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  1. Sure, it was more like a 'social experiment'. "Hey-ers" are only laughable.
  2. Drake is almost funny in his confusion. Women can't ask for something because it's a "me-me selfishness", but should "understand what men need an try to fulfill it". Well, you can use professional service, there is a lot of areas in SL where girls will be happy to satisfy your needs, even (ugh...) cuddling - with a proper payment for our time. Let me tell something from yesterday. There I was opening gifts and trying clothes when some contact - I use to visit "adult sims", so guys find me and sometimes I have no idea where - called me. "Hey". "Here we go again..." I said to myse
  3. Maybe I said it before, but aside from the technical point (I only tested the demo and it's really beautiful, sliders work almost perfectly, etc), I don't understand how a company trying to put competition can fix their price in almost twice of main competitors. And worse: people accept to pay an absurd for a product with no Omega, horrible (until where I know reading reviews) support, etc. It amazes me. It's not "twice as better" than Maitreya or Belleza to justify. I understand a product like Genus (didn't buy one for lack of money :P), but TMP? It looks good, but incomplete. "You don't
  4. Ok, I'll start. Not "free", but Love is only $L25 to join (250 normal price), with some nice gifts and a Raffle Board running each 2 hours + random gift cards. Got one yesterday :D http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aggramar/134/55/23
  5. Sure, Belleza and new TMP are way superior. But I'm thinking of users who can't buy multiple bodies for specific looks, because you might not want to have big or small breasts all the time - that's the "magic" of SL :D Since Lara is a natural choice for so many people because of the clothes, Id love to see it a bit more flexible and the sliders "morphs" working better. Definitely a good option, but not flexible (for me, at least).
  6. Of course. Count on me if it's free 🤑
  7. I understand the person who said there were no big updates since Bento (sorry, forgot to quote and lazy to search back :p), but I mean: Lara's shape/mesh is REALLY f up in some parts. It's impossible to have big breast with her, it looks horribly artificial (Belleza is very natural). Pregnant/big belly is horrible (so as most of the sliders) and her old issue with shoulders. I think it's more than time for the team to improve her. AND of course this is not going to happen since they still selling Lara like hot cakes thanks to the sheer support of designers.
  8. Last year we shared info about the best VIP groups with "join for free"... ...so any chance of doing the same this year? Not sure if there are good groups (especially those with good VIP gifts) free to join in December, but I'm sure that would be precious information
  9. "Your inventory will—I’m afraid to say—probably explode. You know that 30-colour applier HUD you’ve got for XYZ thing? For BoM that will turn into 30 separate items. So a 30-shade lipstick HUD will become 30 individual lipstick tattoos. Get organising and filing that inventory now…" I hope creators do something like a hud to attach/dettach items (if possible), or life will be not so easy...
  10. I'm confused about bom. Last night I bought the new Akeruka bom beta head, it doesn't even have a final name, so if anyone is interested, take it now because it's L$1000 (I suppose 5K when released). I've asked many times in their chat about all other mesh heads (I have a Rachel and if they update her, why to buy another one?), but they insist to talk only about the new beta head and that "old heads will not be updated", but who knows what do they mean by that? Never? Not now but maybe in future? So can I conclude we "need" a single head to apply any visual with skins? Will all tho
  11. And look how high is her armpit cut in the first model... GOD. "Once you see it you can't unsee", as the meme. I'm ruined
  12. Thank you, that's exactly what bothers me (I guess, LOL). The weird cut in her armpit. Depending on arm position, it makes a huge cut, very weird and ugly, I always do a "ughn" when that happens. I feel like her shoulders are a little slumped, or out of natural place, it's hard to explain. Maybe it's just my view. I totally agree with people saying "don't fix what is not broken", but in Lara's case, I suppose there are limitations enough to justify an update. I know I can use things like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sculpted-Belly-v20-boxed/2342190 for pregnancy rp, but I tri
  13. I guess when money matters, "reality" is relative to the point of view of who is talking. Example: I (and thousands of SL users, so it's not a personal question) live in Brazil. Many others in the same situation are in all South/Central America, Mexico, etc. In my case, 1 dollar = a little more than 4 Brazilian Real (4 reais). "Ok, so you are spending more than what 80 dollars means to me." It gets worse if you consider purchasing power and much lower average wages. R$80 reais or pesos or whatever currency is a heavier impact than US$20 for someone living in the US or €15 in Europe.
  14. The body is SO beautiful, that I feel terribly tempted to buy. Then I remember that I can't put so much money (yes, poooooor) in a body having a good one (Lara) that costed me half the price, and not having Omega or even half the offer of clothes and developers working on it. Maybe in future... *sighing*
  15. I know I should maybe ask Maitreya owner, Onyx Leshelle (I guess its her name), but maybe someone here knows. I'm kind of new to SL (my 1st year anniversary is close), and I have been using Lara for something like 8 months -- before, Altamura in free and premium versions (Jenny, Giselle). During this time, Lara didn't have a single update. I mean, it's an amazing body and I easily recommend to anyone, but there are issues with her, especially with the sliders. Have you tried to make a simply acceptable pregnant Lara? Her tummy protrudes like if raising an alien. Her shoulders bothers
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