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  1. Word of advice, get a separate drive or flash drive or something you can disconnect from your PC when it needs repairs and keep things you may not want others to have access to on that. I keep all personal info, things I'm in the process of making and anything else I don't want others to see on externals. Plus stuff I don't care if they see, but take up tons of room. Like the content I have for a rendering program and textures I use for making things for SL.
  2. Sandy Schnook

    A Sansar Journal

    I'm not entirely sure they know who they want. There's not remotely enough action for the typical gamer, there's not enough social aspects for the virtual world users, and entities like universities and large corporations will probably hire their own people to create VR experiences on their own sites.
  3. Sandy Schnook

    A Sansar Journal

    Those games are for a completely different audience, but if you look at the toons on them, you still dress them in a more human fashion. The ability to come up with different looks for the avatars was still a huge aspect of the games. I know a couple of male uber gamers, who still like tracking down unique costume pieces. And yes, I have played WoW, City of Heroes/Villians, Everquest 1 and 2, Lord of the Rings Online, Archeage, Ark:Survival and others. The current issue with Sansar is trying to be a social outlet, more then a game and yet is disregarding one of the most important things in a social environment...how we look and perceive ourselves. It is not trying be be WoW or Minecraft, it's trying to compete more with it's own forefather, Second Life.
  4. Sandy Schnook

    Road trip/voyage of discovery - advice?

    I love playing golf in SL!
  5. Sandy Schnook

    Sansar is now officially on Steam

    Sansar, I'm sure, is not made just out of the kindness of their hearts. Even if they have deals with some of the biggest corporations in the world, those businesses expect something for their input into the Sansar coffers. If no one goes to visit something built by one of those huge corporations, then what has been achieved? In this case, the money flow for development still ends.
  6. Sandy Schnook

    Sansar is now officially on Steam

    I'll give this a try. Increased concurrency means increased in game spending. It's why SL is Linden Labs cash cow. As long as people buy or rent land, as long as people buy goods, as long as money flows is some way, Linden Labs gets a cut. Even people who have no land in SL tend to buy things. If no one is there, no money flows in any direction.
  7. Sandy Schnook

    Remedies to declining SL?

    You mean something like Sansar, where you choose exactly where you want to go and bypass any interaction with anyone except for the people at your destination. Or someplace that starts you in a central location with a bunch of doors, and you run to the one you want? I've experienced both, and while there can be downfalls in an open world like SL, the other kinds I hate with a passion. I enjoy open exploring and have often met some great people just passing them on my walks from sim to sim. You don't get kindly reminded there are people using a central portal area. You get reminded that too many people in one area creates mega lag and you just want out.
  8. Sandy Schnook

    Road trip/voyage of discovery - advice?

    Welcome back! If it's a long journey you want, you might want to look for the mainland continents. Most have roads you can travel, with many roadside places you can stop in and visit. I live on Gaeta V and walked the perimeter of the continent a couple months ago and the trip prompted me to make a public roadside rest stop. The place I hear most about for sailing is the Blake Sea. Your best bet to find a continent is open your world map and they tend to be on the far right side. Also Google Second Life Continents to find more.
  9. Sandy Schnook

    A Sansar Journal

    Even games not geared towards avatar appearance find that aspect very favored by players. Not sure anyone remembers City of Heroes, but it's absence is still lamented today MOSTLY because of the high amount of unique looks your could make for your avatar. There is even a part of the program that you can download now, that provides basically just avatar creation and exploring the city with no actual gameplay. Many games find clothing lootboxes their most popular micro transactions. And I'm not talking, looking like a robot, or cat, or whatever. Most people like a human avatar they can dress to their hearts delight. Two fairly successful tablet games I play, speak directly to that. Love Nikki and Covet Fashion are quite literally, updated paper dolls, but seem to be quite successful. Covet, in fact, has real fashion houses giving them items from their collections for the game. To ignore focusing at least some on decent looking, HUMAN avatars, is, IMHO, a mistake.
  10. Sandy Schnook

    Second Life on Steam?

    I love SL , I love Linden Labs for this place we can live in, but here's what I see in regards to Sansar on Steam. The Sansar forums, after the initial rush, gets maybe one new post every two or three days. I have a few games on Steam, and this is telling me that most Steam users are not even interested. Most don't even care enough to bother trashing it if it's not for them. I've seen games and programs on Steam trolled and trashed or loved and praised, but not nearly this much disinterest.
  11. Sandy Schnook

    going premium, now or wait?

    I've been premium since day 2 and only regretted it when M was around. But I didn't give it up, during that dark time and am thrilled I didn't.
  12. Sandy Schnook

    Second Life on Steam?

    I've been a gamer for years, since before I started SL, and frankly if I want combat, I can just start one of those. Unless whole teams are working on something, and I mean HUGE teams, no combat storyline in Sansar or even SL is going to compete. Not enough to get people to stay. What I do see as a possibility for working in Sansar is amusement parks and haunted houses, if Sansar runs smoothly and the textures load fast. Both of those, no matter how well done, fall flat in SL. I've been saying for years now Sansar would be a great Disneyland, and SL is home.
  13. Sandy Schnook

    About the LAQ Christmas "gift"

    Just an FYI, if you buy the HUD, it's good for all LAQ heads. I bought Neve though when it came out and a HUD was included with it. I actually use GA.EG for my default look.
  14. Sandy Schnook

    Inworld Store Closure - Similar to RL Blue Laws

    I debated a long time before posting this, and still wonder about what I will say. I found out which store the OP meant because they are on the advent listings, and once I did, I left and returned the next day. For some reason I decided to read their profile, and have now decided to boycott the store. NOT for their religious observances, but because in their RL part of the profile, they state vehemently how much they hate Second Life. By extension, that tells me they also hate me and everyone else in Second Life. I see no good reason to pay someone who doesn't even want to be in SL. I know there are many MP stores that have owners that do not spend much if any time in world. But to so obviously state how much they hate it is very offputting to me as a customer. One who has bought items from that store in the past.
  15. Sandy Schnook

    Realistically-Scaled Houses?

    Trompe Loeil has some great homes and the ones I've had were easy to rescale. The only reason I changed, is the one I had been using didn't have the room for a traditional Chrismas layout.