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  1. And logging on. Have tried both Official and FS viewers.
  2. Oh thank god it's not just me! I got a weird message when I left earlier and thought I screwed something up. I even tried changing my password twice in case I somehow got hacked. Feeling a bit better knowing it's not something I did. lol Apparanetly I checked status faster then they got an announcement up
  3. Pacific rim style stilt houses on water, just so we can have a different type of housing for water areas.
  4. This current continent isn't even finished yet with many more houseboats to come once it is. Not to mention that it's copying the landmass of the SSP region, that only had 384 sims. They've already used this new area to make a waterway from the continent below to the continent above. So maybe 500 sims going into the finished current mass. I was there when Patch said the finished project may reach as much as 4000 regions, because since the new homes need more space, it's easily quite possible. And that number, I believe has been reiterated in a recent LL video, plus news that more continents may be joined with navigable water.
  5. I have a boat now, I just meant that for some people having a boat is quite secondary or not even necessary to enjoying a home on or near the water. Beachfront mainland is hugely expensive much of the time due to the high sale price many people place on it. There are rental lands, many of them have land near water but so close to a sim edge, the water is unusable even for just swimming. But boat slip rentals pretty much only provide a place for a boat, the new houseboats are an entirely different animal.
  6. Possibly because it requires the purchase of a boat and paying rent. As long as you are premium, these houseboats require neither.
  7. Oddly there is a boathouse near me, but you can't rezz there. Hopefully that will change.
  8. I still have my mainland. Will be using my new houseboat, well my alt's boat, more for hanging out, get togethers, and enjoying a seaside view which my mainland doesn't have.
  9. nope but you can try and abandon 5 times in 24 hours to try to get closer or even in the same sim. I'd have one get a house and the other try to get close.
  10. Lode, the vendor that makes all those lovely floral headpieces, also has stunning home decor floral arrangements scattered throughout the store. That's where I've been shopping for flowers lately. More gachas out the back, and most of the arrangements are in the back area. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Essences/161/94/21
  11. Since you are new to owning land, there is something else you want to do from time to time. Open World>Parcel Details>Objects and press the little circle refresh button. The box underneath will show if people other then yourself has items on your parcel. If someone does, you can either ask them to pick them up or highlight their name and select Return Objects. I once rented an open space sim way back when, wondered why I was running out of LI and found out someone had built an underwater home in the ocean I had made. So check the build permissions you have for your new land, and check to see it others have placed things on your parcel. Also, sometimes linking items will bring down LI. I wander my home frequently to link items to see if I can bring down my LI. Specially small 1 and 2LI items. I usually only do that for copy items though.
  12. I can confirm 4k regions were mentioned at the demo sim for the new Linden homes. I have an in world notecard with the local pertinent chat and even asked him (Patch Linden) if LL planned a campaign to bring in new members to help fill the new housing areas. I cannot confirmed all continents being joined but if that's the case, that would be astounding.
  13. I am more then willing to admit error on my previous response. I can build with prims, take decent photos, and texture. Scripting has never been my forte. I buy what scripts I need or if really pressed, beg an ex to write a quick script for me.
  14. @BilliJo AldrinI may have to differ on this. I owned 2 parcels of land separated by someone not within my friends group. I placed teleporters on my parcels and while I could use the ones within my larger parcel, they would not go into the separated parcel when I sat on and used them, and I along with the teleporter (or maybe a temp rezzed copy) would end up someplace on the borders of whichever parcel I was trying to teleport from. The parcel between did have object entry set to not allow objects. Now there is a definite possibility I just don't understand how those teleporters work, I am by no means a scripter, but since I was required to sit on them to use them, I would think they are moving me via an object. If I am wrong, I freely admit again, I'm not a scripter and have no definitive clue how the teleporters are made.
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