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  1. I'm not sure if the image helps, but her shoulder look "down" and out of place; it's exactly the problem we see here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Shoulder-Bring-Down-DEMO/16442853. To be honest, it's way stranger sometimes (arms up is "ugh... wth?"). Shoulders are around 50 here - above it, she becomes too unnatural, and below, the deformation is worse. Thanks for the suggestion of shoulder deformers, I did not even know it exists. Sounds like a solution, I'll try. Ankle locks saved me using another body (Altamura) and since Lara have the function in HUD, I'm still using it.
  2. I'm using Lara for some time now, with a shape I did myself. I don't want to look like a giant, so my atual height is 194 cm. It makes me smaller than most avs around me, but what is really bothering me are her shoulders. When she is arms up, they get really awkward and unnatural. I tried to adjust my shape, but it stills weird. And checking other avs using Lara, their shoulders look fine I'm even thinking about buy Belleza Isis. Is this a known issue of Lara? Maybe can you suggest some adjustment or a custom shape? I like to be "curvy" but slender (small waist, large hips, long legs) but not surreal.
  3. Funny post =D Inconclusive, vague, but funny. HOW, can you share? I took more than a month dancing in a club and I didn't get 2k, and it was boring to death... Not even escorting I did it yet (despite a girl reportedly made more than 4 million L escorting along last years).
  4. I can't talk for "people" but for me: I think it's sexy and even when not scripted, brings a new ingredient of fantasy for those who enjoy restriction, submission, etc. The functions (open collar, in case) add a lot specially in foreplay, with custom poses, leash, etc. And when having sex too: it's really cool to see yourself or your partner on a leash. It doesn't change de act per se, but the fantasy. Works as a symbol, a way to say you are into that kind of thing to possible partners before they approach you ou vice-versa. I use my collar all time, and dependending on the sim, there is a thrill in letting it open to public. Just be warned to put yourself as owner and everything will be fine. Have fun!
  5. Never heard of it... Instead of let yourself be guided by other people's opinion, that are so diverse, maybe it's better to: 1. Check person's profile and Picks. It talks a lot and can give you a good idea, I bet you do it already. 2. In some cases, ask for their notecard with detailed informations. For paraRP and anyone who likes tons of text, It's a must. 3. Most important: chat. It shows a lot about how that person emotes/interacts, if she is too quiet or talkative, etc.
  6. Mmm... It depends of our definition of what is a 'troll'? Is there a virtue in having fun at the expense of others, even if they don't agree? I can let a bold NO. But example: in a red light sim I use to go, there was a dog days ago demanding to be called "Master" and sporting a large... thing. He even pissed at the foot of one of us. Some thought it was hilarious, others asked to ban him immediately... Can we consider him as a classic troll?
  7. Exactly what I thought. Thank you for letting me know
  8. I worked as dancer for a short time, and I'm currently escorting. My views: Q: If they sit in a chair, are they expected to tip? A: Expected? Yes. Honestly I think it's rude to enjoy the show (sometimes interacting - spanking, dirty talking) and then leave, like it would be in RL. But I guess it depends on the houses' rules, most of times it's not mandatory to tip, but recommended. In most places, we are advised to NEVER ask for tips, not even suggest it, so it's not like we are there doing a free show for pure personal joy... We simply can't ask. Q: How often should they tip? What factors might affect it? A: Mmm, don't guess there is a rule for that. Some guys seem to feel good tipping once in a night, small values, specially when they are leaving. Others, to show their generosity/weath dropping a big tip in the jar, and maybe other days later... Q: Is there a guideline for how much the tips should be? A: I don't think so. But in my personal case, tips were usually from 10 to 100L, and very rare, big tipping like 500L (in special when we had a good chat and/or they were paving way for more 'services' in future). Q: What are some tipping pet peeves that really upset you? A: Those who tips and start asking for RL information, sending RL pics. I wanna die when it happens. Or those who think they can decide how you should look for him "hey, I'm tipping you, you should have bigger breasts next time, okay hun?". Apart from that, nothing upsets me in a tip (only when they don't give it =D)
  9. I've seen some AFK "machines" (you sit there and well...don't know if I can explain what exactly, but you can guess) that charges users L$20 for X minutes. If I'm not wrong, it's charged in the end of the service, when the person stands up after such time, so I suppose some can simply use it and go away seconds before being charged... But seems to me like a super idea that maybe could be best explored by developers. I would work on it myself if I had knowledge for it. EDIT: oops, I deviated from the matter. I never found an AFK place that could be really rentable for me, even using all body parts (Lara, good skin, mesh head, Mama Allpa, body parts, sex systems, etc). I tried dancing in place for tips, but it was boring as hell to, with amazing luck, get 500L (and AFK were forbidden). Only working IC, interacting with partners. In a very good night, two or three, 1K each. Other times, 5 days waiting for nothing.
  10. This post is old and as a record, problem solved: the guy hasn't appeared anymore. Yes, I reported him, no idea if it worked or not. I still using that sandbox. I just want to politely, no drama, say I got surprised to see how many people accused me (and by extension, any similar view of the problem) of being 'dramatic' and looking for 'revenge'. Of course I'm not so experienced as most of you in SL. I thought that, as a community, people should work to not only avoid, but get rid of those who tries to ruin others' experience for personal fun. That's why I was asking if I should report him or not: maybe reporting griefers could lead to a ban or something. It's not 'revenge', it's not for personal satisfaction -- more like "let's prevent such kinds to do it again and again and again". Ok? Thank you for the tips, some lessons learned here (hope I don't sound 'dramatic' again posting it... ).
  11. I don't understand why the ironic view ("justice!") about such issue. Besides, in my post, I asked how to solve it, and the first comment where kind enough to teach me (move lock) with no drama, irony or anything. Are you offended? Some people, like you, think it's ok to just go away of somewhere because of a single m*ron harassing users. Others disagree and think it's perfectly ok to report them.
  12. I just gave my opinion and shared what I did, following the suggestions here that I thought were more appropriate. No drama. Thank you for the help.
  13. Fair to anyone in SL. If griefers are not reported and we just leave "ah because thats the way it is", so it's exactly why they keep doing it. And as far as I understood, he is not land owner. He could just have banned me (for whatever reason, remembering HE was rude with me before, I was quiet). Of course I wouldn't complain about, but to make my experience a crap because he is the owner doesn't sound cool or even inside LL rules.
  14. Thank you all! I checked the land, its owned by a group called Sandbox Metropol, he doesn't seem to be part of it. Yes, I can find another sandbox. Anyway, I don't think it's fair to leave because of an *******. This is probably what he wants me to do - as any other person he did the same (for sure I'm not the first). Reported. [besides, the guy as a price list to be his friend. WTH? LOL]
  15. I feel idiot asking it, but since I still kind of new... Some days ago, Ive met a guy in a place, and he was a *ick, so the next time he talked to me, in the same place, I blocked him. It's a 9 years old av, very experient user. Everytime I return to that place (it's a sandbox), he is there, I can see his sillhoutte. And he sees me too, even blocked, because his av comes running to me, and then my av starts flying around like crazy, out of control. Everytime I reenter the sim, same thing: the guy run in my direction, and my av starts moving like crazy, then fly very high. Is it possible to someone else to be doing it to me as a harassment "vengeance"? This is the place http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sensual%20Sundae/228/252/22 Of course I will not publish the name of the guy, since I'm not sure. But its weird...
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