit: Unless she or anyone else in the same situation has the Lindens to buy Maitreya (if yes, go ahead, don't think twice), I'd strongly recommend keeping an eye on the Altamura store. Free bodies are a good start - I learned a lot from free Jenny until I finally move to Lara. And they do some crazy promos like 60 to 90% off sometimes - that's how I bought Giselle and Eva (still wearing Giselle's head, so gorgeous that I feel a little sad to think in pay L$5000 on a Catwa or LAQ head) . If the preference is for a more curvy avi, then 1L version of EBody is nice to start, too. For sure at some point the user will seek for more, like tattoos and skins, that will be the time to invest some money.
  2. I'm in shock that I missed it... And worst part is that I'm in AK group already
  3. No problem. It was a kind of vague phrase, I admit. I'm not a native English speaker.
  4. NUNCA consegui vincular minha conta PayPal, mesmo tendo saldo em dólares. Perguntei pro suporte do PayPal e disseram que era com a LindenLabs, perguntei pra LindenLabs e disseram que é com o PayPal Desisti.
  5. Not sure where you live, but I'm Brazilian and I was NEVER able to add my payment info from PayPal to Second Life (I know a Brazilian guy who had the same problem, so I know it's not just me), so I have only money earned inworld to do my things...
  6. I feel doubly sad with a topic like this because the author is obviously desperate for an "e-girlfriend" (what is sad and kind of ridiculous, to be honest), and it paves way for people to mock him and show how cool they are within their own group. Not cool. I'm not the best advisor on the subject; from day 1 in SL, I never wanted to be in a "serious" relationship. What I can say is: Don't lie about yourself. The most important to me. Wannabes are not interesting and sooner or later your mask will fall. Don't create a so different persona, or forget about a "real" relationship: you'll live a lie, and worst, be lying to someone. What do you like? Debauchery, religion, music? Write about it in your profile, save some Picks. This way, you will attract people like you, with similar tastes. Take care of your avi - and I'm not saying you necessarily need to spend 20k to buy a ton of jewelery and clothes; I've met people who don't care about it, focused on the personality. But others are triggered only if they have a good visual stimulation. So it depends on what kind of people you are and you want to attract. Take care of your profile - I'm a huge profile stalker. There is nothing worst than a profile with no avatar image, no description, no Picks, no everything. It's too vague, uninsteresting, boring. If you meet a person LIKE YOU, you are going to be mutually interested. Things happen naturally.
  7. I mean you don't need to justify. You can block, you block. Period.
  8. I have a male alt that I've been using not so often. With him I'm not treated as piece of meat in random places. What I noticed wandering as a man: they are less prone to chat with other men; I dare to say 'less sociable'. Sometimes you talk and nobody cares about you, or gives you a laconic answer. It rarely occurs when I'm with my female avi talking to other girls. Funny part: even not being a super cute (he wears Altamura Manuel body and head https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Altamura-MANUEL-Bento-Fullbody/14637656), sometimes 'girls' come to me asking for dates that I politely refuse. Maybe the guys in ladies' shoes
  9. Nope. If someone requires voice verification, it's his or her problem, not mine. I don't care the slightest if the person I'm interacting is a woman or man in RL, why should I?
  10. I'm often into ahn.... adult sims, and a lot of guys read my profile and pretend to be the kind of person I like to interact - just to later become a pain in the *** revealing their real personalities. These are the ones I usually block. So bad they still can see me, we could just be 100% invisible to blocked people, like any social media. Block and goodbye forever. But I agree with the general opinion: there's no reason to justify a block.
  11. I'm not sure if the image helps, but her shoulder look "down" and out of place; it's exactly the problem we see here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Shoulder-Bring-Down-DEMO/16442853. To be honest, it's way stranger sometimes (arms up is "ugh... wth?"). Shoulders are around 50 here - above it, she becomes too unnatural, and below, the deformation is worse. Thanks for the suggestion of shoulder deformers, I did not even know it exists. Sounds like a solution, I'll try. Ankle locks saved me using another body (Altamura) and since Lara have the function in HUD, I'm still using it.
  12. I'm using Lara for some time now, with a shape I did myself. I don't want to look like a giant, so my atual height is 194 cm. It makes me smaller than most avs around me, but what is really bothering me are her shoulders. When she is arms up, they get really awkward and unnatural. I tried to adjust my shape, but it stills weird. And checking other avs using Lara, their shoulders look fine I'm even thinking about buy Belleza Isis. Is this a known issue of Lara? Maybe can you suggest some adjustment or a custom shape? I like to be "curvy" but slender (small waist, large hips, long legs) but not surreal.
  13. Funny post =D Inconclusive, vague, but funny. HOW, can you share? I took more than a month dancing in a club and I didn't get 2k, and it was boring to death... Not even escorting I did it yet (despite a girl reportedly made more than 4 million L escorting along last years).
  14. I can't talk for "people" but for me: I think it's sexy and even when not scripted, brings a new ingredient of fantasy for those who enjoy restriction, submission, etc. The functions (open collar, in case) add a lot specially in foreplay, with custom poses, leash, etc. And when having sex too: it's really cool to see yourself or your partner on a leash. It doesn't change de act per se, but the fantasy. Works as a symbol, a way to say you are into that kind of thing to possible partners before they approach you ou vice-versa. I use my collar all time, and dependending on the sim, there is a thrill in letting it open to public. Just be warned to put yourself as owner and everything will be fine. Have fun!
  15. Never heard of it... Instead of let yourself be guided by other people's opinion, that are so diverse, maybe it's better to: 1. Check person's profile and Picks. It talks a lot and can give you a good idea, I bet you do it already. 2. In some cases, ask for their notecard with detailed informations. For paraRP and anyone who likes tons of text, It's a must. 3. Most important: chat. It shows a lot about how that person emotes/interacts, if she is too quiet or talkative, etc.
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