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  1. Inventory to Mesh Cleanup Thoughts?

    I was packing everything, thinking about how much I spent over time on my inventory. Then I developed a philosophy that's helped me dump a lot. If I can eat a dinner costing $50 USD and not worry about the cost, saving the remains, or saving the future results of the meal, then I can easily toss a pixel dress that cost me 25 cents to a couple dollars.
  2. Unfair ban from a region

    Okay on an individual level then. Do you want to get hundreds or thousands of IMs like that everyday? I know I don't and put people who do it on ignore. It's not just about you. It's about all the others plus you who want folks to come see their new club, shop, park, strip joint, sex beach, whatever...
  3. Unfair ban from a region

    Since you claim to be new, I will delve into this a bit deeper. If you got away with "spam" we'd have to allow it for everyone. We are talking about thousands of these per day in every group if it was allowed. Chat already gets clogged in some big groups if someone just says Hi.
  4. Unfair ban from a region

    That's between you and the land owner. Not something LL or anyone else is likely to get involved with. Read any covenants next time and ask before you advertise. What isn't in a profile about land may be in a covenant.
  5. Unfair ban from a region

    Most groups that are not part of whatever you are advertising consider this spam. And it is a ban worthy offense in most groups.
  6. Is SLMP trying to destroy itself?

    This might be an old thread, but still pertinent. I went through 35 pages yesterday, of mostly the same creator for full perm items who seems to have uploaded listings for .DAE packages of their whole catalog. I'm not that up on some things I admit, so there may have been a way to exclude that maker that I just don't know. But still...35 pages? Between this, demos, and gacha resellers coming up when I look for a creator, it's really getting hard to use the MP.
  7. Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    Demo till you can't stand it then demo some more. Look for head that comes close to how you want your finished look to be. The sliders can do a lot, but there are some areas they can't completely redo on mesh. I.E., if you want a longer Grecian profile, don't start with a tiny pug nose, if you prefer thinner lips don't chose a head where they are really thick. Demo with various skins also if you can. A skin can make 2 people using the same heads and sliders look completely different. Added: Also use the shape they provide with the demo. Your underlying head shape will make the head look vastly different then the vendor ad, sometimes even truly ugly. Once you choose a head, you can easily put your current body slider numbers into the new shape, then slowly tweak the head to a look you like.
  8. Looking for a 1950's RP family!

    Not much of an RPer, but if you find a great 50's sim, please post it. I am always looking for 50's era places
  9. Crystal Fortress Skybox Review

    I'm feeling the same way as Penny. I did love the dragon, but even that was no mod and because of scripting can't be used by itself. The fortress itself is way too big and LI heavy, even for some who own more then a 1024 parcel.
  10. Making inventory a social thing?

    No one can enter my in world inventory itself, but CTS Wardrobe does let me create a public link to show others what I've have uploaded to it. And since I can make a visual entry of anything I can take a photo of, that even includes non-wearables. Feel free to perv mine. It's also in my profile picks in world.
  11. How long have you been a Resident of Second Life?

    12 years 3 months. I knew about it 2 years earlier though. I was bored on 12/31/2005 (yes New Year's Eve), remembered this odd thing I had read about, and gave it a try.
  12. Please share tips on how you organize your inventory

    I do have to agree with Prok about trying to keep your own handmade folders to a minimum. I had some and they were all pretty, with folders made with special characters for dividing categories, and lost no copy items twice. Near as I can guess, it may have had something to do with the way I made my dividing folders, but anything that was in further folders under them that was no copy, disappeared. After the second time, I took them out of those areas, moved them up to my Objects folder till they are further sorted, and nothing has disappeared in that fashion since.
  13. Please share tips on how you organize your inventory

    I spent an entire week or so making subfolders to presort things into, then another opening vendors boxes, deciding what to keep, what to pack up and what to just trash, filling those presort folders as I went. Now I work on uploading the items into my Wardrobe. The stuff I can wear gets special treatment. That being said, you do have to develop a method to control the madness. You might just need to get as far as my presorting, you might need to get further. But take it in chunks, the most overwhelming thing you can do is look at it as all one gigantic mass.
  14. Please share tips on how you organize your inventory

    *waves to Buttacwup Pwincess. I use the same tool, CTS Wardrobe. I've eliminated my need for links (they really can bloat inventories) and have an visual reference to everything I've uploaded to my page so far. If you use it with RLV, you can get dressed from your page. Feel free to take a look at my profile picks or to see it in action. It does make you think of what you use, how much you use things and how to improve your sorting. Like Lewis above, if I don't need an LM, NC, script, animation calling card or sound, I get rid of them. I do get rid of the sizes I don't need if I have the vendor box and the item is copy. I can always pull another size from the box later.